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Meadow Lawn Cemetery
Marathon Township, Lapeer County, Michigan

Contributed by (name withheld by request). Total records = 51.

Meadow Lawn Cemetery
Located in section 27 of Marathon Township east of
Columbiaville on Columbiaville Rd,
Lapeer, Michigan
Published in 1991

The list of names below represent an index from the records on file with the Lapeer County Genealogical Society. Please contact the Society to obtain additional information on these records.

Lapeer County Genealogical Society
Marguerite de ANGELI Library
921 W. Nepessing St., Lapeer, Mich 48446

AGNEW, Arthur Floyd, b.10 Apr 1911, d.14 Jan 1980
ARMSTRONG, Dewey J, b.1911, d.1979
ARMSTRONG, Louisa C, 1920
BARKER, Willie Sr, b.1912, d.1973
BATZLOFF, Clifford, b.1921, d.1981
BATZLOFF, Ruth, 1924
BAXTER, Dorothy M, 1904
BAXTER, Nelson J, b.1913, d.1979
BUCKNER, Henry C, b.1922, d.1977
BUCKNER, Janice M, 1920
CONGDON, Dorothy E, 1927
CONGDON, Robert V, b.1922
CRAIG, Byron F, b.1909, d.1973
CRAIG, Nellie M, b.1912
FAVEL, Dorothy, b.1908, d.1977
FURKOVICH, Hilda M, b.1915, d.1988
FURKOVICH, John, b.1905, d. 1982
HEATH, Ira, b.10 Jun 1922, d.28 Nov 1975
HOPKINS, Fannie E, b.1907, d.1969
KLAUKA, Donna, 09 Jan 1937
KLAUKA, Elwyn, b.26 Dec 1929, d.24 Apr 1987
KOOYERST, Allen, b.1903, d.1970
KOOYERST, Hazel B, b.1916
MANN, Michael A, b.26 Feb 1951, d.19 Apr 1989
MARTIN, Henry E, b.1901, d.1975
MARTIN, Ila J, b.1907, d.1973
MARTIN, Sandra D, b.31 Mar 1954, d.24 Apr 1970
MEADE, Clarence B, b.1900, d.1973
MEADE, Florence E, b.1897, d.1978
NICHOLS, Gerald A, b.20 Jun 1923, d.14 Feb 1982
PARKER, James Earl, b.1927, d.1984
PARKER, Luella Mae, b.1928
PELCH, Duane Sumner, b.1916, d.1979
REAMES, Marie M, 1920
REAMES, Wallace F Sr, b.1920, d.1989
SCHERMERHORN, Harold H, b.1927
SCHERMERHORN, Shirley, b.1922
SICKNER, Mildred M, b.1904, d.1978
SICKNER, William S, b.1894, d.1973
SIMPSON, Chester L, b.1937, d. 1976
SLIEFF, James L, b.1917
SLIEFF, Virginia, b.1920, d.1978
TOLEN, Alton J, b.1918, d.1979
TOLEN, Kimberly Sue
TRAVIS, Grant, b.26 Nov 1901 15 Nov 1968
TRAVIS, Pearl, b.26 Apr 1901 15 Dec 1970
VANKINKLE, Edward, b.1909, d.1971
VANKINKLE, Iva, b.1912, d.1980
WARD, Hyacinth, b.1925
WARNICK, Gertrude, b.1909, d.1977
WORVIE, Phillip L, b.20 Mar 1946 15 Mar 1969

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