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New Calvary Cemetery
Flint, Genesse County, Michigan

Flushing Rd. & Miles Rd.
Flint, Flint Twp MI

Lat: 4302'09"N, Lon: 8345'25"W

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 25.

Contributor's Index:

Allen, Lenore Agnes (Duehring), b. 4/28/1912 MN, d. 2/15/1985 MI, age: 72yr, Spouse of Robert Gillen Allen, [WD]
Allen, Robert Gillen, b. 6/15/1912 MI, d. 7/18/1994 MI, age: 82yr, Spouse of Lenore Agnes (Duehring) Allen, [WD]
Allen, Robert Phillip, b. 3/21/1935 MI, d. 8/04/1981 MI, age: 46yr, Spouse of Evelyn (Whitburn) Allen, [WD]
Allen, Ronald Gillen, b. 1939 MI, d. 1957 MI, age: 18yr, Murdered, [WD]
Duehring, Archibald Charles, b. 9/13/1910 MN, d. 8/25/1989 MI, age: 78yr, Spouse of Catherine (McGovern) Duehring, [WD]
Duehring, Catherine (McGovern), b. MI, d. Jun 1985 MI, Spouse of Archibald Charles Duehring, [WD]
Duehring, Delia Marie (Bennet), b. 10/4/1887 MN, d. 10/10/1960 MI, age: 73yr, Spouse of Frederick Timothy Duehring, [WD]
Duehring, Frederick Timothy, b. 3/20/1889 MN, d. 11/29/1968 MI, age: 79yr, Spouse of Delia Marie (Bennet) Duehring, [WD]
Duehring, George William, b. 4/04/1922 MN, d. 4/14/1926 MN, age: 4yr, [WD]
Duehring, Gerald, b. 10/17/1943 MI, d. 10/18/1943 MI, age: 1 da, [WD]
Duehring, Gordon Frederick, b. 3/16/1914 MN, d. 8/09/1964 MI, age: 50yr, [WD]
Duehring, Kenneth Joseph, b. 3/31/1916 MN, d. 5/02/1988 MI, age: 72yr, Spouse of Rita Lorraine (Schba) Duehring, [WD]
Duehring, Leo Francis, b. 7/07/1918 MN, d. 7/14/1978 MI, age: 60yr, [WD]
Duehring, Loretta Lee (Grubaugh), b. 8/25/1931 MI, d. 6/04/1989 MI, age: 63yr, Spouse of Robert Ambrose Duehring, [WD]
Duehring, Mary Colette, b. 10/18/1920 MN, d. 12/18/1920 MN, age: 2 mos, [WD]
Duehring, Michael Dennis, b. 10/06/1932 MI, d. 3/16/1933 MI, age: 5 mos, [WD]
Duehring, Raymond Edward, b. 1/18/1931 MI, d. 8/23/1934 MI, age: 3yr, [WD]
Duehring, Robert Ambrose, b. 8/05/1928 MI, d. 3/21/1992 MI, age: 63yr, Spouse of Loretta Lee (Grubaugh) Duehring, [WD]
Ferich, Dorothy Marie (Duehring), b. 12/24/1924 MN, d. 1/02/1998 MI, age: 74yr, Spouse of Emil Ferich, [WD]
Ferich, Emil, b. 7/24/1919 MI, d. 10/13/1999 MI, age: 80yr, Spouse of Dorothy Marie (Duehring) Ferich, [WD]
Gillen, Joseph A., b. 5/19/1926 MA, d. 5/30/1989 MI, age: 63yr, Spouse of Lorraine Catherine (Duehring) Gillen, [WD]
Gillen, Lorraine Catherine (Duehring), b. 10/14/1926 MI, d. 8/02/2001 MI, age: 74yr, Spouse of Joseph A. Gillen, [WD]
Kiszka, George, b. Mar 1884, d. Jul 1974, hus. of Mary Theresa Kiszka (Lanczak), [MK]
Kiszka, Mary Theresa (Lanczak), b. Oct 1887, d. Jul 1979, wife of George Kiszka, [MK]
Staley, Patricia Kay (Duehring), b. 10/06/1943 MI, d. 4/02/1987 MI, age: 43yr, Spouse of Dennis August Staley, [WD]


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