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Woodland Cemetery
Woodland Township, Barry County, Michigan

Contributed by Sara Colburn, March 11, 2000 [ecolburn@sbcglobal.net]. Total records = 2,237.

Waddell, Lillian, Age:59yrs, d.12/19/1925
Waddell, Maida, Age:86yrs, d.1/6/1977
Waddell, Theodore, Age:79yrs, d.3/15/1926
Waddell, Willian, Age:85yrs, d.5/13/1975
Wadley, Blanch Pearl, Age:23yrs 7mos 3dys, d.8/11/1896
Wagamon, Elizabeth, Age:63yrs, d.11/18/1925
Wagamon, Joseph, Age:77yrs, d.2/4/1921
Wagner, Anna Mary, Age:69yrs 0mos 8dys, d.1/6/1893
Wagner, Bertha, Age:60yrs, d.4/25/1952
Wagner, Emma, Age:74yrs, d.7/25/1935
Wagner, Fred, Age:72yrs, d.9/15/1928
Wagner, Fred, Age:67yrs 11mos 18dys, d.2/9/1989
Wagner, Johanna, Age:2dys, d.4/24/1859
Wagner, John, Age:75yrs, d.6/28/1936
Walker, Carl C., Age:66yrs, d.1/18/1970
Walker, James W., Age:68yrs, d.12/28/1933
Walker, Mary E., Age:51yrs 7mos 17dys, d.10/12/1926
Wallace, Myrtle, Age:94yrs, d.5/7/1979
Wallek, Elias, Age:no date, d.12/18/1955
Walrath, Christina, Age:82yrs, d.9/7/1946
Walrath, Cornelius L., Age:86yrs, d.3/4/1950
Walts, Carl, Age:79yrs, d.12/8/1962
Walts, Fred, Age:35yrs 1mo 21dys, d.3/24/1917
Walts, Hiram, Age:78yrs, d.1/5/1932
Walts, J. H., Age:54trs, d.10/15/1914
Walts, Martha, Age:64yrs, d.11/12/1925
Warner, Abraham, Age:83yrs, d.8/4/1932
Warner, Addie Laverne, Age:64yrs, d.10/3/1931
Warner, Alvah C., Age:29yrs 4mos 16dys, d.6/29/1903
Warner, Charlie M., Age:76yrs, d.9/23/1966
Warner, Emma, Age:84yrs, d.1/11/1947
Warner, Henry C., Age:80yrs, d.9/15/1934
Warner, John Lester, Age:39yrs, d.5/2/1949
Warner, Lillian M., Age:50yrs, d.1/14/1937
Warner, Luke Francis, Age:92yrs, d.7/14/1964
Warner, Margaret, Age:76yrs, d.12/20/1927
Warner, Ora, Age:23yrs 5mos 3dys, d.12/18/1895
Warner, Townsend Celia, Age:95yrs, d.10/15/1978
Warner, William Henry, Age:81yrs, d.3/28/1950
Warren, Elmer M., Age:82yrs, d.1/19/1952
Warren, Jennie May, Age:64yrs, d.1/30/1934
Watts, Andrew, Age:48yrs 8mos 24dys, d.12/24/1864
Watts, Jerome, Age:30yrs, d.11/23/1889
Watts, Maria, Age:84yrs 9mos 9dys, d.5/2/1906
Weare, Jacob, Age:18yrs 3mos 6dys, d.8/3/1886
Weaver, Anna, Age:69yrs, d.6/24/1945
Weaver, John, Age:no date, d.7/10/1944
Webber, Patricia Ann, Age:2yrs, d.4/30/1940
Weeks, E. Ralph, Age:61yrs, d.7/18/1940
Weeks, Elmira, Age:34yrs 2mos 11dys, d.10/19/1861
Weeks, Elsie May, Age:67yrs, d.4/26/1954
Weeks, Emily, Age:58yrs, d.9/29/1906
Weeks, Herman, Age:64yrs, d.12/19/1934
Weeks, infant, Age:no date, d.10/1860
Weeks, J. J., Age:33yrs 3mos 8dys, d.11/13/1861
Weeks, Orlando R., Age:76yrs, d.11/23/1956
Weeks, Orls B., Age:no date, d.no date
Weeks, Schuyler, Age:81yrs, d.3/14/1914
Weeks, Wilber, Age:69yrs, d.10/12/1946
Weimer, Charles, Age:2yrs 8mos, d.12/30/1873
Welch, Charles, Age:67yrs, d.7/8/1931
Welch, Dewey, Age:17yrs, d.12/29/1910
Welch, Homer, Age:14yrs, d.12/29/1910
Welch, Lydia, Age:87yrs, d.4/4/1959
Wellman, Caroline, Age:no date, d.4/15/1865
Wellman, Cynthia, Age:72yrs, d.8/13/1922
Wellman, Delora, Age:no date, d.no date
Wellman, infant, Age:no date, d.10/15/1866
Wellman, Mrs. Albert, Age:no date, d.11/11/1866
Weslow, John, Age:71yrs, d.1/8/1964
West, Gary J., Age:46yrs, d.12/17/1977
Wheeler, Albert W., Age:9yrs, d.2/9/1844
Wheeler, Alpha, Age:16yrs 6mos 18dys, d.9/1/1865
Wheeler, Amos, Age:1mo 2dys, d.2/24/1868
Wheeler, Asa, Age:67yrs 0mos 14dys, d.11/4/1863
Wheeler, Carl B., Age:83yrs, d.3/19/1979
Wheeler, Clara, Age:3mos, d.8/22/1860
Wheeler, Clara L., Age:1mo 9dys, d.1/9/1861
Wheeler, Dennis, Age:5yrs 7mos 5dys, d.3/7/1867
Wheeler, Edith June, Age:73yrs, d.11/28/1952
Wheeler, Ellsworth L., Age:21dys, d.8/3/1863
Wheeler, Elsie, Age:73yrs, d.10/16/1956
Wheeler, Elvira, Age:75yrs 5mos 16dys, d.4/13/1897
Wheeler, Ernest, Age:64yrs, d.4/2/1943
Wheeler, Glenn, Age:1mo, d.12/18/1902
Wheeler, Hannah E., Age:79yrs, d.1/26/1920
Wheeler, Helen A., Age:1yr 1mo 8dys, d.3/11/1853
Wheeler, Henrietta, Age:67yrs 2mos 13dys, d.7/24/1864
Wheeler, Herman, Age:67yrs, d.2/11/1924
Wheeler, Ida, Age:2mos 20dys, d.9/12/1858
Wheeler, Infant, Age:no date, d.1/30/1868, child of PM
Wheeler, infant, Age:no date, d.no date, son of W & S
Wheeler, James H., Age:1yr 11mos, d.5/21/1853
Wheeler, Laura A., Age:80yrs 4mos 18dys, d.8/9/1912
Wheeler, Leland, Age:no date, d.4/15/1907, twin to Leonard
Wheeler, Leonard, Age:no date, d.4/21/1907, twin to Leland
Wheeler, Leroy, Age:37yrs 3mos 7dys, d.12/9/1906
Wheeler, Lycurgus J., Age:73yrs 3mos 3dys, d.5/7/1903
Wheeler, Marcus L., Age:41yrs 0mos 29dys, d.4/12/1864
Wheeler, Martha, Age:66yrs 2mos 3dys, d.5/30/1925
Wheeler, Matilida, Age:77yrs, d.7/1/1965
Wheeler, Melvina, Age:75yrs 10mos, d.6/25/1915
Wheeler, Olney M., Age:72yrs, d.10/7/1911
Wheeler, Orvil J., Age:46yrs 0mos 27dys, d.12/6/1864
Wheeler, Parsol M., Age:69yrs 5mos 24dys, d.10/29/1901
Wheeler, Parsol M., Age:66yrs, d.2/23/1964
Wheeler, Pascal P., Age:88yrs, d.3/7/1919
Wheeler, Sarah J., Age:22yrs 3mos, d.9/28/1863
Wheeler, Theron P., Age:1yr 9mos, d.8/27/1857
Wheeler, Wealthy, Age:57yrs 1mo 22dys, d.12/22/1857
Whiting, Bert, Age:75yrs, d.8/17/1947
Whiting, Lucy A., Age:79yrs, d.3/9/1914
Whiting, Nathanial, Age:78yrs, d.4/13/1915
Whiting, Pheba Ann, Age:79yrs, d.9/14/1909
Whiting, Ruie, Age:3dys, d.9/8/1903
Whittemore, Susan, Age:78yrs, d.7/15/1929
William, Adelbert, Age:80yrs, d.2/17/1960
William, Pluma, Age:79yrs, d.2/9/1963
Williams, Alice, Age:20yrs, d.1874
Williams, Charles E., Age:1852, d.1886
Williams, Charles W., Age:6yrs 2mos 26dys, d.4/3/1920
Williams, Daniel, Age:81yrs 1mo 2dys, d.5/4/1909
Williams, Dora, Age:32yrs, d.1888
Williams, Elabith, Age:no date, d.8/31/1944
Williams, Floyd, Age:51yrs, d.3/1/1942
Williams, infant, Age:no date, d.11/27/1933
Williams, Isiac, Age:80yrs, d.6/19/1945
Williams, Judith, Age:no date, d.8/17/1882, wf of Archable
Williams, Merrill, Age:52yrs, d.5/6/1957
Williams, Mrs. Daniel, Age:65yrs, d.1898, wf of Daniel
Williams, Oscar A., Age:no date, d.no date, child of CE & PE
Williams, Phoebe E., Age:1862, d.1887
Wilson, Betsey, Age:60yrs 4mos, d.5/13/1862
Wilson, Harry, Age:no date, d.10/15/1863
Wilson, Joseph, Age:no date, d.9/15/1862
Wilt, Titus, Age:65yrs, d.8/16/1961
Wing, Orpha Jane, Age:75yrs, d.5/2/1968
Winter, Edward, Age:96yrs, d.1/21/1975
Winter, William C., Age:47yrs, d.3/29/1970
Wise, Clyde R., Age:80yrs, d.11/8/1958
Wise, Cora M., Age:82yrs, d.1/10/1960
Wise, infant, Age:no date, d.no date, child of Buel
Wise, Joseph N., Age:79yrs, d.11/16/1956
Wise, Mae, Age:88yrs, d.2/11/1973
Wise, Samuel A., Age:73yrs, d.3/7/1923
Wise26yrs, Joel D., Age:26yrs, d.6/20/1974
Wiseman, George, Age:53yrs, d.11/9/1876
Wolcott, Buell M., Age:82yrs, d.8/9/1923
Wolcott, Claudia, Age:72yrs, d.2/26/1958
Wolcott, Crissy, Age:71yrs, d.4/8/1919
Wolcott, Reuben, Age:85yrs, d.2/21/1967
Woodman, Alice, Age:50yrs, d.3/1/1948
Woodman, Bessie L., Age:89yrs, d.11/24/1966
Woodman, Harve A., Age:84yrs, d.10/31/1959
Woodman, John, Age:83yrs, d.3/17/1949
Woodman, Minerva B., Age:83yrs, d.10/1953
Woodman, Pamela Sue, Age:5hrs, d.1/5/1950
Woolett, Anna, Age:65yrs, d.7/28/1898
Woolett, Elizabeth, Age:73yrs, d.8/14/1924
Woolett, George, Age:74yrs, d.7/28/1903
Wortley, Doris V., Age:53yrs, d.4/25/1963
Wotring, Emma, Age:53yrs, d.10/27/1942
Wotring, Glenn L., Age:87yrs, d.9/27/1971
Wotring, Helen, Age:61yrs, d.4/27/1979
Wotring, J. Laird, Age:63yrs, d.1/4/1977
Wotring, Myrtle M., Age:80yrs, d.6/30/1966
Wotring, Phyllis Elaine, Age:11/11/1918, d.11/11/1918, stillborn
Wotring, Vane, Age:83yrs, d.12/23/1970
Wright, Jennie V., Age:74yrs, d.5/23/1961
Wright, Robert Lee, Age:61yrs, d.6/19/1925
Wrubel, Douglas Matthew, Age:15yrs, d.4/15/1977
Wynn, A., Age:75yrs, d.10/27/1939, Rev.
Wynn, Hattie Mae, Age:62yrs, d.11/16/1935
Yank, Charles, Age:55yrs, d.12/2/1918
Yank, John Orlin, Age:76yrs, d.5/25/1967
Yank, Mary S., Age:76yrs, d.11/6/1938
Yerty, Donald, Age:1hr, d.3/10/1947
Yerty, Eddie, Age:8yrs, d.1878
Yerty, George W., Age:44yrs 4mos 9dys, d.11/27/1911
Yerty, infant, Age:2/26/1946, d.2/26/1946
Yerty, Kennith, Age:1yr, d.1/1/1911
Yerty, L. Velma, Age:77yrs, d.2/17/1955
Yerty, Ora E., Age:66yrs, d.3/9/1939

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