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Woodland Cemetery
Woodland Township, Barry County, Michigan

Contributed by Sara Colburn, March 11, 2000 [ecolburn@sbcglobal.net]. Total records = 2,237.

Sage, Millicent, Age:18yrs, d.6/23/1938
Sandbrook, Richard, Age:1956, d.1956, infant
Sawdy, Bert E., Age:80yrs, d.8/24/1952
Sawdy, Calvin, Age:63yrs 11mos 29dys, d.8/20/1921
Sawdy, Clara, Age:3yrs 9mos, d.9/9/1871
Sawdy, Clara M., Age:2yrs 6mos, d.11/10/1913
Sawdy, Clare, Age:64yrs, d.12/16/1963
Sawdy, Daisy A., Age:63yrs, d.12/10/1946
Sawdy, Ebenezer, Age:77yrs 11mos 25dys, d.2/27/1890
Sawdy, Edna Fern, Age:17yrs 11mos 25dys, d.2/20/1904
Sawdy, Edward A., Age:50yrs, d.1/1/1915
Sawdy, Florence A., Age:60yrs, d.1/26/1960
Sawdy, Harley, Age:71yrs, d.7/11/1975
Sawdy, Harry B., Age:3yrs 1mo 15dys, d.5/6/1882
Sawdy, Homer B., Age:76yrs, d.11/22/1953
Sawdy, Ida, Age:55yrs, d.4/10/1941
Sawdy, infant, Age:1870, d.1870, son
Sawdy, James Henry, Age:75yrs, d.9/19/1919
Sawdy, Judge M., Age:35yrs 5mos 9dys, d.5/9/1885
Sawdy, Julie M., Age:74yrs, d.6/1924
Sawdy, Leroy, Age:60yrs, d.2/1/1963
Sawdy, Lucy B. E., Age:51yrs, d.3/26/1924
Sawdy, Martha, Age:73yrs 3mos 4dys, d.2/6/1927
Sawdy, Mary, Age:68yrs, d.11/6/1926
Sawdy, Roy, Age:8/24/1941, d.8/24/1941, stillborn
Sawdy, Ruth, Age:85yrs 3mos 2dys, d.5/2/1905
Sawdy, Sarah, Age:1yr 11mos, d.9/12/1871
Sawdy, Sarah J., Age:6yrs 4mos, d.4/24/1844
Sawdy, Sherry Jeanine, Age:1yr, d.4/4/1968
Sawdy, Sylvia, Age:20yrs 5mos 17dys, d.12/23/1885
Sawdy, Williard, Age:73yrs 3mos 10dys, d.11/15/1920
Schanlz, Lutitia, Age:68yrs, d.7/25/??
Schantz, Alta L., Age:70yrs, d.2/13/1958
Schantz, Edward C., Age:76yrs, d.7/5/1937
Schantz, Francis, Age:80yrs, d.3/3/1942
Schantz, Henry, Age:78yrs, d.1/11/1920
Schantz, John P., Age:78yrs, d.11/14/1925
Schantz, Kenneth, Age:1yr 5dys, d.5/6/1900
Schantz, Leon Ray, Age:74yrs, d.3/13/1950
Schantz, Mary J., Age:80yrs, d.1/25/1921
Schantz, Maud A., Age:1yr 1mo 6dys, d.1/12/1873
Schantz, Nancy A., Age:57yrs 10mos 8dys, d.2/24/1907
Schatte, Matthew, Age:25yrs, d.7/20/1879
Scheel, Minnie M., Age:79yrs, d.2/25/1976
Scheel, Ray H., Age:67yrs, d.10/14/1958
Schelter, Eunice Rosaline, Age:87yrs, d.11/1/1961
Schelter, George, Age:72yrs, d.3/28/1941
Schilter, Jacob, Age:75yrs, d.1/16/1942
Schmachtenbarger, Johanna, Age:76yrs 0mos 25dys, d.11/4/1903
Schmenk, Loste Woodman, Age:no date, d.no date
Schmidt, Catherine, Age:60yrs 10mos 23dys, d.5/24/1890
Schmidt, Ethel, Age:71yrs, d.9/28/1961
Schmidt, Friederika, Age:35yrs, d.12/6/1863, wf of Jacob
Schmidt, Jacob F., Age:82yrs 2mos 11dys, d.12/25/1901
Schmidt, Leonard, Age:6yrs 9mos, d.1/31/1865, son of JF & F
Schmidt, Mary Amelia, Age:87yrs 11mos 26dys, d.5/6/1951
Schmiedt, Jacob, Age:57yrs 0mos 14dys, d.6/27/1880
Schray, Anna Mary, Age:65yrs 8mos 20dys, d.5/12/1897
Schray, Henry, Age:1mo, d.9/25/1859
Schray, Jacob, Age:85yrs 5mos 13dys, d.12/16/1906
Schray, Mary L., Age:34yrs 9mos 9dys, d.8/18/1866
Schray, Mattie O., Age:90yrs, d.1/18/??57
Schray, Phillip, Age:74yrs 10mos 29dys, d.11/30/1932
Schray, Roland, Age:1yr 4mos, d.1/12/1899
Schwartz, John G., Age:78yrs, d.6/24/1898
Schweitzer, Catherine E., Age:80yrs 3mos 12dys, d.12/6/1872, wf of Adam
Scofield, Bertha S., Age:78yrs, d.10/3/1958
Scofield, Carl, Age:no date, d.no date
Scofield, Charles, Age:60yrs, d.2/6/1942
Scofield, Frank, Age:67yrs, d.4/1/1946
Scofield, Rosina, Age:69yrs, d.8/13/1969
Scofield, Susan C., Age:84yrs, d.4/5/1937
Sears, Clara J., Age:91yrs, d.10/2/1961
Sears, Elden, Age:45yrs, d.9/9/1945
Sears, George H., Age:85yrs, d.4/5/1958
Sears, Ola, Age:65yrs, d.3/7/1941
Sears, William, Age:52yrs, d.1/26/1917
Sease, Anna Dora, Age:79yrs, d.6/13/1953
Sease, Charles, Age:11/23/1914, d.11/23/1914, stillborn
Sease, Charles H., Age:78yrs, d.10/24/1966
Sease, Christine J., Age:43yrs, d.10/5/1966
Sease, Cleo, Age:51yrs, d.11/24/1937
Sease, Earl O., Age:58yrs, d.3/16/1958
Sease, Joseph W., Age:53yrs 1mo 9dys, d.11/13/1926
Sease, Lena G., Age:68yrs, d.6/17/1948
Sease, Lucy Ann, Age:75yrs, d.9/12/1931
Sease, Max, Age:31yrs, d.8/29/1956
Sease, Mildred V., Age:77yrs, d.3/10/1965
Sease, Oliver, Age:82yrs, d.6/7/1931
Sease, William Harley, Age:no date, d.3/21/1958
Sharps, Ada E., Age:54yrs, d.12/17/1914
Shaver, infant twins, Age:4/15/1862, d.4/15/1862
Shaver, Julius, Age:2yrs 2mos 3dys, d.8/7/1862
Shaver, Roxaline, Age:15yrs 10mos 11dys, d.6/11/1873
Sheldon, Allen, Age:56yrs, d.10/2/1909
Sheldon, Bertha F., Age:67yrs, d.3/25/1870
Sheldon, Dale Michael, Age:44yrs, d.12/19/1968
Sheldon, DeWitt, Age:92yrs, d.1/30/1910
Sheldon, Dollie, Age:71yrs, d.2/10/1937
Sheldon, Edgar J., Age:76yrs, d.5/16/1938
Sheldon, Etta, Age:49yrs, d.12/9/1909
Sheldon, Grace, Age:54yrs, d.4/28/1939
Sheldon, Irving D., Age:2yrs 3mos 23dys, d.3/18/1862
Sheldon, Laura, Age:84yrs, d.8/4/1941
Sheldon, Martha, Age:79yrs 8mos 28dys, d.5/17/1902
Sheldon, Orson, Age:86yrs, d.12/29/1936
Sheldon, Oscar E., Age:19yrs 7mos 7dys, d.2/23/1863
Sheldon, Rosa, Age:17yrs 10mos, d.9/6/1863
Shelter, Leddie, Age:60yrs, d.6/2/1933, Bird
Shopbell, Caroline, Age:87yrs, d.10/28/1937
Shopbell, Simeon P., Age:71yrs, d.9/30/1918
Shores, George, Age:28yrs 10mos 4dys, d.1/1/1879
Shores, Joseph Sr., Age:85yrs 1mo 13dys, d.1/20/1893
Shores, Marion, Age:69yrs, d.5/13/1915
Shores, Nancy, Age:86yrs 1mo 7dys, d.2/10/1896
Shores, Sarah Jane, Age:72yrs, d.9/11/1918
Shriner, Charles, Age:76yrs, d.4/21/1916
Shriner, Lawrence, Age:62yrs 0mos 2dys, d.4/8/1867
Shriner, Mary, Age:75yrs, d.4/24/1874
Sidnam, Erma Grace, Age:75yrs, d.6/17/1962
Sidnam, James, Age:60yrs, d.12/4/1943
Sidnam, Margaret I., Age:20yrs, d.6/25/1929
Sidnam, Nancy J., Age:55yrs 11mos 13dys, d.6/1/1908
Sidnam, Nellie N., Age:3yrs 8mos 8dys, d.8/22/1889
Sixberry, Viola, Age:no date, d.6/15/1892
Sixberry, William, Age:no date, d.1/20/1926
Slocum, Adelbert L., Age:77yrs, d.1937
Slocum, Martha J., Age:92yrs, d.2/6/1953
Slocum, Richard, Age:3mos, d.no date
Smith, Adrian L., Age:no date, d.6/18/1909
Smith, Albert, Age:1yr 4mos, d.8/9/1871
Smith, Andrew, Age:86yrs 9mos 23dys, d.6/21/1919
Smith, Armina, Age:83yrs, d.7/27/1948
Smith, Calvin, Age:72yrs, d.2/27/1979
Smith, Cara, Age:82yrs, d.7/8/1945
Smith, Charles, Age:16yrs 9mos 16dys, d.9/14/1865
Smith, Charles P., Age:81yrs 9mos 17dys, d.4/13/1940
Smith, Christian, Age:82yrs, d.7/12/1888
Smith, Claude L., Age:14yrs, d.12/16/1912
Smith, Cleon P. Ernest, Age:34yrs, d.12/1/1943, Vet.
Smith, Cora, Age:77yrs, d.11/26/1946
Smith, Cora, Age:no date, d.7/8/1945
Smith, Della, Age:69yrs, d.12/23/1949
Smith, Edward, Age:no date, d.10/11/1896
Smith, Elizabeth, Age:49yrs, d.10/2/1924
Smith, Elmer E., Age:56yrs, d.12/5/1953
Smith, Ernest, Age:70yrs, d.4/3/1952
Smith, Ethel Maybelle, Age:74yrs, d.8/9/1970
Smith, Ethyle, Age:81yrs, d.7/8/1969
Smith, Etta M., Age:94yrs, d.1/7/1969
Smith, Floddie Warner, Age:6mos, d.no date
Smith, Florence Ella, Age:no date, d.no date
Smith, Forrest Gladwin, Age:61yrs, d.5/1/1960
Smith, Frank N., Age:65yrs, d.2/10/1935
Smith, Glenwood Russel, Age:5yrs, d.11/15/1939
Smith, Harold L., Age:70yrs, d.1/19/1971
Smith, Hazel, Age:50yrs, d.8/19/1943
Smith, Henry, Age:42yrs 3mos 23dys, d.7/23/1893
Smith, infant, Age:14dys, d.8/13/1859, son
Smith, infant, Age:no date, d.no date, child of William
Smith, infant, Age:8mos, d.11/10/1872
Smith, Jacob W., Age:75yrs, d.5/25/1967
Smith, James N., Age:74yrs, d.11/26/1927
Smith, John Andrew, Age:71yrs, d.11/18/1940
Smith, John Casper, Age:49yrs, d.4/27/1952
Smith, John M., Age:81yrs, d.12/13/1934
Smith, Joseph W., Age:77yrs, d.7/4/1940
Smith, Lillian, Age:30yrs, d.3/10/1932
Smith, Lydia, Age:39yrs 9mos 2dys, d.3/3/1875
Smith, Madylon Jean, Age:no date, d.no date
Smith, Mary, Age:5mos 18dys, d.3/7/1870, dau of JF & F
Smith, Mary, Age:14yrs 9mos 20dys, d.2/2/1873
Smith, Mildred, Age:no date, d.no date
Smith, Neil Donavan, Age:41yrs, d.3/25/1946
Smith, Oscar, Age:68yrs, d.11/1/1938
Smith, Owen B., Age:no date, d.12/27/1964
Smith, Paul, Age:29yrs 7mos 26dys, d.8/14/1920
Smith, Raymond M., Age:65yrs, d.6/22/1967
Smith, Rebecca, Age:70yrs 5mos 9dys, d.5/24/1878
Smith, Rebecca Anne, Age:90yrs, d.3/18/1962
Smith, Richard L., Age:53yrs, d.10/2/1972
Smith, Rose A., Age:1dy, d.6/7/1916
Smith, S.L.E., Age:5mos, d.12/9/1904
Smith, Samuel W., Age:73yrs, d.4/17/1946
Smith, Sarah, Age:73yrs, d.3/3/1912
Smith, Sarah B., Age:78yrs, d.6/28/1936
Smith, Sherman, Age:71yrs, d.6/22/1943
Smith, Sopha A., Age:87yrs, d.4/23/1970
Smith, Sophia, Age:80yrs 3mos 16dys, d.6/9/1913
Smith, Sylvia Mae, Age:85yrs, d.12/13/1973
Smith, Unknown, Age:no date, d.2/15/1864
Snoke, Jacob S., Age:33yrs 5mos 23dys, d.11/23/1878
Snuggs, Bertha, Age:36hrs, d.7/31/1881
Snyder, Alma, Age:50yrs, d.4/24/1914
Snyder, Christopher H., Age:61yrs, d.9/20/1916
Snyder, Fred C., Age:55yrs 0mos 13dys, d.10/19/1938
Snyder, Lois Ester, Age:73yrs 4mos 8dys, d.5/4/1924
Snyder, Nellie B., Age:74yrs, d.11/28/1951
Sophia, Britt, Age:88yrs, d.11/19/1954
Sparling, Catherine, Age:55yrs, d.1/12/1951
Speigel, Frieda M., Age:86yrs, d.8/27/1972
Speigel, Gotthold Paul Julius, Age:77yrs, d.9/7/1958
Spindler, Arlie B., Age:83yrs, d.10/10/1968
Spindler, Elizabeth, Age:81yrs 3mos 3dys, d.12/26/1917
Spindler, Emma, Age:70yrs, d.6/4/1937
Spindler, George W., Age:81yrs, d.3/5/1953
Spindler, Jesse, Age:44yrs, d.3/5/1925
Spindler, John, Age:75yrs 7mos 18dys, d.3/27/1909
Sprague, Christine M., Age:1dy, d.8/4/1975
Springett, Mary, Age:83yrs, d.6/10/1947
Springett, Tib, Age:76yrs, d.11/11/1946
St. John, Celestia C., Age:76yrs 8mos 9dys, d.5/26/1919
St. John, Joel, Age:85yrs, d.4/27/1923
Stairs, Donald Eugene, Age:17yrs, d.9/2/1962
Stairs, John, Age:68yrs, d.6/11/1943
Stairs, Stella B., Age:46yrs, d.2/25/1936
Stambaugh, Anna, Age:74yrs, d.5/23/1969
Stambaugh, H. Clyde, Age:80yrs, d.1/16/1972
Stambaugh, Richard, b. 8/7/1913, d. 11/26/1985
Steele, Howard A., Age:77yrs, d.10/27/1966
Steele, Retha A., Age:80yrs, d.1/15/1974
Steiner, Benjamin H., Age:25yrs, d.8/9/1916
Steinhilber, Anna May, Age:12yrs 3mos 5dys, d.6/14/1870
Stephens, Dorothy Ann, Age:37yrs, d.12/25/1977
Stephens, Jessie Scott, Age:7hrs, d.1/11/1979
Stevenson, Anna Marie, Age:18yrs 1mo 10dys, d.9/30/1868
Stevenson, Roxanna, Age:11yrs, d.11/23/1870
Stevenson, Rufus B., Age:no date, d.no date
Stockdale, Elizabeth, Age:75yrs, d.1/10/1925
Stockdale, Richard H., Age:71yrs 1mo 19dys, d.10/27/1918
Stricklen, Charles E., Age:58yrs 10mos 18dys, d.4/2/1921
Stricklen, Henry W., Age:82yrs 1mo 25dys, d.4/12/1917
Stricklen, Rosa, Age:42yrs 0mos 29dys, d.1/23/1911
Stricklen, Sally Ann, Age:44yrs 5mos 17dys, d.12/22/1882
Strodbeck, Agusta, Age:73yrs, d.3/16/1945
Strodbeck, Jacob, Age:77yrs, d.4/19/1948
Stutz, Janet M., Age:17yrs, d.3/2/1960
Summ, Anne Marie, Age:84yrs, d.10/21/1930
Summ, John, Age:70yrs, d.11/17/1913
Summ, John H., Age:87yrs, d.2/11/1959
Summ, Susanna, Age:55yrs, d.6/26/1931
Surine, Cecil Mary, Age:43yrs, d.no date
Surine, Edris Lucia, Age:no date, d.no date, stillborn
Surine, Herbert R., Age:68yrs, d.8/5/1954
Surine, Lady A., Age:3dys, d.3/2/1912
Sutton, Elizabeth, Age:44yrs 3mos, d.1/14/1887
Swartz, Anna M., Age:78yrs 6mos, d.10/26/1877
Swartz, Catherine, Age:81yrs 5mos 15dys, d.4/14/1917
Swartz, Henry C., Age:73yrs 3mos 10dys, d.10/24/1910
Swartz, Hilda E., Age:26yrs, d.4/5/1922
Swartz, John, Age:70yrs, d.7/26/1869
Swartz, Margaret, Age:49yrs, d.6/24/1882
Sweet, Norman, Age:70yrs, d.6/18/1950
Sweet, Zella, Age:66yrs, d.11/9/1952
Sweitzer, Adam, Age:65yrs 8mos 15dys, d.9/22/1886
Sweitzer, Jacob F., Age:no date, d.9/22/1886
Tausdey, Mark G., Age:1dy, d.6/18/1955
Teeter, Buryl Ivan, Age:2yrs, d.10/4/1931
Teeter, Charles, Age:no date, d.6/12/1932
Teeter, Francis, Age:19yrs, d.12/17/1930
Teeter, George W., Age:79yrs, d.12/21/1938
Teeter, Ivan, Age:no date, d.no date
Teeter, Mary E., Age:71yrs, d.10/23/1938
Teeter, William P., Age:76yrs, d.5/4/1938
Thompson, Elnora, Age:19yrs 0mos 25dys, d.1/12/1878
Thompson, Emery S., Age:76yrs, d.10/6/1945
Thompson, Lena E., Age:59yrs, d.10/13/1953
Thompson, Lizzie, Age:84yrs, d.4/6/1957
Thompson, triplets, Age:4/21/1944, d.4/21/1944, stillborn
Titmarsh, Lillian, Age:75yrs, d.8/3/1976
Todd, Farrington, Age:30yrs, d.6/3/1878
Tokey, Harold B., Age:79yrs, d.11/1971
Tomlin, Howard S., Age:73yrs, d.3/31/1940
Tomson, Francis, Age:55yrs, d.12/15/1965
Topping, Mary, Age:73yrs, d.10/31/1931
Tousley, Clifford J., Age:61yrs, d.3/19/1978
Towns, Harve, Age:83yrs, d.8/12/1942
Towns, John Lloyd, Age:84yrs, d.9/30/1974
Towns, Sallie L., Age:71yrs, d.6/15/`936
Townsend, Dale, Age:no date, d.no date
Townsend, Ester, Age:5dys, d.1/21/1921
Townsend, Gertie M., Age:88yrs, d.9/22/1968
Townsend, Harve, Age:89yrs, d.2/13/1944
Townsend, Lydia Kathryn, Age:97yrs, d.12/28/1978
Townsend, Mary, Age:78yrs, d.1931
Townsend, Mary Caroline, Age:9dys, d.5/18/1916
Townsend, Morrel, Age:7dys, d.10/27/1907
Townsend, Nellie N., Age:73yrs, d.no date
Townsend, Oda E., Age:34yrs, d.3/24/1926
Townsend, Opal, Age:7yrs 2mos 19dys, d.1/13/1897
Townsend, Orval, Age:23dys, d.12/12/1913
Townsend, Otto C., Age:79yrs, d.12/14/1961
Townsend, Roy Harrison, Age:61yrs, d.5/19/1949
Townsend, Tamara, Age:4mos, d.5/28/1943
Townsend, Torrence, Age:60yrs, d.5/19/1941
Trap, unknown, Age:no date, d.2/22/1868
Travis, d.D., Age:no date, d.4/2/1842
Travis, infant, Age:9/19/1943, d.9/19/1943
Travis, Leona, Age:72yrs, d.4/9/1976
Traxler, Adah, Age:71yrs, d.12/5/1972
Treadwell, Asher, Age:54yrs 6mos, d.2/1/1868
Treece, George, Age:70yrs 3mos 15dys, d.6/19/1906
Treece, Orphelia, Age:61yrs, d.3/1/1913
Treece, William, Age:68yrs, d.11/9/1947
Troyer, Norma J., Age:6dys, d.11/2/1929
Tucker, Myron E., Age:82yrs, d.8/21/1971
Tucker, Stella L., Age:77yrs, d.9/13/1966
Tukey, Margaret, Age:31yrs 5mos 7dys, d.2/7/1930
Turner, Rufus M., Age:29yrs 8mos, d.8/6/1858
Tyler, Carrie I., Age:84yrs, d.6/5/1959
Tyler, Daisy, Age:85yrs, d.10/8/1958
Tyler, Eda M., Age:75yrs, d.4/23/1969
Tyler, Erma D., Age:72yrs, d.3/20/1973
Tyler, George W., Age:77yrs 11mos 15dys, d.4/18/1904
Tyler, James, Age:76yrs 8mos 24dys, d.9/23/1879
Tyler, John P., Age:83yrs, d.1/20/1955
Tyler, Levi Albert, Age:27yrs 9mos 24dys, d.5/9/1897
Tyler, Tamsey, Age:77yrs 8mos 2dys, d.8/3/1882
Uda, Benjamin, Age:4yrs, d.3/21/1874
Uda, Christina B., Age:36yrs, d.11/29/1875
Uda, Emanual H., Age:8mos, d.5/25/1863
Uda, Franklin F., Age:9mos, d.5/25/1872
Uda, infant, Age:21dys, d.5/1873
Underwood, Ema, Age:79yrs, d.3/21/1942
Underwood, William H., Age:79yrs, d.2/25/1936
Unknown, Lydia Ann, Age:9/23/1848, d.6/23/1900
VanAman, Elmer, Age:84yrs, d.6/25/1956
Vanannam, George, Age:78yrs, d.7/6/1922
Vanannam, Mary J., Age:59yrs 10mos 19dys, d.9/4/1907
Vanannam, Vernie, Age:11mos 20dys, d.12/19/1888
VanAntwerp, Harriet, Age:31yrs, d.8/24/1863
Vandecar, Leon E., Age:75yrs, d.8/20/1977
Vandelin, Eugene, Age:57yrs, d.12/4/1935
Vandelin, Mary, Age:42yrs, d.2/27/1917
Vandelin, Paul, Age:1dy, d.1/18/1940
Vandelin, Sarrah, Age:55yrs, d.7/20/1917
Vandlen, Florabelle, Age:90yrs, d.2/12/1960
Vandlin, Charlie O., Age:61yrs, d.8/28/1963
Vandlin, Leroy, Age:1/1/1925, d.1/1/1925, stillborn
Vandlin, Marion, Age:20yrs, d.1/1/1925
VanHouten, J. Dorr, Age:22yrs, d.6/3/1929
VanHouten, Jay B., Age:79yrs, d.2/11/1959
VanHouten, Pearl, Age:67yrs, d.5/1/1947
VanOrtwick, Fruena, Age:3mos 19dys, d.12/6/1880
VanOrtwick, Isaac, Age:7oyrs 7mos 17dys, d.8/2/1875
VanOrtwick, John, Age:1yr 8mos, d.4/25/1870
VanWie, Carrie, Age:52yrs, d.5/14/1934
VanWie, Floyd S., Age:78yrs, d.7/14/1958
VanWie, Minnie, Age:48yrs, d.1/26/1940
Varney, Clara M., Age:61yrs, d.5/18/1970
Varney, George, Age:79yrs, d.10/14/1969
Varney, George, Age:59yrs 10mos 5dys, d.12/3/1901
Varney, Sarah, Age:72yrs, d.7/13/1923
Varney, Solomon, Age:73yrs, d.3/21/1957
Varney, unknown, Age:83yrs, d.7/22/1971
Velte, Anna, Age:92yrs, d.3/21/1945
Velte, Charles, Age:83yrs, d.12/8/1948
Velte, Emma, Age:93yrs, d.3/23/1965
Velte, Emma, Age:75yrs, d.4/6/1932
Velte, Emma, Age:13dys, d.9/16/1870
Velte, Freddie L., Age:13yrs 5mos 25dys, d.5/6/1901
Velte, Frederick, Age:1mo, d.2/10/1867
Velte, George, Age:57yrs 5mos, d.4/26/1876
Velte, Hannah, Age:45yrs 1mo 5dys, d.12/9/1865
Velte, Hannah, Age:68yrs, d.7/24/1913
Velte, Ina Belle, Age:21yrs 4mos 1dy, d.5/13/1901
Velte, infant, Age:no date, d.5/24/1898, son of Charles
Velte, infant, Age:no date, d.9/15/1868
Velte, Jacob, Age:71yrs 2mos 16dys, d.12/8/1920
Velte, Jacob, Age:72yrs 2mos 12dys, d.5/17/1864
Velte, Jacob F., Age:85yrs, d.3/5/1921
Velte, John, Age:75yrs, d.2/13/1935
Velte, John George, Age:56yrs 8mos 12dys, d.12/7/1904
Velte, John H., Age:84yrs, d.12/20/1945
Velte, Lawrence A., Age:76yrs, d.11/23/1975
Velte, Lena, Age:74yrs, d.8/3/1939
Velte, Mabel, Age:76yrs, d.9/25/1973
Velte, Mary, Age:83yrs, d.1/28/1917
Velte, Mary, Age:56yrs, d.5/20/1921
Velte, Mary E., Age:4dys, d.9/24/1910
Velte, Mena, Age:10dys, d.5/2/1901
Velte, Pete, Age:84yrs, d.11/29/1946
Velte, Rosina, Age:72yrs 8mos, d.1/22/1867
Velte, William, Age:77yrs, d.3/18/1971
Vroman, Opal M., Age:58yrs, d.2/18/1970

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