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Woodland Cemetery
Woodland Township, Barry County, Michigan

Contributed by Sara Colburn, March 11, 2000 [ecolburn@sbcglobal.net].
Total records = 2,237.

Hager, Addie, Age:70yrs, d. 4/26/1927
Hager, Alfred, Age:39yrs 1mo 9dys, d. 5/14/1892
Hager, Bordy O., Age:69yrs 8mos 23dys, d. 2/6/1926
Hager, Caroline Amelia, Age:85yrs, d. 4/22/1935
Hager, Cyrus F., Age:67yrs, d. 4/27/1928
Hager, Daniel J., Age:97yrs, d. 10/2/1926
Hager, Ella M., Age:59yrs, d. 3/21/1929
Hager, Forrest J., Age:80yrs 5mos 12dys, d. 8/5/1957
Hager, Homer H., Age:66yrs 3mos 5dys, d. 2/14/1927
Hager, infant, Age:4/12/1904, d. 4/12/1904, stillborn - child of FC
Hager, infant, Age:6dys, d. 8/23/1865, dau of Isaac
Hager, infant, Age:12dys, d. 7/18/1888, son of JH
Hager, Isaac N., Age:78yrs 7mos 27dys, d. 2/8/1903
Hager, Julius H., Age:66yrs 10mos 13dys, d. 4/23/1925
Hager, Mary, Age:no date, d. 12/30/1894
Hager, Mettie Gertrude, Age:69yrs, d. 9/19/1946
Hager, Orson, Age:89yrs, d. 3/18/1934
Hager, Rachel, Age:50yrs 8mos 17dys, d. 2/26/1888
Hagerly, Gotlief, Age:60yrs, d. 12/15/1862
Haight, Clarence E., Age:no date, d. 3/30/1961
Haight, Jonathan, Age:86yrs 7mos 8dys, d. 1/5/1897
Haight, Matilda, Age:67yrs, d. 6/10/1893
Haight, Ruth R., Age:47yrs, d. 4/20/1938
Haines, Elsie M., Age:72yrs, d. 10/11/1962
Haines, Lydia, Age:75yrs, d. 4/2/1938
Hale, Emma, Age:65yrs, d. 5/4/1926
Hale, Josiah, Age:69yrs, d. 11/1/1926
Hall, Ethel, Age:no date, d. 12/10/1944
Hall, Eugene M., Age:65yrs, d. 12/19/1930
Hall, Lucy, Age:85yrs 7mos 20dys, d. 8/23/1843, wf of Thomas
Hamp, Benjamin, Age:87yrs, d. 3/15/1909
Hamp, Jane, Age:84yrs, d. 10/11/1917
Hamp, Mary, Age:35yrs, d. no date
Hand, Jehial Sr., Age:85yrs 8mos, d. no date
Hannes, Catherine, Age:53yrs, d. 11/21/1906
Hannes, Catherine, Age:77yrs, d. 5/22/1907
Hannes, Conard Jr., Age:no date, d. no date
Hannes, Conard Sr., Age:45yrs, d. 2/9/1871
Hansberger, Donald Lee, Age:8/12/1933, d. 8/12/1933, stillborn - son of Lee
Hansberger, J. Lee, Age:63yrs, d. 7/5/1969
Hansberger, Lawrence, Age:18yrs, d. 7/29/1935
Hansberger, Mary A., Age:61yrs, d. 8/5/1941
Hansberger, Plenie, Age:77yrs, d. 7/16/1960
Hardy, E. M., Age:22yrs 10mos, d. 6/26/1878
Harrington, Alva, Age:25yrs, d. 4/7/1923
Harrington, Bethel, Age:7hrs, d. 11/21/1910
Harrington, George, Age:68yrs, d. 11/27/1936
Harrington, Vina, Age:84yrs, d. 7/31/1959
Harrison, Earl, Age:27yrs, d. 4/24/1920
Harrison, John C., Age:65yrs, d. 9/24/1927
Harrison, Margaret E., Age:84yrs, d. 3/31/1950
Hart, Micheal Jay, Age:21yrs, d. 7/4/1972
Hart, Robert J., Age:50yrs, d. 4/29/1965
Hatch, Colin, Age:70yrs, d. 12/31/1946
Hatch, Martha, Age:86yrs, d. 4/5/1960
Hathaway, Vesta, Age:11mos 21dys, d. 8/29/1889
Hauer, Anna, Age:68yrs 9mos 11dys, d. 8/20/1869
Hauer, Dale, Age:41yrs, d. 4/30/1956
Hauer, infant, Age:11/26/1906, d. 11/26/1906, stillborn - dau of Will
Hauer, J. W. J., Age:84yrs 0mos 11dys, d. 1/19/1889
Hauer, John, Age:88yrs, d. 8/8/1962
Hauer, L.Dorrit, Age:82yrs, d. 11/27/1959
Hauer, L.F., Age:54yrs, d. 11/11/1883
Hauer, Lula M., Age:86yrs, d. 3/9/1967
Hauer, Oscar, Age:1yr, d. 3/3/1910
Hauer, William Henry, Age:85yrs, d. 4/20/1957
Haver, Albert J., Age:86yrs, d. 1/9/1966
Haver, Caroline, Age:77yrs 8mos 15dys, d. 8/17/1922
Haver, Chloe, Age:81yrs, d. 7/14/1969
Haver, George J., Age:75yrs 0mos 27dys, d. 12/24/1912
Haver, Herman Carl, Age:85yrs, d. 3/25/1970
Haver, Lester John, Age:1mo 5dys, d. 2/1920
Haver, Rena, Age:83yrs, d. 10/30/1971, Notten
Hawkins, Fritz G., Age:54yrs, d. 1926
Hawkins, Olive, Age:48yrs, d. 4/20/1925
Haynes, Hebron, Age:61yrs, d. 2/20/1926
Hazeldine, Catherine, Age:73yrs 9mos 8dys, d. 4/8/1894
Hazeldine, Eliza, Age:16yrs 2mos 8dys, d. 2/25/1873
Hazeldine, Ida, Age:83yrs, d. 8/6/1939
Hazeldine, James, Age:78yrs 0mos 15dys, d. 1/27/1899
Hazeldine, John L., Age:76yrs, d. 10/5/1929
Hazeldine, Leonard, Age:88yrs, d. 10/10/1938
Hazeldine, Mary S., Age:45yrs 7mos 21dys, d. 3/12/1896
Hazeldine, Susanna, Age:80yrs, d. 4/23/1938
Hebel, Addie, Age:38yrs, d. 3/16/1926
Hebel, Charles, Age:62yrs, d. 1/4/1948
Hebel, Milton, Age:63yrs, d. 8/30/1934
Hebel, Sara Martha, Age:83yrs, d. 5/12/1951
Hecker, Chester E., Age:62yrs, d. 2/12/1934
Hecker, Ester, Age:25yrs 11mos 5dys, d. 1/20/1870
Hecker, Henry, Age:88yrs, d. 5/26/1919
Hecker, Kennith B., Age:7yrs 10mos 12dys, d. 3/1/1903
Hecker, Lydia, Age:25yrs, d. 3/5/1874
Hecker, Sylvia, Age:63yrs, d. 4/11/1912
Hecker, Viola Bell, Age:76yrs, d. 8/22/1951
Heise, Mildred Mona, Age:75yrs, d. 2/12/1971
Helmer, Amelia May, Age:81yrs, d. 11/29/1935
Helmer, Charles H., Age:69yrs, d. 8/16/1950
Helmer, James, Age:54yrs, d. 9/26/1905
Helmer, Rhoda, Age:96yrs, d. 3/14/1908
Helmer, Washington, Age:87yrs, d. 12/27/1934
Hendee, Alice May, Age:78yrs, d. 6/18/1969
Hendee, Glen E., Age:81yrs, d. 12/3/1964
Henney, Homer R., Age:85yrs, d. 10/5/??
Henning, Mildred, Age:68yrs, d. 10/2/1964
Herbert, Eva, Age:79yrs, d. 2/19/1940
Herschberger, Mary Z., Age:76yrs, d. 7/21/1973
Hershberger, Walter, Age:76yrs, d. 6/11/1966
Hesterly, Charlie Ray, Age:67yrs, d. 12/8/1864
Hesterly, James, Age:75yrs, d. 12/13/1941
Hesterly, Viola R., Age:82yrs, d. 7/10/1953
Hewitt, Howard L., Age:68yrs, d. 8/8/1961
Hewitt, John, Age:77yrs, d. 12/26/1889
Hewitt, Nellie M., Age:73yrs, d. 12/12/1964
Hewitt, Phoebe, Age:80yrs, d. 5/6/1886
Hewitt, Vera, Age:no date, d. 3/31/1965
Heyden, Anna, Age:22yrs 0mos 22dys, d. 8/23/1891
Heyden, Augusta, Age:42yrs 5mos 27dys, d. 2/15/1881
Heyden, Elizabeth, Age:12yrs 2mos, d. 4/13/1883
Heyden, Julius, Age:52yrs 6mos 21dys, d. 7/13/1886
Heyden, Julius, Age:32yrs 6mos 16dys, d. 8/11/1897
Heyden, Mattie, Age:10yrs 5mos 7dys, d. 4/17/1885
Hiese, Charles G., Age:65yrs 6mos 23dys, d. 10/8/1919
Hiese, Sophia, Age:71yrs, d. 12/16/1932
Hilbert, Franklin F., Age:80yrs, d. 4/20/1936
Hilbert, Joseph, Age:79yrs 8mos, d. 7/7/1895
Hilbert, Lawrence, Age:48yrs, d. 12/4/1928
Hilbert, Lawrence, Age:84yrs, d. 9/4/1915
Hilbert, Louisa, Age:76yrs, d. 3/16/1933
Hilbert, Marjorie Jean, Age:no date, d. 5/5/1920
Hilbert, Rosena, Age:83yrs 5mos 6dys, d. 1/3/1917
Hill, Allison, Age:85yrs, d. 3/3/1933
Hill, Francis C., Age:63yrs 3mos 18dys, d. 5/30/1906
Hill, Julia, Age:21dys, d. 1/23/1887
Hill, Mary E., Age:86yrs, d. 12/5/1937
Hilliker, Sara, Age:83yrs, d. 8/5/1894, Cole
Hilsinger, Harrison, Age:76yrs, d. 5/14/1908
Hilsinger, Lydia, Age:77yrs 2mos 25dys, d. no date
Hilton, Cora H., Age:22yrs, d. 1/16/1923
Hilton, Lewis Willard, Age:74yrs, d. 8/24/1963
Hilton, Lucille, Age:11/29/1918, d. 11/29/1918, stillborn
Hiscutt, David A., Age:60yrs, d. 6/6/1957
Hiscutt, Deborah A., Age:87yrs, d. 7/1/1972
Hitt, Anna, Age:78yrs, d. 12/16/1953
Hitt, Charley D., Age:77yrs, d. 3/19/1975
Hitt, Dea Mae, Age:87yrs, d. 7/22/1948
Hitt, Ernest, Age:49yrs, d. 7/6/1943
Hitt, Freda Ardella, Age:7yrs 11mos 25dys, d. 7/13/1907
Hitt, George, Age:67yrs 6mos, d. 2/17/1889
Hitt, George J., Age:63yrs 2mos 25dys, d. 5/23/1918
Hitt, Henry, Age:77yrs, d. 11/21/1948
Hitt, Henry, Age:5mos, d. 10/13/1869
Hitt, infant, Age:no date, d. 9/17/1924
Hitt, Jacob, Age:57yrs, d. 3/5/1921
Hitt, Leo Ray, Age:64yrs, d. 10/15/1964
Hitt, Lloyd Jacob, Age:58yrs, d. 9/20/1950
Hitt, Nellie, Age:68yrs 7mos 13dys, d. 12/15/1933
Hitt, Roland, Age:3yrs 9mos 10dys, d. 9/21/1900
Hitt, Simeon, Age:46yrs 3mos 7dys, d. 6/8/1898
Hitt, William, Age:64yrs, d. 1925
Hobert, Elmer Lester, Age:11/14/1947, d. 11/14/1947, stillborn
Hobert, infant, Age:7/22/1948, d. 7/22/1948, stillborn - boy
Hofer, Jacob, Age:83yrs, d. 3/15/1923
Hofer, Mary, Age:no date, d. 1931
Holly, Birdsall S., Age:79yrs, d. 11/1/1937
Holly, Fred F., Age:35yrs 10mos 7dys, d. 12/11/1918
Holly, Lena, Age:no date, d. no date
Honnes, Catherine, Age:74yrs, d. 6/21/1876
Honnes, Conrad, Age:63yrs 7mos, d. 4/28/1857
Honnes, Hannah, Age:30yrs, d. 8/20/1870
Hood, Charles W., Age:58yrs, d. 5/17/1930
Hood, George G., Age:76yrs, d. 9/21/1923
Hood, Lucia, Age:84yrs, d. 10/18/1933
Hoos, Carrie, Age:71yrs, d. 6/13/1955
Hoos, Gordon, Age:4mos, d. 6/17/1943
Hoos, Thomas, Age:71yrs, d. 6/27/1951
Hopkins, Frank lin W., Age:16yrs, d. 10/25/1901
Hopkins, Gracie L., Age:1yr 9mos 1dy, d. 11/23/1880
Hopkins, Jennie, Age:56yrs, d. 10/23/1912
Hopkins, Warren, Age:69yrs, d. 11/9/1923
Hosmer, Emeline, Age:70yrs, d. 2/8/1919
Hosmer, Lorenzo, Age:65yrs 11mos 3dys, d. 7/12/1912
Hotchkiss, Arvilla, Age:10mos 6dys, d. 10/10/1861
Houseman, Ann, Age:75yrs, d. 11/10/1900
Huchins, Ida B., Age:29yrs, d. 11/2/1901
Hudson, Sarah, Age:no date, d. 7/31/1878
Huffman, Unknown, Age:no date, d. 9/1867
Huhn, Violet M., Age:68yrs, d. 4/6/??76
Hurlburt, Cinda Lynn, Age:3mos, d. 5/28/1968
Husman, Ben, Age:82yrs, d. 7/4/1964
Husman, Carrie Jane, Age:87yrs, d. 10/15/1949
Hyatt, Jane, Age:no date, d. 2/16/1851, wf of David
Hyatt, Loa, Age:5mos 15dys, d. 2/8/1877
Hyatt, Lottie, Age:1mo, d. 10/9/1876
Hynes, Adeline, Age:72yrs, d. 12/4/1925
Hynes, Catherine, Age:56yrs, d. 12/28/1918
Hynes, Charity, Age:1yr 5mos 22dys, d. 6/25/1876
Hynes, Charles, Age:1/20/1922, d. 1/20/1922, stillborn - son of L & M
Hynes, Edward, Age:84yrs, d. 1/8/1935
Hynes, Edward, Age:61yrs, d. 12/27/1875
Hynes, Eliza, Age:74yrs, d. 9/25/1945
Hynes, Elizabeth, Age:31yrs 6mos 9dys, d. 10/4/1879
Hynes, Ellen, Age:2yrs 3mos, d. 10/22/1845
Hynes, Elmer, Age:58yrs, d. 8/13/1929
Hynes, Emma R., Age:67yrs, d. 5/19/1935
Hynes, Ethel, Age:47yrs, d. 7/3/1945
Hynes, Florence, Age:5dys, d. 5/23/1912
Hynes, Frank G., Age:84yrs, d. 9/26/1969
Hynes, Freda, Age:30dys, d. 11/2/1906
Hynes, infant, Age:no date, d. 1845
Hynes, John, Age:72yrs 6mos 29dys, d. 3/6/1915
Hynes, John Henry, Age:67yrs, d. 8/9/1949
Hynes, Kenneth A., Age:74yrs, d. 3/11/1979
Hynes, Leo E., Age:66yrs, d. 1/30/1962
Hynes, Leota, Age:2mos, d. 12/8/1875
Hynes, Lulu B., Age:79yrs, d. 3/4/1956
Hynes, Martha, Age:52yrs, d. 7/2/1871
Hynes, Mary Ann, Age:96yrs, d. 9/18/1926
Hynes, Mary E., Age:70yrs, d. 7/6/1961
Hynes, Mary E., Age:20yrs 1mo 10dys, d. 2/21/1870
Hynes, Melva, Age:9/20/1896, d. 9/20/1896
Hynes, Michael, Age:64yrs 2mos 4dys, d. 4/9/1877
Hynes, Minnie, Age:82yrs, d. 6/10/1960
Hynes, Nettie, Age:69yrs, d. 1/20/1960
Hynes, Ransom, Age:75yrs, d. 6/7/1936
Hynes, Roscoe, Age:80yrs, d. 1/13/1969
Hynes, Russel, Age:1yr 11mos 8dys, d. 8/8/1906
Hynes, Sylvesster, Age:91yrs, d. 1/9/1948
Hynes, Ursula, Age:51yrs 8mos 19dys, d. 6/16/1910
Hynes, Vern, Age:64yrs, d. 2/5/1949
Hynes, Virgil, Age:6dys, d. 1/2/1911
Hynes, Wilber C., Age:88yrs, d. 2/20/1957
Ingerson, Ira, Age:67yrs 8mos 2dys, d. 1/27/1853
Ingerson, Orlow W., Age:4mos 20dys, d. 3/25/1855
Ingerson, Sarah, Age:77yrs 10mos 14dys, d. 11/18/1867
Ingram, Rhoda, Age:78yrs 2mos 19dys, d. 9/16/1870
James, Charles J., Age:45yrs, d. 10/14/1913
Johnson, Albert, Age:83yrs, d. 6/19/1920
Johnson, Earl, Age:11mos, d. 1/21/1873
Johnson, Gus, Age:70yrs, d. 7/14/1939
Johnson, Mary E., Age:no date, d. 3/1/1907
Johnson, Vera M., Age:77yrs, d. 5/11/1956
Jones, Pearl, Age:34yrs, d. 6/6/1913
Jordan, Agnes, Age:1yr 2mos 2dys, d. 8/10/1940
Jordan, Delphine, Age:85yrs, d. 5/27/1940
Jordan, Edna D., Age:25yrs 0mos 6dys, d. 6/10/1917
Jordan, Fred L., Age:74yrs, d. 8/10/1940
Jordan, Gertie, Age:21dys, d. 9/3/1877
Jordan, Gladys, Age:81yrs, d. 1/1/1975
Jordan, Inez Adele, Age:93yrs, d. 5/20/1975
Jordan, Ira H., Age:60yrs 2mos, d. 5/2/1906
Jordan, Jacob, Age:78yrs 7mos 28dys, d. 9/6/1905
Jordan, James G., Age:61yrs 4mos 7dys, d. 2/24/1905
Jordan, John, Age:78yrs, d. no date
Jordan, Josie, Age:34yrs 4mos, d. 2/21/1878
Jordan, June, Age:75yrs, d. 6/24/1944
Jordan, Lela, Age:60yrs, d. 1/19/1945
Jordan, Mildred B., Age:72yrs, d. 4/30/1974
Kahler, Anna, Age:81yrs, d. 8/22/1943
Kahler, Dorr, Age:no date, d. 6/22/1944
Kahler, John, Age:55yrs, d. 12/24/1921
Kahllo, Clifford Jr., Age:7yrs, d. 5/25/1945
Kahllo, Clifford L., Age:73yrs, d. 11/28/1974
Kahllo, Walter, Age:73yrs, d. 1940
Kantner, Guy H., Age:67yrs, d. 7/8/1966
Kantner, Iva M., Age:83yrs, d. 4/9/1977
Kantner, Levi, Age:76yrs, d. 10/4/1936
Kantner, Mary, Age:83yrs, d. 1/11/1953
Kantner, Russell, Age:78yrs, d. 3/24/1968
Kantner, Willis W., Age:66yrs, d. 10/3/1963
Karrar, Bobby, Age:1dy, d. 11/1/1934
Kart, Phoebe, Age:78yrs, d. 6/20/1929
Katherman, H. Jane, Age:49yrs, d. 11/29/1897
Katherman, John Clarence, Age:77yrs, d. 11/3/1949
Katherman, Lydia B., Age:81yrs, d. 8/31/1958
Katherman, Mary Ann, Age:79yrs, d. 10/14/1926
Katherman, Samuel D., Age:83yrs, d. 4/2/1932
Keech, Chester W., Age:65yrs, d. 8/20/1965
Kenfield, Lewis S., Age:60yrs, d. 9/22/1973
Kennedy, Walter S., Age:80yrs, d. 12/3/1967
Kesler, Minnie Martie, Age:68yrs, d. 9/16/1951
Kesler, Selah, Age:80yrs, d. 11/29/1864, Cleveland
Ketchum, Gary L., Age:34yrs, d. 5/24/1977
Kidder, Oliver, Age:48yrs 4mos 22dys, d. 1/10/1903
Kilburn, Harriet, Age:67yrs, d. 7/4/1891
Kilpatrick, Albert, Age:1yr 0mos 24dys, d. 9/8/1871
Kilpatrick, Andrew C., Age:67yrs, d. 3/12/1930
Kilpatrick, Anna, Age:1yr 0mos 3dys, d. 3/24/1870
Kilpatrick, David, Age:8yrs, d. 11/14/1872
Kilpatrick, Donna M., Age:2yrs, d. 9/9/1874
Kilpatrick, Emmett, Age:5yrs 10mos 9dys, d. 9/1/1881
Kilpatrick, Eunice, Age:29yrs 5mos 9dys, d. 9/7/1858
Kilpatrick, Eva, Age:5yrs 3mos 12dys, d. 9/13/1871
Kilpatrick, Fannie, Age:63yrs, d. no date
Kilpatrick, Fide, Age:no date, d. 5/28/1946
Kilpatrick, Frederick, Age:3mos, d. 1/2/1858
Kilpatrick, George Jr., Age:5yrs 5mos, d. 5/15/1867
Kilpatrick, Harriet, Age:68yrs 1mo 1dy, d. 2/2/1899, Treadwell
Kilpatrick, Hayes, Age:no date, d. 3/6/1882
Kilpatrick, infant, Age:no date, d. no date, stillborn
Kilpatrick, Jennet, Age:81yrs 0mos 18dys, d. 10/22/1878
Kilpatrick, John, Age:1yr 3mos 27dys, d. 9/14/1871
Kilpatrick, John, Age:80yrs 5mos 5dys, d. 10/17/1900
Kilpatrick, John B., Age:2yrs 8mos 19dys, d. 5/9/1856
Kilpatrick, John Sr., Age:79yrs 1mo 29dys, d. 3/14/1869
Kilpatrick, Joseph W., Age:70yrs, d. 5/5/1946
Kilpatrick, Margaret, Age:27yrs 6mos 1dy, d. 10/30/1863
Kilpatrick, Mary, Age:50yrs 0mos 26dys, d. 9/3/1886
Kilpatrick, Mary A., Age:1yr 1mo 4dys, d. 9/10/1863
Kilpatrick, Mary Eliza, Age:1yr 2mos 23dys, d. 2/17/1877
Kilpatrick, Mary Eunice, Age:4mos 28dys, d. 2/7/1858
Kilpatrick, Nancy, Age:78yrs, d. 3/24/1943
Kilpatrick, Phyllis, Age:2dys, d. 9/21/1907
Kilpatrick, Samuel, Age:2yrs 2mos 22dys, d. 8/8/1870
Kimble, H. Floyd, Age:74yrs, d. 12/29/1975
Kimmel, Amos, Age:78yrs, d. 10/30/1936
Kimmel, Rosa, Age:78yrs, d. 2/21/1939
King, Alice, Age:52yrs 9mos, d. 1/22/1919
King, Allen, Age:76yrs, d. 5/27/1942
King, Freddie, Age:1yr 4mos 1dy, d. 2/11/1876
King, Nettie, Age:no date, d. 5/6/1871
King, Sarah, Age:no date, d. 2/3/1883
Kline, Margaret, Age:62yrs, d. 3/22/1868
Klise, Elizabeth, Age:80yrs, d. 7/7/1902
Klise, Mary Z., Age:1mo 4dys, d. 1/7/1862
Klise, Solomon, Age:58yrs, d. 1/16/1888
Kohler, Frank, Age:77yrs, d. 3/22/1949
Koons, Amelia L., Age:77yrs 2mos 27dys, d. 6/10/1920
Koons, James, Age:32yrs 3mos 12dys, d. 3/5/1902
Koons, William H., Age:75yrs 9mos 26dys, d. 8/30/1919
Kopp, Margaret Adella, Age:91yrs, d. 4/7/1950
Kruger, Pamela J., Age:1yr, d. 4/2/1954
Kuchta, Larry, Age:8/24/1946, d. 8/24/1946
Kuchta, William John, Age:2/13/1960, d. 2/13/1960
Laird, Gazella, Age:1yr 3mos, d. 8/8/1878
Laird, infant, Age:no date, d. no date, child of C & A
Laird, infant, Age:no date, d. 2/2/1881, child of Mark
Lamareux, Rachel, Age:76yrs, d. 4/27/1962
Landis, Benjamin Franklin, Age:92yrs, d. 6/10/1962
Landis, David, Age:67yrs, d. 9/13/1913
Landis, Ellen, Age:77yrs, d. 3/12/1917
Landis, George, Age:48yrs, d. 4/27/1913
Landis, Grace E., Age:85yrs, d. 10/27/1972
Landis, Harry, Age:no date, d. 5/15/1943
Landis, Helene E., Age:3mos 4dys, d. 2/15/1913
Landis, Hettie, Age:74yrs, d. 3/6/1925
Landis, infant, Age:7/10/1919, d. 7/10/1919, stillborn
Landis, infant, Age:12/25/1914, d. 12/24/1914, stillborn - child of Benj
Landis, John, age 77yrs d. 11/28/1912
Landis, John B., b. 3/29/1952, d. 4/18/1983
Landis, Lionel, Age:16yrs, d. 5/15/1927
Landis, Myrtle Ivy, Age:61yrs, d. 11/14/1951
Landis, Robert Fulton, Age:73yrs, d. 8/29/1951
Landis, Sylvia Grace, Age:3/28/1934, d. 3/28/1934, stillborn - dau of Willard
Landis, Ward, Age:1/28/1922, d. 1/28/1922, stillborn
Landis, Willard H., Age:60yrs, b. 9/11/1912, d. 11/15/1972
LaReau, Georgia L., b. 3/9/1904, d. 5/21/1993, wf of Herman
LaReau, Herman E., b. 4/11/1899, d. 3/16/1982
Lavert, Henry, Age:5/23/1899, d. 5/23/1899, stillborn
Lavy, Anna, Age:27yrs 2mos 1dy, d. 1/20/1897, Eastman
Lawrence, Ezra, Age:1yr 9mos, d. 4/26/1897
Laycock, William E., Age:84yrs, d. 1/19/1965
Lee, Austen R., Age:6yrs 4mos 18dys, d. 3/25/1864, son of SA & MJ
Lee, Fila M., Age:3mos 9dys, d. 3/9/1869, dau of SA & MJ
Lee, Harry D., Age:1yr 8dy, d. 7/22/1884
Lee, James O., Age:74yrs, d. 1/26/1902
Lee, Mehetable, Age:86yrs, d. 11/20/1881
Lee, Sherman, Age:3mos 18dys, d. 7/29/1973, son of SS & F
Leedy, Catherine, Age:no date, d. 3/19/1895
Leedy, Jacob, Age:no date, d. 6/3/1900
Leedy, Susan Ida, Age:53yrs, d. 9/27/1917
Lehman, Earl H., Age:74yrs, d. 1/31/1961
Lehman, Effie A., Age:87yrs, d. 10/1/1973
Lehman, Francis, Age:61yrs, d. 5/14/1920
Lehman, Gerald, Age:12yrs 3mos 25dys, d. 5/24/1925
Lehman, Helen Francis, Age:3mos 12dys, d. 11/28/1913
Lehman, infant, Age:2/27/1959, d. 2/27/1959, stillborn
Lehman, John B., Age:64yrs, d. 12/16/1917
Lehman, Mable C., Age:52yrs, d. 2/28/1947
Lehman, Mahlon, Age:89yrs, d. 3/13/1973
Lehman, Merle J., Age:2mos 20dys, d. 8/26/1916
Lehman, Ora B., Age:72yrs, d. 11/8/1955
Lehman, Percy G., Age:86yrs, d. 1/8/1978
Leigh, Wallace W., Age:1837, d. 1907
Leonard, Charles, Age:70yrs, d. 1/21/1955
Leonard, Doretha, Age:47yrs, d. 4/18/1939
Leonard, Edgar D., Age:69yrs, d. 10/22/1925
Leonard, Emma Mae, Age:74yrs, d. 10/26/1959
Leonard, Florence A., Age:89yrs, d. 5/23/1939
Lester, Bonnie, Age:38yrs, d. 10/19/1973
Linkletter, Emily, Age:42yrs 5mos 4dys, d. 11/9/1883
Linkletter, John, Age:71yrs 6mos 27dys, d. 10/23/1879
Lisco, Levi, Age:no date, d. 1/6/1863
Little, Ethel R., Age:65yrs, d. 12/24/1971
Little, Gaytha Irene, Age:74yrs, d. 1/14/1978
Little, Julie A., Age:33yrs, d. 8/31/1908
Long, Harrison, Age:1mo 1dy, d. 5/14/1884
Long, Nancy, Age:81yrs, d. 11/11/1931
Long, Rose Caroline, Age:70yrs, d. 9/15/1950
Long, Wayne, Age:62yrs, d. 7/25/1944
Lovell, infant, Age:no date, d. 6/9/1889
Lovell, Janney, Age:20dys, d. 4/23/1882
Lovell, Sarah, Age:90yrs, d. 9/5/1947
Lovell, Segrand D., Age:50yrs, d. 5/26/1901
Lowder, F. W., Age:68yrs, d. 10/31/1955
Lowder, H. C., Age:64yrs, d. no date
Lowder, Harriet, Age:85yrs, d. 7/13/1936
Lowder, Joseph F., Age:68yrs, d. 8/9/1938
Lowell, E., Age:45yrs, d. 4/13/1949, Teeter
Lozier, Eva D., Age:85yrs, d. 11/27/1972
Lozier, Howard J., Age:33yrs 0mos 6dys, d. 4/28/1917
Lucas, Ephriam, Age:88yrs, d. 11/8/1941
Lucas, Frank, Age:39yrs, d. 10/23/1919
Lucas, Grace, Age:59yrs, d. 11/21/1949, Belda
Lucas, James H., Age:68yrs, d. 10/13/1935
Lucas, Lawrence V., Age:61yrs, d. 6/14/1951
Lucas, Manda, Age:82yrs, d. 3/12/1942
Lucas, Wilbur Patrick, Age:7yrs, d. no date
Lux, Edmond F., Age:68yrs, d. 6/15/1970
Lux, Mildred, Age:65yrs, d. 12/22/1970

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