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Woodland Cemetery
Woodland Township, Barry County, Michigan

Contributed by Sara Colburn, March 11, 2000 [ecolburn@sbcglobal.net]. Total records = 2,237.

Darkin, Susan C., Age:38yrs, d.5/6/1909
Davenport, Emma J., Age:72yrs, d.9/2/1935
Davenport, Ester, Age:87yrs 0mos 6dys, d.5/21/1917
Davenport, Eugene, Age:85yrs, d.3/31/1941
Davenport, George M., Age:91yrs 2mos 23dys, d.5/26/1919
Davis, Amelia A., Age:59yrs 5mos, d.5/3/1890
Davis, infant, Age:no date, d.1/4/1878
Degraff, John J., Age:59yrs, d.8/1/1976
Deluxy, Helen, Age:19yrs, d.3/16/1937
Demond, Adelbert, Age:4mos, d.5/22/1876
Demond, Alma, Age:18yrs, d.3/10/1888
Demond, Anna, Age:85yrs, d.11/23/1949
Demond, Anna, Age:103yrs, d.10/10/1891
Demond, David, Age:78yrs, d.5/10/1927
Demond, Fay L., Age:70yrs, d.9/24/1974
Demond, Fernia, Age:3mos, d.1928
Demond, George, Age:88yrs, d.6/18/1902
Demond, Helen, Age:71yrs, d.9/29/1919
Demond, James, Age:36yrs 9mos 25dys, d.5/10/1879
Demond, Joel J., Age:71yrs, d.11/2/1936
Demond, LaVerne, Age:21yrs, d.9/4/1928
Demond, Lowell, Age:81yrs, d.7/3/1954
Demond, Martha, Age:66yrs, d.4/22/1943
Demond, Mary, Age:84yrs 2mos 12dys, d.4/12/1899
Demond, Mary, Age:36yrs 3mos 14dys, d.1/8/1887
Demond, Mrs. David, Age:no date, d.10/23/1927, wf of David
Demond, Pearl, Age:63yrs, d.3/22/1947
Demond, Peter, Age:38yrs 4mos, d.8/5/1852
Demond, Richard, Age:74yrs, d.4/11/1923
Demond, Sarah, Age:65yrs, d.4/13/1906
Demond, Sarah A., Age:8yrs 3mos, d.1/7/1856
Demond, Willard, Age:62yrs, d.9/11/1940
Demond, William, Age:no date, d.no date
Demond, Zilpha, Age:88yrs 5mos, d.1/27/1893
Densmore, Calvin, Age:59yrs 0mos 19dys, d.8/6/1875
Densmore, Dennis F., Age:76yrs, d.10/18/1921
Densmore, Frank, Age:79yrs, d.3/11/1940
Densmore, infant, Age:1mo 15dys, d.9/2/1874
Densmore, infant, Age:3mos 4dys, d.9/3/1870, daughter
Densmore, infant, Age:2mos, d.2/13/1878, son
Densmore, Loy, Age:2yrs 7mos, d.12/2/1881
Densmore, Marie, Age:86yrs 10mos 3dys, d.4/23/1913
Densmore, Minnie, Age:70yrs, d.12/11/1933
Densmore, Samantha, Age:1yr 6mos, d.9/22/1871
Densmore, Sarah J., Age:74yrs, d.10/9/1922
Dewey, Allen, Age:no date, d.7/1/1864
Dewey, Clarence, Age:15yrs 11mos 22dys, d.8/18/1872
Dillenback, Sylvester, Age:34yrs 0mos 21dys, d.12/7/1859
Dillenbeck, Adeline, Age:75yrs, d.9/19/1920
Dillenbeck, Albert W., Age:79yrs, d.12/3/1918
Dillenbeck, Catherine, Age:46yrs 4mos 10dys, d.5/19/1889
Dillenbeck, Florence, Age:46yrs, d.2/13/1939
Dillenbeck, Floyd W., Age:73yrs, d.3/29/1963
Dillenbeck, George A., Age:75yrs, d.4/30/1912
Dillenbeck, infant, Age:15dys, d.11/19/1853, dau of Sylvester
Dillenbeck, infant, Age:no date, d.2/1/1874, son of Marion
Dillenbeck, Jessie, Age:83yrs, d.4/2/1942
Dillenbeck, John, Age:75yrs, d.4/15/1891
Dillenbeck, Johnny, Age:9mos, d.11/14/1860
Dillenbeck, Laura, Age:85yrs, d.3/6/1895
Dillenbeck, Lillie, Age:25yrs, d.3/11/1900
Dillenbeck, Lottie L., Age:7mos 20dys, d.10/10/1884
Dillenbeck, Lucy Ann, Age:57yrs, d.12/19/1899
Dillenbeck, Moses J., Age:38yrs 3mos, d.11/17/1861
Dillenbeck, Nellie, Age:3yrs, d.5/21/1879
Dilley, Emily, Age:41yrs 2mos 7dys, d.2/23/1883, Morgan
Dodge, Martha M., Age:74yrs, d.6/19/1969
Dorris, Agnes M., Age:73yrs, d.5/31/1963
Dortchley, infant, Age:1mo, d.9/1/1871, child of J & H
Downing, William W., Age:59yrs, d.12/28/1946
Dryand, Freda L., Age:38yrs, d.9/18/1953
Duffy, John, Age:75yrs, d.4/27/1867
Duffy, Zelpha, Age:96yrs 6mos 20dys, d.1/13/1901
Duits, Gordon D., Age:no date, d.11/25/1964
Duits, Michael J., Age:2dys, d.9/30/1956, son of Don
Duncan, Merl B., Age:no date, d.4/6/1931
Dunningan, Florence, Age:no date, d.no date
Earley, Charles H., Age:70yrs, d.12/11/1948
Earley, Estella M., Age:91yrs, d.6/28/1974
Early, Emma M., Age:76yrs, d.11/13/1947
Early, Florence Mae, Age:89yrs, d.9/25/1968
Early, Ica, Age:77yrs, d.3/9/1960
Early, Isaac, Age:49yrs 6mos 15dys, d.8/4/1887
Early, Mary F., Age:72yrs, d.3/5/1923
Early, Mervin F., Age:68yrs, d.1/17/1946, Rev.
Early, Pearl Ina, Age:3yrs 3mos 27dys, d.5/11/1897
Eastman, Edmond, Age:89yrs, d.8/8/1914
Eastman, John, Age:27yrs, d.5/1/1892
Eastman, Louis, Age:81yrs, d.10/1919
Eckardt, Charles F., Age:6yrs 4mos 18dys, d.2/20/1860, son of A & K
Eckardt, Debra Ann, Age:10/31/1956, d.10/31/1956, baby
Eckardt, Eulah D., Age:65yrs, d.10/4/1957
Eckardt, Karl F., Age:85yrs, d.9/7/1976
Eddy, Hannah P., Age:80yrs, d.11/9/1910
Eddy, Irwin H., Age:27yrs, d.1/6/1947
Eddy, Liu Jennie, Age:83yrs, d.1/4/1959
Eddy, Roger, Age:10/21/1942, d.10/21/1942
Eddy, William P., Age:76yrs 4mos 18dys, d.1/19/1908
Edson, Besty, Age:78yrs 9mos 27dys, d.4/24/1889
Edson, Geneva A., Age:4mos 20dys, d.2/10/1862
Edson, Hiram, Age:72yrs 11mos 11dys, d.3/22/1878
Edson, Loal A., Age:1yr 9mos 26dys, d.12/5/1859
Edson, Loran, Age:17yrs omos 13dys, d.6/13/1863
Edson, Nellie, Age:1yr 5mos, d.8/4/1880
Egelkrond, Paul E., Age:no date, d.no date
Egelkrond, Paul W., Age:63yrs, d.3/27/1958
Ehrett, Clara B., Age:41yrs, d.2/10/1903
Ehrett, James Warren, Age:73yrs, d.4/24/1935
Eisenbeis, Elizabeth, Age:79yrs 10mos 1dy, d.5/15/1907
Eisenbeis, Jacob, Age:77yrs 8mos 15dys, d.2/13/1900
Emery, Kirk Alan, Age:16yrs, d.6/13/1975
England, Carl J., Age:62yrs, d.11/25/1953
England, David S., Age:70yrs, d.1/28/1925
England, DeVere, Age:83yrs, d.10/27/1966
England, Eugenia, Age:86yrs, d.12/26/1971
England, Gertie, Age:76yrs, d.11/29/1929
England, Glenn A., Age:46yrs, d.8/8/1934
England, Glenna B., Age:71yrs, d.2/11/1962
England, Jerome, Age:80yrs, d.10/14/1932
England, John, Age:72yrs 8mos 26dys, d.4/22/1897
England, Louie, Age:69yrs, d.12/25/1927
England, N. Grace, Age:76yrs, d.1/22/1968
England, Patricia, Age:1/26/1920, d.1/26/1920, stillborn
England, Susannah, Age:77yrs 5mos 2dys, d.8/20/1905
England, Vincent, Age:4yrs, d.2/1/1920
Estabrook, Anna, Age:81yrs, d.4/13/1920
Estabrook, Artimus A., Age:75yrs, d.6/2/1911
Estabrook, Helen, Age:26yrs, d.4/17/1864
Estabrook, Leo L., Age:6mos 5dys, d.10/4/1900
Estabrook, Rosa, Age:1yr, d.8/14/1864
Estep, Margaret E., Age:52yrs, d.3/12/1968
Ettlemere, L. Frankie, Age:23yrs 11mos 1dy, d.1/27/1897
Eubank, infant, Age:3/2/1916, d.3/2/1916, stillborn
Eubank, Violet L., Age:25yrs, d.3/4/1916
Eunchoff, Charles, Age:87yts 0mos 10dys, d.3/12/1897
Euper, Anton, Age:76yrs 0mos 20dys, d.7/4/1902
Euper, Anton M., Age:81yrs, d.4/6/1939
Euper, Catherine, Age:77yrs 11mos 2dys, d.2/25/1901
Euper, Eva A., Age:68yrs, d.5/2/1936
Euper, Frieda Edna, Age:56yrs, d.2/6/1972
Euper, Grace N., Age:5mos 25dys, d.2/14/1887
Euper, John, Age:85yrs, d.4/12/1944
Euper, Katie N., Age:11yrs 0ms 9dys, d.2/21/1873
Euper, Rose Katherine, Age:61yrs, d.11/6/1940
Euper, William, Age:84yrs, d.10/11/1948
Evertt, Ivan, Age:51yrs, d.5/7/1973
Falconer, Margaret, Age:76yrs 4mos 20dys, d.8/29/1886
Falconer, Samuel, Age:75yrs 3mos, d.1/17/1873
Farlee, Charles William, Age:85yrs, d.2/15/1966
Farlee, Estella L., Age:68yrs, d.10/7/1953
Farlee, Nevah V., Age:46yrs, d.1/16/1947
Farley, Abigal, Age:52yrs, d.12/8/1906
Farley, Abraham, Age:75yrs, d.12/23/1915
Farley, Elmer, Age:23yrs, d.9/3/1894
Farrell, Amanda, Age:69yrs, d.3/26/1928
Farrell, Eldon J., Age:67yrs, d.12/31/1959
Farrell, infant - twins, Age:1dy, d.12/5/1872
Farrell, infant - twins, Age:10dys, d.12/15/1872
Farrell, James W., Age:89yrs, d.5/9/1917
Farrell, Leonidas L., Age:83yrs, d.5/5/1940
Farrell, Margaret A., Age:76yrs, d.2/6/1903
Farrell, Melvina E., Age:1yr 4mos 18dys, d.6/20/1869
Farrell, William Henry, Age:42yrs, d.1/19/1926
Farthing, Charles, Age:67yrs, d.8/15/1946
Farthing, Elsie M., Age:86yrs, d.10/30/1969
Fast, Eddie, Age:1yr 3mos 10dys, d.1/25/1871
Fast, George W., Age:70yrs, d.7/20/1895
Fast, Jacob A., Age:79yrs, d.8/15/1911
Fast, Lida, Age:91yrs, d.3/24/1936
Faught, Charles E., Age:71yrs, d.5/8/1960
Faul, Catherine, Age:84yrs, d.7/28/1938
Faul, Etta, Age:69yrs, d.12/7/1945
Faul, Frances E., Age:54yrs, d.3/16/1963
Faul, George, Age:58yrs, d.4/1/1932
Faul, Henry J., Age:50yrs, d.1/6/1935
Faul, infant, Age:6/26/1926, d.6/26/1926, stillborn - child of Karl
Faul, Jessie A., Age:86yrs, d.7/6/1975
Faul, Karl C., Age:67yrs, d.8/4/1963
Faul, Lawrence, Age:no date, d.12/20/1965
Faul, Lewis, Age:81yrs, d.4/1/1932
Fauver, Noah, Age:no date, d.5/17/1901
Fawcett, Charles E., Age:63yrs, d.5/2/1973
Fender, Earl, Age:2dys, d.1888, infant
Fender, Effie May, Age:87yrs, d.12/14/1966
Fender, Elizabeth, Age:81yrs, d.1/13/1947
Fender, Jacob, Age:no date, d.no date
Fender, John, Age:12yrs 2mos 26dys, d.1/4/1962, son of J & R
Fender, Lula, Age:15dys, d.2/14/1881, dau of D & IB
Fender, Pete, Age:no date, d.9/1955
Fender, Peter, Age:93yrs, d.5/11/1946
Fender, Rebecca E., Age:4mos 25dys, d.12/13/1875, dau of E & C
Fender, Susie M., Age:4mos 2dys, d.3/12/1879, dau of E & C
Fenstermaker, Floyd, Age:63yrs, d.10/17/1947
Ferris, Otto, Age:1mo 13dys, d.8/12/1906
Finefrock, Alice Mae, Age:58yrs, d.7/13/1962
Finnefrock, Johannah, Age:78yrs, d.9/5/1921
Finnefrock, Lawrence G., Age:68yrs, d.2/4/1953
Finnefrock, William A., Age:63yrs, d.8/29/1914
Fisher, Bertha E., Age:79yrs, d.8/9/1964
Fisher, Charles L., Age:81yrs, d.11/17/1967
Fisher, Edward, Age:67yrs, d.12/7/1917
Fisher, Eugenia, Age:67yrs, d.9/28/1961
Fisher, Eva Mae, Age:55yrs 5mos 5dys, d.6/14/1913
Fisher, George R., Age:79yrs, d.6/23/1936
Fisher, Jerry, Age:no date, d.11/7/1968
Fisher, Lowell A., Age:61yrs, d.11/11/1953
Fisher, Mary, Age:81yrs, d.10/19/1947
Fisher, Susie, Age:85yrs, d.1/31/1965
Fisher, Walter K., Age:79yrs, d.8/14/1971
Fisk, Anna E., Age:72yrs, d.12/7/1936
Flanigan, Cora, Age:93yrs, d.12/13/1966
Flanigan, Loy Roger, Age:17yrs, d.7/21/1970
Flanigan, Mildred, Age:79yrs, d.11/13/1978
Flanigan, Oscar, Age:80yrs, d.8/9/1952
Flannigan, Aurelia M., Age:7/21/1921, d.7/21/1921, stillborn
Flannigan, Bruce O., Age:4yrs, d.9/2/1927
Flannigan, Echo, Age:76yrs, d.4/21/1972
Flannigan, Ogle, Age:77yrs, d.12/21/1937
Flessner, Emma C., Age:78yrs, d.12/8/1965
Flessner, Henry G., Age:89yrs, d.3/27/1972
Flessner, Steven, Age:2/11/1924, d.3/27/1957
Flory, Catherine, Age:86yrs, d.7/6/1960
Flory, David, Age:76yrs, d.2/4/1908
Flory, Edna Mae, Age:71yrs, d.12/11/1971
Flory, Elmer, Age:69yrs, d.4/28/1934
Flory, Estella, Age:95yrs, d.8/11/1957
Flory, Frederick, Age:65yrs, d.5/13/1900
Flory, George, Age:57yrs, d.11/5/1919
Flory, Huburt G., Age:5dys, d.7/19/1929
Flory, Ida C., Age:91yrs, d.12/31/1961
Flory, Lonen, Age:34yrs 10mos 17dys, d.5/23/1908
Flory, Mary Catherine, Age:79yrs, d.1/13/1916
Flory, Susan, Age:78yrs, d.8/18/1917
Flory, William, Age:77yrs, d.1/12/1938
Foght, Floretta, Age:2mos, d.11/12/1860, dau of R & R
Forman, Clarence L., Age:45yrs, d.9/8/1957
Forman, Gordon LeRoy, Age:2dys, d.12/14/1957
Forman, Laverne, Age:5/30/1925, d.5/30/1925, stillborn
Fox, Elizabeth, Age:71yrs, d.8/13/1927
Fox, Ezra, Age:no date, d.1895
Fox, Martha, Age:2yrs 6mos, d.no date
Fox, Mary L., Age:30yrs, d.1943
Fox, Nora E., Age:82yrs, d.1/4/1954
Fox, Perry, Age:27yrs 11mos 2dys, d.7/20/1912
Fox, Rollo E., Age:92yrs, d.8/1/1972
Fox, William H., Age:77yrs, d.5/26/1932
France, Alton E., Age:7mos 24dys, d.5/3/1910
France, infant, Age:3/21/1902, d.3/21/1902, stillborn -child of James
France, James F., Age:52yrs, d.7/4/1925
France, Mamie V., Age:92yrs, d.12/2/1970
Fulger, Letta C., Age:40yrs, d.7/23/1921
Fuller, Ada J., Age:80yrs, d.3/11/1939
Fuller, Arloa, Age:44yrs, d.8/19/1936
Fuller, Charles, Age:8mos, d.1/3/1902
Fuller, Elnora D., Age:76yrs, d.2/7/1927
Fuller, Erlo H., Age:84yrs, d.3/22/1967
Fuller, Grace, Age:4mos 27dys, d.8/25/1895
Fuller, Josephus, Age:74yrs, d.4/11/1918
Fuller, Lewis D., Age:66yrs, d.11/1/1911
Furlong, Calvin, Age:84yrs, d.1/18/1958
Furlong, Charles, Age:no date, d.no date
Furlong, Clarence H., Age:56yrs, d.10/16/1958
Furlong, Daisy, Age:33yrs, d.5/17/1914
Furlong, Danny Vernon, Age:5yrs, d.7/15/1950
Furlong, Edward, Age:61yrs, d.6/21/1937
Furlong, Franklin, Age:58yrs, d.11/20/1936
Furlong, infant, Age:no date, d.11/8/1881
Furlong, infant, Age:9/6/1951, d.9/6/1951, stillborn - daughter
Furlong, John, Age:66yrs, d.10/8/1929
Furlong, John, Age:67yrs, d.1895
Furlong, Mary, Age:53yrs, d.4/1956
Furlong, Mary, Age:65yrs, d.1901
Furlong, Rebecca J., Age:67yrs, d.3/16/1950
Furlong, Viola, Age:74yrs, d.11/21/1953
Furlong, W. Wallace, Age:20yrs, d.10/3/1953
Furlong, William A., Age:83yrs, d.1/5/1951
Galloway, Calvin, Age:28yrs 4mos 26dys, d.9/24/1876
Galloway, Charles, Age:73yrs 2mos 28dys, d.3/25/1887
Galloway, Joanna, Age:55yrs 2mos 28dys, d.2/15/1881
Gardner, Jessie M., Age:70yrs, d.12/31/1959
Gardner, John N., Age:89yrd, d.12/31/1974
Gardner, Rhea, Age:49yrs, d.12/6/1978
Garlick, George, Age:71yrs, d.5/8/1938
Garlick, Lucinda, Age:90yrs, d.9/13/1955
Garlinger, Shirley Ann, Age:3yrs, d.10/7/1939
Geiger, Andrew, Age:81yrs, d.12/13/1930
Geiger, August, Age:69yrs, d.7/13/1936
Geiger, Fred J., Age:95yrs, d.4/12/1975
Geiger, George, Age:92yrs, d.9/27/1961
Geiger, John, Age:no date, d.no date
Geiger, John G., Age:80yrs, d.7/6/1920
Geiger, Katherine, Age:74yrs, d.3/22/1920
Geiger, Louise F., Age:66yrs, d.4/16/1919
Geiger, Minnie E., Age:94yrs, d.11/2/1970
Geiger, Reva, Age:9/6/1910, d.9/6/1910, stillborn
Geiger, Ruth I., Age:81yrs, d.11/16/1973
Gerlinger, Anna, Age:97yrs, d.12/13/1965
Gerlinger, Emma, Age:56yrs, d.5/19/1932
Gerlinger, F. William, Age:72yrs, d.12/9/1945
Gerlinger, John A., Age:75yrs, d.2/12/1947
Gerlinger, Loren W., Age:44yrs, d.8/10/1963
Gibbons, John, Age:56yrs, d.4/8/1901
Gibbons, Mary, Age:76yrs, d.9/16/1906
Gill, Mary, Age:57yrs, d.11/1914
Gill, Robert, Age:76yrs, d.11/17/1933
Gill, Salome, Age:72yrs, d.6/10/1933
Gilson, George, Age:6mos, d.6/11/1877
Gilson, James J., Age:38yrs, d.10/14/1908
Gilson, Louisa, Age:4yrs 11mos, d.3/10/1870
Gilson, Vera, Age:68yrs, d.8/28/1947
Glenn, Nancy, Age:37yrs, d.4/20/1870
Gnoit, Caroline, Age:87yrs, d.2/14/1947
Gonzales, Rudolph, Age:21yrs, d.8/9/1927
Good, Isaac, Age:67yrs, d.12/18/1918
Good, John F., Age:93yrs, d.1/3/1978
Good, Lena E., Age:74yrs, d.10/11/1965
Good, Ruth Ethel, Age:6mos, d.8/6/1911
Good, Sarah, Age:no date, d.1932
Goucher, John, Age:16yrs 3mos, d.7/5/1863
Goucher, Thomas, Age:no date, d.11/2/1867
Gould, Henry L., Age:22yrs, d.11/14/1971
Gould, Lucille A., Age:72yrs, d.3/8/1978
Gould, Raymond F., Age:27yrs, d.11/14/1971
Gow, Jesse, Age:1yr 8mos 6dys, d.9/3/1897
Grant, d. Joseph, Age:80yrs, d.9/25/1974
Grant, Dora M., Age:44yrs, d.9/14/1942
Grant, Edna, Age:69yrs, d.12/22/1976, Hastings
Grant, Elaine Murrell, Age:3dys, d.4/13/1927, dau of Wayne
Grant, Fletcher, Age:19yrs 1mo 28dys, d.4/25/1881
Grant, Frank, Age:9mos 10dys, d.5/10/1861
Grant, Frank Ernest, Age:74yrs, d.2/21/1952
Grant, Freddie, Age:1yr 2mos 4dys, d.1/24/1877
Grant, Harmon, Age:42yrs 5mos 22dys, d.1/2/1906
Grant, Jesse, Age:5yrs 7mos, d.4/24/1864
Grant, Jesse Sr., Age:61yrs 8mos, d.6/20/1886
Grant, Jessie B., Age:59yrs, d.9/23/1932, Kilpatrick
Grant, John, Age:75yrs, d.5/7/1923
Grant, John, Age:70yrs 5dys, d.10/1/1887
Grant, Julia E., Age:9yrs, d.12/13/1867
Grant, Julian E., Age:14yrs, d.11/20/1872
Grant, Lydia, Age:50yrs, d.12/13/1872
Grant, Lydia A., Age:72yrs 1dy 23dys, d.3/27/1902
Grant, Maggie, Age:81yrs, d.10/4/1933
Grant, Nathan L., Age:3mos 7dys, d.8/28/18??
Grant, Nathan O., Age:no date, d.no date
Grant, Olive B., Age:84yrs, d.12/19/1967
Grant, Raphena, Age:23yrs 9mos 3dys, d.12/28/1888
Grant, Rex, Age:18yrs, d.2/4/1948
Grant, Ruth V., Age:6mos, d.10/18/1921
Grant, Schuyler, Age:no date, d.11/1/1884
Grant, Susanna, Age:8yrs 8mos, d.8/14/1863
Grant, Timothy, Age:6mos 18dys, d.1/27/1873
Grave, Catherine C., Age:73yrs 3mos 11dys, d.3/22/1900
Graves, Archie, Age:63yrs, d.no date
Graves, Sophia, Age:77yrs, d.1/9/1942
Gray, Rosa B., Age:18yrs 7mos 8dys, d.12/26/1887, dau of M & S
Gray, William, Age:90yrs, d.5/7/1919
Green, Daniel B., Age:84yrs, d.10/8/1954
Green, George, Age:1yr 2mos, d.5/9/1882
Green, John, Age:no date, d.no date
Green, Julia, Age:no date, d.no date
Greiner, Floyd, Age:31yrs, d.9/18/1936
Greiner, Raymond M., Age:3yrs, d.2/19/1935
Griffin, Evangelyn C., Age:48yrs, d.3/7/1951
Griswold, Arthur, Age:27yrs, d.5/15/1916
Grozinger, Carrie Christina, Age:90yrs, d.12/18/1964
Grozinger, Charles Frederich, Age:58yrs, d.10/22/1927
Grozinger, Christina, Age:97yrs, d.3/23/1965
Guy, Catherine Mary, Age:11/23/1923, d.11/23/1923, dau of James
Guy, Chauncy, Age:4yrs 4mos 2dys, d.6/25/1870
Guy, Daisy B., Age:86yrs, d.6/16/1978
Guy, Elina, Age:78yrs, d.6/15/1933
Guy, Elizabeth, Age:76yrs 7mos 14dys, d.6/14/1900
Guy, Florence E., Age:7mos 24dys, d.5/26/1907
Guy, Glen J., Age:56yrs, d.12/1/1946
Guy, Hezekiah, Age:85yrs 10mos 10dys, d.8/13/1904
Guy, Hezekiah S., Age:76yrs, d.6/18/1957
Guy, James, Age:58yrs, d.6/26/1946
Guy, James Richard, Age:33yrs, d.3/1/1949
Guy, Jesse, Age:82yrs, d.6/6/1931
Guy, John W., Age:66yrs, d.4/10/1920
Guy, Leo Elton, Age:76yrs, d.8/19/1978
Guy, Luella, Age:33yrs, d.4/13/1917
Guy, Marion W., Age:36yrs, d.8/24/1912
Guy, Mary, Age:67yrs 7mos 22dys, d.3/24/1916
Guy, Mary E., Age:82yrs, d.5/20/1970
Guy, Noah M., Age:2yrs 8mos 3dys, d.7/4/1870

Michigan Death Records

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