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Cheney Cemetery
Carlton Township, Barry County, Michigan

The records were compiled by the Hastings Barry County Historical/Genealogical Society, and contributed by Sara Colburn [ecolburn@sbcglobal.net].  Records compiled in 1997.  Total records = 27.

Campbell, Alexander, 88yrs, 11/3/1873
VanBrocklin, J., 14yrs 5mos 10dys, 10/31/1863
VanBrocklin, Lester, 1935
VanBrocklin, Philena, 1893
Wickham, Almina, 1907
Wickham, Charles, 1881
Wickham, Donald Leroy, 1958
Wickham, Erma L., 1965
Wickham, Fred, 1973
Wickham, Gene, 1938
Wickham, George R., 14yrs 2mos 4dys, 1862, son of Warren & Martha
Wickham, Gerald, 1971
Wickham, H. Augustus, 1935
Wickham, Harry A., 1963
Wickham, John D., 1915
Wickham, John V., 1931
Wickham, Katie, 1886
Wickham, Lois, 1971
Wickham, Mary E., 1922
Wickham, Mattie J., 1879
Wickham, Melissa A., 1912
Wickham, Minnie N., 1934
Wickham, Royal E., 1942
Wickham, Theu, 1975
Wickham, Tristum C., 2yrs 1dy, 1862, dau of Warren & Martha
Wickham, Warren, 45yrs, 2/3/1865
Wickham, Willie, 1878


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