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Douglas Cemetery
Douglas, Allegan County, Michigan

GPS: 42.636380, -86.188320

130th Avenue
Douglas, MI 49406

Date published: March 17, 2004
Total records: 1,634

Surnames A-D

Contributed by Aaron Sheridan, Mar 17, 2004, last edited Jan 25, 2012 [aarons@saugatucktownship.org]. This transcription is from the township cemetery records, and is a complete updated list for all records for this cemetery.

ACKER, George, Death: 29-Mar-1874, Douglas, Male, Range 6W Lot-005 #1
ACKER, George, Death: 29-Mar-1926, Fennville, age: 63yr, Male, Range 7W Lot-051 #1
ACKER, George, Death: 15-Jan-1908, Manlius, Male, Range 6W Lot-005 #4
ACKER, Harriett E., Death: 18-Jul-1918, Fennville, age: 83yr, Female, Range 6W Lot-005 #5
ACKER, Hattie, Death: 11-Dec-1875, Douglas, age: 9yr, Female, Range 6W Lot-005 #2
ACKLEY, Anice K., Death: 19-May-1888, Casco, age: 94yr, Female, Range 2E Lot-007 #4
ACROYD, Elizabeth J., Death: 29-Sep-1937, Chicago, age: 74yr, Female, Range 1E Lot-008 #4
ACTON, Cassie, Death: 19-Dec-1924, Douglas, age: 36yr, Female, Range 7W Lot-077 #3
ACTON, Henry Clay, Death: 21-Feb-1976, Grand Rapids, age: 83yr, Male, Range 7W Lot-077 #2
ACTON, Jeanette, Death: 11-Apr-1923, Saugatuck, age: 4yr, Female, Range 7W Lot-077 #4
ACTON, Welma F., Death: 26-Feb-1990, Grand Rapids, Female, Burial: 2-Mar-1990, Range 7W Lot-077 #1
ADAIR, Mary Elizabeth, Death: 19-Apr-1997, Kalamazoo, age: 80yr, Female, Burial: 23-Apr-1997, Range 6E Lot-006 #4
AEROYD, James W., Death: 13-Feb-1913, Chicago, Male, Range 1E Lot-008 #5
ALBRECHT, Anita, Death: 1-May-1995, Holland City, age: 69yr, Female, Burial: 4-May-1995, Range F Lot-002 #4
ALBRECHT, Mathis, Death: 20-Dec-1989, Ottawa County, age: 80yr, Male, Burial: 23-Dec-1989, Range F Lot-002 #5
ALLEN, Anna, Female, Range 11W Lot-061 #4
ALLER, Charlotte, Death: 00-Feb-1987, Female, Range B Lot-002 #4
ALLER, Gordon, Death: 15-Sep-1989, Male, Range B Lot-002 #4
ALUIP, Trudy Ann, Death: 7-Dec-1972, Grand Rapids, age: 29yr, Female, Range B Lot-010 #5
ANDERSON, Elaine J., Death: 9-Feb-1987, East Grand Rapids, age: 62yr, Female, Burial: 14-Feb-1987, Range E Lot-004 #5
ANDERSON, Fannie, Death: 8-Dec-1935, Douglas, age: 81yr, Female, Range 2E Lot-010 #1
ANDERSON, Joy, Female, Range ZZ Lot-005 #3
ANDERSON, Mark C., Death: 17-Aug-2003, Saugatuck Twp, age: 46yr, Male, Burial: 23-Aug-2003, Range ZZ Lot-005 #2, Veteran
ANDERSON, Rena, Death: 9-Jul-1942, Saugatuck, age: 75yr, Female, Range 3W Lot-013 #4
ARENDS, Ivan H., Death: 9-Sep-1971, age: 77yr, Male, Range 5W Lot-027 #5, Veteran
ARENDS, Marion, Death: 4-Aug-1960, age: 63yr, Female, Range 5W Lot-027 #4
ARENDS, Ruth, Death: 26-Apr-1989, Ottawa County, age: 87yr, Female, Burial: 28-Apr-1989, Range 5W Lot-027 #3
ARNDT, Cleo Leui, Death: 22-Nov-1974, Saugatuck Twp, age: 63yr, Male, Range A Lot-006 #2
ARNDT, David, Male, Range A Lot-006 #3
ARNDT, Howard H., Death: 3-Jul-1973, Saugatuck, age: 52yr, Male, Range A Lot-005 #2, Veteran
ARNDT, L. Z., Death: 6-Jan-1975, Orlando, age: 87yr, Male, Range A Lot-005 #3
ARNDT, Mae, Death: 26-Jul-1974, Douglas, age: 86yr, Female, Range A Lot-005 #4
ARNDT, Phyllis Eileen, Death: 18-May-1971, Holland, age: 38yr, Female, Range A Lot-005 #1
ARNDT, Ruth Irene, Death: 30-Oct-1966, Douglas Hospital, age: 55yr, Female, Range A Lot-006 #1
ASH, Alva, Death: 3-Feb-1956, Holland, age: 70yr, Female, Range 10W Lot-083 #1
ASH, Baby, Death: 17-Jul-1868, Douglas, Male, Range 1E Lot-015 #1
ASH, Beatrice, Death: 14-Sep-1963, Douglas, age: 56yr, Female, Range 10W Lot-070 #2
ASH, Charles, Death: 9-Feb-1983, South Haven, age: 65yr, Male, Burial: 12-Feb-1983, Range 10W Lot-083 #2, Veteran
ASH, Charles, Death: 22-Oct-1957, Florida, age: 70yr, Male, Range 10W Lot-070 #1
ASH, Charles Robert, Death: 19-Feb-1976, Peacock Twp, age: 43yr, Male, Range 10W Lot-070 #3, Veteran
ASH, Elizabeth, Death: 13-Oct-1953, Douglas, age: 102yr, Female, Range 2E Lot-009 #4
ASH, Fred S., Death: 4-Aug-1951, Saugatuck, age: 34yr, Male, Range 10W Lot-083 #2
ASH, Frederick M., Death: 23-Sep-1891, Saugatuck, age: 36yr, Male, Range 2E Lot-009 #3
ASH, Inez, Death: 3-Jan-1893, Douglas, age: 2yr, Female, Range 2E Lot-009 #2
ASH, Lee, Death: 2-Feb-1904, Otsego, age: 21yr, Male, Range 2E Lot-009 #1
ATWOOD, Annette, Death: 7-Sep-1933, Saugatuck Twp, age: 55yr, Female, Range 2W Lot-020 #3
ATWOOD, Baby, Death: 27-Aug-1909, Saugatuck, Range 2W Lot-020 #1
ATWOOD, Dorothy, Death: 7-Dec-1999, Female, Range 10W Lot-059 #2
ATWOOD, Francis, Death: 9-Dec-1939, Saugatuck Twp, age: 69yr, Male, Range 2W Lot-020 #2
ATWOOD, Francis F., Death: 12-Feb-1968, Holland, age: 55yr, Female, Range 10W Lot-059 #1
ATWOOD, Frank, Death: 4-Jul-1996, Douglas, Male, Range 5W Lot-010 #1
ATWOOD, George Waldo, Death: 22-Jan-1906, Saugatuck Twp, age: 2yr, Male, Range 2W Lot-020 #1
ATWOOD, Helen, Death: 12-Sep-1997, Douglas, Female, Range 5W Lot-010 #2
ATWOOD, John Miles, Death: 20-Dec-1935, Saugatuck Twp, age: 80yr, Male, Range 9W Lot-146 #1
ATWOOD, Mark Ebenezer, Death: 24-Aug-1981, Grand Rapids, age: 72yr, Male, Range H Lot-001 #6
BACH, Theodore, Death: 22-Mar-1909, Douglas, age: 72yr, Male, Range 1E Lot-015 #5
BAILEY, Joane, Female, Range 10W Lot-107 #5
BAILEY, Robert, Male, Range 10W Lot-107 #4
BAILEY, Robert J., Death: 13-Apr-2006, age: 69, Male, Burial: 18-Apr-2006, R-10W, L-107, Gr #4
BAIN, Andrew, Death: 24-Oct-1868, Douglas, Male, Range 6W Lot-003 #1
BAKER, Carrie B., Death: 6-Dec-1942, Douglas, age: 63yr, Female, Range 11W Lot-150 #3
BAKER, Henry, Death: 2-Feb-1967, Gross Lake Twp., age: 87yr, Male, Range 2E Lot-021 #2
BAKER, Sarah, Death: 15-Aug-1977, Ypsilanti, age: 96yr, Female, Range 2E Lot-021 #1
BALDWIN LINROTH, Annette, Death: 10-Oct-1971, Douglas Hospital, age: 62yr, Female, Range B Lot-011 #1
BALEIKO, Marie, Death: 8-Nov-1993, Holland, age: 92yr, Female, Burial: 18-Nov-1993, Range B Lot-010 #1, cremains
BALEIKO, Peter F., Death: 15-Oct-1988, Holland, age: 72yr, Male, Burial: 12-Oct-1988, Range B Lot-010 #3
BALEIKO, Stephen P., Death: 22-Mar-1995, Ottawa County, age: 51yr, Male, Burial: 25-Mar-1995, Range B Lot-010 #4
BALEIKO, Walter F., Death: 13-Nov-1972, Ft. Lauderdale, age: 64yr, Male, Range B Lot-010 #2, Veteran
BALMER, Georgia, Death: 15-Jun-1995, Female, Range C Lot-001 #6
BARDEN, William Casper, Death: 1-May-1933, County Farm, age: 77yr, Male, Range 9W Lot-146 #3
BARKER, Charles W., Death: 8-Feb-1916, Chicago, age: 26yr, Male, Range 3E Lot-027 #1
BARKER, Laura E., Death: 2-Apr-1918, Douglas, age: 62yr, Female, Range 3E Lot-027 #4
BARKER, Orville, Death: 11-Apr-1959, Douglas, age: 74yr, Male, Range 3E Lot-027 #5
BATES, Kathleen, Female, Range A Lot-011 #6
BATES, Mary, Death: 12-Sep-2009, age: 83yr, Female, Burial: 8-Sep-2010, Range-A, L-11, Gr #5
BATES, Theodore L., Death: 31-Aug-1967, Douglas, age: 58yr, Male, Range A Lot-011 #6
BAUCK, Eveline, Death: 11-Jun-1936, Douglas, age: 51yr, Female, Range 2W Lot-012 #4
BAUCK, George, Death: 10-Dec-1933, Douglas, age: 51yr, Male, Range 2W Lot-012 #3
BAUMBACH, Anthony Burt (Tony), Death: 16-May-1993, Manlius Twp, age: 28yr, Male, Burial: 4-Jun-1993, Range E Lot-008 #6, cremains
BAUMBACH, Fred, Death: 30-Dec-1986, Kalamazoo, age: 74yr, Male, Range A Lot-001 #4
BAUMBACH, Wm. Brett, Death: 18-Jul-1994, Douglas, age: 31yr, Male, Burial: 3-Sep-1994, Range E Lot-008 #5, cremains
BECH, Alice, Death: 18-Jan-1978, Washington Co, age: 69yr, Female, Range 7W Lot-052 #5
BECH, Benjamin, Death: 25-Jun-1977, Hartford, age: 76yr, Male, Range 7W Lot-052 #4
BEEBE, Albert, Death: 10-Jun-1904, Douglas, age: 54yr, Male, Range 1W Lot-021 #4
BEEBE, Anna, Death: 10-Jun-1923, Battle Creek, age: 69yr, Female, Range 1W Lot-021 #5
BEEBE, Eliza, Death: 12-Dec-1927, Douglas, age: 75yr, Female, Range 7W Lot-102 #4
BEEBE, Ellen, Death: 2-Feb-1892, Douglas, age: 8yr, Female, Range 1W Lot-021 #1
BEEBE, Frank O., Death: 21-Jun-1950, Holland, age: 71yr, Male, Range 7W Lot-159 #1
BEEBE, Joel, Death: 12-Mar-1928, Douglas, age: 81yr, Male, Range 7W Lot-102 #3
BEEBE, Margaret, Death: 29-Feb-1932, Douglas, age: 49yr, Female, Range 7W Lot-159 #2
BEERY, Edgar Dudley, Death: 31-Mar-1909, Douglas, Male, Range 2E Lot-012 #5
BEERY, Florence Mildred, Death: 5-Jul-1964, Douglas, age: 75yr, Female, Range 2E Lot-012 #2
BEERY, George E., Death: 11-Jun-1935, Douglas, age: 64yr, Male, Range 2E Lot-012 #1
BEERY, Harold, Death: 28-Jan-1984, Douglas, age: 63yr, Male, Burial: 31-Jan-1984, Range 13W Lot-167 #2
BEERY, Robert, Death: 7-Jan-1914, Douglas, age: 9mo, Male, Range 2E Lot-012 #4
BEIMFOHR, Amanda, Death: 27-Sep-1989, Saugatuck Twp, age: 86yr, Female, Burial: 29-Sep-1989, Range 8W Lot-079 #4
BEIMFOHR, Henry, Death: 24-Jan-1963, Douglas Hospital, age: 62yr, Male, Range 8W Lot-079 #5
BEKKEN, Everett, Death: 11-Jul-2003, Holland, age: 86yr, Male, Burial: 15-Jul-2003, Range E Lot-007 #6, Veteran
BEKKEN, Geraldine, Death: 7-Nov-1996, Douglas, age: 79yr, Female, Burial: 9-Nov-1996, Range E Lot-007 #5
BELGUM, Newton, Death: 15-Aug-1952, Douglas, Male, Range 11W Lot-132 #1
BENEDICT, Cora Eddy, Death: 16-Jun-1942, Chicago, age: 70yr, Female, Range 3E Lot-011 #4
BENJAMIN, Sophia M., Death: 8-Mar-1965, Holland, age: 75yr, Female, Range 10W Lot-059 #3
BENNETT, Alita M., Death: 31-Oct-1906, age: 4mo, Female, Range 5W Lot-023 #4, cremains
BENNETT, Aretna, Death: 21-Feb-1870, Douglas, Range 1W Lot-006 #1
BENNETT, Artus, Male, Range 5W Lot-005 #2
BENNETT, Grace, Death: 21-Nov-1912, Douglas, age: 4yr, Female, Range 5W Lot-024 #2
BENNETT, Minna, Death: 3-Mar-1959, Kalamazoo, age: 81yr, Female, Range 5W Lot-024 #4
BENNETT, Thomas K., Death: 24-Nov-1958, Kalamazoo, age: 91yr, Male, Range 5W Lot-024 #5
BERGGREN, Marie, Death: 1-Aug-1989, Illinois, Female, Burial: 5-Aug-1989, Range A Lot-001 #1
BERGGREN, Oscar, Death: 18-Jul-1968, Douglas, age: 82yr, Male, Range A Lot-001 #2
BETHTERICK, Nellie S., Death: 6-Nov-1917, Chicago, Female, Range 4E Lot-004 #4
BIELER, Ben, Death: 12-Aug-1951, Douglas, age: 73yr, Male, Range 11W Lot-129 #5
BIELER, Christ, Death: 26-Apr-1904, Saugatuck Twp, age: 74yr, Male, Range 3W Lot-020 #2
BIELER, Eugene, Death: 26-Oct-1890, Grand Rapids, age: 28yr, Male, Range 3W Lot-019 #2
BIELER, Frederick, Death: 26-Apr-1892, Saugatuck, age: 19yr, Male, Range 3W Lot-019 #3
BIELER, Katharine, Death: 30-Apr-1923, Saugatuck Twp, age: 84yr, Female, Range 3W Lot-020 #3
BIELER, Rena P., Death: 12-Apr-1975, Douglas, age: 84yr, Female, Range 11W Lot-129 #4
BIELER, Victor, Death: 4-Jun-1888, Saugatuck, age: 20yr, Male, Range 3W Lot-019 #1
BIELER, William, Death: 19-Jun-1896, Saugatuck Twp, age: 31yr, Male, Range 3W Lot-019 #4
BILD, Betty, Death: 6-Apr-2000, Muskegon, age: 75yr, Female, Burial: 10-Apr-2000, Range B Lot-003 #2
BILD, David Patrick, Death: 29-Oct-1968, Holland, age: 2, Male, Range 10W Lot-020 #5
BILD, Fred L., Death: 17-Oct-1999, Holland, age: 75yr, Male, Burial: 21-Oct-1999, Range B Lot-003 #1
BILLER, Catherine F., Death: 7-Jan-1982, Douglas, age: 92yr, Female, Burial: 9-Jan-1982, Range 8W Lot-023 #4
BILLER, Eileen R., Death: 4-Feb-2000, Douglas, age: 68yr, Female, Burial: 7-Feb-2000, Range 8W Lot-023 #1
BILLER, John R., Death: 29-Apr-1963, Douglas Hospital, age: 74yr, Male, Range 8W Lot-023 #5
BILLER, Loretta M, Birth: 25-Aug-1913, Death: 24-Sep-2008, Burial: 29-Sep-2008, Range 8W, Lot-23, Gr #3
BILLER, Raymond John, Death: 19-Dec-2003, age: 76yr, Male, Burial: 22-Dec-2003, R-8W, L-23, Gr # 2
BILLINGS, Charles, Death: 3-Oct-1924, Saugatuck, age: 81yr, Male, Range 1W Lot-012 #5
BILLINGS, Cleres G., Death: 1-Jun-1932, Saugatuck, age: 91yr, Female, Range 1W Lot-012 #4
BILLINGS, George, Death: 9-Jul-1870, Male, Range 2E Lot-005 #1
BINNS, Baby, Death: 11-Jan-1882, Douglas, age: 3, Range 1E Lot-005 #5
BINNS, Reete, Death: 5-Dec-1882, Douglas, age: 6yr, Male, Range 1E Lot-005 #4
BINNS, Susan, Death: 5-Dec-1882, Douglas, age: 2yr, Female, Range 1E Lot-005 #3
BIRD, Adelaide, Female, Range 3E Lot-019 #2
BIRD, Moffot, Death: 19-Nov-1993, Douglas, age: 82yr, Male, Burial: 22-Nov-1993, Range 3E Lot-019 #3
BIRKHOLZ, Geneva K., Death: 18-Nov-1909, Saugatuck, age: 9mo, Female, Range 7W Lot-027 #1
BIRKHOLZ, Ralph, Death: 8-Aug-1969, North Muskegon, age: 61yr, Male, Range 10W Lot-046 #5
BIRKHOLZ, Robert, Death: 29-Dec-1925, Toledo, age: 20yr, Male, Range 7W Lot-027 #2
BIRKHOLZ, Susie, Death: 18-Jul-1960, Muskegon, age: 70yr, Female, Range 7W Lot-027 #4
BISBY, Angeline, Death: 27-Feb-1875, Douglas, age: 52yr, Female, Range 2E Lot-010 #2
BODNAR, Mary V., Death: 3-Mar-1969, Holland, age: 77yr, Female, Range 8W Lot-104 #1
BODVAR, Stephan S., Death: 20-Mar-1962, Douglas, age: 82yr, Male, Range 8W Lot-104 #2
BOEDEKER, Fred, Death: 26-May-2000, South Haven, age: 72yr, Male, Burial: 31-May-2000, Range B Lot-005 #3
BOLAN, D., Death: 6-Mar-1968, Douglas, Range 4E Lot-005 #1
BOMING, Mrs. George, Death: 15-Oct-1934, Saginaw, Female, Range 5W Lot-007 #5
BORST, Joseph, Death: 8-Mar-2000, Douglas, age: 92yr, Male, Burial: 11-Mar-2000, Range E Lot-001 #4
BORST, Loretta, Death: 3-Mar-1998, Douglas, age: 89yr, Female, Burial: 6-Mar-1998, Range E Lot-001 #3
BORST , Eleanor Barbara, Death: 25-Oct-2001, age: 55yr, Female, Burial: 30-Oct-2004, R-E, L-1, Gr # 5
BOUNDS, Charlie, Death: 26-Sep-2007, age: 71yr, Male, Burial: 1-Oct-2007, R-B, L-4, Gr# 4
BOUNDS, Floella, Burial: 2-Feb-2009, Range B, Lot-4, Gr #5
BOUNDS, Death: 18-Jul-1979, Saugatuck Twp, age: 63yr, Male, Range D Lot-004 #1
BOWERMAN, Elizabeth, Death: 21-May-1967, Grand Rapids, age: 22yr, Female, Range A Lot-011 #2
BOWMAN, Death: 21-Feb-1870, Douglas, Female, Range 1W Lot-005 #1
BOYLES, James, Death: 9-Dec-1891, Douglas, age: 66yr, Male, Range 1E Lot-023 #4
BOYLES, Sarah A., Death: 8-Apr-1918, Douglas, age: 90yr, Female, Range 1E Lot-023 #3
BRADLEY, Bert, Death: 3-Aug-1929, Douglas, age: 56yr, Male, Range 4E Lot-017 #2
BRADLEY, Charles, Death: 6-Jan-1906, Douglas, age: 75yr, Male, Range 4E Lot-017 #4
BRADLEY, Edna, Female, Range 4E Lot-017 #3
BRADLEY, Mannie, Death: 7-Sep-1900, Douglas, age: 1yr, Male, Range 4E Lot-017 #1
BRANDT, Bertha Amelia, Death: 27-Dec-1934, Saugatuck Twp, age: 86yr, Female, Range 7W Lot-141 #4
BRANDT, Carl A., Death: 10-Dec-1949, Saugatuck Twp, age: 69yr, Male, Range 7W Lot-142 #1
BRANDT, Charles, Death: 27-Apr-1916, Saugatuck Twp, age: 77yr, Male, Range 7W Lot-141 #1
BRANDT, Cora, Death: 20-Aug-1928, Saugatuck Twp, age: 50yr, Female, Range 7W Lot-141 #2
BRANDT, George A., Death: 19-Apr-1952, Saugatuck Twp, age: 84yr, Male, Range 7W Lot-142 #2
BRANDT, Henry Frederick, Death: 3-Mar-1941, Saugatuck Twp, age: 60yr, Male, Range 7W Lot-141 #1
BRANDT, Minnie L., Death: 1-May-1962, Fennville, age: 92yr, Female, Range 7W Lot-142 #4
BRODOCK, Andrew, Death: 9-Apr-1901, Saugatuck, age: 7yr, Male, Range 4W Lot-015 #1
BRODOCK, Claude, Death: 17-Sep-1897, Saugatuck, age: 5mo, Male, Range 4W Lot-015 #2
BRODOCK, Henry B., Death: 9-Mar-1921, Douglas, age: 74yr, Male, Range 4W Lot-016 #1
BRODOCK, Mary V., Death: 9-Jun-1901, age: 55yr, Female, Range 4W Lot-016 #2
BROE, Judith A., Death: 24-Sep-1991, Saugatuck, age: 48yr, Female, Burial: 31-Oct-1994, Range O Lot-059 #6
BROWN, Emily, Death: Saugatuck, Female, Range 3E Lot-016 #1
BROWN, Gertrude, Death: 14-Feb-1884, Saugatuck, age: 79yr, Female, Range 1W Lot-012 #3
BROWN, James R., Death: 18-Sep-1876, Douglas, age: 69yr, Male, Range 1W Lot-012 #2
BROWN WALKER, Frances, Death: 28-Sep-1924, Douglas, age: 78yr, Female, Range 3E Lot-015 #2
BRUCE, Alfred P., Death: 11-Jan-1948, Douglas, age: 45yr, Male, Range 11W Lot-062 #3
BRUCE, Dora B., Death: 12-Jun-1956, New Baltimore, age: 86yr, Female, Range 12W Lot-063 #2
BRUCE, James H., Death: 6-Jan-1943, Douglas, age: 75yr, Male, Range 12W Lot-063 #1
BRUNER, Ella, Death: 13-Apr-1927, Douglas, age: 66yr, Female, Range 2E Lot-010 #5
BRUNER, George W., Death: 17-Jun-1940, Ganges Twp, age: 80yr, Male, Range 2E Lot-010 #4
BRUNSON, David E., Death: 28-Nov-1906, Saugatuck Twp, age: 14yr, Male, Range 4E Lot-003 #4
BRUNSON, Silvia, Death: 15-May-1906, Douglas, age: 34yr, Female, Range 4E Lot-003 #1
BRYAN, Beatrice, Death: 23-Mar-1986, Bradenton, Female, Burial: 27-Mar-1986, Range 11W Lot-085 #5
BRYAN, Douglas C., Death: 28-Jan-1977, Bradenton, Male, Range 11W Lot-085 #4
BRYLES, Georgia, Death: 12-Oct-2007, age: 89yr, Female, Burial: 15-Oct-2007, R-B, L-3, Gr# 4
BRYLES, Georgia, Female, Range B Lot-003 #4
BUCHANAN, Elizabeth, Death: 26-Oct-1880, Douglas, age: 12yr, Female, Range 2E Lot-004 #1
BUCHANAN, Jane, Death: 24-May-1897, Allegan, age: 62yr, Female, Range 2E Lot-004 #3
BUCHANAN, Joseph, Death: 10-Nov-1880, Douglas, age: 8yr, Male, Range 2E Lot-004 #2
BUCHANAN, Robert, Death: 22-Dec-1908, Manlius Twp, age: 71yr, Male, Range 2E Lot-004 #5
BURKE, Bridget, Death: 19-Sep-1918, age: 89yr, Female, Range 8W Lot-158 #1
BURLINGHAM, Michael, Death: 26-Dec-2006, age: 51, Male, Burial: 13-Jan-2006, R-F, L-11, Gr #1
BURNS, Anna E. L., Death: 21-Nov-1973, Chicago, age: 73yr, Female, Range 11W Lot-061 #2
BURNS, Delores L., Death: 5-May-1967, Dixon, age: 41yr, Female, Range 11W Lot-061 #3
BURNS, Edward, Death: 28-Jun-1959, Chicago, age: 63yr, Male, Range 11W Lot-061 #1
BUSTARD, Emily, Death: 20-Jul-1930, Laketown, age: 68yr, Female, Range 2W Lot-021 #4
BUSTARD, William, Death: 25-Nov-1931, Holland, age: 62yr, Male, Range 2W Lot-021 #3
BYK, Wasyl A., Death: 18-Feb-1999, Illinois, Male, Burial: 26-Feb-1999, Range E Lot-004 #2
CAMPBELL, Alex C., Range 4E Lot-019 #1
CAMPBELL, Alexander, Death: 18-Jun-1935, Douglas, age: 83yr, Male, Range 5E Lot-019 #1
CAMPBELL, Alexander, Death: 29-Oct-1971, Holland Hospital, age: 76yr, Male, Range 9W Lot-105 #3
CAMPBELL, Blanche, Death: 14-Feb-1992, Holland, age: 92yr, Female, Burial: 4-May-1992, Range 3E Lot-019 #5, cremains
CAMPBELL, Cora, Death: 2-Jan-1955, Charlotte, age: 87yr, Female, Range 3E Lot-020 #3
CAMPBELL, David L., Death: 3-Mar-1966, Douglas, age: 75yr, Male, Range 8W Lot-055 #4
CAMPBELL, Electa, Death: 30-Nov-1918, Fennville, Female, Range 2E Lot-022 #2
CAMPBELL, Frankie L., Range 4E Lot-019 #2
CAMPBELL, George, Death: 28-Jun-1950, Douglas, Male, Range 9W Lot-106 #1
CAMPBELL, Hazel A., Death: 22-Mar-1914, Douglas, age: 25yr, Female, Range 3E Lot-020 #5
CAMPBELL, Inez, Death: 6-Sep-1997, Female, Range 9W Lot-105 #2, cremains
CAMPBELL, Irene, Death: 26-Sep-1951, Douglas, age: 61yr, Female, Range 3E Lot-020 #1
CAMPBELL, Jack, Death: 20-Dec-1947, Atlanta, age: 28yr, Male, Range 9W Lot-105 #1
CAMPBELL, James, Death: 5-Oct-1920, Ann Arbor, age: 25yr, Male, Range 2E Lot-022 #3
CAMPBELL, James, Death: 8-Jan-1915, Saugatuck, age: 53yr, Male, Range 2E Lot-022 #1
CAMPBELL, James Michael, Death: 15-Apr-1944, Abilene, Male, Range 3W Lot-001 #3
CAMPBELL, John B., Death: 5-Nov-1932, Buffalo, age: 76yr, Male, Range 3E Lot-020 #4
CAMPBELL, John Donald, Death: 2-Aug-1977, Douglas, age: 82yr, Male, Range 3E Lot-019 #4, Veteran
CAMPBELL, Julia, Death: 5-Jul-1943, Douglas, age: 55yr, Female, Range 3E Lot-020 #2
CAMPBELL, Lucille Ruth, Death: 5-Mar-1951, Douglas, age: 56yr, Female, Range 8W Lot-055 #5
CAMPBELL, Mr., Death: 29-Aug-1869, Douglas, Male, Range 3W Lot-001 #1
CAMPBELL, Mrs. Frankie, Death: 1-Aug-1940, age: 72yr, Female, Range 5E Lot-019 #2
CAMPBELL MOORE, Grace, Death: 30-Jul-1945, Bakersfield, age: 50yr, Female, Range 2E Lot-022 #4
CANNADY, Lloyd, Male, Burial: 20-Jul-1996, Range ZZ Lot-002 #1, cremains
CAROLLO, Michael M., Death: 11-May-1983, Ottawa County, age: 65yr, Male, Burial: 14-May-1983, Range G Lot-002 #2
CAROLLO, Rose, Death: 18-Jul-2010, Female, Burial: 24-Jul-2010, Range-G, L-2, Gr #1
CARSTEN, Chris P., Death: 6-Jul-1965, Douglas, age: 66yr, Male, Range 9W Lot-071 #2, Veteran
CHAMBERS, A. C., Death: 6-Jun-1924, Grand Rapids, age: 78yr, Male, Range 5W Lot-014 #4
CHAMBERS, Adelaide F., Death: 15-Jul-1967, Muskegon, age: 47yr, Female, Range 9W Lot-096 #4
CHAMBERS, Andrew, Death: 9-Apr-1901, Saugatuck, age: 7yr, Male, Range 5W Lot-026 #1
CHAMBERS, Catherine, Death: 30-Dec-1909, Douglas, age: 59yr, Female, Range 5W Lot-014 #5
CHAMBERS, Edson J., Death: 19-Apr-1967, Holland, age: 54yr, Male, Range 9W Lot-096 #3
CHAMBERS, Jane E., Death: 6-Sep-1957, Allegan, age: 95yr, Female, Range 5W Lot-026 #3
CHAMBERS, Kelvin W., Death: 23-Sep-1967, Muskegon, age: 60yr, Male, Range 9W Lot-096 #5
CHAMBERS, Mable, Female, Range 6W Lot-007 #4
CHAMBERS, Mary Y., Death: 29-Dec-1903, age: 70yr, Female, Range 5W Lot-026 #5
CHAMBERS, Samuel, Death: 18-Mar-1938, Douglas, age: 74yr, Male, Range 5W Lot-026 #2
CHAMBERS, Violet, Death: 23-Apr-2002, Wayland, age: 82yr, Female, Burial: 26-Apr-2002, Range 9W Lot-096 #2
CHAMBERS, Wheeler, Male, Range 6W Lot-007 #5
CHAMBERS, Death: 5-Aug-1938, Kalamazoo, age: 27yr, Male, Range 6E Lot-007 #2
CHRISTENSEN, Dana, Female, Range E Lot-010 #1
CICHOLSKI, Catherine, Death: 8-Jan-2008, Female, Burial: 6-Jun-2009, R-F, L-71, Gr#6
CLAFFEE, Ira, Death: 21-Mar-1901, Kalamazoo, age: 31yr, Male, Range 2W Lot-007 #4
CLAFFEE, John, Death: 24-Nov-1892, Saugatuck Twp, age: 71yr, Male, Range 2W Lot-007 #1
CLAFFEE, Mary Jane, Death: 9-Dec-1914, Saugatuck Twp, age: 85yr, Female, Range 2W Lot-007 #2
CLAFFEE, Samuel, Death: 2-Feb-1945, Grand Rapids, age: 78yr, Male, Range 2W Lot-007 #5
CLARK, Abigail, Death: 13-Jan-1893, Douglas, age: 64yr, Female, Range 1W Lot-016 #1
CLARK, Francis, Death: 21-Feb-1893, Saugatuck Twp, age: 53yr, Female, Range 6E Lot-005 #1
CLARK, Raymond, Death: 16-Jun-1999, Male, Burial: 19-Jun-1999, Range E Lot-007 #2
CLARK, William Alan, Death: 11-Sep-2005, age: 86yr, Male, Burial: 17-Sep-2005, R-C, L-3, Gr # 1
CLARK SOPER, Jane, Death: 13-Jun-1919, Fennville, age: 77yr, Female, Range 6E Lot-005 #1
CLEFFY, Etta, Death: 2-Nov-1933, Female, Range 8W Lot-138 #2
CLEFFY, James R., Death: 17-Aug-1927, Saugatuck Twp, age: 65yr, Male, Range 8W Lot-138 #1
CLEFFY, Russell James, Death: 29-Apr-1927, Saugatuck, age: 18yr, Male, Range 8W Lot-138 #3
CLOSE, Jane, Death: 18-Jul-1880, Pine Plains, age: 27yr, Female, Range 1W Lot-015 #2
CLOSE, Mrs., Death: 31-Dec-1873, Douglas, Female, Range 1W Lot-015 #1
COBB, Bert, Death: 9-Jul-1935, Grand Rapids, age: 68yr, Male, Range 1W Lot-024 #5
COBB, Frank E., Death: 1-May-1980, Range 1W Lot-024 #3
COCHRAN, Arthur, Death: 14-Nov-1916, Three Rivers, age: 55yr, Male, Range 5W Lot-007 #3
COCHRAN, Baby, Death: 20-Sep-1892, Range 5W Lot-007 #1
COCHRAN, Laura, Death: 12-Aug-1903, North Dakota, age: 19yr, Female, Range 5W Lot-007 #2
COLLIER, Baby, Death: 30-Aug-1969, Douglas, Female, Range 2W Lot-004 #1
COLLIER, Cecil Doc, Death: 17-Aug-1991, Douglas, age: 77yr, Male, Burial: 20-Aug-1991, Range E Lot-005 #6
COLLIER, Dorothy, Death: 28-Apr-1987, Holland, age: 71yr, Female, Range E Lot-005 #5
COLLIER, Thomas, Death: 11-Aug-1871, Douglas, Male, Range 2W Lot-004 #1
CONLEY, Mrs. C., Death: 8-Nov-1872, Douglas, Female, Range 4E Lot-005 #2
CONLEY, Peter J., Death: 15-Jul-1967, Homewood, age: 75yr, Male, Range 10W Lot-133 #2, cremains
COOK, Donald R., Death: 29-Jul-1999, Fennville, age: 60yr, Male, Burial: 31-Jul-1999, Range H Lot-006 #1
COOK, Earl F., Death: 28-Nov-1964, Fennville, age: 59yr, Male, Range 10W Lot-113 #3
COOK, Shirley, Female, Range H Lot-006 #2
CORKILL, Clifford C., Death: 21-May-1955, Allegan, age: 58yr, Male, Range 9W Lot-005 #5, Veteran
CORKILL, Lois, Death: 7-Aug-1999, New York, age: 94yr, Female, Range 9W Lot-005 #5, cremains
COURTNEY, Robert Bond, Death: 7-Jun-1956, Holland, age: 39yr, Male, Range 10W Lot-084 #1
COUSINS, Charlotte, Death: 7-Apr-1902, Douglas, age: 55yr, Female, Range 2W Lot-026 #1
COUSINS, Henry, Death: 25-Jul-1928, Kalamazoo, age: 85yr, Male, Range 2W Lot-026 #2
COVIE, Robert Joseph, Death: 10-Sep-1981, Ann Arbor, age: 67yr, Male, Range B Lot-001 #1, cremains
COXFORD, Ethel Alen, Death: 27-Oct-1973, Florida, age: 76yr, Female, Range 7W Lot-026 #2
COXFORD, William, Death: 24-May-1926, Douglas, age: Baby, Male, Range 8W Lot-003 #1
COXFORD, William Dixon, Death: 8-May-1959, Bradenton, age: 71yr, Male, Range 8W Lot-003 #2
CROISSANT, Edward, Death: 6-May-1994, Male, Burial: 21-Jun-1994, Range D Lot-010 #4, cremains
CROUSE, Elizabeth, Death: 28-Mar-1906, Female, Range 3E Lot-005 #5
CROUSE, Jonas S., Death: 4-Nov-1899, Douglas, age: 75yr, Male, Range 3E Lot-005 #1
CROWNER, Martin, Death: 16-Nov-1999, Fennville, age: 76yr, Male, Burial: 19-Nov-1999, Range G1 Lot-009 #1
CULLOM, Mildred, Death: 12-Aug-2004, age: 94yr, Female, Burial: 16-Aug-2004, R-B, L-7, Gr # 1
CULLOM, Thomas E. Sr., Death: 5-May-1974, Douglas, age: 72yr, Male, Range B Lot-007 #2
CURRAN, Mr., Death: 29-Jun-1869, Douglas, Male, Range 1W Lot-002 #5
CURRON, Elizabeth, Death: 22-Oct-1911, Douglas, age: 64yr, Female, Range 4W Lot-021 #2
CURRON, James, Death: 25-Apr-1906, Douglas, age: 69yr, Male, Range 4W Lot-021 #3
DALMAN, Lillian, Birth: 27-Feb-1913, Death: 8-Mar-2008, Burial: 17-May-2008, Range E, Lot-15, Gr #1, cremains
DALRYMPLE, Lewie, Death: 29-Jun-1999, Kalamazoo, age: 70yr, Male, Range E Lot-012 #5
DALRYMPLE, Ruth I, Death: 7-Jan-2004, age: 73yr, Female, Burial: 12-Jan-2004, R-12, L-E, Gr # 6
DANIELS, John, Death: 25-Mar-1885, Douglas, age: 57yr, Male, Range 2W Lot-021 #3
DANIELS, Nelson, Death: 19-Feb-1879, Douglas, age: 67yr, Male, Range 2W Lot-021 #1
DAVIS, Abbott, Death: 19-Jan-1971, Saugatuck, age: 74yr, Male, Range 8W Lot-030 #4, Veteran
DAVIS, B. W., Death: 28-Oct-1904, Douglas, age: 68yr, Male, Range 2E Lot-019 #1
DAVIS, Edna, Death: 4-Apr-1980, Female, Range 8W Lot-030 #3, cremains
DAVIS, Susan, Death: 19-Aug-1905, Douglas, age: 68yr, Female, Range 2E Lot-019 #5
DAWSON, Alice May, Death: 15-Aug-1946, Saugatuck Twp, age: 83yr, Female, Range 4E Lot-009 #2
DEAM, Arthur F., Death: 9-Nov-1974, Florida, age: 79yr, Male, Range F Lot-001 #6, cremains
DEAM, Thrya S., Death: 7-Nov-1977, Daytona, Female, Burial: 7-Nov-1978, Range F Lot-001 #5, cremains
DECLUTE, Hattie, Death: 12-Mar-1879, Douglas, age: 17yr, Female, Range 1W Lot-010 #2
DEFRUTELIA, Margaret, Death: 22-Mar-1983, Fennville, age: 73yr, Female, Burial: 8-Aug-1983, Range 8W Lot-124 #3
DEKKER, Harry, Death: 23-Feb-2003, Holland City Hosp, age: 87yr, Male, Burial: 27-Feb-2003, Range E Lot-004 #1, Veteran
DELKE, Anthony R, Birth: 1-Nov-1916, Death: 19-Jun-2008, Burial: 19-Jun-2008, Range 11W, Lot-129, Gr #3, cremains
DELKE, Katherine, Death: 30-Jan-2007, age: 84, Female, Burial: 23-Jun-2007, R-11W, L-129, Gr #3, cremains
DELONG, Albert J., Death: 28-Sep-1983, Douglas, age: 73yr, Male, Burial: 1-Oct-1983, Range C Lot-007 #6
DELONG, Jeanette, Death: 10-Apr-1979, Saugatuck Twp, age: 73yr, Female, Range C Lot-007 #5
DEMEREST, Burt, Death: 13-Mar-1928, Grand Rapids, age: 61yr, Male, Range 8W Lot-118 #1
DEMEREST, Clarence, Death: 13-Mar-1923, Douglas, age: 56yr, Male, Range 7W Lot-120 #5
DEMEREST, Elma M., Death: 2-Feb-1980, Douglas, age: 86yr, Female, Range 7W Lot-119 #4
DEMEREST, Everall, Death: 12-Feb-1958, Grand Rapids, age: 66yr, Male, Range 7W Lot-120 #3
DEMEREST, Lee F., Death: 14-Apr-1950, Douglas, age: 53yr, Male, Range 7W Lot-119 #5
DEMEREST, May, Death: 20-Nov-1935, Grand Rapids, age: 67yr, Female, Range 7W Lot-120 #4
DEMEREST, Minnie, Death: 7-Nov-1916, Ann Arbor, age: 43yr, Female, Range 8W Lot-118 #2
DEMPSTER, Hannah, Death: 25-Mar-1960, Holland, age: 78yr, Female, Range 4E Lot-002 #3
DEMPSTER, Hugh, Death: 19-Aug-1880, Chicago, age: 40yr, Male, Range 4W Lot-021 #1
DEMPSTER, W. James, Death: 11-Aug-1948, Douglas, age: 70yr, Male, Range 4W Lot-021 #4
DETLOFF, Catherine, Death: 7-Jan-1957, Chicago, age: 58yr, Female, Range 11W Lot-061 #5
DETRICK, Emment E., Death: 26-Sep-1910, Eliza City, age: 60yr, Male, Range 2E Lot-003 #1
DEVINE, Alice Lynds, Death: 22-Jan-1960, Saugatuck, age: 88yr, Female, Range 10W Lot-127 #4
DEVINE, Baby, Death: 16-Apr-1902, Douglas, age: 1, Female, Range 4E Lot-020 #4
DEVINE, Donavan J., Death: 5-Aug-1952, age: 54yr, Male, Range 10W Lot-127 #3
DEVINE, Joan, Death: 8-Feb-1987, Florida, Female, Burial: 18-Sep-1987, Range 10W Lot-127 #2, cremains
DEVINE, Joseph E., Death: 21-Jun-1954, Allegan, age: 86yr, Male, Range 10W Lot-127 #5
DEVINE, Margaret, Death: 20-Apr-1946, Douglas, age: 75yr, Female, Range 7W Lot-002 #3
DEVINE, Morton G., Death: 12-Apr-1993, Plainwell, age: 85yr, Male, Burial: 15-Apr-1993, Range 10W Lot-128 #2
DEVINE, Mrs. Bridget, Death: 27-Oct-1915, Grand Rapids, age: 85yr, Female, Range 4E Lot-018 #4
DEVINE, Patrick, Death: 7-Dec-1909, Douglas, age: 78yr, Male, Range 4E Lot-018 #1
DEVINE, William J., Death: 12-Dec-1955, Douglas, age: 81yr, Male, Range 7W Lot-002 #5
DEWAARD, Glenn, Death: 27-Nov-2002, age: 77yr, Male, Burial: 8-Jun-2004, R-B, L-12, Gr # 6
DEWEY, Helen Elizabeth, Death: 23-Jan-1983, Ottawa Beach, age: 96yr, Female, Burial: 12-Jun-1983, Range 3E Lot-009 #4, cremains
DEWEY, Irving, Death: 1-Jul-1931, Chicago, age: 52yr, Male, Range 3E Lot-009 #1
DEWEY, Lemont, Death: 31-Dec-1938, Dwight, age: 91yr, Male, Range 3E Lot-009 #5
DIBBLE, Elias, Death: 13-May-1870, Douglas, Male, Range 1E Lot-017 #1
DIEPENHORST, Beverly, Death: 26-Jul-1996, age: 45yr, Female, Range 9W Lot-105 #5, cremains
DIEPENHORST, Darrel, Death: 28-Oct-2000, Male, Range 9W Lot-105 #4, cremains
DIETRICK, Martin, Death: 30-Jan-1890, Douglas, age: 89yr, Male, Range 2E Lot-003 #5
DILL, Katie, Death: 19-Jul-1952, Saugatuck Twp, age: 78yr, Female, Range 9W Lot-072 #5
DILLAVOU, Carlyle, Death: 29-May-1999, Kent County, Male, Burial: 29-May-1999, Range F Lot-008 #2
DJUPMAN, Lee W., Death: 18-Feb-1961, Lake County, age: 21yr, Male, Range 10W Lot-107 #2
DORNAN, Dean, Death: 9-May-2009, age: 70yr, Male, Burial: 12-May-2009, R-11W, L-68, Gr#5
DORNON, Grace, Death: 6-Aug-1986, South Haven, age: 76yr, Female, Burial: 9-Aug-1986, Range 1W Lot-027 #4
DORR, Beth, Death: 13-Dec-1980, Douglas, age: 59yr, Female, Range 8W Lot-049 #4
DORR, John, Death: 7-Jan-1979, Saugatuck, age: 60yr, Male, Range 8W Lot-049 #5
DORT, Alonzo Walker, Death: 7-Jun-1958, Allegan, age: 88yr, Male, Range 5W Lot-019 #5
DOUBLESTINE, Anna, Death: 20-Dec-1894, Clyde, age: 74yr, Female, Range 5W Lot-003 #1
DOUBLESTINE, Jacob, Death: 11-Oct-1898, Saugatuck Twp, age: 81yr, Male, Range 5W Lot-003 #2
DOUBLESTINE, Stephen, Death: 2-Aug-1910, Clyde, age: 44yr, Male, Range 5W Lot-002 #3
DOUCETTE, Jarvis, Death: 23-Mar-1979, Douglas, age: 85yr, Male, Range C Lot-009 #6
DOUCETTE, Joseph Jerome, Death: 26-Apr-1986, Plainwell, age: 54yr, Male, Burial: 29-Apr-1986, Range C Lot-009 #4
DOUCETTE, Margaret, Female, Range C Lot-009 #5
DOUCETTE, Patricia, Death: 3-Apr-1958, Holland, age: 1yr, Female, Range 10W Lot-060 #5
DOUCETTE, Walter F., Death: 2-Feb-1991, Male, Range D Lot-010 #1, Veteran
DOVE, I., Death: 29-Apr-1868, Douglas, Range 6E Lot-003 #1
DOWNER, Chester C., Death: 23-Sep-1985, Saugatuck Twp, age: 73yr, Male, Burial: 14-Jan-1986, Range B Lot-001 #6, cremains
DOWNER, Lucille, Death: 21-Dec-1983, Holland, age: 76yr, Female, Burial: 23-Dec-1983, Range B Lot-001 #5
DREHER, Adolph, Death: 16-May-1916, Saugatuck, age: 68yr, Male, Range 1E Lot-022 #1
DREHER, Augusta, Death: 22-Jun-1932, Saugatuck Twp, age: 79yr, Female, Range 1E Lot-022 #2
DREHER, Caroline, Death: 30-May-1943, Flint, age: 62yr, Female, Range 1E Lot-022 #3
DROUGHT, Baby, Death: 26-Aug-1899, Douglas, age: 21yr, Range 3W Lot-022 #2
DROUGHT, Elizabeth, Death: 4-May-1908, Douglas, age: 76yr, Female, Range 3E Lot-023 #5
DROUGHT, Florence, Death: 9-May-1937, Douglas, age: 65yr, Female, Range 3E Lot-023 #3
DROUGHT, George, Death: 17-Jun-1985, Douglas, age: 73yr, Male, Burial: 20-Jun-1985, Range 3E Lot-024 #3
DROUGHT, Lydia Mae, Death: 7-Nov-1974, Douglas, age: 63yr, Female, Range 3E Lot-024 #2
DROUGHT, Minnie, Death: 12-Aug-1893, Saugatuck, Female, Range 3W Lot-022 #3
DROUGHT, Orpha, Death: 17-Oct-1938, Douglas, age: 64yr, Female, Range 3W Lot-022 #5
DROUGHT, Ruth Lucille, Death: 1-Jun-1892, Douglas, age: 5mo, Male, Range 3W Lot-022 #1
DROUGHT, Samuel, Death: 30-Mar-1943, Douglas, age: 79yr, Male, Range 3E Lot-022 #5
DROUGHT, Samuel T., Death: 3-Oct-1907, Saugatuck Twp, Male, Range 3E Lot-023 #1
DROUGHT, William, Death: 22-May-1924, Kalamazoo, age: 63yr, Male, Range 3W Lot-022 #4
DROZ, John T., Death: 4-May-1969, Mecosta, age: 20yr, Male, Range 10W Lot-069 #1
DROZ, Mary Claire, Death: 14-May-1901, Female, Range 10W Lot-069 #2, cremains
DROZ, Thaddeus, Death: 26-Sep-1983, Douglas, age: 65yr, Female, Burial: 28-Sep-1983, Range 10W Lot-069 #3
DUDLEY, Fanny, Death: 10-Jul-1899, Saugatuck, age: 40yr, Female, Range 5W Lot-004 #5
DUNCAN, Robert O., Death: 7-Apr-2003, Scottsdale Arizona, age: 87yr, Male, Burial: 7-Jun-2003, Range F Lot-006 #4, Veteran, cremains
DURHAM, Alfretta Jane, Death: 22-Oct-1948, Saugatuck, age: 82yr, Female, Range 3E Lot-022 #2
DURHAM, Baby, Death: 2-Apr-1908, Douglas, age: 2, Male, Range 3E Lot-021 #5
DURHAM, George W., Death: 18-Jan-1972, Ormond Beach, age: 88yr, Male, Range 3E Lot-021 #2
DURHAM, Gordon, Death: 10-Nov-1997, Douglas, age: 78yr, Male, Burial: 13-Nov-1997, Range 3E Lot-021 #4
DURHAM, John E., Death: 29-Jan-1943, Douglas, age: 85yr, Male, Range 3E Lot-022 #1
DURHAM, Maude F., Death: 28-Apr-1946, Douglas, age: 67yr, Female, Range 3E Lot-021 #1
DURHAM, Richard Gordon (Dickie), Death: 16-Feb-2001, Douglas, age: 52yr, Male, Burial: 2-Apr-2001, Range 3E Lot-021 #3, Veteran
DUTCHER, Eliza, Death: 15-Apr-1906, Douglas, age: 69yr, Female, Range 1E Lot-003 #5
DUTCHER, Florence, Death: 00-Oct-1916, Fennville, age: 53yr, Female, Range 3E Lot-003 #3
DUTCHER, George M., Death: 15-Apr-1909, Douglas, age: 75yr, Male, Range 1E Lot-003 #3
DUTCHER, Lucinda, Death: 5-Jul-1881, Douglas, age: 77yr, Female, Range 1E Lot-003 #2
DUTCHER, Rebecca, Death: 16-Dec-1922, Fennville, age: 82yr, Female, Range 3E Lot-003 #2
DUTCHER, T. B., Death: 17-May-1903, Fennville, age: 66yr, Male, Range 3E Lot-003 #1
DUTCHER, T. B., Death: 26-Mar-1868, Douglas, Range 1E Lot-003 #1
DUTCHER, Range 1E Lot-003 #4
DYE, Stearn, Death: 26-Feb-1969, age: 89yr, Male, Range 1W Lot-022 #5
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