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Auburn Plains Cemetery
Auburn, Androscoggin County, Maine

GPS: 44.171908, -70.232091

Turner Rd
Auburn, ME 04210

Published: August 29, 2016
Total records: 312


No deed has ever been found for Auburn Plains Cemetery in the Androscoggin County Registry; the earlier Cumberland County Registry which once covered this area, has not been searched. The land was provided by the Townsend family, from their large farmland area. There is a document dated 5 May 1866 showing the formation of "North Plains Burying Ground, Incorporated" and officers were elected.

Cemetery Records

The document linked below contains tombstone inscription recordings copied by Norman E. Rose in the 1980s. They have been compared to a similar work by a Mr. Penney of Mechanic Falls in 1905 and with another work by Alice Jones Bumpus and Bernice Durgin in 1970. A man who lived across the road from the cemetery all of his life, Llewellyn Damon, served as a grave digger most of his life. He was well acquainted with the cemetery and provided much information as to unmarked graves - this info is marked as "L.D." There are no doubt many others buried here with no markers as there are many depressions.

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