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Saint Mary Cemetery
New Market, Saint Mary County, Maryland

Highway 6, New Market MD

Lat: 38° 28' 22"N, Lon: 76° 46' 05"W

Contributed by Anne Braun, Aug 10, 2005 [annieb1961@comcast.net]. Total records = 74.

In New Market, from the intersection of Highways 6 and 5, go east on Highway 6 for .5 miles. The cemetery is on the south side of the road.

This is a small church cemetery. At one time the cemetery belonged to Saint Mary Catholic Church where the members were African American. When the church was demolished some years ago, some of the headstones were destroyed by a bulldozer.

Some of the families went into the property and saved a few of the headstones. Members and descendents of members of this church put up the money to get a granite headstone, which contains all of the names of the people who are buried here.

I visited and walked this cemetery from July to Aug 4, 2005.

- Anne Braun

*means the person has a headstone

Barnes, John Samuel, d. 1923
Briscoe, Abraham, d. 1928
Briscoe, Alice G., b. Jul 1, 1877, d. May 16, 1937, w/o John*
Briscoe, Elizabeth, d. 1927
Briscoe, Julia E. Thomas, d. 1936
Briscoe, Margaret, d. 1921
Briscoe, Minnie J., b. Nov 4, 1906, d. Jul 12, 1957*
Briscoe, Nannie, d. 1957
Briscoe, Robert, d. 1923
Briscoe, Rufurt, d. 1919
Brooks, Frank, No date
Brooks, Harriet Mahala, d. 1911
Brooks, Jane Elizabeth, d. 1947
Brooks, Mary J.A., d. 1935
Butler, Mary L., b. Jun 13, 1812, d. Aug 1, 1892*
Campbell, Mary A. L. F., d. 1948
Carter, Jane Holly, d. 1906
Dent, Mary E., b. Oct 18, 1868, d. Sep 4, 1900, w/o Samuel*
Dent, Samuel, d. 1937
Dorsey, Nellie, No dates
Duncan, Infant, No dates
Dyson, James, No dates
Ford, Infant, d. 1945
Ford, Irene E., b. Oct 23, 1930, d. May 31, 2002*
Ford, John Preston, d. 1964
Ford, Joseph Mitchell, b. Feb 11, 1929, d. Jun 3, 2001, Military Veteran*
Ford, Mary Laura Lee, d. 1957
Ford, Robert Lee, d. 1970
Ford, Vinia Elizabeth, d. 1969
Hawkins, Annie, d. 1893
Holly, George, b. Jun 8, 1860, d. Jun 5, 1932*
Holly, Georgiana H., d. 1935
Holly, Marion, d. 1907
Holly, Mary Anetta, d. 1936
Holly, Oscar, d. 1929
Holly, Rose Gertrude, b. Nov 16, 1892, d. Apr 20, 1944, w/o John*
Holly, Sarah M. Lyles, d. 1950
Holly, Thomas Clarke, b. 1895, d. 1975, WWI Veteran"
Holly, Wilson S., b. Jul 13, 1913, d. Dec 6, 1916, s/o William and Gertrude*
Jackson, Rebecca, d. 1923
Jenifer, Alfred A., d. 1940
Jenifer, Gertrude, d. 1909
Jenifer, Ida, d. No dates
Key, Benjamin, No dates
Mack Thomas, No dates
Martin, Edward, d. 1962
Martin, Henry Joseph, d. 1972
Martin, Mary Charlotte, d. 1940
Martin, Merrick, d. 1927
Moreland, Frederick, b. 1858, d. 1933*
Moreland, James Thomas, b. Jun 18, 1897, d. Oct 19, 1918, s/o Frederick and Sarah*
Penn, Samuel, d. 1918
Platter, Edward, d. 1937
Platter, Robert S., d. 1954
Sothorn, James, d. 1957
Stewart, William E. Sr., b. Apr 23, 1931 d. Apr 1, 1996
Thomas, Ann, d. 1904
Thomas, Elias, d. 1908
Thomas, James, d. 1918
Thomas, Joseph W., d. 1941
Thomas, Louise, No dates
Thomas, Mollie H.S., d. 1951
Thomas, William, d. 1921
Tolson, Ida, d. 1935
Tolson, Mary, d. 1936
Tolson, Thomas Alfred, d. 1942
Tolson, Webster, d. 1957
Tyler, Ada, No dates
Warren, George, d. 1927
Warren, Grace Anna, d. 1919
Weems, Charlie, d. 1950
Woodland, Hattie V.P., d. 1949
Yates, Mary, d. 1927
Younge, John W., d. 1925

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