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Talbert Cemetery
Cheltenham, Prince George County, Maryland

11600 Cherry Tree Crossing Rd
Cheltenham, Maryland

Lat: 38° 44' 05"N, Lon: 76° 49' 24"W

Contributed by Anne Braun, Nov 14, 2004 [annieb1961@comcast.net]. Total records = 16.

In Cheltenham, from the intersection of Highway 301 and Cherry Tree Crossing Road, go east/ southeast on Cherry Tree Crossing for .3 miles until you reach 11600 Cherry Tree Crossing, stop there and asked the owner permisssion to cross her property. The house is on the north side of the road. Go north through the owner's backyard, cross the railroad tracks and you will see the cemetery.

This cemetery contains the Hall and Talbert families. The property owner of 11600 Cherry Tree Crossing took me back to the cemetery. She said that none of the Hall family descendents live in the area.

The cemetery is surrounded by a rusted iron fence and a gate with a 20 year old padlock on it. It also has a No Trespassing sign on it. The cemetery looks its overgrown and needs some clean up done to it.

I visited this burial site on Nov 13, 2004. I compared my findings with "Stones and Bones" which was published in 1984. The first burial occurred in 1852, with the last in 1953.

- Anne Braun

Hall, Alice S., b. Dec 17, 1862, d. Jun 21, 1944
Hall, Charles, b. Jul 27, 1935, d. Jan 17, 1937
Hall, Ella, b. 1873, d. 1921, Mother
Hall, Frances G., b. Sep 20, 1898, d. Sep 6, 1917
Hall, Harriett, b. 1837, d. 1921, Mother
Hall, R. Lee, b. Jul 4, 1870, d. Jan 4, 1946
Hall, William H., b. Dec 25, 1824, d. Feb 5, 1910
Hall, William S., b. 1866. d. Feb 6, 1953
Talbert, F. P., b. Dec 14, 1852, d. Sep 27, 1902
Talbert, Jeanette, d. Feb 6, 1911
Talbert, Matilda, b. Mar 29, 1805, d. Dec 20, 1886
Talbert, Paul, d. Feb 14, 1880
Talbert, Sarah S., b. Jul 17, 1850, d. Jul 4, 1852, d/o W.T. and S.P. Talbert
Talbert, Susanna P., d. Jul 14, 1890, age 72 years
Talbert, W. C. Clayton, b. Jul 24, 1847, d. Sep 7. 1892
Talbert, William T. C., b. Jul 24, 1826. d. Jan 4, 1899

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