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Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Montgomery County, Maryland

Mount Ephraim Rd, Dickerson MD

Lat: 39° 13' 36"N, Lon: 77° 25' 01"W

Contributed by Anne Braun, Mar 21, 2004 [annieb1961@comcast.net]. Total records = 54.

To reach cemetery: In Dickerson, from the intersection of Highway 28 and Mt Ephraim Road, go north/northeast on Mt Ephraim Road for 1 mile. The cemetery is along the east side of the road.

This is a cemetery which was once owned by the Mount Pleasant Methodist-Episcopal Church. The first burial took place in 1887 with the last one taking place in 1966. About 35% of the headstones are either missing, broken, or fallen.

I compared my findings with a book called "The History of Dickerson, Mouth of Monocacy, Oakland Mills, and Sugarloaf Mountain" by Dona L. Cutler which was published in 1999.

I visited this cemetery on Mar 17 and 18, 2004, reading all existing headstones. I compared with the above references after that. This listing is only of those I found a stone or record for. There could be some names missing. An asterisk * following the name denotes a name with a missing headstone.

- Anne Braun

Andrews, George L., d, Sep 18, 1901, age 70 years
Andrews, Lucretia E., d. Jan 4, 1894, age 42yr 2mn 8da*
Best, Benjamin, d. Dec 7, 1910, age 51 years
Bussard, Hannah, d. Sep 18, 1891, age 5 months
Bussard, Henry, d. Feb 25, 1915, age 78yr 1mn 27da
Cecil, Ira Herbert, b. Jul 29, 1905, d. Jun 9, 1906, s/o Wilbur and Ann E. Sears*
Cooley, Amos J., b. Aug 5, 1827, d. Aug 5, 1907
Cooley, Elizabeth A., b. Mar 28, 1836, d. Dec 6, 1936. s/w Amos
Cosgrave, Charles F., b. Sep 10, 1888, d. May 16, 1911
Cosgrave, Joesph W., d. Dec 6, 1903, age 71yr 8mn 20da*
Dixon, Grover Cleveland, b. Nov 6, 1885, d. Sep 1, 1906, s/o William and Elizabeth
Edwards, Catherine J., b. Jul 1, 1846, d. Mar 13, 1887, w/o David
Edwards, David S., d. Sep 11, 1913, age 39 years
Howard, Solena C., b. Apr 8, 1878, d. Nov 5, 1936
Jewell, Marie M., b. and d. Apr 21, 1935, age 6 hours
Keith, Charles T., b. Dec 15, 1871, d. nodate
Keith, Florence Z., b. Jul 2, 1898, age 31 years, s/w Charles
King, Emmeline Price, b. Dec 20, 1837, d. Jun 18, 1898, w/o Walter
Lee, Mary Eugenia, b. Mar 30, 1901, d. Apr 30, 1902, age 1yr and 1mn, d/o Webster and Mary
Lenhart, Elmer, b. Aug 31, 1913, d. Sep 20, 1914, s/o Eugene and Laura
Miller, James F., b. 1933. d. 1934
Mobley, Arthur, b. Jun 4, 1900, d. Jul 26. 1918
Mobley, Frank, b. Dec 6, 1888, d. Mar 12, 1915
Mobley, George, d. Mar 9, 1911, age 27yr 5mn 9da
Mobley, Henry, d. May 18, 1903, age 18yr 4mn 24da
Mobley, Laura D., d. Aug 2, 1904, age 39yr 4mn 25da, w/o Mahlon*
Mobley, Mary J., d. Mar 3, 1918, age 82yr 4mn 13da, w/o John
Montgomery, Baby, b. and d. 1966
Moreland, Edward T., b. Dec 2, 1841, d. Dec 19, 1909, Civil War Veteran
Mossberg, Infant, d. Aug 1, 1895, d/o Samuel and Ida*
Nichols, George W., d. Oct 1901, age 8mn, s/o Charles and Harriett
Nichols, Harriett Lucretia, b. 1863, d. 1909, w/o Charles
Nichols, Hattie E., d. Mar 26, 1907, age 14yr 3mn 21da, d/o Charles and Harriett
Nichols, John I., d. Aug 1, 1893, age 53yr 5mn 4da
Nichols, john R., no dates, age 75 years
Nichols, Rose A., b. May 23, 1847, d. Dec 31, 1912, age 64yr 8mn 8da
Nicholson, Annie Rebecca, b. Apr 19, 1845, d. Mar 22, 1913
Price, Ann R., b. Dec 16, 1830, d. Oct 17, 1907, w/o William
Price, Charles N., d. Aug 17, 1894, age 1yr and 14da, s/o W.D. and Sarah
Price, Daniel F., d. Sep 16, 1898, age 10mn and 16da, s/o W.D. and Sarah
Price, Lula F., b. Aug 30, 1890, d. Nov 27, 1890, d/o W.D. and sarah
Price, William H., d. Apr 13, 1896, age 69yr 2mn 2da
Redmon, Arthur, b. Mar 20, 1920, d. Apr 29, 1940
Redmon, Lash, b. 1878, d. 1958
Redmon, Mollie E.J. Bussard, b. 1885, d. 1944, s/w Lash
Rhodes, Catherine E., b. Feb 15, 1847, d. Jun 29, 1928, Our Mother, s/w John
Rhodes, John C., b. May 21, 1841, d. Jul 29, 1905, Civil War Veteran
Richardson, Mary E., d. Apr 6, 1902, age 4yr 4mn 16da, d/o James and Mary
Rinker, Alice Virginia, b. Sep 8, 1877, d. Jan 29, 1909
Rinker, Margaret V., d. Apr 20, 1905, age 7 months, d/o Samuel and Virginia
Selby, Annie S.R., b. Dec 12, 1887, d. Jan 29, 1906
Selby, Jessie M., d. Feb 1, 1908, age 2yr 5mn 2da, d/o G.W. and H.H. Selby
Thompson, G. Dempsey, b. Jan 25, 1895, d. Dec 2, 1902, age 7yr 5mn 9da, s/w William
Thompson, William H., b. Apr 21, 1861, d. Sep 26, 1902
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