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First Baptist Cemetery
Montgomery County, Maryland

N Van Buren St & W Jefferson St
Rockville, Maryland

Lat: 39° 05' 00"N, Lon: 77° 09' 20"W

Contributed by Anne Braun, May 08, 2003 [annieb1961@comcast.net]. Total records = 30.

In Rockville, from the Interstate 270/Highway 28 exit, go west on Highway 28 for 1 mile until you hit West Jefferson Street. The cemetery is in a white picket fence near the intersection of Highway 28 and 189, West Jefferson Street and N. Van Buren Street. it is on the east side of the intersection next to the Methodist Church parking lot.

The First Baptist Church was first built in 1823 and in 1864, the congregation replaced the church with a brick church that was used until 1914 when that was demolished. The cemetery was used from 1839 to 1896. In 1973, the church sold the cemetery to the Montgomery Historical Society who in 1983 sold the cemetery to the Peerless Rockville Group who maintains the cemetery for now. (The Peerless Rockville Group is a group of residents that is interested in the historical preservation of Rockville)

I visited and walked this cemetery May 6 2003, transcribing all existing headstones.

- Anne Braun

Austin, William Nelson, d. Sep 23 1864, age 72 years
Bocley, Ada, b. Feb 10 1879, d. Jun 11 1879, d/o William and I Bocley, s/w Eugene and Clarence
Bocley, Clarence, b. Mar 15 1881, d. Sep 8 1881, s/o William and I. Bocley
Bocley, Eugene, b. Sep 28 1876, d. Oct 5 1881, s/o William and I. Bocley
Bouic, Louis Aubry, b. May 12 1871, d. Feb 11 1872, s/o Alice and William Viers Jr.
Bouic, Mary Ann Viers, b. Jan 22 1821, d. Oct 1 1888, w/o William
Bouic, Mary E., d. May 9 1849, age 4yr and 5mn, d/o William and Mary Ann
Bouic, William Viers, b. May 12 1816, d. May 4 1896
Braddock, Isaiah, b. Jul 26 1848, d. Jul 13 1866, age 17yr 11mn 18da
Braddock, John P., d. Jun 12 1864, age 43yr 2mn 26da
Braddock, Mary R., d. Sep 11 1864, age 42yr 4mn 3da
Braddock, Roberta V., b. Nov 24 1826, d. Jun 1866
Braddock, William, d. Oct 11 1850, age 11yr 7mn 2da
Campbell, John I., d. Nov 1 1839, age 21 months, s/o G. Ward and M.A. Campbell
Green, Rebecca, d. Feb 24 1884, age 59 yr 7mn 3da
Kuss, Little Bell, b. Aug 31 1876, d. Nov 28 1878
Patterson, George C., b. Aug 3 1815, d. Mar 6 1887, s/o Dr. Thomas Patterson
Ricketts, Mary E., d. Dec 10 1882, age 24 yr 9mn 26da, w/o J.M. Ricketts
Selby, Brice, d. Apr 15 1844, age 70 years
Smith, Clemmons, d. Aug 31 1848, age 28 years
Sommers, Edwin, d. Sep 2 1870, age 15 years, s/o A.H. and Virginia Sommers
Sommers, Virginia Sophia, d. May 17 1872, age 44 years
Sommers, William Jr., b. Jun 20 1850, d. Oct 25 1868, age 18yr 4mn 5da
Sommers, Willie W., b. Apr 23 1854, d. Dec 17 1870, age 16yr 7mn 24da, s/o A.H. and Virginia Sommers
Spates, Charles, d. Oct 13 1873, age 83 years
Spates, Ruth, b. Jan 7 1788, d. Oct 15 1866, w/o Charles
Stepher, Mary, d. Oct 26 1850, age 43 years
Viers, Clarence, d. Nov 14 1848, age 23 months, s/o E. and Sarah Viers
Viers, Julianna, b. May 24 1797, d. Nov 27 1878, w/o Samuel Clark
Viers, Samuel Clark, d. Nov 8 1872, In his 75th year
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