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Barnesville Methodist Cemetery
Montgomery County, Maryland

18317 Barnesville Road
Barnesville, Maryland

Lat: 39° 13' 21"N, Lon: 77° 22' 54

Contributed by Anne Braun, Jan 31, 2003, last edited Mar 30, 2009 [annieb1961@comcast.net]. Total records = 28.

In Barnesville, from the intersection of Highway 109 (going south and Barnesville Road go west about .5 miles until you hit a house with a rock road turn north and park. The cemetery is behind the house on the north side of the road.

A very old cemetery, which is not well taken care for. There are some broken stones and stones that are buried in the dirt. The owners of the property said they did clean a lot of the weeds and plants that were in there, and that occasionally one of the descendants comes to visit.

It is a shame that somebody or someone cannot go up there and set the stones. This cemetery was owned by Barnesville Methodist Church in the 1800's. The last burial took place in 1891.

I visited and walked this cemetery on Mar 28, 2003. It contains all existing headstones.

- Anne Braun

Alexander, William, d. Sep 10, 1862, Civil War Veteran
Brown, Deborah, d. Feb 16, 1866, In her 73rd year, w/o Hatton
Brown, Hatton, b. Jan 28 1801, d. Dec 28 1871, age 70yr 11mo
Bussard, Susanna, d. Mar 13 1887 age 73yr 9mo 7da, w/o Enos
Candler, William Ezra Linwood Gardiner, b. Feb 26 1859, d. Jul 3 1865, age 6yr 4mo 7da
Feaster, Elizabeth, d. Jun 30 1858, age 70yr 5mo 12da, w/o James
Harris, David, b. Jul 22 1829, d. Oct 18 1847
Harris, John W., b. Jul 21 1827, d. Nov 15 1847
Harris, Sarah, b. Feb 18 1800, d. Mar 5 1872
Harris, William H., b. May 1 1789, d. Feb 4 1872, age 82yr 9mo 4da
Harris. Williminer, d. Jan 22, 1848, age 54 years
Lodin, John T., d. Jul 10 1878, age 17yr, s/o C. and Anne Luttum
McBee, Hester Ellen, d. Jan 17 1848, age 18yr 1mo 9da, w/o John
Miles, Charles, b. Dec 18 1886, d. Mar 19 1887, s/o C.W. and M.Z. Miles
Miles, Raynor, b. Jun 6 1874, d. Jul 6 1874, s/o C.W. and M.Z. Miles, s/w Charles
Nichols, Jacob, b. Aug 7 1858, d. Feb 5 1862, age 3yr 5mo 28da, s/o Edward and Anne
Nichols, James Thomas, b. Oct 8 1881, d. May 19 1882, s/o Edward and Anne
Nichols, Sarah Frances, b. Aug 26 1855, d. Sep 30 1857, age 2yr 1mo 4da, d/o Edward and Anne
Nichols, Sarah, b. Feb 19 1798, d. Apr 27 1867, age 69yr, w/o Jacob
Nichols, Sarah, b. Oct 2 1788, d. Nov 25 1857, age 69yr 1mo 23da
Nicholson, Frank T., d. Jul 13, 1887, age 23yr and 9mn, s/o B.W. and Rody E.
Offutt, Colmore, d. Feb 5 1858, age 67yr, h/o Mary Anne and Elizabeth Anne
Plummer, Philemon N., b. Dec 16 1815, d. Dec 28 1861, age 46yr, h/o Sarah
Plummer, Sarah A., b. Feb 22 1831, d. Jul 19 1866, age 35yr 4mo 27da
Plummer, Sarah A., b. Sep 2 1820, d. Feb 26 1873
Price, Florence, b. Feb 21 1870, d. Sep 18 1873
Smith, John, b. Dec 19, 1801, d. Jul 19, 1872
White, William, d. Jan 5 1891, age 65yr 2mo
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