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New Elkridge Meeting House Cemetery (Graveyard On Quaker Hill)
Ellicott City, Howard County, Maryland

3771 Old Columbia Pike
Ellicott City, Maryland

Lat: 39°15'56"N, Lon: 76°47'57"W

Submitted by Joshua Jenkins, Apr 24, 2003, last edited Dec 08, 2010 [josh@joshjenkins.net]. Total records = 32.

From Main Street in old Ellicott City (the heart of the city), take Old Columbia Pike less than 1/5 mile to 3771 Old Columbia Pike. You can either turn into this driveway or go another 1/5 mile or so and turn into unmarked alleyway.

Section 1 of the cemetery is on the hill (in view). Section 2 is hidden from view in the forest directly behind the hill.

Most graves are only single stones with no markings on them. There are approximately 103 of these that I was able to count.

"The Old Ellicott Family Burying Ground At Ellicott City, Maryland" by the Ellicott Family Graveyard, Inc.: "No doubt the Ellicott brothers also gave land for the very extensive town burying ground on the hillside east of the Ellicott Family Graveyard. This has long since been abandoned and is heavily overgrown. I do not think this burying ground was for Friends only, because some of the grave markers are quite ornate and elaborate, not in keeping with the customs of Friends."

I did these transcriptions 22 Jul 2002 and 1 Aug 2002. I also consulted a separate source "Tombstone Inscriptions From A Few Cemeteries In Howard County, Maryland" by Colonel Thomas Dorsey Chapter for verification purposes only. I have heard on several accounts that this is a Quaker burial ground and records may exist somewhere.

- Joshua Jenkins


sec1: Section 1 � Main Cemetery Area In Grassy Location
sec2: Section 2 � Cemetery Area In Forested Location
nosec: No Section � This stone is actually in adjacent cemetery leaning up against wall. It is obvious it was once in this cemetery though.
2s/o: Second Son Of
3s/o: Third Son Of
b/o: Brother Of

c/o: Consort Of
d/o: Daughter Of
es/o: Eldest Son Of
f/s: Footstone
h/o: Husband Of
m/o: Mother Of
s/by: Stone By
s/o: Son Of
s/w: Stone With
si/o: Sister Of
w/o: Wife Of
yd/o: Youngest Daughter Of

Anderson, John, b. 1782, d. Jun 9, 1836, sec2
Anderson, Margary B, b. 1806, d. Feb 21, 1855, f/s, sec2
Anderson, Mary Catherine, b. Nov 19, 1836, d. Jun 24, 1852, d/o John Anderson and Margary B. Anderson, sec2
Brown, Walter, b. 1773, d. Dec 7, 1849, f/s, sec2
Faulkner, William George, b. Oct 4, 1844, d. Dec 17, 1850, s/o Mahlon Faulkner and Jane D. Faulkner, !! b/o Richard Faulkner, sec2
Garretson, James, b. Nov 8, 1811, d. Jan 8, 1883, f/s, sec1
Garretson, Susan R, b. 1815, d. Oct 8, 1874, w/o James Garretson, sec1
Holland, J, b. 1775, d. Aug, 1852, sec1
Holland, John S, b. 1824, d. Mar 4, 1864, sec 1
Holland, Margaret, b. 1781, d. Jul 25, 1841, sec1
Iles, Margaret, b. 1803, d. Jun 9, 1849, c/o John Iles, "…after a long and painful illness…", sec2
Jenkins, Mary Louisa, b. Jan, 1841, d. Dec 22, 1843, d/o Thomas Jenkins and Susan A. Jenkins, sec2
Jenks, J, 1840, sec1
Jenks, M H, 1842, sec1
Libby, Thomas, sec1**
Mark, Henry, b. 1765, d. Oct 29, 1818, sec1
McPherson, Tacy, "aged 55 years", sec1
Merson, George W, d. Aug 26, 1894, f/s, sec1
Price, Margaret, b. 1824, d. Jun 13, 1851, w/o Joel Price, m/o Willie Price, s/w Willie Price, sec2
Price, Willie, b. Apr, 1851, d. Jun 13, 1851, s/o Joel Price and Margaret Price, s/w Margaret Price, sec2
Scholfield, John, b. 1824, d. Mar 4, 1864, sec1
Smith, Jane D, b. 1804, d. Feb 24, 1881, sec1
Story, I M, 1846, sec1
Vansant, Emily Jane, b. 1845, d. 1845, d/o John Vansant and Mary A. Vansant, si/o Isaiah Vansant, s/w Isaiah Vansant, sec2
Vansant, Isaiah, b. Apr 10, 1844, d. Jun 10, 1845, s/o John Vansant and Mary A. Vansant, b/o Emily Jane Vansant, s/w Emily Jane Vansant, sec2
Vansant, John Wesley, b. Mar 10, 1849, d. Aug 23, 1852, s/o John Vansant and Mary A. Vansant, sec2
Webb, Joseph B, b. Sep 3, 1781, d. May 26, 1859, sec1
Wooddy, Emiley Ann, b. 1823, d. Dec 8, 1826, d/o William Wooddy and Ruth B. Wooddy, nosec
Wooddy, Joseph Atkison, b. 1818, d. Oct 23, 1851, es/o William Wooddy and Ruth B. Wooddy, sec1
Wooddy, Mary Anna L, b. 1833, d. Mar 31, 1840, yd/o William Wooddy and Ruth B. Wooddy, sec1
Wooddy, Richard Henry, b. 1825, d. Apr 15, 1852, 3s/o William Wooddy and Ruth B. Wooddy, sec1
Wooddy, William M A, b. 1820, d. Dec 24, 1826, 2s/o William Wooddy and Ruth B. Wooddy, sec1

??,1843, sec1
A, E J sec2
A, J H, sec2***
B, S A, sec1
B, S, s/by Walter Brown, sec2
E, C T, sec1
E, F H, 1841, sec1
F, J, sec1
H, I, 1848, sec1
H, M, sec1
I, H, sec1*
L, M, sec2
P, M M, sec1
S, E, sec1
S, H, sec1
S, T I, sec1

*: Uncertain of lettering
**: Uncertain of surname, though ends in "ibby"
***: Possible footstone of John Anderson
!!: Extra info added by research
Note 1: Wooddy surname may in fact be Mooddy
Note 2: Approximately 100 plain stone (unmarked) markers, sec1

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