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Meadowridge Memorial Park
Elkridge, Howard County, Maryland

7250 Washington Blvd
Elkridge, MD 21075
(410) 796-1144

Lat: 39°11'18"N
Lon: 076°45'51"W
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This is not a complete listing of burials!  The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 43.

Submitters' Index

Batze, Tammy Hollie, d.. 1989, d/o Albert and Cindy Batze, s/o Albert Batze Jr, [SH]
Cook, Sandra L, b. 16 Jun 1951, d. 9 Jun 1967, d/o Arthur & Mary Cook, [JM]
Cross, Earl Thomas, b. 17 Dec 1898, d. 21 Jan 1943, [RM]
Cross, Minnie Evengaline, b. 06 Aug 1905, d. 09 Feb 1991, [RM]
Cross, Robert Lewis, b. 20 Sep 1939, d. 11 May 2001, Elkridge MD, h/o Beverly Cross, s/o Earl & Minnie Cross, [RM]
Cullum, Clifton David Sr., b. 22 Feb 1912, d. 31 Jan 1990, h/o Hilda May Derrenberger Cullum, m. 11 Jun 1932, s/o William David Cullum & Minnie Selma Geiger, [CM]
Cullum, Hilda May, b. 29 Nov 1910, d. 7 Jan 2000, w/o Clifton David Cullum, Sr, m. 11 Jun 1932, d/o Annie Louise Zoeller & Edgar Derrenberger, [CM]
George, Leroy J, b. 9 Jan 1908, d. 5 Feb 1995, s/w & h/o Pauline, nee Wirth, [BN]
George, Pauline, b. 5 May 1906, d. 2 Jun 1968, s/w & w/o Leroy J, [BN]
Gilley, Hattie, b. May 13, 1896, d. Jan 5, 1965 (d/o Annie Elizabeth Smith and George Marburger) Inscription: "But When The Sun In All His State Illumed The Eastern Skies, She Passed Through Glory's Morning Gate, And Walked In Paradise. James Aldrick", [DT]
Hachemeister Ferdinand D, b. 17 Feb 1903, d. 26 Apr 1982, s/w & h/o Anna K nee Wirth, [BN]
Hachemeister, Anna K, b. 28 Aug 1908, d. 26 Nov 1987, s/w & w/o Ferdinand D, [BN]
Homens, Ernest A., b 12/1/1931, d. 5/17/1997, [DJ]
Homens, John H., b 8/28/1929, d. 12/25/1998, [DJ]
Homens, Ruth S., b 9/2/1900, d. 2/21/1989, [DJ]
Homens, William A., b 8/8/1899, d. 5/1973, [DJ]
Hughes, Maisie Marie, b. 06 Dec 1928, d. 13 Dec 1995, [RM]
Hunt, Robert Warren Ellis, Jr., b. 7/18/89, d. 12/14/89, s/o Warren Ellis and Susan Marie Hunt, infant lived 4m 26d, [KD]
Isaac, H. Austin, b. 28 Jan. 1920, d. 05 Feb. 2000, m. 26 Jun 1941 to Margaret E. Hornick, [KW]
Jamison, Clarence Leroy, b 2/12/??, s/o Brance Jamison, [GM]
Jamison, Edna Hester Meek, b. Oct 7, 1912, d. May 20, 2001, d/o James and Mary Meek, w/o Clarence Jamison, [GM]
Jess, Charles Walter, b. 1900, d. 1987, h/o Maizie L. Jess, nee Cross, [RM]
Jess, Maizie Lillian, b. 30 Mar 1906, d. 16 Sep 1998, [RM]
Jones, Alfred M., b 1/23/1926, d. 10/7/1980, [DJ]
Jones, James C., b 1/19/1892, d. 8/29/1973, [DJ]
Jones, Marion V., b 12/12/1899, d. 11/29/1979, [DJ]
Knickman, James I. Jr, b. 14 Feb, 1948, d. 9 Sep 1983, s/o James & Wanda Knickman, [JM]
Knickman, Wanda M."Martin" Knickman, b. 14 Aug 1928, d. 11 Apr 1998, w/o James I. Knickman, d/o John and Louise Martin, [JM]
Marbuger, Annie, b. Jan 30, 1875, d. Jan 26, 1963 (d/o Unknown Smith and Victoria Warfield) Inscription: "But When The Sun In All His State Illumed The Eastern Skies, She Passed Through Glory's Morning Gate, And Walked In Paradise. James Aldrick", [DT]
Morrissett, Izetta Beal, b. 3 Jun 1916, d. 26 Feb 1983, w/o James Clifford Morrissett, [EC]
Morrissett, James Clifford, b. 12 Jul 1917, d. 17 Jun 2000, h/o Izetta Morrissett (Beal), s/o William J. Morrissett and Katherne J. Rial, [EC]
Pomraning, Reuben T., b. 5 May 1928, d. 1 Apr 1993, h/o Nellie "Meek" Pomraning, s/o Walter Pomraning, [JM]
Roeper, Ruth D., b. 1897, d. 12 Apr 1957, w/o Harry Roeper, d/o Charles A. Radenbush and Emma L. Stevens, [EC]
Rowe, Elsie May, b. Apr 11, 1898, d. Sep 13, 1991 (d/o Annie Elizabeth Smith and George Marburger) Inscription: "In God's Loving Care", [DT]
Rowe, Paul, b. May 28, 1894, d. Jan 13, 1975 (h/o Elsie May Marburger), [DT]
Schulz, Hannah Florence, b. Apr 15, 1883, d. Aug 23, 1967, d/o Joseph Duncan and Hannah Beard, w/o Josph Schulz, [PC]
Schulz, Joseph, b. Jun 26, 1879, d. Nov 14, 1957, s/o Joseph Schulz and Barbara Flesichman, h/o Hannah Florence Duncan, [PC]
Warch, Marjorie A., nee Berrett, b. Jun 19 1942, d. Jan 21 1981, [LW]
Wirth, Barbara, d. 8 Nov 1950, Mother, w/o William Wirth, [BN]
Wirth, William Sr, d. 4 May 1959, Father, h/o Barbara Wirth, [BN]
Wolfe, Genevieve C (Ritz), bur. Jul 1987, w/o Lance E., share burial site,[BB]
Wolfe, Lance E Sr., bur. 31 Dec 1982, Maltesan Gardens/block 36/lot 191 site 1 & 2[BB]
Zoeller, Harry George, Sr., b. 9 Aug 1897, d. Nov 1966, h/o Lillian, s/o Edward M. Zoeller & Mary Ann Smith, [CM]

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