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Sabillasville United Brethren Cemetery
Frederick County, Maryland

16824 Highway 550
Sabillasville, Maryland

Lat: 39° 41' 51"N, Lon: 77° 27' 24"W

Contributed by Anne Braun, Nov 14, 2002 [annieb1961@comcast.net]. Total records = 28.

In Sabillasville, the cemetery is on the west side of the road about 2 blocks south from the intersection of Harbaugh Road and Highway 550 (Sabilliasville Road).

An old United Brethren Church cemetery. The church building was there at one time with the cemetery behind and on the side of the church. The church is no longer there. The last burial took place in 1922. The cemetery is taken care of with no new burials.

I walked through this cemetery on Sep 23, 2003.

- Anne Braun

Dewees, Amanda E., d. Jan 28, 1897, age 40yr 3mn 17da, w/o Samuel
DeWees, Samuel, d. Jun 29, 1908, age 64yr 11mn 7da
Eby, Lemuel, b. Apr 11, 1827, d. Jun 2, 1903, age 76yr 1mn 21da
Eby, Mary E., b. Nov 8, 1832, d. Jul 6, 1890, age 57yr 8mn 28da, w/o Lemuel
Gladhill, John, d. Oct 2, 1899, age 74yr and 11mn
Gladhill, Matilda, d. May 10, 1908, age 82yr 7mn 8da
McCauley, Charles A., d. Nov 20, 1904, age 20yr 4mn 16da
McCauley, Mrs. Charles, d. Dec 24, 1905, age 58 years
Miller, Clyde R., d. Mar 13, 1899, age 5mn and 23da, s/o John and Edith
Miller, Edith E., b. Sep 20, 1876, d. Oct 13, 1922, s/w John
Miller, Frances E., d. Mar 7, 1878, age 38yr 1mn 8da, w/o Henry
Miller, John S., b. Jul 2, 1865, d. Apr 22, 1906
Moore, Emeline, d. Dec 3, 1903, age 82yr 2mn 22da
Moore, Samuel, d. Sep 10, 1881, age 62yr 2mn 6da, Military Veteran
Moorehead, Mary A., d. Feb 21, 1900, age 55yr and 15da, s/w Samuel
Moorehead, Samuel, d. Aug 25, 1900, age 65yr 4mn 11da
Moser, Charles, d. Nov 16, 1913, age 37yr 5mn 5da, s/o Josiah and Sarah
Moser, Josiah, d. Nov 5, 1919, age 76yr and 26da
Moser, Lewis F., d. Nov 5, 1905, age 22yr 9mn 19da, s/o Josiah and Sarah
Moser, Sarah, d. Sep 15, 1919, age 72yr and 7mn, w/o Josiah
Smith, Gladys R., d. Mar 17, 1911, age 1yr 2mn 8da, d/o C.B. and L.M. Smith
Stoletmeyer, Carrie, d. Jan 5, 1879, age 3mn and 14da
Stotelmeyer, Mary J., b. Feb 13, 1825, d. Nov 3, 1896, age 71yr 8mn 20da
Stotelmeyer, Mirzillai, d. Jul 23, 1863, age 12yr 3mn 28da, s/o George and Mary
Willard, Agnes T., d. Feb 2, 1901, age 2yr 1mn 4da, d/o Charles and M. Willard, s/w Mary
Willard, Daisy, d. Mar 23, 1917, age 43yr 10mn 9da, w/o Maurice
Willard, Frederick C., d. Mar 1889, age 28 days
Willard, Mary J., d. Jul 29, 1903, age 2 days, d/o Charles and M. Willard

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