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Getzendanner Cemetery
Frederick County, Maryland

5000 Old National Pike, Edgemont MD

Lat: 39° 25' 24"N, Lon: 77° 29' 39"W

Contributed by Anne Braun, Nov 04, 2003 [annieb1961@comcast.net]. Total records = 24.

The cemetery is on the intersection of Highway 40 and Old National Pike or Alternate Highway 40 in Edgemont.

This cemetery is on the VFW golf course. It is east of the lodge/clubhouse building. The VFW golf course and lodge is on the intersection of Highway 40 and Old National Pike or Alternate Highway 40.

This is a small family cemetery, that was used by the Getzendanner Family. The earliest burial occured in 1766 and the last burial took place in 1897. It is kept up but 2-3 headstones are broken and there is about 5 fieldstones.

I walked through this cemetery on Oct 31, 2003.

- Anne Braun

Webster, Mary A., b. Sep 25, 1791, d. Mar 22, 1866, age 74yr 5mn 28da
Webster, John F., b. Feb 3, 1791, d. Apr 1855, age 64yr and 2mn
Webster, George D., d. Jul 12, 1852, age 27yr 5mn 3da
Webster, George, d. Oct 6, 1848, age 1yr 8mn 6da
Travers, Boyle, d. Jun 9, 1874, age 66yr 1mn 4da
Travers, A.G., no dates, w/o Boyle (headstone was broken into 8-9 pieces)
Tucker, Mary Anne, b. Feb 14, 1822, d. Sep 21, 1866, age 44yr 7mn 7da
Webster, ??, b. 1776, d. 1857 (headstone was broken in half)
Webster, Cox E., d. 1897
Young, Elizabeth, d. Oct 15, 1827, age 32yr and 6mn, w/o Conrad
Young, James, d. Dec 25, 1827, age 2mn and 12da
Boyer, Elizabeth, d. Apr 28, 1822, age 4mn and 5da
Travers, Mary, d. Mar 20, 1837, age 7yr 1mn 6da
Runny, Henry, d. Dec 8, 1827, age 25yr and 6da
Getzendanner, Christian, d. 1766
Getzendanner, Anna Barbara, no dates, w/o Christian
Getzendanner, John, b. 1764, d. 1841
Getzendanner, Catherine Tabler, b. 1770, d. 1851
Getzendanner, Allan, b. 1742, d. 1783
Getzendanner, Elizabeth Kemp, no dates, w/o Allan
Getzendanner, Elizabeth, d. Mar 11, 1860, age 82yr 11mn 11da
Getzendanner, Jacob, d. Apr 18, 1837, age 60yr 8mn 20da
Houck, Margaret, b. Jan 21, 1787, d. Dec 11, 1837, w/o James
Houck, Mary Anne, b. Nov 29, 1812, d. Dec 30, 1824, age 12yr 1mn 1da, d/o James and Margaret

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