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Fairview Chapel Cemetery
Frederick County, Maryland

7500 Boyer Mill Road, New Market, Maryland

Lat: 39° 25' 17"N, Lon: 77° 18' 41"W

Contributed by Anne Braun, Oct 13, 2003 [annieb1961@comcast.net]. Total records = 68.

To reach this cemetery, starting at the intersection of Hwy 144 and Boyer Mill Road, in New Market, go north/northwest on Boyer Mill Road for 2.5 miles. The cemetery is on the West side of the road next to the church.

This is a small church cemetery which is kept up. The last burial took place in 1921. The cemetery has about 9-10 bases that are still in the ground with no headstone.

This transcription includes all existing & legible headstones, from the information I obtained when I visited the cemetery. I was there about three times from Aug 15 to Oct 09, 2003.

- Anne Braun

Beall, Charles E., b. Oct 11, 1852, s. Apr 23, 1886, age 33yr 6mn 12da
Beall, Clara A., b. Jan 6, 1858, d. Jan 1, 1883, age 24yr 11mn 25da, w/o Charles
Beall, George W., d. Jun 20, 1861, age 6yr 2mn 2da, s/o John and Matilda
Beall, George, d. Jun 10, 1871, age 6 months
Beall, Hannah, d. Apr 1, 1877, age 16 years
Beall, John H., d. Sep 29, 1883, age 64yr 10mn 18da
Beall, Matilda, d. Jul 19, 1890, age 69yr 7mn 6da, w/o John
Boyce, Albert, d. Dec 25, 1903, age 73yr 4mn 19da
Boyer, Adam, d. Sep 13, 1850, age 63yr 5mn 22da
Boyer, Christine, d. Nov 22, 1873, age 71yr and 21da, s/w Adam
Brandenberg, William H., b. Jan 8, 1862, d. Jul 26, 1862, s/o Ezra and Margaret
Burton, Catherine, d. Aug 18, 1887, age 70yr 5mn 22da
Eyler, Infant, no dates, d/o Charles and Mary
Gallaher, Charlie, No dates, s/o Thomas and Mary, Infant
Gallaher, Laura V., d. Sep 19, 1869, age 2mn and 2da, d/o Thomas and Mary
Gallaher, Mary A., d. Mar 8, 1884, age 34yr 9mn 20da, w/o Thomas
Griffith, Claude Roy, d. Feb 27, 1882, age 2mn and 8da
Haines, Adolphus, b. Apr 6, 1850, d. Jul 6, 1856, age 6yr and 3mn
Harvey, Samuel, b. May 3, 1821, d. Jun 25, 1880, age 59yr 1mn 22da
Hawflatch, Herekiah, b. Jul 7, 1821, d. Oct 9, 1881
Jacobs, Jane, b. Jun 7, 1786, d. Mar 4, 1866, age 79yr 8mn 25da
Jacobs, John H., b. Sep 22, 1862, d. Feb 27, 1863, s/o William and Susan
Keller, Edward F., d. Nov 25, 1885, age 67yr 9mn 10da
Keller, Mary H., d. May 18, 1890, age 50 years
Keller, Sarah, d. Jan 17, 1861, age 41yr 10mn 22da
Ketrow, Leslie E., d. Jun 27, 1872, age 1mn and 12da, s/o William and Margaret
Kolb, Frederick A., d. Jul 1880, In his 70th year
Kolb, John E., b. Apr 3, 1840, d. Feb 3, 1863
Kolb, Lydia V., d. Jul 8, 1880, age 29yr 11mn 9da, d/o Frederick and Lydia
Kolb, Lydia, b. Jul 22, 1813, d. Dec 5, 1868, w/o Frederick
Kolb, Mabel Gertrude, b. Nov 10, 1870, d. Jun 18, 1871, age 7mn and 8da
Lease, Charles, d. Jul 2, 1865, age 57 years
Lucas, Susanne, b. Oct 25, 1818, d. Sep 15, 1866, age 47yr and 10mn
O'Brien, Joseph, no dates, Civil War Veteran
Poole, Della Mae, b. 1878, d. 1880
Poole, Eveline, b. Jan 17, 1852. d. Feb 5, 1866, age 12yr and 19da
Poole, Johnny, b. Sep 10, 1877, d. Sep 29, 1890, age 13yr and 19da
Poole, Joshua, b. Apr 15, 1832, d. Dec 27, 1884 age 52yr 8mn 2da
Poole, Laura L., d. Mar 21, 1876, age 22yr 7mn 21da, w/o Charles
Poole, Mary M., d. Feb 11, 1882, age 49yr 11mn 7da, w/o Samuel
Price, Carrie L., d. Dec 20, 1886, age 9 months, d/o Oliver and Annie
Price, Emma, d. Jul 18, 1882, age 26yr 8mn 12da
Price, Jerima L., d. Jul 18, 1882, age 26 years, w/o Oliver
Rippen, Annie M.E., b. Mar 16, 1856, d. Dec 12, 1904, age 48yr 8mn 26da, w/o Zachariah
Rippen, David, d. Nov 12, 1862, In his 60th year
Rippen, Frances M., d. Aug 31, 1866, age 1yr and 11da, s/o Jerome and Mary, age 89yr and 1mn, headstone was broken off and the stone was 60% gone
Rippen, Oliver L., d. Oct 27, 1882, age 5mn and 6da, s/o V.R. and J.L. Rippen
Rippen, Silas, no dates, Civil War Veteran
Rowons, Lambert, b. Mar 13, 1797, d. Jun 7, 1853, age 57yr and 2mn
Sheetenhelm, Charlotte, d. Jul 17, 1865, age 8yr 2mn 4da
Sheetenhelm, E., d. May 15, 1851, In her 48th year
Sheetenhelm, Elizabeth, b. Aug 10, 1819, d. Dec 21, 1862, w/o Rueben
Sheetenhelm, Mary, d. Oct 20, 1866, age 83yr 6mn 3da
Sheetenhelm, Reuben, b. Mar 1, 1811, d. Sep 28, 1882
Sheetenhelm, Thomas, b. Oct 21, 1799, d. Apr 1 1853
Sheetenhelm, Victor Allen, d. Jun 20, 1872, age 3mn and 8da
Shelton, Mary H., b. Apr 11, 1782, d. Jun 9, 1862, age 64yr 1mn 29da
Snyder, Ana Mary, b. Aug 16, 1863, d. Feb 25, 1921, w/o Milton
Sponseller, Catherine, b. May 5, 1788, d. Jan 7, 1852, age 67yr 8mn 12da
Sponseller, Dr. Edward D.W., d. Jan 12. 1896, age 29yr 10mn 23da, s/o J.L. and Mary
Sponseller, Jacob C., d. Dec 27, 1906, age 60yr and 9mn
Sponseller, Mary, d. Mar 13, 1915, age 75yr 7mn 12da
Spurrgeon, Anna Elizabeth Burton, d. Jul 13, 1892, age 40yr 2mn 22da, w/o J. Hanson
Wagoner, Catherine, d. Feb 27, 1855, age 38yr 8mn and 24da, w/o Nicholas
Wagoner, Margaret, b. Jul 16, 1798, d. Dec 5, 1862, age 64yr 5mn 11da
Wetzel, Infant, no dates
White, Charlie F., d. Jul 3, 1864, age 19yr 3mn 2da, s/o Hiram and Elizabeth, Civil War Veteran
White, Elizabeth, no dates, w/o Hiram

??, ??, age 5 days, headstone was 3/4 broken and missing
??, ??, In his 32nd year, 2/3 of the headstone was broken off and missing

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