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Wills Family Cemetery
Charles County, Maryland

9880 Johnsontown Road, Bel Alton, Maryland

Lat: 38° 29' 04"N, Lon: 76° 58' 08"W

Contributed by Anne Braun, Jun 28, 2005, last edited Apr 06, 2006 [annieb1961@comcast.net]. Total records = 10.

In Bel Alton, from the intersection of Highway 301 and Bel Alton Road, go .2 miles east until you reach Fairground Road. Turn onto Fairground Road and go 1.4 miles north until you reach Johnsontown Road. Turn onto Johnsontown Road and go east on a gravel road for .9 miles. The cemetery is on the north side of the road about 50 yards west of the old house.

This is small, well kept family cemetery. Only two headstones stood here for many years until 1990. About 1.5 west of here stood another small cemetery that was near the Preference house which is on Highway 301.

In 1990, the developers were going to build houses on the land near the Preference Cemetery and this was going to disturb the burials. They decided to the remove the remains and the headstones over where the two headstones were on Johnsontown Road.

Somebody provided two new headstones for the ones who were buried over on Johnsontown Road. In May of 2005, the house which was about 50 yards from this cemetery burned down. To my knowledge, I think the owner is not going to rebuild the house which was over 200 years old. These burials are that of the Wills family.

I visited this cemetery on Jun 15, 2005.

- Anne Braun

* was buried on the Johnsontown property
+ remains were removed to the Johnsontown property

Burch, M.R. Wills, d. Sep 9, 1909 age 75 years, d/o Francis and Catherine +
Wills John B., b. Apr 10, 1861, d. Dec 22, 1883, s/o Francis and T. Olivia +
Wills, Alexander, b May 16, 1819, d. Jan 3o 1844 *
Wills, Ann B., b. Feb 3, 1779, d. Feb 20, 1811, w/o John
Wills, C. Ellen, b. Apr 10, 1861, d. Sep 8, 1862, d/o Francis and T. Olivia +
Wills, Francis Reid M.D., b. Apr 25, 1803, d. Jun 22, 1872 +
Wills, John B., b. Jun 14, 1831, d. Feb 15, 1859, age 27yr 8mn and 1 day, s/o Francis and Catherine +
Wills, John B., b. Jun 6, 1773, d. Oct 29, 1844 *
Wills, M. E., d. Feb 2, 1912, age 72 years, d/o Francis and Catherine, s/w M.A. Burch
Wills, T. Olivia, b. Dec 11, 1821, d. Feb 7, 1881, w/o Francis +

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