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Osborne Cemetery
Waldorf, Charles County, Maryland

3455 Mill Hill Road, Waldorf, Maryland

Lat: 38° 37' 23"N, Lon: 77° 59' 50"W

Contributed by Anne Braun, May 06, 2006 [annieb1961@comcast.net]. Total records = 12.

In Waldorf, from the intersection of Highway 228 (Berry Road) and Mill Hill Road, go south on Mill Hill Road for 2 miles until Mill Hill Road goes west. Go west on Mill Hill Road for .8 miles until you a brick rancher. The cemetery is about 30 yards south from the house.

This is a small cemetery that is in poor condition. In 1957, the present owner's parents bought the property where the cemetery sits. At that time in 1957, there were six old headstones where this cemetery is. Somehow over the years, these headstones were destroyed. I did manage to find two pieces of a headstone and put them together. The cemetery is now being used by the present day owner's family and neighbors.

This includes only headstone readings from when I visited this cemetery on May 03, 2006.

- Anne Braun

* = Funeral Home Marker
+ = from original cemetery

Austin, Carrie A., b. 1898, d. 1986 *
Austin, Everett L., b. 1898, d. 1974 *
Eaton, ??, d. Aug 16, 1831, In her ?3rd year of age +
Litchenstein, Anna, b. Apr 13, 1920, d. Dep 21, 1994, s/w Henry
Litchenstein, Henry, b. Dec 21, 1921, d. no date
Osborne, Carrie, b. Mar 25, 1892, d. Dec 18, 1990
Osborne, Carroll H., b. Sep 12, 1912, d. Jan 6, 1972
Osborne, Phillip David, b. Dec 6, 1946, d. Jul 24, 1965
Osborne, Porter, b. Nov 30, 1891, d. Oct 6, 1975
Pirner, Kelly James, b. Aug 9, 1960, d. Aug 5, 1995
Simms, Roland, b. 1943, d. 2000 *
Stallard, Betty Ann, b. May 18, 1928, d. May 23, 1975

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