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Dent Inheritance Cemetery
Dentsville, Charles County, Maryland

Lat: 38° 29' 20"N, Lon: 76° 51' 23"W

Contributed by Anne Braun, Apr 07, 2005 [annieb1961@comcast.net]. Total records = 6.

From the intersection of Highway 6 and Olivers Shop Road, go .6 east on Highway 6 until you see the entrance to Gilbert Run Park. Turn there and follow thw park road north until you come to the end of the road. Park there and go up the trail in a northeast directin for 75 feet. Then you go a hill. The cemetery is there near a barn.

This is a small family cemetery that is in terrible condtion. Most of the people who are buried in this cemetery are from the Dent Family which was a prominent family in that area of Charles County. The headstones are broken, thrown about, or missing.

The little cemetery sits on the western edge of Gilbert Run Park which is a county day use park owned by Charles County. I compared my findings with the Charles County Historical Society of Cemeteries which was done in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The cemetery is also registered with the Maryland Historic Trust.

This includes only headstone readings from when I visited this cemetery on Apr 06, 2007.

- Anne Braun

* = only find the footstone, no headstone
# = headstone and footstone are missing

Dent, B. Cecelia, d. Jul 6, 1860, age 1yr 11mn and 6da, d/o Joseph and Drucilla
Dent, Benjamin F., d. Mar 21, 1858, age 19yr and 9mn
Dent, Cecelia, d. Oct 2, 1839, d. Aug 14, 1858, w/o Joseph
Dent, James C., d. Jan 10, 1841, age 28yr and 5mn #
Dent, Theophilus, b. Oct 21, 1778, d. Nov 15, 1867, age 89yr and 24da, s/o Gideon
Lawson, Martha, d. Sep 24, 1840, age 70yr and 27da, w/o John E.L. Lawson *


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