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Lower Marlboro United Methodist Cemetery
Owings, Calvert County, Maryland

6519 Lower Marlboro Lane, Owings, Maryland 20736

Lat: 38° 39' 17"N, Lon: 76° 40' 56"W

Contributed by Pat Lavato, April 2000, last updated Jan 08, 2002 [pattila@chesapeake.net]. Total records = 166.

Maiden names in most cases were given to me by Dr. Merle Gibson a life-long
resident of Lower Marlboro. Prepared by:Patricia M. Hallihan Lavato, 4/5/2000

Armiger, Benjamin F., b. 1848, d. 1877
Armiger, Bernard, unmarked (son)
Armiger, Blaine, unmarked (son)
Armiger, Elizabeth C (Tippett), b. 1860-1899 (wife of Benjamin F.)
Armiger, Griffith E, b. 10-15-1883, d. 1-17-1977 (son)
Bowen, Malcom J, b. 1890-1960
Bowen, Olive R (Jones), b. 1891-1966 (wife of Malcolm J.)
Bowen, William A, b. 3-12-1913, d. 12-14-1976
Chelstrom, Gina, b. 6-11-1910, d. 8-4-1996 (Mother of Mary Flynt)
Clark, Daniel R, b. 6-17-1967, d. 12-26-1991 (son of Steven)
Clements, Mary Elizabeth (Spicknall), b. 1878-1956
Cox, Elbert H, b. 12-5-1897, d. 8-28-189- (son of S.J. & S.E.)
Cox, Elsie (Jones), b. 12-15-1895, d. 5-21-1983 (wife of Melville)
Cox, Leslie S, b. 1891-1951
Cox, Mary E (Scaggs), b. 1875 -1967 (wife of Leslie)
Cox, Melville B, b. 1-15-1896, d. 11-9-1945
Cummins, Jack A, b. 12-20-1921, d. 11-30-1988, PFC US Army WW II
Dalrymple, Ellen, b. 1829 t0 1-26-1896 (2nd wife of W.H.)
Dalrymple, Hester A. (Jessop), b. 1821, d. 3-26-1893 (wife of J.M.B.)
Dalrymple, J. M. B, b. 1829-1913
Dalrymple, Julius F, b. 1857, d. 1-12-1876, Aged 19 years & 4 days, Beloved son of John M.B. & Hester A.
Dalrymple, William H, b. 1804, d. 1-16-1890
Dean, Annie, b. 3-13-1823, d. 7-22-1911 (wife of John, Mother of Sarah)
Fowler, Joseph C, b. 1864, d. 1885
Fowler, Margaret M (Jones), b. 1862-1919 (wife of Joseph)
Fowler, Mary Louise, b. 3-4-1869, d. 5-14-1960 (sister of Caroline Fowler)
Gibson, Alice Olivia (Younger), b. 3-20-1869, d. 1-13-1929 (wife of James W.)
Gibson, Anna Elizabeth (Swann), b. 4-29-1892, d. 9-2-1975 (wife of Merle L, Sr)
Gibson, Annie A (Weems), b. 1846, d. 1909 (wife of James W)
Gibson, Catharine C (Spicknall), b. 1824, d. 12-21-1875 (wife of William A)
Gibson, Eugenia G (nee Gibson), b. 10-10-1848, d. 4-21-1928(wife of James W)
Gibson, Fannie Ida (Jones), b. 9-7-1907, d. 6-15-1995 (wife of Frank)
Gibson, Frank O, b. 3-8-1893, d. 1-8-1965, Pvt Co K 110 Inf. 28th Div. (WW I)
Gibson, Harold L., b. 11-25-1918, d. 1-21-1979
Gibson, James Carlyle, b. 1-3-1900, d. 12-19-1930 (son of James W & Alice O)
Gibson, James W., b. 11-29-1862, d. 1-21-1915(spouse of Alice O)
Gibson, James W., b. 1846-1904 (spouse of Annie A.)
Gibson, James W., b. 6-14-1832, d. 2-14-1903 (spouse of Eugenia)
Gibson, Lloyd B., b. 10-8-1891, d. 10-8-1971
Gibson, Lloyd Clyde, b. 3-10-1915, d. 2-12-1992, TSGT. USA WW II BRONZE MEDAL
Gibson, Martha King (Trott), b. 7-20-1911, d. 3-4-1977 (wife of Thomas King & Lloyd B. Gibson, Gibson)
Gibson, Merle L. Sr., b. 2-17-1891, d. 3-7-1962
Gibson, Merle Leon, Jr., MD, b. 10-23-1921, d. 9-26-2001
Gibson, Myrtle V. (Cox), b. 9-29-1892, d. 9-12-1948 (wife of Lloyd B)
Gibson, Robert Franklin, b. 1855-1922 (spouse of Mary R. )
Gibson, Robert H., b. 12-16-1955, d. 6-6-1983 (son of Harold)
Gibson, Verna Llewella (Russell), b. 5-10-1917, d. 5-29-1981 (wife of Harold)
Gibson, William A, b. 1820, d. 11-22-1874 (spouse of Catharine)
Grace, Mark E. Sr., b. 8-27-1912, d. 7-12-1987
Grace, Mary M. (Russick), b. 5-1-1916, d. 9-1-1987...his wife
Gray, Bertha L., b. 1-12-1923, d. 7-9-1989 (Mother)
Gray, Michael A., b. 3-22-1956, d. 11-1-1996
Gray, Virginia Jean, d. 3/2001 (wife of Frederick)
Heaton, John Alvin, b. 4-14-1932, d. 4-1-1999, HMCS US Navy, Korea, Vietnam
Hinman, Mary Evans, b. 5-23-1884, d. 12-13-1914 (dau. Walter & Julia)
Hinman, Mary F., b. 1872, d. 7-25-1872 ( 5mos. 25 days)
Hinman, Walter S., b. 2-12-1876, d. 2-12-1877 (son of W.S & Julia (Hopkins)
Ireland, James W., b. 1918, d. 11-8 1999 (spouse of Ruby C. Cox)
Jackson, Kelly Christine, b. 4-19-1989, d. 4-27-1989 (dau. Hugh III)
Jones, Cornelius J., b. 1-23-1853, d. 2-1-1890
Jones, Eliza E. (Turner), b. 3-2-1857, d. 2-1-1890, Beloved wife of Cornelius J. & Henry C. Jones (brothers)
Jones, Elizabeth, unmarked (wife of Reuben)
Jones, Gertrude M. (Griffith), b. 6-15-1904, d. 8-19-1969 (wife of Leonard)
Jones, Henry C., b. 5-10-1860, d. 6-18-1897
Jones, Leonard R., b. 5-17-1905, d. 12-28-1988
Jones, Reuben A., b. 12-16-1893, d. 3-6-1978
Jones, Robert, b. 4-7-1857, d. 6-26-1932 (Spouse of Elizabeth A.)
King, Carroll E., b. 9-27-1902, d. 10-31-1970
King, George W., b. 10-18-1872, d. 3-14-1940
King, George Younger, b. 4-11-1904, d. 12-1975 (Son of George W)
King, Leida M. (Younger), b. 2-1-1882, d. 10-17-1974 (wife of Geowge W.)
King, Margaret A (Fowler), b. 8-31-1902, d. 4-22-1976
King, Thomas S., b. 1-31-1907, d. 8-8-1947 (spouse of Martha K. (Trott) Gibson)
Lavato, Richard D., b. 3-31-1930, d. 5-27-1982 (spouse of Patricia Hallihan), TSGT USAF, KOREA
Lieb, Lillian (Spicknall), b. 10-4-1889, d. 5-27-1962 (his wife)
Lieb, S. Louis, b. 5-3-1888, d. ?
Moon, Floyd D., b. 6-12-1931, d. 6-11-1991
Osbourn, Frank O., b. 1-11-1928, d. 4-9-1998 (spouse of Elizabeth)
Osbourn, John I., b. 1897, d. 1978
Osbourn, Mary Eugenia 'Jean' (Trott), b. 9-19-1921, d. 11-25-1999 (wife of Thomas J)
Osbourn, Mary V. (Wayson), b. 10-26-1898, d. 6-9-1992 (wife of William L)
Osbourn, Richard M., b. 1861-1930
Osbourn, Sarah E. (Younger), b. 1866-1930 (wife of Richard)
Osbourn, Thomas J., b. 10-17-1920, d. 6-9-1989
Osbourn, William L., b. 1887-1958
Owings, Bertie C. (Younger), b. 1873, d. 1932 (wife of Ernest)
Owings, Ernest, b. 1867-?
Owings, Leila G., b. 11-23-1899, d. 3-5-1994
Plummer, Alma Virginia (aka Almyra), b. 1899, d. 1953 (dau. Clarence Sr.)
Plummer, Anna Estelle, b. 12-12-1887, d. 9-9-1920, Wife of Joseph Blake Bourne
Plummer, Annie Gertrude (Chaney), b. 1865-1936 (wife of Clarence Sr.)
Plummer, Clarence B. Jr., b. 8-25, d. 1892, d. 11-27-1967
Plummer, Clarence B. Sr., b. 1863, d. 1927
Plummer, Elizabeth A. (Cranford), b. 8-30-1895, d. 2-8-1989 (wife of Clarence Jr.)
Plummer, Leroy Lee, b. 1904-1954 (son of Clarence Sr.)
Plummer, Warren C., b. 6-12-1922 , d. 10-23-1952 (son of Clarence Jr.)
Plummer, William Fulton, b. 1899-1947
Reick, William A., b. 6-3-1898, d. 4-10-1969 PENNSYLVANIA Y3 USNRF WW I
Rider, Fred I., b. 9-25-1915, d. 7-17-1990 (spouse Dorothy Cox) EM3 USNAVY WW II
Russell, Stanley, b. 12-31-1915, d. 6-8-1999 (spouse of Elaine Gibson)
Ryan, Blanche Louise, (Wilkerson), b. 8-8-1918, d. 5-31-2000
Saint Clair, Lester C., b. 1897-1936
Saint Clair, Mary O. (Owings), b. 1902-1935 his wife
Scaggs, Carlos R., b. 9-12-1954, d. 6-15-1990 (son of W.R.(Dickie) & Bessie (McCready )
Scaggs, Carrie M. (Norton), b. 8-28-1888, d. 7-9-1936 (wife of Geo. W.S.)
Scaggs, Edith M. (Bayless), b. 11-26-1923, d. 1-4-1980 (wife of Warren W.)
Scaggs, Elsie M., b. 8-19-1912, d. 1-9-1935 (dau. George W. S.)
Scaggs, George W. Selby, b. 1-14-1885, d. 1-25-1971 (son of Wm. & Sarah)
Scaggs, Howard I., b. 8-8-1892, d. 11-11-1950 (son of Wm. & Sarah)
Scaggs, Irene Loretta, b. 8-3-1914, d. 10-25-1994 (dau. George W.S)
Scaggs, Ollie Dean, b. 7-3-1889 to5-8-1890 (son of Wm. W. & Sarah)"The Angel came & whispered, Ollie come go with me, They bore our darling pet away, To stay through eternity.
Scaggs, Sarah S. (Dean), b. 12-18-1863, d. 8-11-1936 (wife of William W.)
Scaggs, Warren W., b. 9-15-1923, d. 7-9-1979 (son of George W. S.)
Scaggs, William Richard (Dickie), b. 1-18-1930, d. 12-14-2000 (husband of Bessie McCready)
Scaggs, William W., b. 11-22-1857, d. 4-8-1929
Snyder, Mary Rebecca Gibson, b. 1870, d. 1958 (wife of Robert Franklin Gibson) nee Wilkerson
Spicknall, Charles G., b. 9-6-1852, d. 1-24-1947
Spicknall, Charles Morris, b. 1857, d. 1910
Spicknall, Charles William, b. 1828, d. 1891
Spicknall, Elizabeth (Ireland), b. 11-19-1836, d. 3-13-1876 (wife of Charles W) "And he showed me a pure river Of water of life clear as crystal, Proceeding out of the throne of God & at the lamb."
Spicknall, James William, b. 1822, d. 1873
Spicknall, Margaret Caroline (Boyd), b. 1853-1883 (dau. Joshua; wife of Charles Morris)
Spicknall, Maria L. (King), b. 5-25-1862, d. 7-11-1943 )wife of Charles G.)
Spicknall, Marian O., b. 10-16-1894, d. 7-31-1976 (dau. Charles G.)
Spicknall, Martha E. (Moreland), b. 12-31-1838, d. 9-26-1904 (Wife of James)
Spicknall, Robert Barnes, b. 4-13-1899, d. 5-24-1976 (son of Charles G)
Stevens, Bertie Clay, b. 4-13-1907, d. 7-31-1995 (nee Bertha Owings)
Straub, John G., b. 5-19-1909, d. 1-10-1982 (spouse of Mary E.)
Sunderland, Elizabeth R., b. 9-20-1838, d. 12-5-1917 (dau. Sam & Susan)
Sunderland, Hannah A., b. 1845, d. 6-4-1913 (wife of Joseph S), Daughter of William C. Fowler
Sunderland, Joseph Samuel, b. 1841-1929
Sunderland, Samuel C., b. 10-11-1889, d. 3-6-1917 (son of Jos. & Hannah)
Sunderland, Samuel, b. 8-1-1806, d. 3-20-1881
Sunderland, Susan (Armiger), b. 3-19-1812, d. 4-13-1879 (wife of Samuel)
Swann, Catherine J Loveless (Lomax), b. 2-12-1920, d. 8-4-1972 his wife
Swann, Robert Welch, b. 4-17-1919, d. 6-23-1987
Tindell, Robert, b. 9-25-1935, d. 5-1-1999 (spouse of Mary Louise King)
Trexler, Ollie M., b. 2-20-1955, d. 6-9-1991
Ward, Dallas Sunderland Jr., b. 9-9-1962, d. 3-21-1988 "Chip"
Ward, Edwin S., b. 1840, d. 3-2-1902
Ward, Elizabeth, unmarked (wife of Dallas Sr.) nee Poehler
Ward, Grace S. (Sunderland), b. 1876-1940 (wife of Wm. S)(dau. Joseph)
Ward, Martha A. (Spicknall), b. 2-22-1840, d. 11-21-1924 (wife of Edwin)
Ward, Mildred (Cox), b. 7-27-1905, d. 1998 (wife of William G.)
Ward, William G., b. 10-26-1903, d. 10-11-1977
Ward, William S., b. 1872-1934 (Father of William G.)
Ward, William Sunderland II, b. 1943-1952 "Butch" (son of William G)
Weant, Elsie Mae (Lomax), b. 3-23-1902, d. 1-1-1991 (wife of Wm., sister of Catherine L.L.Swann)
Weant, William, b. 7-21-1896, d. 2-21-1958
Wells, Annette O., b. 8-31-1902, d. 1-20-1971 (dau. Oliver)
Wells, Caroline E. (Fowler), b. 4-6-1871, d. 5-8-1955 (wife of Oliver)
Wells, Lawrence M., b. 5-18-1886, d. 10-24-1955 (son of Oliver)
Wells, Margaret Ann, b. 1-17-1928, d. 5-21-1981 (dau. Lawrence M.)
Wells, Margaret Y. (Younger), b. 10-15-1884, d. 3-14-1958 (wife of Lawrence M)
Wells, Oliver H., b. 2-4-1876, d. 6-8-1957
Wester, Artis E., b. 11-7-1919, d. 8-28-1977
Wilkerson, Addie A. (Armiger), b. 1895-1931 (wife of John W.)(dau. Benjamin)
Wilkerson, John W., b. 1862, d. 1941
Wilkerson, John W., unmarked (son of John & Addie)
Wilkerson, Nancy, unmarked, died 12-14-1974
Younger, George S., b. 1841, d. 1922 (Father)
Younger, Grace E., b. 1887, d. 1977 (Daughter)
Younger, Mary F. (Gibson), b. 10-28-1844, d. 1-25-1902, wife of
Younger, Mary J. (Griffin), b. 1856-1892 (Mother)
Younger, Richard Zachariah, b. 8-27-1835, d. 7-4-1907
Younger, Samuel E., b. 1884, d. 1900 (Son)


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