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Lowe Family Cemetery
Baltimore County, Maryland

Red Run Blvd, Owings Mills MD 21117

Lat: 39° 25' 25"N, Lon: 76° 49' 08"W

Contributed by Nancy Simmers, Dec 28, 2004, last edited Nov 11, 2011 [nsimmers7@gmail.com]. Total records = 38.

The cemetery is located off of 795 in Owings Mills. Turn right onto Red Run Blvd (north from New Town Center Mall), turn left into the business parking lot of ADP at 11411 Red Run Blvd. Then pull into the new building next to it at 11301 Red Run Blvd and drive around the back. Park and walk up the hill till you see a sign "Day and Night Shooting, John M. Hundertmark Memorial Range."

Behind the shooting range you can see the cemetery fence and also some of the stones from the top of the hill before going into it. I would be very happy to take another researcher there because I live close by.

The cemetery is in very poor condition, thus my cousin, mother and I plan to go there this spring with a weed wacker and clean it up as much as possible. I also want to get a plaque or a sign for the cemetery. We have not found out who owns it as yet.

The history of the cemetery is not really known, except that it is the family of John Lowe and wife Flora Dorsey who lived in Soldiers Delight area of Baltimore County.

It was transcribed mostly from tombstones, with a little family history. We have pictures of most of the tombstones listed in the transcription. We also have a map of the cemetery which was made by Diane Paulson and her mother, with each tombstone marked.

Diane Paulson and I transcribed this cemetery in 1998. I entend on doing more this spring before all is lost!

- Nancy Simmers

Caspari, Rose Ellen, d. 9 Oct 1852, w/o of John Caspari
Choate, Jane, b. 1762, d. 30 Jul 1855
Geary, Alfrida, d. 2 Jul 1876, age: 8yrs 6mos
Geary, child five, d. 1852, child of William and Hannah Geary
Geary, child four, no dates
Geary, child one, d. Dec 1841, both one and John F died within 2 months of Ureth and Margaret, children of William and Hannah Geary
Geary, George H., b. 22 Aug 1840, d. 4 Jun 1873, age: 32yrs 9mos, child of William and Hannah Geary
Geary, Hannah, d. 10 Dec 1882, w/o William Geary d/o John Lowe and Hannah Hewitt
Geary, J. Alfred, d. Mar 28, looks like 1864
Geary, John F., d. 22 Dec 1841, age: 13yrs 2mos, child of William and Hannah Geary
Geary, Margaret,d. 6 Jan 1842, age: 5yrs 9mos, child of William and Hannah Geary
Geary, Ureth, d. 1 Jan 1842, age: 9yrs 4mos, child of William and Hannah Geary
Geary, William, d. 23 Feb 1882, age: 82yrs h/o Hannah
Gosnell, Rachel, b. 30 Mar 1802, d. 6 May 1848
Johnson, Jane, b. 5 Jul 1801, d. 22 Aug 1856, age: 56th year, w/o of James Johnson, d/o of Nicholas and Keturah (Baker) Lowe
Lowe, Alfred, b. 19 May 1805, d. Feb 8 1900
Lowe, Amos, b. 29 Dec 1789, d. 1 Jan 1841, s/o Nicholas Lowe and Keturah Baker
Lowe, Ann Jane, b. 1762, d. 30 Jul 1855, w/o Capt. Richard Choate
Lowe, Asenath, b. 1799, d. 27 Oct 1852, w/o Thomas Worrell
Lowe, David, b. 1772, d. 18 Dec 1839, s/o John Lowe and Flora Dorsey, h/o Margaret
Lowe, Edward Hewitt, b. 11 Jun 1791, d. 31 Aug 1874, s/o John Lowe and Hannah Hewitt, h/o Rebecca Gosnell
Lowe, Elizabeth Welling, b. 1 Sep 1801, d. Jun 1896, h/o Amos Lowe
Lowe, Florence, b. 1766, d. 22 Nov 1799, w/o James Geary, d/o John Lowe and Flora Dorsey
Lowe, John H., b. 25 Mar 1785, d. 16 Aug 1876, s/o John Lowe and Hannah Hewitt, h/o Ann Gosnell
Lowe, Sarah Amanda, b. 14 Jun 1811, d. 22 Apr 1866
Milliron, Elizabeth, b. 9 Jul 1826, d. Sep 1867, d/o Samuel and Merab Milliron
Milliron, Ernest, b. 1 Oct 1850, d. 13 Jan 1892, s/o Zachariah S. and Lucinda J. Milliron
Milliron, Frank, b. 1854, d. no date, s/o Zachariah S. and Lucinda J. Milliron
Milliron, Julia E., b. 6 Mar 1891, d. 15 Jul 1891
Milliron, Keturah, b. 28 Feb 1812, d. 24 May 1900, d/o Samuel and Merab Milliron
Milliron, Lucinda Jane, b. 15 Jun 1822, d. 16 Jun 11, w/o Zachariah S. Milliron
Milliron, Mary, d. 24 Jun 1906, age: 87th year, d/o Samuel and Merab Milliron
Milliron, Merab, b. 12 Jun 1788, d. Feb 17 1880, w/o Samuel Milliron
Milliron, Samuel, b. 1787, d. 31 Aug 1845, h/o Merab Lowe Milliron
Nussear, Edward C., b. 25 Apr 1839, d. 18 Sep 1871, age: 32 years, s/o James H. and Susan Nussear
Small, Ellen, b. 9 Apr 1821, d. 1833, age: 12 years
Worrell, David Lowe, b. 1835, d. 27 Jun 1873, s/o Thomas and Asenath Worrell, h/o Julia A. Everhart
Worrell, Thomas, b. 1795, d. 25 Sep 1857, h/o Asenath Lowe

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