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Warfield Cemetery
Gambrills, Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Saint Stephen Church Road, Gambrills, Maryland

Lat: 39° 02' 31"N, Lon: 76° 39' 39"W

Contributed by Anne Braun, Nov 10, 2009 [annieb1961@comcast.net]. Total records = 23.

From the intersection of Highway 3 and Saint Stephen Church Road, go onto Saint Stephen Church Road and go southeast for .4 miles until you see a gravel road. Turn there and go north/northeast on the gravel road until you reach a driveway. The cemetery is located about 30 yards northeast/east of the house.

A small family cemetery that is in good shape. The cemetery is situated on property that was once called Brandy. The property once belonged to the Warfield family who owned the property from the late 1600s until the mid 1900s. The burials that are in the cemetery are those from the Warfield Family and their descendents. The cemetery was not always in good condition. It was neglected for many years until a couple of years ago when a few people decided to clean the cemetery up.

I visited and walked this cemetery on Oct 22, 2009.

- Anne Braun

Hodge, Alice, b. Mar 9, 1860, d. May 18, 1860, d/o William and Margaret
Hodge, Margaret Warfield, d. Mar 19, 1860, age: 21yr 8mo 9da, w/o William
Trapmill, George GMR, d. Sep 11, 1850, age: 11mo
Turner, Edward Wright, d. Dec 23, 1856, age: 11mo and 6da, s/o Reverend James and Mary
Turner, Emma Virginia, b. Oct 13, 1851, d. Aug 28, 1853, d/o Reverend James and Mary
Turner, Fannie, b. Jun 18, 1853, d. Sep 16, 1863, d/o Reverend James and Mary
Turner, Johnie, b. Aug 23, 1859, d. Sep 25, 1863, s/o Reverend James and Mary
Turner, Mary Ann Warfield, b. May 6, 1821, d. Jun 23, 1897
Turner, Mary Ann, b. Sep 6, 1857, d. Jan 25, 1947, d/o Reverend James and Mary
Turner, Reverend James, d. Jun 2, 1865, age: 43yr
Turner, William Philemon, b. Dec 30, 1849, d. Nov 16, 1888
Warfield, Charles H., d. oct 8, 1856, age: 30yr 3mn and 1da
Warfield, Clarence, b. Nov 22, 1865, d. May 10, 1922
Warfield, Elizabeth, d. Sep 23, 1858, age: 51yr, w/o Lancelot
Warfield, Genevra, b. Jan 11, 1875, d. Jun 15, 1920, age: 45yr
Warfield, Lancelot Jr., b. Aug 1842, d. Dec 1895, s/o Lancelot Sr. and Elizabeth
Warfield, Lancelot Sr., b. Aug 1800. d. Jul 1883
Warfield, Lancelot, d. Nov 3, 1841, age: 69yr
Warfield, Laura E., d. Dec 5, 1862, age: 22yr and 20da
Warfield, Margaret, b. Feb 14, 1842, d. May 26, 1913
Warfield, Mary, d. Sep 23, 1828, age: 56yr, w/o Lancelot
Warfield, Philemon, d. Aug 31, 1852, age: 59yr
Warfield, Victor, b. Aug 18, 1876, d. Apr 6, 1898, s/o Lancelot Jr. and Margaret

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