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South Burial Grounds
Tewksbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts

south burial grounds
South Burial Grounds

GPS: 42.589120, -71.202688

Shawsheen & Main St
Tewksbury, MA 01876

by Lisa Haynes [lhaynes9722@yahoo.com]
Published: Aug 23, 2004
Total records = 150

Located on the south corner of Main (Rte. 38) & Shawsheen Sts., between Shawsheen St & the Shawsheen River. From I-93, take Exit 42, Dascomb Road, follow Dascomb Rd. towards Tewksbury for .2 mile, take left onto Shawsheen St. Follow Shawsheen for 2.6 miles. Will come to set of lights at Main St. Cemetery is at the opposite corner of Shawsheen and Main Sts.

South Burial Grounds is under the auspices of Tewksbury Cemetery Commission. The condition of the grounds is fairly good and well kept for it's age.


The South Burying Ground was utilized by families on the south end of Tewksbury as the community cemetery in the 1700s. The cemetery was improved c1860 and expanded in 1862 when additional lots were laid out and sold. It was improved again c.1886 when the burying ground was enclosed with a stone wall. Steps and openings in the wall provide access to the cemetery from Shawsheen Street. The older portions of the burying ground features slate arranged with little organization. In 1862 the expanded section toward Main Street was laid out and plots were sold. The new section of the cemetery appears to be similarly arranged with little organization. There is one large family lot with large central family monuments surrounded by smaller individual markers for the Thompson family.

Cemetery Records

Records published below were recorded from tombstone inscriptions, from all visible stones, by Lisa Haynes on August 22, 2004.

Alexander, Susan W., d. 19 Sep 1895, age: 84yr, 5mo, wife of P. C. Alexander
Baldwin, Annah, d. 6 Jan 1815, age: 47yr, 11m, 6d, wife of Mr. Davis Baldwin
Baldwin, Capt. Joshua, d. 15 Feb 1807, age: 82yr
Baldwin, Davis, d. 7 Apr 1834, age: 65yr, Late of Windham
Baldwin, Jonathan, d. 1756?, age: 68yr
Baldwin, Mary, d. 11 Oct 1727, age: 59yr
Baldwin, Sarah, d. 16 Oct 1816, age: 78, wife of Capt. Joshua Baldwin
Baldwin, Sarah, d. 22 May 1819, age: 15yr, 8mo, 20da, dau. of Lieut. Davis and Mrs. Annah Baldwin
Beard, Aaron, d. 18 Jul 1796, age: 79yr
Beard, Dorcas, b. 24 Oct 1759, d. 24 Oct 1760, dau. of Mr. Aaron & Mrs. Susanna Beard
Beard, Hannah, b. 3 Oct 1748, d. 19 Oct 1759, dau. of Mr. Aaron & Mrs. Susanna Beard
Beard, Susanna, d. 3 Oct 1791, age: 71yr, wife of Mr. Aaron Beard
Blanchard, Martha Foster, d. 23 May 1856, age: 32y, 10m, wife of A. F. Blanchard Blanchard, Infant son, s/w Martha Foster Blanchard
Bridges, Jehiel, d. 8 Aug 1838, age: 70yr
Bridges, John, d. 4 Aug 1838, age: 28yr
Bridges, Mary F., d. 13 Aug 1864, age: 63yr, 11mo, 13da (stone in the woods)
Brown, Abiel, d. 18 Jul 1856, age: 80yr
Brown, Dea. Joseph, d. 4 Jul 1828, age: 57yr
Brown, Jerusha, d. 10 Dec 1809, age: 20yr, 7mo, 5da, dau. of Jonathan Brown, Esq. & Mrs. Mary, his wife.
Brown, John, d. 20 Oct 1849, age: 44
Brown, Jonathan, Esq., d. 14 Jun 1844, age: 72yr
Brown, Jonathan, Esq., d. 18 Dec 1822, age: 87yr
Brown, Joseph 3rd, d. 13 Apr 1827, age: 26yr
Brown, Joseph, d. 2 Jun 1767, age: 77yr
Brown, Mary, d. 20 Jul 1829, age: 60yr, wife of Dea. Joseph Brown
Brown, Mary, d. 29 Dec 1828, age: 30yr
Brown, Nancy, d. 1839, wife of Abiel Brown (stone fallen down)
Brown, Samuel, d. 27 Aug 1804, age: 78yr
Brown, Sarah, d. 18 Dec 1863, age: 49yr, 9 mo
Burt, Benjamin, Jr., d. 7 Oct 1778, age: 31yr, son of Mr. Benjamin & Mrs. Abigail Burt
Burt, Hannah, d. 17 Oct 1850, age: 80yr, wife of Thomas Burt
Burt, Jacob, d. 17 Jun 1776, age: 25yr, son of Mr. Benjamin & Mrs. Abigail Burt
Burt, Thomas, d. 24 Feb 1835, age: 84yr (stone fallen down)
Clark, Abigail, d. 13 Dec 1806, age: 44yr, widow of Nathaniel Clark
Clark, Algernon? S., d. 10 May 1858, age: 20, s/w Zephaniah & Elizabeth Clark
Clark, Capt. Peter, d. 26 Nov 187?
Clark, Clara Sargent, 19 Feb 1853, d. 1 Sep 1867, s/w Peter G. Clark
Clark, Elizabeth, d. 2 Mar 1826, age: 93yr, widow of Mr. Peter Clark
Clark, Elizabeth, d. 28 Dec 1881, age: 76yr, wife of Zephaniah Clark
Clark, John, d. 13 Feb 1846, age: 85yr
Clark, Joseph, d. 8 Apr 1828, age: 57yr, s/w Rebecka Clark (stone in the woods)
Clark, Letitia B., d. 2 ??? 18??, age: 73yr, wife of Capt. Peter Clark
Clark, Letitia, 1835, d. 1925, s/w Peter G. Clark
Clark, Lieut. Peter, d. 1 Oct 1825, age: 61yr
Clark, Martha B., no dates, wife of Charles M. Clark (stone broken in the woods)
Clark, Mary E., 1 Jun 1829, d. 12 Apr 1917, s/w Peter G. Clark
Clark, Mary, d. 21 Sep 1825, age: 33yr, wife of Capt. Peter Clark
Clark, Nathaniel, d. 7 May 1803, age: 42yr
Clark, Peter G., 20 Nov 1827, d. 19 Feb 1910
Clark, Peter, d. 25 May 1789, age: 61yr
Clark, Rebecka, d. 30 Nov 1826, age: 56, wife of Mr. Joseph Clark (stone in the woods)
Clark, Sarah, d. 1 Mar 1846, age: 85, wife of John Clark
Clark, Sarah, d. 27 Nov 1822, age: 25, dau. of Lieut. Peter & Mrs. Sarah Clark
Clark, Sarah, d. 30 Jun 1797, age: 30, wife of Lieut. Peter Clark
Clark, Zephaniah, d. 25 Sep 1849, age: 46
Foster, Abby H., d. 26 Jun 1879, age: 57y, 10m, wife of Oliver Foster
Foster, Amos, d. 20 Sep 1863, age: 78
Foster, Amos, d. 4 Oct 1835, age: 82
Foster, Charles Amos, 1852, d. 1940, s/w Hannah Jane Foster
Foster, Elizabeth, d. 13 Sep 1825, age: 70, wife of Lieut. Amos Foster
Foster, Enoch, can't read stone
Foster, Hannah Jane, 1852, d. 1908, s/w Charles Amos Foster
Foster, Oliver, d. 19 Feb 1882, age: 63y, 7m
Foster, Rhoda, d. 1 Jun 1846, age: 59, wife of Amos Foster
French, Achsah, d. 14 Jan 1848, age: 76
French, Beulah, d. 10 Mar 1814, wife of Mr. John French
French, Elizabeth, d. 18 Sep 1864, age: 79y, 9m, wife of Joseph French
French, Hosley, d. 2 Oct 1830, age: 52
French, John, d. 25 Sep 1800, age: 68
French, John, d. 26 Sep 1877, age: 74y (stone fallen down)
French, Joseph, d. 15 Oct 1865, age: 82y, 9m
French, Joseph, d. 21 Dec 1800, age: 79y, 9m
French, Louisa A., d. 11 Dec 1898, age: 78y, 11m, 3d
French, Marie, d. 11 Jan 1810, age: 8m, 19d, dau. of Mr. Hosley & Mrs. Rebecca French
French, Mary, cannot read stone
French, Mary, d. 11 Dec 1786, age: 55y, wife of Mr. Joseph French
French, Rebecca, d. 2 May 1813, age: 34, wife of Hosley French, s/w Sumner French
French, Sumner, d. 1 Apr 1813, age: 5 hrs, s/w Rebecca French
Frost, Ada F., 1871, d. 1876, child of Wm. A. & Phebe Frost, s/w William A. Frost
Frost, Clara E., 1873, d. 1894, child of Wm. A. & Phebe Frost, s/w William Frost
Frost, George W., 1868, d. 1908, child of Wm. A. & Phebe Frost, s/w William Frost
Frost, Maggie H., 1875, d. 1895, child of Wm. A. & Phebe Frost, s/w William Frost
Frost, Phebe E. Downs, 1845, d. 1912, s/w William Frost
Frost, William A., 1837, d. 1904, s/w Eldora E. Jaquith
Frye, John, 1816, d. 1880
Frye, Lavina Thompson, 1818, d. 1897, wife of John Frye
Gray, Jessey, d. 24 Jul 1814, age: 16y, son of Mr. John & Mrs. Lucy Gray
Hutchins, Edward P., d. 6 May 1908, age: 84yy, 9mo
Jaquith, Eldora E., 1869, d. 1930, s/w William A. Frost
Kittredge, Dea. Joseph, d. 12 May 1774, age: 80
Kittredge, Dr. John, d. 28 Apr 1714, age: 49yr
Kittredge, Dr. John, d. 6 Oct 1756, age: 72yr
Kittredge, Hannah, d. 15 Jan 1829, age: 83yr, widow of Mr. Simeon Kittredge
Kittredge, Lucy, d. 4 Sep 1803, age: 44yr, consort of Doctor Francis Kittredge
Kittredge, Simeon, d. 3 Jun 1813, age: 64
Lowe, Caroline E., d. 6 Jan 1890, age: 56? y, wife of Samuel Lowe
Lowe, Samuel, d. 18 Jan 1878 (stone fallen down)
Manning, Jonathan, d. 10 Jan 1877, age: 86y, 9m
Manning, Nehemiah, (stone fallen down, buried)
Mason, Caroline M., no dates, s/w Clifford T. Mason
Mason, Clifford T., no dates
Mason, Glenda R., no dates, s/w Clifford T. Mason
Mason, Harry E., no dates, s/w Clifford T. Mason
McHarrie, Minnie B., 1872, d. 1919
Orcutt, Mary A. Pringle, d. 5 Nov 1903, age: 63yr, 11m, wife of Joseph C. Orcutt
Page, Anna, 1779, d. 1867, s/w Ebenezer Page
Page, Ebenezer, 1777, d. 1865, s/w Anna Page
Pringle, Mary, d. 25 Mar 1892, age: 85yr, 8m, 28d, wife of William Pringle
Pringle, Thomas, d. 2 Apr 1877, age: 51yr, 9m, 2d, s/w William Pringle
Pringle, William, d. 18 Jul 1877, age: 81yr, 4m, 26d
Saunders, Benjamin, d. 15 Jun 1837, age: 82yr
Saunders, Huldah, 1806, d. 1857, wife of Ziba Saunders, s/w Ziba
Saunders, J. Warren, 1834, d. 1852, s/w Ziba Saunders
Saunders, James E., 1827, d. 1845, s/w Ziba Saunders
Saunders, Justin, d. 4 Aug 1861, age: 28
Saunders, Mary, d. 16 Jan 1852, age: 87yr, wife of Benjamin Saunders
Saunders, Milton, 1842, d. 1843, s/w Ziba Saunders
Saunders, Ziba, b. 1802, d. 1890
Shed, Beulah, d. 26 Nov 1820, age: 18yr, dau. of Josiah & Lucy Shed
Shed, Jonathan, d. 10 Mar 1848, age: 46yr
Shed, Josiah, d. 13 Feb 1835, age: 65yr, s/w Lucy Shed (stone fallen down)
Shed, Lucy, d. 17 Sep 1861, age: 86, wife of Josiah Shed
Shed, Sarah Annah, d. 14 Oct 1853, age: 13yy, 2da
Shedd, Annah Baldwin, d. 6 Nov 1836, age: 36yr, wife of Hosley Shedd
Shedd, Calvin, 1826, d. 1891 (stone fallen down)
Shedd, Hosley, d. 16 Jun 1874, age: 74yr
Shedd, Martha Foster, d. at Woburn 26 Feb 1890, age: 82yy, widow of Enoch Foster
Shedd, Sarah A. Burtt, b. 1828, d. 1877, wife of Calvin Shedd (stone fallen down)
Shedd, Sarah Emory, d. 9 Dec 1873, age: 61? yrs, wife of Hosley Shedd
Stevens, Anna Page, can't read dates (stone fallen down & broken)
Thompson, Annie C., 1857, d. 1913
Thompson, Annie L., 1865, d. 1949
Thompson, Arthur J., 1858, d. 1909
Thompson, Carrie C., 1860, d. 1915
Thompson, Clark, 1824, d. 1899
Thompson, Cordelia V., 1831, d. 1875
Thompson, D. Lee, Martha R., 1837, d. 1913
Thompson, Elizabeth Kittredge, 1824, d. 1854, wife of Clark
Thompson, George, 1884, d. 1884
Thompson, Hannah, d. 2 Aug 1807, age: 8yr, dau. of Mr. Samuel & Mrs. Olive Thompson
Thompson, J. Edgar, 1869, d. 1942
Thompson, James, 1829, d. 1912
Thompson, Justin, 1832, d. 1862
Thompson, Lieut. Samuel, d. 1 Apr 1813, age: 46yr
Thompson, Lucy Clark, 1793, d. 1882, wife of Samuel Thompson
Thompson, Olive, d. 1807, wife of Samuel (stone fallen down)
Thompson, Saloma A., 1831, d. 1918, wife of Clark
Thompson, Samuel H., 1859, d. 1942
Thompson, Samuel, 1791, d. 1873
Thompson, Walter, 1872, d. 1882

Burtt, 2 stones fallen down, can't read
Several Thompsons on one large family stone

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