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Old Burial Grounds
Tewksbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts

old burying grounds tewksbury
Old Burying Grounds - Tewksbury

GPS: 42.611276, -71.229266

East St., between Rte. 38 (Main St.) & Lee Street, Tewksbury MA

by Lisa Haynes [lhaynes9722@yahoo.com]
Published: Aug 30, 2004
Total records = 46

From Rte. I-93, take exit 42 Dascomb Rd. Follow Dascomb Rd. towards Tewksbury for 2 mile. Dascomb Rd. becomes East St. Follow East St. for 2.4 miles. You will see Tewksbury Cemetery on the right. Old Burial Grounds will be on the left just past Lee St., across East St. from Tewksbury Cemetery.

This cemetery is close to the center of Tewksbury. It is also under the control of Tewksbury Cemetery Commission. Condition is fairly good. Grounds are kept and mowed.

The oldest burial I found was Hannah Spaulding, infant dau of Rev. Sampson & Mrs. Mehetabel Spaulding, 18 Jan 1744. The latest burial appears to be 31 Mar 1829, Mrs. Rebeca/Rebekah Mace. They are currently building new condos next to and around this cemetery, but it is well protected with stone walls.

This contains all visible and legible stones, which I read on Aug 29, 2004 when I walked the cemetery.

- Lisa Haynes

Barton, John Huse, d. 14 Oct 1799, age: 6 months, infant son of Rev. Titus Theodore & Mrs. Ruthy Barton.
Barton, Nancy Webster, d. 16 Jul 1803, age: 3 months, infant dau. of Rev. Titus Theodore & Mrs. Ruthy Barton.
Bayley, Sarah, d. 22 Apr 1755, age: 46 yr, wife of Mr. Joseph Bayley.
Foster, Beulah, d. 15 Jun 1776, age: 19 yr, wife of Mr. Amos Foster.
French, Beulah, d. 21 Sep 1823, age: 49 yr, wife of Mr. Solomon French.
French, Polly, d. 23 Oct 1815, age: 47 yr, wife of Mr. Solomon French.
French, Ruth, d. 3 Dec 1807, age: 87 yr
French, Samuel, d. 26 Oct 1778, age: 29? yrs, 1 mos, 5 dys, son of Mr. Benj. & Mrs. Rebecca French (stone broken, leaning against tree).
French, Solomon, d. 16 Oct 1824, age 56 yr.
French, Thomas, d. 2 Dec 1792, age 80 yr.
French, Thomas, d. 24 Apr 1819, age 81 yr.
Hardy, Hepzibah, d. 31 Mar 1749, age 54 yr, wife of Zachariah Hardy.
Hardy, John, Jr., d. 16 Feb 1764, age: 20 yr, son of Mr. John & Mrs. Abigail Hardy.
Hardy, Nathaniel, d. ?? Oct 1748, age: 29? yr.
Hardy, Nehemiah, d. 18 Sep 1748, age 27? yr.
Hardy, Zachariah, d. 15 Oct 1763, age: 78 yr (stone broken).
Kendal, Abigail, d. 11 May 1808, age: 84 yr, wife of Deac. Ezra Kendal
Kendal, Deac. Ezra, d. 1 May 1817, age: 97 yr.
Kendal, Ezra, d. 6 Jun 1756, age: 8 yr, son of Deac. Ezra & Mrs. Ruth Kendal.
Kendal, Ruth, d. 14 Feb 1753, age: 28 yr, wife of Deac. Ezra Kendal.
Kendall, Jonathan, d. 20 Sep 1813, age: 12 yr.
Kendall, Jonathan, d. 20 Sep 1813, age: 42 yr.
Kittredge, Betsy, d. 19 Oct 1802, age: 2 yr, 3 mo, dau. of Mr. Job & Mrs. Eleanor Kittredge.
Kittredge, Eleanor, d. 23 Sep 1819, age: 57 yr, wife of Mr. Job Kittredge.
Kittredge, Jobe, d. 9 Mar 1814, age: 64 yr.
Kittredge, Lieut. William, d. 26 Apr 1789, age: 92 yr.
Kittredge, Mary, d. 5 May 1753, age: 42 yr, wife of Mr. William Kittredge.
Mace, Benjamin, d. 30 Nov 1828, age 82 yr.
Mace, Eli, d. 2 Feb 1820, age: 29, son of Mr. Benj. & Mrs. Rebekah Mace.
Mace, Joel, d. 7 Jan 1816, age: 15 yr, son of Mr. Benj. & Mrs. Rebekah Mace.
Mace, Jonathan, d. Feb 1812, age: 20 yr, son of Mr. Benj. & Mrs. Rebekah Mace.
Mace, Rebeca, d. 31 Mar 1829, age: 70 yr, widow of Mr. Benjamin Mace.
Marshall, Mary, d. 7 Jul 1770, age: 47 yr, 2nd wife of Mr. Thomas Marshall.
Marshall, Phebe, d. 15 Jan 1779, age: 57 yr, 3rd wife of Mr. Thomas Marshall, formerly wife of Francis Phelps of Pepperell.
Marshall, Thomas, d. 8 Sep 1778, age: 73 yr.
McCoy, Jennet, d. 9 Oct 1764, wife to Mr. James McCoy (stone partially buried, cannot read age).
Peacock, Susanna, d. 16 Oct 1749, age: 2 yr, 4 mo, 16 dy, dau. of Mr. William & Mrs. Bettey Peacock.
Peacock, William, d. 22 Oct 1749, age: 28 yr, 6 mo, 9 dy.
Rogers, Joel, d. 27 Jul 1800, age: 32 yr, son of Mr. Timothy & Mrs. Ruth Rogers.
Rogers, Ruth, d. 15 Dec 1800, age: 72 yr, Relict of Mr. Timothy Rogers.
Rogers, Timothy, d. 25 Apr 1803, age: 15 days, 3rd son of Mr. David & Mrs. Polly Rogers.
Shed, Deac. Jacob, d. 26 Feb 1810, age 84 yr.
Shed, Rebekah, d. 18 Jan 1803, age: 77 yr, wife of Deac. Jacob Shed.
Spaulding, Hannah, d. 18 Jan 1744, age: 7 wks, 2 dys, dau. of Rev. Sampson & Mrs. Mehetabel Spaulding.
Spaulding, John, d. 20 May 1755, age: 4 yr, 5 mo, 3 dy, son of Rev. Sampson & Mrs. Mehetabel Spaulding.
Spaulding, Mehetabel, d. 3 Dec 1744, age: 2 yr, 6 mo, dau. of Rev. Sampson & Mrs. Mehetabel Spaulding.

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