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Hunt-Clark Cemetery
Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts

GPS: 42.637502, -71.275248

125 Alcott Street
Lowell MA 01852

by Kim Zunino [kzunino@lowellma.gov]
Published: Jun 03, 2008, last edited Jun 19, 2008
Total records = 105

The Hunt-Clark Cemetery is located near the intersection of Windward and Alcott Streets in Lowell, not far off Andover Street (Route 133). Once only accessible by a path off Clark Road, the cemetery is now surrounded by mid 20th century residential development.

The site is about half an acre set atop a hill surrounded by a low stonewall. The remains of the granite gateposts are near the base of the entrance path. A footpath leads upward into site which has a wide range of markers, from fieldstone to slate, marble, local stones, and granite. There are about 102 gravestones, including many footstones. Most of the older burials were placed with the headstone facing west and the footstone facing east with the interred between them. A marble monument for the Bradley family is in the northwest corner of the site. Many family plots are separated with granite or stone boundary markers. On visible markers the dates range from 1708-1942.

Deed research proved the land still belongs to the Hunt family but has been abandoned long before the last burial in 1942. The cemetery is in poor condition, with vandalism evident with toppled stones and spray paint on other stones. Other markers are unsteady or lay in pieces on the ground. Depressions mark the site, due to the gravesites not being lined with cement which was a custom adopted in later cemeteries. Unsupervised clean-up sessions in the over the last thirty years led to many markers being moved from their original positions and placed against trees or the stonewalls. A thick cover of poison ivy grows throughout the site.

The inscriptions came from a spreadsheet done by Jim McNamara in the late 1970s and stored at the Center for Lowell History in Lowell, MA. (http://library.uml.edu/clh). Many of the stones have deteriorated and are no longer readable, so we are very thankful for this work. Some tombstones were listed under the maiden names, but the inscriptions give the married name.

- Kim Zunino

Augusta, Mary Augusta (Blanchard),
b. 23 Oct 1816, d. 7 Jan 1903, wife of Henry Worcester
Baker, Richard W., b. 05 Dec 1837, d. 11 Apr 1878, husband of Mary Worcester Baker
Bradley, Joseph, d. 03 Jun 1846, age: 79 years, Joseph Bradley Jr
Bradley, Joseph, d. 30 Jul 1849, age: 31 yrs, Joseph Bradley III, husband of L. Parker
Brown, George E., d. 06 Nov 1825, age: 6 yrs 6 mouths, son of George & Mary M. Brown
Brown, George, d. 17 Apr 1882, age: 86 yrs, 4 mouths, 22 days
Brown, Mary (Marshall), d. 03 Dec 1830, age: 37 years, wife of George Brown
Brown, Mary L., no dates, wife of George E. Brown
Butman, A??y D., d. 29 Oct 1872, age: 29 yrs
Butman, Johathan, d. 11 ??? 1856
Butman, Luc??ah A., d. 10 Aug 1852
Butman, Mary, d. 17 Apr 1827, wife of Willard Butman
Butman, Willard, d. 20 Aug 1??2, husband of Mary Butman
Candee, Gideon H., b. 04 Jun 1832, d. 2 Mar 1904, husband of Sarah E. Rea Candee
Candee, Hannah M., b. 06 May 1839, d. 25 Jun 1908
Chapman, John, d. 23 Jan 1761, age: 16 yrs, died of smallpox, son of John & Martha Chapman
Chapman, John, d. 27 Apr 1780, Husband of Martha Chapman
Chapman, Martha (Hunt), d. 27 Apr 1786
Chapman, Martha, d. 22 Feb 1752, age: 49 yrs, wife of John Chapman
Clark, Alice, d. 11 Oct 1866
Clark, Augustus C., d. 20 Feb 1827, age: 22 days, son of Abi Clark
Clark, Edward P., b. 12 Mar 1847, d. 9 Sep 1912
Clark, Elizabeth R (Trull), b. 03 Nov 1815, d. 17 Oct 1893, wife of John Clark
Clark, Fannie M., b. 01 July 1850, d. 5 Oct 1908
Clark, Fannie P, d. 30 Apr 1873, age: 52 yrs
Clark, Frank M., d. ?? ??? 1927
Clark, Hannah (Pattengill), d. 01 Oct 1846, age: 49 yrs 9 mouths, wife of Jesse Clark
Clark, Harriet L, b. 12 May 1859, d. 29 Dec 1888
Clark, J??? W., b. 23 Sep 1873, d. 11 Aug ????
Clark, Jane E., b. 15 Mar 1854, d. 15 Jul 1935
Clark, Jesse, no dates, husband of Hannah P. Clark
Clark, John, b. 28 Sep 1811, d. 13 Dec 1890, farther
Clark, Joshua, b. 30 Jun 1822, d. 20 Jan 1904
Clark, Lydia (Fletcher), d. 11 Jan 1826, age: 80 yrs, wife of Deacon Thomas Clark
Clark, Lydia (Tyler), d. 15 Sep 1816, age: 29 yrs, wife of Jesse Clark
Clark, Maria H., b. 14 Dec 1825, d. 21 Feb 1896
Clark, Mary A., b. 27 Sep 1848, d. 16 Apr 1917
Clark, Nancy, d. 23 Nov 1815, age: 36 yrs, wife of Oliver Clark
Clark, Oliver, d. 07 Jul 1741, "son of Thomas & Mary Clark, age: 15 days
Clark, Pamelia, d. 19 Sep 1840, age: 61, wife of Jonathan Clark
Clark, Rho?da, d. 31 Jul 1797, age: 20 yrs, daughter of Lieut. Thomas & Lydia Clark
Clark, Saly, d. 18 Dec 1797, age: 17,daughter of Thomas & Lydia
Clark, Thomas, d. 09 Jun 1823, age: 80 years, Deacon, husband of Lydia Clark
Goldthwaite, James B., b. 08 Mar 1873, d. 12 Apr 187?
Hall, Edward C., b. 22 Dec 1895, d. 12/8/1920
Hall, Estelle B., b. 29 Apr 1867, d. 1/25/1942
Hunt, Abigail, d. 19 Mar 1722, Wife of Jeremiah Hunt
Hunt, Alfred, b. 13 Dec 1826, d. 01 Dec 1892, husband of Mary Hunt
Hunt, David, d. 21 Feb 1717, Son of Jeremiah & Abigail Hunt, age: 9 months
Hunt, George T., d. 13 Feb 1861
Hunt, Jeremiah, d. 28 Dec 1717, son of Jeremiah & Abagale Hunt
Hunt, Mary, b. 01 Sep 1828, d. 26 Oct 1892, wife of Alfred I Hunt
Hunt, Mary, d. 06 Sep 1787, age: 95, wife of Capt. Peter Hunt
Hunt, Mary, d. 23 May 1740, age: 24 yrs, daughter of Capt. Peter & Mary Hunt
Hunt, Peter, d. 03 Apr 1770, age: 78, Captain, husband of Mary Hunt
Hunt, Sarah (Stearns), d. 10 Sep 1708, age: 28 yrs, wife of Samuel Hunt
Hunt, Thomas, b. 08 Dec 1795, d. 17 Dec 1886, husband of Anne Ingalls
Hunt, Timothy, d. 10 Apr 1755, age: 24 yrs, son of Capt. Peter & Mary Hunt
Hunt, Timothy, d. 22 Aug 1838, age: 82 yrs
Ingalls, Ann, b. 11 Mar 1800, d. 04 Dec 1863, wife of Thomas Hunt
Jarvie, Annie, b. 19 Sep 1850, d. 10/20/1938, wife of Horatioe E. Worcester
Kimball, Martha, d. 26 May 1743
Marshall, Alice C., d. 8/23/1932, age: 69 years
Marshall, Augusta, d.
Marshall, Caroline F. (Chapman Barrett), d. 12 Dec 1884, age: 77 years
Marshall, Charles, d. 4/12/1939, age: 74 years
Marshall, George, no dates, child of Elvin & Hannah, age: 16 mo.
Marshall, Jacob, d. 08 May 1843, age: 83 years, husband of Patty Marshall
Marshall, Lydia R., d. 05 Sep 1875, age: 80 years
Marshall, Maria T., d. 3/24/1912, age: 88 years
Marshall, Olive (Trull), d. 02 Mar 1842, age: 39 years
Marshall, Patty (Richardson), d. 15 Dec 1830, age: 74 years, wife of Jacob Marshall
Marshall, T. Washington, d. 2/2/1908, age: 79 years
Marshall, Thomas P., d. 07 Nov 1886, age: 86 years
Merbil, Sarah, d. 03 May 1877, age: 93 years
Osgood, Abigail (Bridges Clark), d. 30 Oct 1838, age: 29 years, wife of Thaddeus Osgood
Parker, L?era, d. 07 Jul 1878, age: 31 years, wife of Joseph Bradley III
Rea, Frederick, d. 25 Dec 1874, age: 82 years, husband of Ruth Rea
Rea, Ruth (Parkhurst), d. 21 Sep 1880, wife of Frederick Rea
Rea, Sarah, d. 18 Nov 1878, wife of G.H. Candee
Robb, Mary, d. 28 Jun 1842, age: 61 years
Rogers, Frances E.(Chapman), d. 09 Oct 1888, age: 78 years, wife of Samuel A. Rogers
Rogers, Samuel A., d. 03 Mar 1865, age: 63 years, husband of Frances E. Rogers
Russel, Mary (Clark), d. 04 Oct 1797, age: 81 years, daughter of Capt. John Russel
Sayward, John, d. 13 Oct 1???, died in Lowell
Steinbeck, Baby Mary, d. 23 Apr 1901
Steinbeck, Edward J., d. 13 Dec 1935, Husband of Susan Clark Steinbeck
Steinbeck, Frederick W., d. 6 Apr 1907, child of Edward & Susan Steinbeck
Steinbeck, Ruth, d. 07 Mar 1898
Steinbeck, Susan (Clark), d. 27 Oct 1927, wife of Edward Joseph Steinbeck
Stickney, Catharine, d. 16 Apr 1863
Tinkham, Martha, d. 26 Jan 1890, age: 79 years
Welch, Marian A., d. 22 Nov 1873, age: 13, daughter of J. Welch
Wood, Daniel S., d. 16 Oct 1894, age: 77 years
Wood, Edward H., d. 15 Oct 1830, age: 26 years
Wood, Harriet (Spaulding), d. 3 Feb 1901
Wood, Mary, d. 08 Jan 1879, age: 65 years, daughter of Edward & Mary Wood
Worcester, Eldad, d. 01 Feb 1779, age: 47, Deacon
Worcester, Henry E., d. 11 Aug 1887, Husband of Mary Augusta
Worcester, Henry, d. 21 Nov 1825, age: 25 years, son of Alfard & Lydid H. Woscester ?3yrs old
Worcester, Horatioe E., d. 26 Oct 1888, Husband of Annie Jarvie
Worcester, James N., d. 1/10/1936
Worcester, Lydia H., d. 15 Nov 1831, age: 32 years
Worcester, Lydia, d. 17 Feb 1817, age: 51
Worcester, Mary A., b. 19 Sep 184?, d. 10/10/1914, wife of Richard Baker

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