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Lafayette Cemetery #1
New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana

Surnames Beginning With V:  Burials = 172

The Lafayette Cemetery #1 is located in the uptown Garden District of New Orleans.  Fred Hatfield photographed all the plaques in the cemetery, which includes burial and genealogical information.  You can purchase a CD-ROM of the complete records and photographs from Fred Hatfield.  For more information, visit his website, "Historic Lafayette Cemetery #1".

Fred Hatfield has authorized Cemetery Records on the Internet to publish only the names of the interred, and their birth and death dates.

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Valenitne, Ellen, 3-May-1896
Valentine (Edwards), Fannie, 2-Aug-1873
Valentine, Agnes R., 1-Jan-1867, 1-Jan-1947
Valentine, Helen, 1-Jan-1863, 1-Jan-1938
Valentine, John
Valentine, Louisa, 1-Jan-1858, 1-Jan-1909
Valentine, Susie, 1-Jun-1897
Van Benthuysen, F.
Van Horn (Law), Margaretta, 3-Jun-1918
Van Horn (Peters), Mignonette R, 22-Nov-1909
Van Horn, Belle R., 17-Mar-1946
Van Horn, Dr. Willie, 28-Oct-1857, 9-Jun-1897
Van Horn, Elmore R., 22-Nov-1891
Van Horn, James H., 8-Nov-1852
Van Horn, Mattie Parry, 17-Jan-1866, 31-Oct-1942
Van Horn, Oliver Herbert, 28-Nov-1889, 12-Jun-1953
Van Horn, Thaddeus D., 25-Sep-1856
Van Horn, Thaddeus D., 5-Apr-1905
Van Horn, Vannah Elliott, 17-Dec-1895, 29-Mar-1942
Van Horn, William H., 18-Aug-1853
Van Husen, Mary Helen O'Meara, 27-Mar-1915, 13-Feb-1964
Van Leer, Adalia
Van Leer, Isaac
Van Valin, Violet Diamond, 16-Nov-1886, 3-Mar-1980
VanBenthuysen Sr., Watson, 8-Aug-1853
VanBenthuysen, Alfred C., 15-Nov-1871
VanBenthuysen, Isabel O., 18-Aug-1906
VanBenthuysen, Jos. D., 18-Sep-1883
VanBenthuysen, Joseph, 22-Aug-1903
VanBenthuysen, S., 11-May-1889
Vandervoort, Geo. W., 1-Jan-1861, 1-Jan-1928
Vandervoort, Rosanna, 1-Jan-1854, 1-Jan-1942
Vandervoort, Rupert W., 1-Jan-1860, 1-Jan-1931
Vandervoort? (Astelle), Rosanna, 1-Jan-1829, 1-Jan-1915
Varillat (Searing), Camille, 8-Mar-1881
Varillat (Searing), Clementine, 15-Feb-1920
Varillat, Eglee, 29-Aug-1850
Varillat, Henri, 23-Sep-1868
Vasterling (Kraft), Wilhelmina, 1-Jan-1864, 1-Jan-1920
Vaughan, Anna R., 12-Feb-1891
Vaughan, Richard H.
Veazie, Dr. H.A., 2-Jun-1855, 11-Aug-1921
Velten, Lillian Lotz, 1-Jan-1901, 1-Jan-1930
Vennard, Agnes Isabel, 28-Feb-1871
Vennard, Charles Black, 18-Mar-1871
Vennard, G.H.
Vennard, Henry T., 15-Mar-1871
Vennard, Wilie
Ventura (Legien), Virginia V., 25-Dec-1891, 2-Dec-1927
Ventura, Mary E., 14-Mar-1885, 3-Nov-1922
Verges (Resec), Corelia, 19-Feb-1851
Verges, Eugene, 19-Jun-1851
Verges, Francois, 24-Feb-1879
Vergez (Krier), Margareth, 25-Jan-1901
Vergez, Christine Humbrecht
Vergez, Francois, 24-Feb-1879
Vergez, John Frederick, 13-Sep-1895
Verlander (George), Mary A., 23-Jul-1937
Verlander (Hall), Henrietta S., 4-Jun-1901
Verlander, Arthur C., 30-Apr-1868
Verlander, Elmore H., 27-May-1941
Verlander, Emma V., 1-Jan-1876, 1-Jan-1961
Verlander, George J., 19-Mar-1876
Verlander, J. Alfred, 1-Jan-1874, 1-Jan-1923
Verlander, Kate Bauer, 23-Apr-1843, 1-Dec-1912
Verlander, Panola A., 4-Sep-1863
Verlander, S. Henry M., 22-Feb-1909
Verlander, Thomas C., 18-Feb-1866
Verlander, William E., 29-Jun-1864
Verry, Catherine Chestnut Wils, 1-Jan-1814, 1-Jan-1882
Vicera, Steve A., 22-Feb-1954, 31-May-1995
Vienne (Brown), Natalie, 1-Jan-1875, 1-Jan-1919
Vienne (Folger), Alice, 1-Jan-1850, 1-Jan-1878
Vienne, L.B.
Vignes, John C., 17-Apr-1936
Villars, Chester A., 5-Mar-1904, 6-Feb-1978
Villemeur, Charles L., 12-Jun-1923, 21-Apr-1985
Villemeur, Violet T., 11-Oct-1923, 23-Jan-1988
Villere, Adele Forstall, 1-Jan-1910, 1-Jan-1998
Villere, Henri, 1-Jan-1906, 1-Jan-1997
Vincent, Joseph B., 29-Nov-1829, 25-Oct-1878
Violett, Atwood
Violett, Blanche
Violett, Edward R., 11-Apr-1856, 5-Jan-1919
Violett, Ella, 28-Feb-1904
Violett, Lamartine
Violett, Lily, 22-Jun-1854, 26-Feb-1929
Violett, May
Violett, Olga, 2-Jul-1893, 22-Mar-1894
Violett, Penelope A., 12-Oct-1825, 19-Jul-1908
Violett, William A.
Virgin (Merkel), Katherine A., 7-Mar-1898
Vital, Amelia Hantel, 14-Nov-1888, 2-May-1973
Vital, Carolyn Helen, 5-Aug-1887, 20-Oct-1962
Vital, John, 16-Jul-1859, 10-Mar-1943
Vital, John H., 20-Jun-1890, 3-May-1972
Vital, Katherine Haas, 20-Apr-1866, 2-Mar-1956
Voebel (Datz), Louisa, 22-Feb-1873, 31-Jul-1919
Voebel (Gitz), Katie H., 13-Sep-1869, 28-Jan-1918
Voebel, Caroline D., 17-Mar-1856, 3-May-1911
Voebel, Catherine Ziegler, 16-Jul-1836, 2-Nov-1924
Voebel, Charles, 16-Mar-1822, 24-Apr-1888
Voebel, Frederick, 16-Aug-1865, 12-Sep-1925
Voelkel Jr., William E., 10-Jul-1881, 29-Aug-1915
Voelkel Sr., Lawrence P., 4-Dec-1899, 26-Nov-1982
Voelkel (Aurich), Emma M., 22-Feb-1861
Voelkel (Beneke), Amelia, 2-Sep-1863, 28-Sep-1897
Voelkel (Rasch), Katharina, 22-Feb-1822, 28-Mar-1907
Voelkel, August, 20-May-1852, 20-May-1852
Voelkel, Baby Girl, 27-Mar-1981, 27-Mar-1981
Voelkel, Catherine
Voelkel, Heinrich, 20-Apr-1846, 18-Mar-1859
Voelkel, Henry, 20-Apr-1846, 18-Mar-1850
Voelkel, Hilda Flick, 16-Aug-1906, 6-Mar-1996
Voelkel, John, 19-Dec-1815, 31-May-1873
Voelkel, Katherine, 14-Jan-1851, 14-Jan-1851
Voelkel, Wilhelm, 16-Jan-1815, 16-Jan-1815
Voelkel, William Edward, 27-Mar-1835, 29-Jul-1908
Voelker, Anna, 20-Nov-1861, 25-Nov-1861
Voelker, August, 21-Aug-1859, 11-Jun-1860
Voelker, Barbara, 22-Jul-1853, 27-Feb-1860
Voelker, Heinrich, 3-Jul-1857, 3-Mar-1860
Vogt (Asenheimer), Louise P., 13-Apr-1848, 14-Feb-1873
Vogt (Koehler), Louise F., 19-Mar-1888
Vogt, Samuel, 15-Mar-1801, 12-Dec-1868
Vogt, Samuel G., 1-Dec-1847, 7-Aug-1891
Vollmer (Kistner), Catharine, 31-Dec-1808, 1-May-1873
Vollmer, Philipp, 18-Dec-1805, 24-Nov-1864
Voltz, Mary Dorethea, 22-Oct-1881
Volz (Krause), Weitkam, 1-Jan-1862, 1-Jan-1932
Volz, Kael, 20-Oct-1845, 30-Dec-1851
Volz, U.D.
Volz, W.H.
Von Alt (Doell), Elizabeth, 9-Nov-1856, 12-May-1944
Von Colln, Philip J.S., 6-Jul-1823, 10-Jul-1881
Von der Haar (Blaese), Louise, 28-Jul-1919
Von der Haar (Juge), Marie L., 14-Nov-1879, 8-Feb-1967
Von der Haar, Anita Ann, 11-Feb-1888, 26-Jan-1957
Von der Haar, Frank, 14-Feb-1926
Von Harten, F.B., 29-May-1801, 7-Feb-1863
von Holthoff, Emma, 1-Jan-1879, 1-Jan-1905
von Holthoff, Margaret, 1-Jan-1843, 1-Jan-1888
von Holthoff, Oscar, 1-Jan-1843, 1-Jan-1893
von Hoven, Austin, 1-Jan-1878, 1-Jan-1933
von Hoven, Josephine, 1-Jan-1890, 1-Jan-1988
Von Hoven Jr., August F., 1-Jan-1906, 1-Jan-1964
Von Hoven (Barlow), Elizabeth, 17-May-1859, 28-Mar-1890
Von Hoven (Engelbracht), Magdal, 18-Jul-1852, 20-Feb-1925
Von Hoven, August F., 1-Jan-1882, 1-Jan-1944
Von Hoven, D. Jacob, 29-Oct-1858
Von Hoven, Frances M. Zink, 1-Jan-1886, 1-Jan-1953
Von Hoven, Friederich
Von Hoven, Jacob
Von Hoven, Margaretha, 27-Jan-1866
Von Hoven, Wilhelm, 29-Oct-1858
Von LaHache
von Meysenbug (Quentell), Louis
von Meysenbug, Ernest, 2-Sep-1851, 2-Dec-1925
von Meysenbug, Ernest, 16-Dec-1881, 29-Dec-1890
von Meysenbug, Ludo, 4-Dec-1892
von Meysenbug, Vera Rivalier, 7-Feb-1891, 13-Apr-1978
Von Phul, Henry Graff, 30-Jan-1867, 16-Oct-1869
Von Phul, Katherine, 28-May-1873, 12-Oct-1886
Von Phul, Saugrain, 30-Aug-1868, 26-Apr-1869
Von Phul, William, 30-Jun-1838, 10-Oct-1876
Vorhoff, Mary M., 16-Sep-1885, 17-Jan-1962
Vose, Alice, 4-Sep-1851, 9-Nov-1852
Vose, Francis Edwin, 25-Jul-1810, 23-Feb-1868
Vose, Henry J.
Vose, J.E., 9-Jan-1812, 9-Apr-1881
Vose, Mary E.

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