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Lafayette Cemetery #1
New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana

Surnames Beginning With S:  Burials = 948

The Lafayette Cemetery #1 is located in the uptown Garden District of New Orleans.  Fred Hatfield photographed all the plaques in the cemetery, which includes burial and genealogical information.  You can purchase a CD-ROM of the complete records and photographs from Fred Hatfield.  For more information, visit his website, "Historic Lafayette Cemetery #1".

Fred Hatfield has authorized Cemetery Records on the Internet to publish only the names of the interred, and their birth and death dates.

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S......, Frank, 21-Mar-1819, 10-May-1819
S......, Frank, 21-Mar-1819, 10-May-1819
Sabatie (Co.......), Catherine, 9-Feb-1885
Sabatie, Emile, 10-Jun-1885
Sabatier Sr., John J., 1-Nov-1892, 28-Jan-1965
Sabatier, Catherine C., 28-Aug-1891, 9-Feb-1975
Sabatier, Eugenia, 1-Mar-1867, 2-Sep-1947
Sabatier, Eugenia M., 1-Mar-1867, 2-Sep-1947
Sabatier, Joseph, 1-Jan-1868, 24-Dec-1948
Sabourn, Geo.
Saling (Hull), Catherine Mary, 10-Dec-1894, 7-Feb-1948
Saling (Jaquillard), Elizabeth, 21-May-1870, 21-Oct-1926
Saling, Christian L., 11-Jun-1891, 17-Dec-1916
Saling, George, 27-Sep-1866, 9-May-1912
Saling, George A., 19-Jun-1903, 3-Oct-1937
Saling, Joseph G., 25-Jul-1889, 28-Jun-1907
Saling, Roy E., 29-Jan-1908, 6-Apr-1933
Saling, Shirley E., 8-Apr-1923, 12-Jul-1929
Salter (Drummond), Mary, 4-Jul-1881
Salter (Hubbard), Nannie, 26-Jan-1896
Salter, Mary D., 4-Feb-1875
Salter, Richard, 10-Jan-1866
Salter, T.S.
Salter, Theodore G., 24-Feb-1896
Salter, Thomas C.
Saltonstall, Richard, 17-May-1900
Salvadore, Odelia Peters, 1-Jan-1862, 1-Jan-1918
Salvant, Frances Nobles, 20-May-1970
Salvant, Grace Purvis, 31-May-1973
Salvant, James Cecil, 16-Apr-1975
Salzer, Hess, 1-Jan-1883
Sampson (Crane), Susan A., 22-Feb-1906
Sampson, T.H.
Samuels, Amelia, 5-Jan-1883, 10-Mar-1962
Samuels, Augustus, 2-Aug-1868, 15-May-1954
Samuels, James E., 20-Aug-1864, 2-Sep-1866
Samuels, Laura V., 28-Feb-1873, 17-Sep-1873
Samuels, William M.H., 12-Oct-1876, 16-Jan-1877
Sander (Marks), Mary Anna, 23-Jan-1905
Sander, A., 15-Sep-1869
Sander, Catherine, 18-Aug-1906
Sander, Meme, 22-Oct-1851, 23-Aug-1900
Sander, Wm.
Sander, Wm., 18-Dec-1868
Sanders (Bateman), Sarah Ann, 18-Oct-1833, 11-Sep-1912
Sanders, Robert W., 30-Apr-1866
Sanders, William Barnett, 24-Apr-1858
Sanderson Sr., Oscar M., 26-Nov-1901, 15-Apr-1972
Sanderson (Mintken), Norah Juli, 1-Jan-1898, 1-Jan-1965
Sanderson, Nora
Sanderson, Oscar M., 26-Nov-1901, 15-Apr-1972
Sandidge, L.D., 20-Dec-1837, 12-Feb-1890
Sarniguet, Jean Marie, 21-Nov-1852
Sarniguet, Jean Marie, 21-Nov-1852
Sarre, Henry W., 21-Jan-1829, 3-Jul-1872
Saucier (Carson), Maud L., 9-Apr-1885, 4-Jan-1907
Saucier (Pfeffer), Carrie C., 23-Feb-1876, 25-Dec-1947
Saucier, Chas. E., 4-Oct-1872, 8-Jun-1922
Saucier, Elmer M., 29-Aug-1898, 30-Aug-1938
Saucier, F.B.
Saunders (Foster), Mary Charlot, 31-Aug-1847, 15-Oct-1917
Savage (Cleveland), Mary Wales, 9-Nov-1854, 4-Feb-1937
Savage (Jones), Martha B., 11-Jun-1834, 29-Oct-1905
Savana, Shirley, 1-Jan-1922, 1-Jan-1924
Savini, Paul
Sawyer Jr., John Talbott, 17-May-1879, 23-May-1934
Sawyer (McKnight), Elizabeth T., 23-Dec-1849, 1-Mar-1928
Sawyer, Agnes Tapken, 7-Dec-1924
Sawyer, Alice Loretta, 16-Mar-1967
Sawyer, Alvin K., 9-Oct-1898
Sawyer, Dominique D., 1-May-1910
Sawyer, Franklin, 11-Jul-1885, 28-Feb-1915
Sawyer, Rev. John Talbot, 4-Feb-1843, 12-Jul-1932
Saxon Jr., Walter Lyle, 1-Jan-1883, 1-Jan-1883
Saxon Jr., Walter Lyle, 1-Jan-1883, 1-Jan-1883
Saxon, Lizzie Lyle, 20-Mar-1867, 3-Oct-1878
Saxon, Lizzie Lyle, 20-Mar-1867, 3-Oct-1878
Sc....., George
Scetcher (Norwood), Cristina, 17-Sep-1891
Schaedel, Christine Irwin, 7-May-1888, 6-Jun-1936
Schaefer, Alphonse F., 27-Oct-1899, 24-Mar-1921
Schaefer, John M., 10-Nov-1919
Schaefer, Lawrence T., 1-Jan-1907, 1-Jan-1967
Schaefer, Lester S., 15-Oct-1913, 30-Sep-1968
Schaefer, Mathilda P., 1-Jan-1873, 1-Jan-1954
Schaefer, Viola Seither, 7-Aug-1900, 27-Apr-1963
Schaefer, William A., 24-Jan-1864, 19-Mar-1940
Schaefer, Wm. Jos., 27-Jul-1896, 16-Feb-1974
Schaeffer, Bernadine, 1-Jan-1897, 1-Jan-1960
Schaeffer, Charles, 1-Jan-1899, 1-Jan-1961
Schaeffer, Dave, 6-Mar-1974
Schaeffer, Edward, 11-Aug-1890, 8-Jun-1921
Schaeffer, John S., 24-Dec-1923, 6-Jun-1979
Schaeffer, Joseph, 1-Jan-1934, 1-Jan-1964
Schaeffer, Josephine, 1-Jan-1879, 1-Jan-1945
Schaeffer, Philip J., 1-Jan-1900, 1-Jan-1965
Schaff, Andrew, 5-Jul-1864
Schaff, H., 6-Sep-1870
Schaff, Jacob H., 3-Oct-1863
Schafslaedt (Brummer), Magdalen, 16-May-1786, 17-Oct-1866
Schaneville (Fisher), Bessie, 1-Jan-1889, 1-Jan-1977
Schaneville (Thompson), Lee, 15-Jul-1894
Schaneville, Annie B., 14-Dec-1869, 27-Apr-1885
Schaneville, Anthony
Schaneville, Bertha, 12-Mar-1896
Schaneville, Caroline, 18-Apr-1909
Schaneville, Cath., 1-Jan-1835, 1-Jan-1910
Schaneville, Edward, 21-Nov-1891
Schaneville, Eugene V., 1-Jan-1892, 1-Jan-1937
Schaneville, Florence T., 1-Jan-1892, 1-Jan-1979
Schaneville, Fred, 30-Dec-1858, 22-Mar-1880
Schaneville, Hy., 1-Jan-1866, 1-Jan-1895
Schaneville, Louis P., 28-Aug-1856, 8-May-1886
Schaneville, Nick., 10-Mar-1834, 29-Dec-1901
Schaneville, Rita S., 1-Jan-1916, 1-Jan-1994
Schaneville, Robert J., 25-Sep-1887, 13-Jul-1933
Schaneville, Robt. E., 1-Mar-1888
Schantz (Jaquillard), Elisabeth, 25-Apr-1897
Schantz, Georg, 7-Nov-1890
Scharse, Catharine
Scharse, Eliza Carolina, 3-Apr-1849
Scharse, Jacob
Schaub, Elizabeth, 30-Jan-1868, 20-Dec-1943
Scheher, J. Daniel, 21-Feb-1833, 15-May-1906
Scheib (Antoine), Margaret, 16-Jan-1937
Scheib (Kuntz), Elizabeth, 9-Jan-1891
Scheib, John G., 6-Jan-1880, 17-Apr-1912
Scheib, John M., 18-Apr-1900
Schelland, Barbara
Schellang (Young), Barbara, 17-Mar-1836, 3-May-1880
Schellang, Barbara, 28-May-1857
Schellang, Charles, 30-Jun-1858
Schellang, John
Scherer Jr., Peter E., 26-Nov-1921, 3-Oct-1994
Scherer (Disque), May B., 3-Nov-1944
Scherer (Felt), Catherine, 22-Feb-1904
Scherer (Shea), Mary Caroline, 30-Dec-1871, 24-Feb-1940
Scherer (Staats), Ada Hanna, 10-Feb-1849, 26-Nov-1930
Scherer, Amelia L., 29-Nov-1941
Scherer, Arthur P., 23-Jan-1898, 27-Apr-1936
Scherer, Charles, 19-Jun-1942
Scherer, Charles P., 29-Jan-1900
Scherer, Charles R., 21-Sep-1927, 4-Dec-1928
Scherer, Gasper
Scherer, Ivan A., 16-May-1927, 24-Dec-1993
Scherer, Ivan E., 6-Oct-1946
Scherer, Joseph M., 8-Nov-1891, 3-Mar-1963
Scherer, Lorraine A., 24-Dec-1925, 31-Dec-1993
Scherer, Louella G., 31-Jul-1906, 1-Jun-1965
Scherer, Peter E., 3-Dec-1895, 4-Jan-1947
Scherer, Rosetta Scheu Disque, 17-Oct-1861, 25-Sep-1948
Scherff, Georg, 21-Feb-1869, 20-Nov-1874
Scherff, Gottfried, 5-Jul-1839, 6-Oct-1906
Scherff, Josephine, 7-Mar-1847, 20-Jan-1908
Schermerhorn, Emma
Scherrer, Charles C., 1-Jan-1872, 1-Jan-1906
Scherrer, Louis F., 1-Jan-1870, 1-Jan-1898
Schertz, Christian, 30-Mar-1872, 31-Oct-1927
Schertz, Helen Pitkin, 26-Dec-1945
Schetchler, Jacob, 21-Mar-1866
Scheu (Bernard), Elisabetha, 30-Oct-1843, 2-Jan-1883
Scheu (Manning), Juanita M., 29-Jul-1888, 2-Jan-1953
Scheu (Rein), Amelia Virginia, 23-Aug-1890
Scheu (Schug), Mary Elisabeth, 8-Feb-1906
Scheu, Alma V., 22-May-1886, 29-Aug-1965
Scheu, Amelia Virginia, 21-Oct-1890
Scheu, Catharine, 5-Sep-1858, 20-Sep-1861
Scheu, Georg, 17-Sep-1822, 15-Oct-1868
Scheu, Georg, 15-Sep-1860, 15-Dec-1860
Scheu, Jacob, 2-Nov-1914
Scheu, Jacob, 8-Jan-1825, 16-Oct-1892
Scheu, Jacob, 8-Jan-1825, 16-Oct-1892
Scheu, Jacob, 22-Aug-1865, 29-Aug-1865
Scheu, Johann
Scheu, John, 9-Dec-1891
Scheu, John Peter, 4-Apr-1856, 9-Jan-1932
Scheu, Mary, 27-Jan-1936
Scheuermann, Augusta Koenig S., 1-Jan-1891, 1-Jan-1975
Scheuermann, Caroline, 1-Jan-1852, 1-Jan-1932
Scheuermann, Caroline Carrie, 28-Nov-1888, 12-Oct-1967
Scheuermann, Dorothy, 1-Jan-1906, 1-Jan-1908
Scheuermann, Elizabeth, 1-Jan-1884, 1-Jan-1916
Scheuermann, F. Jos., 1-Jan-1853, 1-Jan-1891
Scheuermann, George, 1-Jan-1882, 1-Jan-1955
Scheuermann, William, 1-Jan-1930, 1-Jan-1931
Schexnayder, Diana
Schick, August
Schick, Augusta C., 24-May-1968
Schick, Julius M.
Schick, Rosina
Schifferstein, A.B.
Schifferstein, Catharine
Schifferstein, Phaon, 17-Apr-1851
Schiller (Lutz), Magdalena, 27-Aug-1832, 20-Aug-1892
Schiller, Jakob, 25-Jul-1830, 27-Dec-1876
Schiller, John B.
Schilling, Catherine B., 19-Sep-1905, 1-May-1983
Schilling, Frederick, 3-Apr-1893
Schilling, Glenn D., 23-Sep-1932
Schilling, Henry M., 28-Jan-1930
Schilling, William J., 29-Sep-1903, 11-Jan-1988
Schledorn, Frank, 9-Jun-1883
Schledorn, Rosa, 9-Jun-1883
Schlesinger (Bates), Annie
Schlesinger (Pendleton), Alice, 3-Jul-1951
Schlesinger, Allan Bates, 27-Jul-1863, 6-Nov-1941
Schlesinger, Joseph, 27-Aug-1897
Schlesinger, Prof. J., 15-Aug-1867
Schloegel, J. Anton, 1-Jan-1814, 1-Jan-1871
Schloegel, M. Regina, 1-Jan-1870, 1-Jan-1872
Schmaltz (Glauner), Julia, 22-Sep-1914
Schmict (Langbecker), Rida, 21-Sep-1920
Schmid Sr., Richard C., 5-Jul-1887, 20-Nov-1980
Schmid, Catherine O., 23-Jun-1890, 9-Apr-1971
Schmidt (Burke), Noel Anne, 20-Jun-1958
Schmidt (Flynn), Frances, 16-May-1954
Schmidt (Horn), Elizabeth
Schmidt (Kaiser), Elisabeth, 9-May-1823, 27-Dec-1887
Schmidt (Mooty), Louise, 24-Jul-1935
Schmidt, Lionel Charles
Schmidt, Mary E.
Schmitt (Eck), Mrs. Andrew, 8-Dec-1867, 5-Aug-1942
Schmitt, Catherine, 1-Jan-1841, 1-Jan-1894
Schmitt, Hazel E., 16-Nov-1890, 24-Jun-1964
Schmitt, Katherine Kolb, 29-Oct-1857, 23-Dec-1935
Schmitt, Lt. Col. Harold A., 14-Feb-1902, 21-Mar-1974
Schmitt, Lucy, 8-Dec-1867, 5-Aug-1942
Schmitt, Michael, 18-Apr-1857, 18-Jan-1921
Schmitt, Michael A., 28-Nov-1887, 16-Apr-1916
Schmitz (Glynn), Catherine J., 22-Jan-1919
Schmitz, August A., 1-Jan-1886, 1-Jan-1944
Schmitz, Cath, 6-Jul-1897
Schmitz, May Brown Burke, 1-Jan-1885, 1-Jan-1948
Schnauder, Alvin Frederick, 3-Nov-1902, 20-Apr-1980
Schnauder, Anna Meehan, 3-Nov-1892, 14-Nov-1980
Schneida, A.
Schneida, Anton Andrew, 19-Mar-1940
Schneida, Davidson
Schneida, Lois
Schneidau (Reyes), Rosalia L.D., 3-May-1894
Schneidau, Oscar
Schneider (Barthel), Louisa, 16-Jul-1852, 16-Sep-1882
Schneider (Caldwell), A. Cather, 6-Sep-1930
Schneider (Doell), Alma L., 11-Apr-1895, 2-Mar-1932
Schneider (Kehl), Juliane Peter, 9-Jul-1881
Schneider (Thompson), Louise, 18-Aug-1848, 1-Mar-1919
Schneider, Catherine Powell, 12-Jan-1929
Schneider, Frederick
Schneider, George, 13-Apr-1829, 11-Mar-1879
Schneider, Henry
Schneider, Henry J., 21-Apr-1915
Schneider, Jacob, 31-Dec-1931, 28-Nov-1907
Schneider, Johann Peter, 16-Apr-1798, 5-Nov-1870
Schneider, John C., 26-Jul-1878
Schneider, Margaret, 11-Mar-1878
Schneider, Margarethe E., 20-Oct-1868, 13-Oct-1873
Schneider, Melvin N., 12-Jul-1912, 27-Sep-1963
Schneider, Peter, 14-Nov-1890
Schneider, Philip, 18-Feb-1915
Schneller, Louis H., 5-Nov-1907, 14-Oct-1912
Schnitter (Ackeler), Christina, 16-Jul-1851, 22-Dec-1923
Schnitter, Adam, 27-Jan-1852, 15-Feb-1895
Schnitter, Adam, 31-Dec-1879, 8-Jan-1881
Schnitter, Frederick, 19-May-1884, 27-Dec-1884
Schnitter, George, 14-Aug-1874, 5-Dec-1927
Schnitter, J.M., 30-Sep-1921
Schober (Bensel), Barbara, 8-Apr-1848, 14-Jul-1906
Schoeff, Maria, 25-Mar-1804, 30-Mar-1816
Schoell (Brousse), Mary Kruse, 6-Nov-1911
Schoell, Anna Mary, 7-Jan-1856, 21-Jan-1866
Schoell, Frederick, 29-Jan-1830, 23-Sep-1868
Schoell, WIlliam F., 27-Apr-1861, 9-Aug-1925
Schoen (Terry), Elizabeth, 29-Jun-1913
Schoen, John T., 5-Nov-1881, 15-Feb-1954
Schopp (Reif), Elisabetha, 13-Mar-1829, 1-Jan-1867
Schopp (Schwob), Elisabetha, 17-Apr-1842, 6-Oct-1877
Schopp, Chr. H., 29-Oct-1854, 20-Jan-1852
Schopp, Chr. Jacob, 30-Jan-1862, 8-Jan-1863
Schopp, Christian, 15-Jul-1824, 24-Dec-1899
Schopp, Emma, 3-Feb-1872
Schopp, Louis, 22-Jul-1870, 29-Apr-1871
Schopp, Rosa A.F., 11-Jun-1829, 21-Nov-1912
Schoras, Anna M., 13-May-1870, 14-Apr-1946
Schoras, George H., 5-Oct-1882, 4-Apr-1887
Schoras, Herman, 21-Oct-1835, 3-Feb-1906
Schoras, J. Walter, 18-Jul-1875, 6-Mar-1922
Schoras, Julia Frey, 21-Nov-1842, 23-Jul-1916
Schoras, Walter J., 3-Mar-1922
Schorietz, Heninrich J., 1-Dec-1828
Schorietz, Marie
Schorr (Bennett), Nellie, 14-Aug-1884, 1-Jan-1939
Schorr (Gallagher), Maudie
Schorr (Peters), Caroline Carri, 24-Jun-1874, 12-Sep-1966
Schorr, George, 17-Mar-1874, 20-Jul-1944
Schorr, Henry R., 29-Sep-1899, 18-Nov-1966
Schorr, Henry Robert, 12-Nov-1878, 28-Feb-1957
Schorr, Jacob Robert, 17-Nov-1914, 8-Feb-1998
Schorr, Jacob Robert, 17-Nov-1914, 8-Feb-1998
Schorr, Louis H., 5-Nov-1908, 19-Nov-1972
Schorr, Maude G., 11-Jan-1902, 22-Jul-1989
Schott (Siegel), Amelia
Schott, H., 1-Jan-1849, 1-Jan-1935
Schott, Henry, 1-Jan-1833, 1-Jan-1910
Schott, Peter J., 23-Dec-1883
Schouest, Agnes, 23-Oct-1894, 21-Aug-1951
Schrader, Cresentia, 27-Sep-1818, 15-Feb-1894
Schrader, Heinrich, 10-Jun-1819, 30-Nov-1876
Schreiber, Adam
Schreiber, George H., 1-Jan-1849, 1-Jan-1888
Schreiber, Lucy, 1-Jan-1852, 1-Jan-1899
Schreiber, William, 1-Jan-1832, 1-Jan-1865
Schreiber, William, 1-Jan-1858, 1-Jan-1896
Schriever, Amelia, 18-Jan-1873, 20-Jun-1919
Schriever, Benj. N., 10-Jul-1878, 5-May-1879
Schriever, Coray Yost, 5-Dec-1852, 18-Sep-1905
Schriever, J. Geo., 28-Dec-1874, 3-Sep-1878
Schriever, John George, 8-Jul-1844, 16-Mar-1898
Schrimpf (Reusch), Fredericka C, 10-Oct-1859, 12-Feb-1929
Schroeder (Geis), Mrs. A.J., 31-Dec-1924
Schroeder, Anthony J., 1-Jan-1877, 1-Jan-1950
Schroeder, Frederick C., 25-Mar-1913
Schroeder, Gerhard H., 13-Apr-1913
Schroeder, Herman H., 10-Jun-1903
Schroeder, John, 21-Oct-1877
Schroeder, Mary, 2-Jan-1904
Schroeder, William J., 1-Oct-1904
Schuber (Kopp), Anna Marie, 6-Oct-1821, 25-Sep-1888
Schuber, Mrs. E.
Schuchardt, F.W., 1-Jan-1893, 1-Jan-1976
Schuey, Mrs. Margaret*
Schug (Scheu), Mary Elisabeth, 8-Feb-1906
Schug, Mary Elizabeth
Schultz, Jane Edith
Schultz, Jane Edith
Schumacher, Celina B., 1-Jan-1876, 1-Jan-1960
Schumacher, Edward F., 4-Jan-1932
Schumacher, Ursula Elmer, 16-Apr-1891, 29-Apr-1895
Schumann, Adolph A., 1-Jan-1859, 1-Jan-1889
Schurr (Kuhn), Anna, 15-May-1898
Schurr, Conrad, 1-Jan-1868, 1-Jan-1899
Schutte, Josephine Davant, 1-Jan-1878, 1-Jan-1924
Schwarz, Louis, 16-Apr-1819, 30-Aug-1893
Schwarz, Louisa H., 1-Jan-1820, 1-Jan-1913
Schwob (Schopp), Elisabetha, 17-Apr-1842, 6-Oct-1877
Sciaccaluga, Mary, 1-Jan-1865, 1-Jan-1935
Scott (Flower), Minerva A., 1-Jan-1824, 1-Jan-1919
Scott (Hillyer), Jennie C., 23-Jul-1888
Scott (Slatter), Charity Ann, 5-Mar-1819, 21-Mar-1891
Scott (Todd), Eliza Deming, 27-Jan-1894
Scott, (Our Baby), 10-May-1880, 13-May-1880
Scott, Cecilia Gustine, 28-Oct-1852, 29-May-1930
Scott, Dr. D.T., 13-Apr-1867
Scott, Jennie E., 3-Nov-1890
Scott?, Mrs. T. Adelaide, 11-Sep-1877
Scruggs, Edward
Scruggs, Imogen, 1-Jan-1884, 1-Jan-1934
Scruggs, Imogen Lee, 1-Jan-1862, 1-Jan-1952
Scruggs, Virginia Lee, 1-Jan-1889, 1-Jan-1990
Scudder (Fayssoux), Seymoura, 15-Feb-1865, 12-Apr-1922
Scudder, Fayssoux
Seaman, H.D.
Searing (Sibley), Artemisia Ann, 31-Jul-1830, 9-Jan-1903
Searing (Varillat), Camille, 8-Mar-1881
Searing (Varillat), Clementine, 15-Feb-1920
Searing, Florence Eliza, 11-Jul-1935
Searing, Harry, 12-May-1863, 29-Dec-1873
Searing, Robert, 16-Aug-1878
Searing, Robert Bruen, 15-May-1821, 2-May-1890
Searing, Theodore, 13-Jun-1947
Searing, Theodore F., 16-Apr-1893
Seaton (Gibbs), ......cile
Seavers, A., 7-Apr-1868
Seavers, Missouri A., 7-Nov-1872
Seawell, Annie, 8-Mar-1858, 9-Mar-1936
Seawell, Benjamin W., 21-Jan-1859, 12-May-1934
Seawell, Edgar B., 17-Oct-1857, 17-Dec-1944
Seay, Adele Autey
Seay, Adele Carter
Seay, Monroe Autey
Seay, Roberdeau K., 5-Dec-1894, 22-Jan-1965
Seay, Sam
Secrist, Ida May, 1-Jan-1865, 1-Jan-1931
Seelye, A.B., 1-Jan-1827, 1-Jan-1891
Seelye, Isadora L. Dowty, 1-Jan-1839, 1-Jan-1878
Seelye, Maria G. Eaton, 25-May-1860
Segrest, Anna Marie, 8-Oct-1886, 27-Oct-1915
Segrest, Dr. R.L.
Seibert, Geo. J., 13-Nov-1892, 17-Feb-1924
Seibert, George J., 17-Feb-1924
Seigel (Wendel), Caroline, 17-May-1910
Seither (Hicks), Lucella B., 19-Mar-1931
Seither, Adam J., 30-Mar-1922
Seither, Eugene Regenald, 21-Feb-1905
Seither, Frank, 1-Jan-1886, 27-Jan-1946
Seither, Frederick, 24-Nov-1938
Seither, J.C. Jack, 17-Jan-1913, 9-Apr-1995
Seither, Katie Geogrianna, 5-Feb-1898
Seither, Sebastian, 6-Aug-1939
Seivers, Pauline O., 11-Oct-1874, 1-Dec-1944
Sekinger, Louise M., 17-Nov-1915, 9-Jul-1998
Sekinger, Ronald A., 27-Jan-1937, 20-Mar-1996
Selaring (Font), Serafina L., 9-Sep-1851
Selinger, William, 4-Jan-1885
Semar (Korndorffer), Mary, 1-Jan-1850, 1-Jan-1909
Senette (Toledano), Dorothee, 8-Jun-1898
Serum, Lillian Lewis, 28-Apr-1897, 8-Oct-1920
Servat, Audrey
Servat, Joseph F., 2-Nov-1871, 10-Mar-1902
Setterfield, Rebecca Wilson, 5-Feb-1916
Sewell (Murray), Theresa J., 15-Oct-1817, 12-May-1864
Sewell, Edward W.
Sewell, William Washington
Sexton, Whitely
Seyler (Reinhard), Anna Barbara, 29-Jun-1835, 6-Feb-1900
Seyler (Reinhard), Anna Barbara, 29-Sep-1835, 16-Feb-1900
Seymour (Born), Laura Edna, 11-Dec-1863, 18-Feb-1916
Seymour (Brooks), Mary J., 10-Oct-1887
Seymour, Dorothy Louise, 28-Mar-1900, 28-Feb-1911
Seymour, Harriet E., 1-Jan-1869, 1-Jan-1929
Seymour, William Dickson, 12-Jan-1865, 18-Apr-1938
Seymour, William Dickson, 1-Feb-1902, 28-Apr-1905
Seymour, William E.
Seymour, William Ellery, 10-Mar-1810, 20-Jul-1883
Shamp, Elvin, 25-Nov-1940
Shamp, Louise H., 1-Jan-1901, 1-Jan-1989
Shannon, Mathilde
Shaw Jr., Frank A., 8-Sep-1896, 15-Jul-1980
Shaw (Longley), Rachel Elliott, 25-May-1827, 22-Mar-1890
Shaw, Abby Juden, 23-Jul-1875, 21-Aug-1963
Shaw, Arthur, 1-Jan-1871, 1-Jan-1932
Shaw, Charles A., 11-Jun-1864, 13-Jul-1955
Shaw, F., 8-May-1882
Shaw, Frank A., 12-Feb-1871, 1-Aug-1937
Shaw, John Juden, 4-Feb-1903, 31-Dec-1912
Shaw, Laura M., 22-Jan-1908, 16-Mar-1998
Shaw, Lee Wilton (on ground), 9-Jun-1867, 17-Mar-1920
Shaw, Mabel L., 25-Sep-1872, 16-Aug-1918
Shawcross (Ravencamp), Laura, 4-Jan-1845, 5-May-1873
Shawcross, Reginald
Shea (Scherer), Mary Caroline, 30-Dec-1871, 24-Feb-1940
Shea, Cornelios B.
Shearer Jr., William B., 16-Dec-1867, 24-May-1924
Shearer (Fitzpatrick), Letita J, 22-Jul-1909
Shearer, Annie Brent, 28-Dec-1856, 4-May-1942
Shearer, J.F., 13-Sep-1887
Shearer, William B., 5-Apr-1818, 16-Apr-1894
Sheedy, Thomas F., 19-Dec-1888, 14-Dec-1956
Sheeran, Margaret M., 10-Nov-1857, 4-Sep-1933
Sheets, Louise Green Volker, 29-Oct-1887, 27-Feb-1938
Shellang, John, 17-Oct-1830, 12-Feb-1892
Shellang, John J., 29-Jun-1893
Shemwell, Allen J., 12-Jan-1892
Shemwell, Frank H., 1-Jun-1885
Shemwell, Louise, 5-Jun-1925
Shemwell, Martha, 14-Sep-1883
Shepard Sr., Sidney C., 23-Feb-1899, 25-Mar-1961
Shepard (Hardon), Fidelia, 31-Oct-1832, 18-Dec-1916
Shepard, Magdalen O., 22-Oct-1899, 20-Aug-1984
Sherbin, Abraham, 28-Mar-1895, 24-Mar-1969
Sheridan (McNeil), Rosann, 1-Jan-1845, 1-Jan-1908
Sherlock, Madeline Rose, 20-Nov-1884
Sherman (Ludwigsen), Frances A., 19-Aug-1867
Sherman, F.A.
Sherrouse Jr., John Wilton, 24-Dec-1923, 9-Mar-1980
Sherrouse Sr., John Walton, 9-Jul-1896, 16-Sep-1953
Sherrouse, Benjamin Franklin, 10-Jan-1852, 31-Jul-1916
Sherrouse, Col. John Monroe, 31-Jan-1848, 6-Nov-1926
Sherrouse, Ethel Alexander, 9-Jul-1896, 24-Feb-1970
Sherrouse, Lillian Robertson, 1-Jan-1900, 28-Mar-1919
Sherrouse, Mary Lillian Robert, 19-Jun-1867, 4-Mar-1914
Sherrouse, Mrs. Arminda Jane, 7-Feb-1828, 1-Nov-1899
Shields, ........, 1-Jan-1849
Shields, ........ Jane
Shields, Annie, 9-Sep-1846, 15-Feb-1886
Shine (Bender), Agnes T., 17-Mar-1915
Shine, J.M., 3-Dec-1862
Shine, M.J., 8-Mar-1861
Shine, Mary Ann, 22-Sep-1853
Shine, Mrs. J.M., 12-Nov-1867
Shoemaker (Geis), Theresa, 18-Sep-1854, 24-Dec-1910
Short (Ford), Margaret R., 10-May-1881
Short, Robert H., 11-Aug-1890
Shropshire Jr., William A., 22-Jul-1867
Shropshire (Ferriere), Blanche, 7-Dec-1868
Shropshire (Keplinger), Margare, 2-May-1873, 31-Jul-1960
Shropshire, Belle Owsley, 12-Oct-1867
Shropshire, Blanche Augusta, 9-Oct-1867
Shropshire, Emma M., 9-Nov-1864
Shuckrow, Gertrude Carr, 12-Sep-1963
Shuckrow, John W., 3-Jun-1939
Shuckrow, Mary Louise, 27-Aug-1932
Shumway, Charles P., 9-Aug-1953
Shumway, Edwin, 11-Nov-1847
Shumway, Jane E., 31-May-1906
Shumway, Jennie, 9-Jan-1868
Shumway, Samuel A., 18-May-1874
Shute, ...odora H.
Shute, ..heodore
Sibley (Searing), Artemisia Ann, 31-Jul-1830, 9-Jan-1903
Sibley, Eliza A., 9-Sep-1809, 4-Oct-1884
Siebrandt (Klein), Elizabeth, 5-Nov-1856, 27-Jan-1944
Siegel (Schott), Amelia
Siegfried, Charles, 18-Jan-1866, 20-Jan-1898
Siegfried, Joseph, 8-Feb-1913
Siekfort, Doris, 1-Jan-1856, 1-Jan-1893
Siekfort, John E., 1-Jan-1853, 1-Jan-1891
Siekfort, Maria L., 1-Jan-1824, 1-Jan-1893
Siekfort, Pascaline, 1-Jan-1889, 1-Jan-1908
Sieuzac (Tremant), Josephine P., 6-Sep-1896
Silbernagel (Harris), Audrey M., 12-Jan-1918, 24-May-1973
Silbernagel, William A.
Silversides, Mary Budget, 22-Oct-1812, 23-Apr-1900
Sim, Margaret Inglis, 7-Sep-1913
Simmons, Mary Virginia, 13-Nov-1881, 28-Oct-1921
Simms (Brown), Juliet T., 14-Sep-1905
Simms (Elder), Dixie L., 25-Sep-1909
Simms, Daisy A., 24-Feb-1871
Simms, Ellie Brown
Simms, Harry B., 23-Oct-1889
Simms, Jacie E., 12-Sep-1859
Simms, Jessie E., 8-Jan-1868
Simms, R.H., 29-Apr-1819, 11-Dec-1882
Simon (Clerc), Josephine, 22-Aug-1928
Simon, Anita E., 18-Jul-1888, 12-Aug-1908
Simon, Joseph A., 23-Feb-1912
Simonds (Porter), Mary Elizabet, 1-Sep-1823, 20-May-1876
Simonds, John S., 22-Feb-1872
Simoneaux, Walter J., 29-Jan-1927
Simons (Demarest), Olivia, 29-Oct-1862, 22-May-1942
Simpson USMC, Major S.S.
Simpson (Reeder), Selina W., 14-Feb-1873, 4-Sep-1840
Sins, George, 22-Jan-1873, 29-Sep-1913
Sins, Helen, 10-Jun-1910, 26-Apr-1911
Sins, Katherine, 18-Dec-1903, 13-Jan-1992
Sins, Katherine G., 23-Jan-1880, 24-Jan-1951
Siren, Amelia R. Boulocq, 9-Sep-1861, 6-May-1946
Sirjacques (Ohlen), Julia, 26-Oct-1908
Sirjacques, Alexander C., 28-Jan-1901
Sirjacques, Charles L., 27-Dec-1909
Sirjacques, Charles L., 27-Dec-1909
Sirjacques, Julia, 26-Oct-1908
Sirjacques, Julia T., 8-Jan-1951
Sirjacques, Julia T., 8-Jan-1951
Sirjacques, Whilhelmina, 15-Nov-1879
Sirjacques, William L., 27-Sep-1957
Sita, John J., 1-Jan-1912, 1-Jan-1973
Sitges, Estelle S., 1-Jan-1860, 1-Jan-1933
Sitges, J. Henry, 1-Jan-1862, 1-Jan-1929
Sitges, Percy Henry, 1-Jan-1896, 1-Jan-1986
Sk..ner, Franz
Skidmore Jr., Benjamin F., 17-Jan-1854, 10-Jan-1913
Skidmore (Summers), Emma Glaser, 28-May-1859, 18-Feb-1925
Skidmore, Benjamin Franklin, 20-Apr-1827, 10-May-1912
Sladden, Frances, 25-Sep-1936
Slate, Margaret H., 14-Jun-1896, 11-Feb-1981
Slatter (Scott), Charity Ann, 5-Mar-1819, 21-Mar-1891
Slaughter (Glass), Fanny H., 3-Mar-1891
Slaughter, Henry C., 1-Jan-1846, 1-Jan-1913
Slaughter, Mrs. Margaret, 1-Jan-1852, 1-Jan-1924
Sliger, Frank B., 1-Jan-1854, 1-Jan-1925
Sliger, Sam
Sliger, Sophie, 1-Jan-1861, 1-Jan-1924
Sluer... (Zehl....), Caroline, 1-Jan-1836, 1-Jan-1911
Sm......, Felecie
Smith III DDS, J. Melville, 15-Dec-1903, 24-Jul-1990
Smith III DDS, J. Melville, 15-Dec-1903, 24-Jul-1990
Smith Jr., Dr. J Holmes, 29-Jan-1883, 27-Mar-1943
Smith Jr., Miner W., 5-Jul-1873, 27-Mar-1889
Smith Sr., Alfred Raymond, 23-Jan-1872, 11-Jun-1958
Smith (Assenheimer), Emma F., 11-Jul-1906
Smith (Burke), Mary Mathilde, 22-Nov-1902
Smith (Campman), Cora L., 31-Aug-1910
Smith (Drew), Lennoe L. Scherme, 20-Oct-1862, 14-Oct-1955
Smith (Johnson), Rosena, 26-May-1838, 23-May-1922
Smith (Kelly), Mary Ellen, 22-Apr-1866, 21-Sep-1925
Smith (Key), Lucy, 27-Feb-1901
Smith (Miller), Annie, 5-Mar-1897
Smith (Quinn), Catherine L., 1-Jan-1876, 1-Jan-1929
Smith (Stewart), Mary, 9-Feb-1831, 2-Mar-1908
Smith (Turner), Mary Elizabeth, 1-Jan-1868, 1-Jan-1950
Smith (Whalen), Elizabeth, 1-Jan-1828, 1-Jan-1878
Smith, Adele E., 23-Mar-1901, 4-Apr-1985
Smith, Adele Wagner, 31-Jan-1907, 1-Aug-1989
Smith, Adele Wagner, 31-Jan-1907, 1-Aug-1989
Smith, Albert C., 1-Jan-1891, 1-Jan-1934
Smith, Bernard J., 18-Feb-1910, 23-May-1977
Smith, Caroline, 17-Apr-1891
Smith, Caroline Auze', 10-Dec-1850, 3-Apr-1920
Smith, Catherine Metzger, 23-Sep-1883, 6-Jun-1937
Smith, Charles Henry, 5-Aug-1842
Smith, Clemence Desormaux, 1-Jan-1819, 1-Jan-1911
Smith, Clement, 18-Aug-1877
Smith, Clement J., 27-Mar-1888, 25-Dec-1948
Smith, Doris Marie, 6-Aug-1915, 12-Jul-1916
Smith, Dorothy Crews, 1-Aug-1978
Smith, Edward Charles, 27-Jul-1876, 16-Dec-1877
Smith, Edward M., 3-Dec-1897, 11-Nov-1980
Smith, Eliza B., 22-Feb-1863, 21-Nov-1892
Smith, Emma, 1-Jan-1854, 1-Jan-1879
Smith, Eugene R., 21-Sep-1892
Smith, Eugenia Jackson, 1-Jan-1881, 1-Jan-1928
Smith, Frank E., 8-Jun-1888, 27-Jan-1918
Smith, Frank E., 23-May-1913, 5-Feb-1983
Smith, George, 1-Jan-1821, 1-Jan-1901
Smith, Gloria M., 25-Aug-1934, 11-Apr-1986
Smith, Gordon C., 1-Jan-1931, 1-Jan-1936
Smith, Hazel Bruce, 1-Jan-1890, 1-Jan-1954
Smith, Henry, 1-Jan-1862, 1-Jan-1910
Smith, Herbert Room, 1-Jan-1861, 1-Jan-1935
Smith, Hy H.
Smith, Ida Louise, 30-Nov-1880, 9-Aug-1953
Smith, Isaac A.
Smith, J.
Smith, J.S.
Smith, John, 22-May-1955, 17-Jul-1878
Smith, Joseph, 1-Jan-1870, 1-Jan-1939
Smith, Joseph L., 6-May-1916, 24-May-1969
Smith, Julia P., 26-Dec-1857, 23-Mar-1939
Smith, Julian M., 20-Apr-1923
Smith, Margaret, 31-May-1884
Smith, Marie Y., 23-Jan-1924, 25-Mar-1932
Smith, Marietta, 30-Nov-1902, 31-Aug-1975
Smith, Mary Arnold
Smith, Mary Malvina, 1-May-1860
Smith, Mildred Oliver, 14-Jan-1897, 17-May-1978
Smith, Miner W., 1-May-1850, 19-Jun-1894
Smith, Miss Amanda M., 20-Jan-1884
Smith, Mrs. Clement, 1-Feb-1887
Smith, Mrs. Eugene, 9-Aug-1852, 20-Mar-1930
Smith, Mrs. Jane
Smith, Mrs. S.B., 8-May-1819, 1-Jan-1911
Smith, Nick, 26-Apr-1889
Smith, Ouida Childress, 1-Jan-1890, 1-Jan-1938
Smith, R.P.
Smith, Robert
Smith, Roy E., 1-Jan-1901, 1-Jan-1973
Smith, S.J.N
Smith, Samuel Bickford, 1-Jan-1809, 1-Jan-1870
Smith, Samuel Bickford, 21-Dec-1809, 29-Nov-1870
Smith, Sidney, 1-Jan-1874, 1-Jan-1945
Smith, Violetta A.
Smith, William B.
Smith, William B.
Smith, William B., 25-Apr-1820, 2-Feb-1892
Smith, William Henry, 15-Nov-1858, 14-Apr-1883
Smith, Zack Rich, 15-Apr-1897, 2-Jan-1944
Snively (Wharton), Jeannie Pirt, 21-Aug-1866, 3-Sep-1893
Snively, Rev. Dr. Wm. A.
Soery, Henrietta A., 5-May-1879
Soery, William, 19-Dec-1871
Sommer (Kissgen), Elizabeth, 16-Jan-1927
Sommer, Catherine, 8-Mar-1828, 3-Dec-1917
Sommer, Christopher, 9-Jan-1824, 20-Jan-1866
Sommers (Felmeden), Henrietta L, 1-Jan-1865, 1-Jan-1929
Sommers, Walter J.
Sommers, Walter J., 1-Jan-1864, 1-Jan-1918
Sonnemeyer (Meirer), Louisa, 17-Oct-1929
Sonnemeyer (Reeb), Christina, 30-Dec-1894
Sonnemeyer, Henry, 18-Dec-1880
Sontag (Rodgers), Marie F., 6-Sep-1893
Sontag, Catherine, 11-Dec-1850
Sontag, Elise, 12-Apr-1819
Sontag, Gustave, 3-Jun-1877
Sophia, Amalia Carolina, 2-Mar-1870, 26-Apr-1871
Souchon (Kittredge), Corinne H., 27-Jul-1961
Spaar (Dickman), Alice Hahn, 23-Mar-1867, 6-Oct-1954
Spagnolo, Ines H., 1-Jan-1850, 1-Jan-1927
Spano, Anthony, 21-Dec-1931
Spano, Marie Brink, 15-Dec-1887, 7-Jun-1938
Spencer (Keener), Mary Anna, 15-Dec-1821, 26-Sep-1903
Spitzfadden, George H., 11-Apr-1936
Spitzfadden, Mary Gastrock, 7-Jan-1939
Spitzfaden (Faber), Christina, 28-Nov-1840, 20-Jun-1921
Spitzfaden, Amelia, 1-Jan-1863, 1-Jan-1942
Spitzfaden, Charles A., 13-Oct-1874, 5-Feb-1951
Spitzfaden, G.A.
Spitzfaden, Georg A., 22-Nov-1817, 20-Nov-1874
Spitzfaden, George, 3-Jun-1850, 20-Jun-1867
Spitzfaden, Heinrich Theodor, 22-Jul-1854, 24-Jul-1853
Spitzfaden, Julia Dora, 19-Sep-1865, 2-May-1866
Spitzfaden, Margaret Holderith, 23-Aug-1876, 18-May-1952
Spitzfaden, Maria, 12-Dec-1825, 21-Jul-1860
Spitzfaden, Theodor Emil, 1-Mar-1816, 18-Nov-1855
Spitzmuller (Apken), Louisa, 20-Dec-1889
Spitzmuller, B., 16-Mar-1823, 18-Nov-1870
Spitzmuller, G.A., 2-Oct-1852, 16-Jan-1873
Spitzmuller, Leopold, 3-Aug-1890
Spitzmuller, Louisa B., 2-Sep-1825, 16-Jun-1872
Spitzmuller, Louise
Spreen, Henry F., 1-Jan-1876, 1-Jan-1937
Spreen, Mrs. Catherine, 10-Mar-1853, 30-Apr-1892
Spreen, Otillie Turney, 6-Jan-1880, 24-May-1958
Spyker (Gilmer), Sarah Mildred, 12-Jan-1829, 27-Nov-1902
Spyker (Wilkinson), Mattie Gilm, 16-Dec-1856, 12-Oct-1888
Spyker, L.P., 10-Apr-1815, 19-Nov-1867
Spyker, Mary E., 17-Feb-1850, 1-Sep-1886
Spyker, Sally, 1-Jan-1865, 1-Jan-1929
Squires CSA, Capt. M. Taylor, 2-Oct-1863
Squires, Eliza Otis, 2-Aug-1837, 3-Aug-1862
St.Pierre (Lamaire), Edna Marga, 1-Jan-1902, 1-Jan-1931
St.Pierre, Albert E., 1-Jan-1871, 1-Jan-1956
St.Pierre, M.
St.Pierre, Mrs Albert, 1-Jan-1880, 1-Jan-1930
St.Pierre, Paul Andrew, 13-May-1868, 12-Nov-1913
St.Pierre, Roy Joseph, 15-Nov-1921, 5-May-1961
Staats (Scherer), Ada Hanna, 10-Feb-1849, 26-Nov-1930
Staba, Adele Schoras, 27-Jul-1879, 8-Jun-1871
Staba, Christopher G., 21-Sep-1905, 4-May-1906
Stach, F.W., 17-Jan-1840, 7-Oct-1868
Stafford, Helen Elder, 22-Oct-1882, 23-Nov-1944
Stafford, Mary Williams, 4-Oct-1845, 1-Nov-1919
Stahl (Zeller), Kate, 11-Jun-1847, 15-Oct-1888
Stahr (Wick), Anna, 23-Aug-1878
Stahr, John William, 8-Oct-1875, 19-Sep-1876
Stahr, Louis
Stahr, Louis, 29-Aug-1894
Stahr, Martha Elizabeth, 7-Sep-1900
Stahr, Mary E., 8-Feb-1909
Stahr, Mrs. Elizabeth, 19-Jan-1872
Stall, Alex, 25-Feb-1889, 3-Sep-1979
Stall, Joshua B., 17-Jan-1887, 29-Sep-1962
Stanford (Chaille'), Mary, 22-Apr-1844
Stanley, Fannie, 3-Sep-1859, 1-Oct-1867
Stanley, Joseph H., 6-Jun-1827, 11-Dec-1881
Stansbury, Maria A., 21-Apr-1848
Stansbury, Rosa Dew, 12-Sep-1859, 17-Aug-1952
Stansbury, William Buffington, 25-Mar-1857, 30-Jul-1905
Stanton (Chew), Anna T.
Stanton (Mallon), Ida, 1-Feb-1904
Stanton, Florence, 28-Dec-1951
Stanton, W. Jeff, 31-Aug-1920
Starr, Theresa Lauer, 3-Oct-1852, 15-Jun-1887
Staub (Cohen), Henrietta, 1-Jan-1852, 1-Jan-1927
Staub, Alma M., 1-Jan-1878, 1-Jan-1941
Staub, Chas. E., 1-Jan-1849, 1-Jan-1923
Staub, May C., 1-Jan-1886, 1-Jan-1931
Staub, W.C., 1-Jan-1879, 1-Jan-1918
Staub, Win G., 20-Oct-1918
Staub, Wm. H., 27-Aug-1815, 19-Nov-1989
Stearns, Charles T., 22-May-1898
Stearns, Ellis Johnson, 5-Jul-1882, 2-Feb-1938
Stearns, Henry, 5-Oct-1878
Stearns, Henry D., 10-Jun-1852, 12-Jun-1919
Stearns, Laura Brown, 14-Apr-1850, 29-Mar-1930
Stearns, Shirley Johnson, 26-Jul-1858, 7-Jul-1931
Steencken, .........., 16-Mar-1880
Steensen (Backes), Catherine E., 20-Nov-1849, 5-Jun-1873
Steensen, Mrs. Amelia H., 13-Aug-1853, 17-Nov-1878
Steenson, John
Stehle Jr., Bernard, 16-Sep-1811, 5-Sep-1845
Stehle Jr., Willaim Howard, 17-May-1967
Stehle Sr., William Howard, 21-Jan-1941
Stehle (LeBlanc), Lydia M., 9-Jun-1935
Stehle, Bernard
Stehle, Bernard, 16-Sep-1841, 5-Sep-1845
Stehle, Catherine Hoffman, 16-Apr-1890, 27-Jun-1974
Stehle, Jennie May, 25-May-1904
Stehle, Joseph, 1-Sep-1859
Stehle, Joseph Bernard
Stehle, Mamie Diermayer, 1-Jul-1958
Steib Jr., John J., 28-Aug-1918, 30-Jul-1980
Steib (Koenig), Amelia, 29-Dec-1867, 8-Oct-1940
Steib (Koenig), Francis, 3-Dec-1857, 3-Feb-1941
Steib, Annie Pearce, 1-Jan-1875, 1-Jan-1923
Steib, Christina, 14-Apr-1822, 25-Oct-1911
Steib, Delores E., 1-Jan-1916, 1-Jan-1971
Steib, Doretta W., 3-Aug-1895, 1-Dec-1978
Steib, Henry M., 1-Jan-1904, 1-Jan-1979
Steib, Joseph, 7-Apr-1829, 3-Mar-1900
Steib, Joseph, 7-Apr-1829, 3-Mar-1900
Steib, Joseph E., 26-Dec-1914, 15-Jul-1986
Steib, Margaret, 23-Sep-1833, 26-Oct-1891
Steib, Margaret, 29-Sep-1833, 26-Oct-1891
Steib, Martin J., 12-Nov-1892, 22-May-1970
Steib, Martin J., 1-Jan-1875, 1-Jan-1945
Steib, Martin W., 1-Jan-1913, 1-Jan-1982
Steimle, Edmonia N., 1-Jan-1891, 1-Jan-1975
Steinbeck, B.C., 7-Sep-1819, 10-Nov-1891
Steineke (Bittenbring), Theresa, 10-Apr-1927
Steinel (Dreyer), Emma, 16-Nov-1905
Stephens, Anna Lee Orkus, 1-Jan-1924, 1-Jan-1971
Stephens, Catherine, 13-Feb-1865
Stephens, James W., 25-Jun-1948
Stephens, Marie L., 27-Jan-1893, 6-Jan-1978
Stephens, Robert Henry, 10-Jul-1850
Sterling, William G., 28-Sep-1882, 23-Oct-1910
Sterling, William H., 28-Jan-1836, 19-Aug-1897
Steuse, Dora Maria, 12-Sep-1827, 18-Sep-1903
Stevens, Amelia, 25-Mar-1981
Stevens, Amelia, 25-Mar-1981
Stevens, Charles, 20-Oct-1871, 14-Aug-1926
Stevens, Eleanor L., 1-Jan-1854, 1-Jan-1854
Stevens, Erastus F., 1-Jan-1819, 1-Jan-1900
Stevens, John J., 3-Mar-1932
Stevens, John J., 3-Mar-1932
Stevens, Louise Michon, 23-Dec-1858, 21-Aug-1924
Stevens, Morgan S.J., 12-Jun-1878, 23-Feb-1907
Stevens, Philip O., 1-Jan-1858, 1-Jan-1858
Stevenson, Edmond W.
Stevenson, John C.
Stevenson, John William
Stevenson, Richard
Stevenson, Richard ....rence
Stevenson, Sarah
Stevenson, Sarah E.
Stewart Jr., David, 14-Aug-1861, 2-Feb-1903
Stewart Jr., John C., 29-Oct-1855, 25-Jul-1893
Stewart Sr., David
Stewart (Coe), Leta, 26-Jul-1861, 31-Jul-1891
Stewart (Freret), Eugenie, 10-May-1870
Stewart (Smith), Mary, 9-Feb-1831, 2-Mar-1908
Stewart, Adeline, 25-Sep-1855
Stewart, Coralie
Stewart, David, 1-Jan-1826, 1-Jan-1884
Stewart, Emma, 27-Sep-1867
Stewart, H.G.
Stewart, James, 14-Sep-1869, 13-Feb-1913
Stewart, James, 18-Jul-1866
Stewart, James, 13-Mar-1872
Stewart, John, 2-Sep-1864, 28-Aug-1934
Stewart, John C., 29-May-1893
Stewart, Luther W., 28-Sep-1868
Stewart, Mary, 1-Jan-1831, 1-Jan-1908
Stewart, Mrs. Antonia, 17-May-1895
Stierwald (Harmann), Eleanora, 1-Jan-1892, 1-Jan-1951
Stierwald, Albert, 1-Jan-1906, 1-Jan-1942
Stierwald, Amelia, 19-Jul-1902, 5-Aug-1903
Stierwald, August, 1-Jan-1890, 1-Jan-1930
Stierwald, Catherine H., 1-Jan-1890, 1-Jan-1974
Stierwald, Louis, 1-Jan-1876, 1-Jan-1924
Stierwald, Louis J.H., 13-Feb-1914, 4-Dec-1918
Stierwald, Lovie G. Pearce, 21-Apr-1880, 21-Nov-1957
Stiles, John Martin, 10-Sep-1832, 2-Apr-1878
Stiles, Lizzie
Stingel Jr., Theodore A., 13-Sep-1886, 30-Mar-1905
Stingel, Cecilia C., 26-Dec-1860, 4-Sep-1926
Stingel, J. Morris, 13-Feb-1891, 23-Oct-1903
Stingel, Theo A., 31-Aug-1906
Stith, Rhoda B., 30-Sep-1844, 1-Oct-1919
Stockley (Lawes), Portia Octavi, 4-May-1892
Stockley, Callie Lawes, 8-Dec-1869, 23-Dec-1951
Stockley, Jos. H.S.
Stockwell, Ernest, 19-Aug-1880, 14-Dec-1963
Stockwell, Wenona, 15-Aug-1886, 26-Nov-1958
Stogner (Williams), Mathilda, 6-Jan-1927, 15-May-1949
Stogner, T.S.
Stokes, Lilian, 1-Jan-1902, 1-Jan-1991
Stoll (Fey), Madalina, 24-Oct-1858
Stoll, Charles
Stoll, Charles, 22-Jan-1876
Stoll, Chas. C., 27-Oct-1878
Stoll, Elizabeth
Stoll, Frederic Augustus, 29-Oct-1865
Stoll, Louisa Orida, 1-Oct-1866
Stoll, Mathias C., 23-Sep-1869, 29-Sep-1869
Stoll, Philomena E., 1-Jul-1882
Stoll, Rosalia Ottilia, 11-Aug-1868, 11-Oct-1868
Stolzenberg (Gabler), Mary Ripe, 8-Aug-1886, 10-Jun-1932
Strada (Marks), Louise, 27-Jul-1891, 14-Aug-1916
Strada, Charles, 9-Jan-1916, 14-Aug-1916
Stratda (Usner), Catherine, 14-Oct-1903
Stratda, John
Stratda, Louisa, 1-Jan-1884, 1-Jan-1963
Stratmeyer (Demarest), Caroline, 8-Nov-1866, 18-Jul-1932
Stratmeyer (Stumpf), Augustine, 7-Jun-1851, 26-Jan-1917
Stratmeyer, Aug., 30-Oct-1874
Stratmeyer, Catharina, 27-Sep-1877
Stratmeyer, Catharina, 10-Feb-1890
Stratmeyer, Christian, 14-Aug-1859, 17-Apr-1860
Stratmeyer, Elisabeth, 3-Oct-1857, 15-Apr-1859
Stratmeyer, Franzis, 14-May-1865, 4-Oct-1867
Stratmeyer, Margareth, 12-Mar-1858, 3-Aug-1860
Stratmeyer, W., 12-Aug-1884
Stratton, Charles Willard, 30-Jul-1866
Stratton, Edward Louis, 27-May-1860
Stratton, Frederick Charles, 17-May-1884
Stratton, Harold, 23-May-1901, 26-Oct-1970
Stratton, Lawrance J., 27-Aug-1864, 15-Feb-1898
Stratton, Lelia Blanche, 6-Sep-1860
Stratton, N.R., 29-Feb-1820, 6-Feb-1900
Stratton, Walter Nelson, 6-Nov-1858
Stratton, William C., 28-Oct-1858, 8-Jan-1897
Stringer, Annie
Stringer, Arthur J., 30-Apr-1906, 10-Dec-1963
Stringer, Edward
Stringer, Rosa, 16-Apr-1897, 15-Mar-1977
Stroedel, Gustav, 22-Apr-1870
Stroh, Christina, 10-Mar-1803, 19-Aug-1892
Stromblad (Hemmerling), Mrs Cha, 12-Apr-1840, 2-Nov-1888
Stromblad, Chas. L., 29-Aug-1887
Strother (Moore), Mary Campbell, 26-Jan-1829, 18-Jun-1888
Struth, Marie, 19-Mar-1890
Stuart, Francis, 17-May-1860, 31-Oct-1860
Stuart, Mrs. Eliza, 15-Jun-1868
Stueszy, Mary, 1-Jan-1852, 1-Jan-1914
Stumborg, H.
Stumborg, Wilhelmina, 1-Jan-1866, 1-Jan-1949
Stumpf (Stratmeyer), Augustine, 7-Jun-1851, 26-Jan-1917
Stumpf (Welch), Monika, 6-May-1839, 17-Jan-1886
Stumpf, Jeannette F., 17-Aug-1904, 13-Mar-1982
Stumpf, Louisa Lauer, 1-Jan-1844, 1-Jan-1930
Stumpf, Robert T., 1-Jan-1879, 1-Jan-1927
Stumpf, William J., 1-Jan-1874, 1-Jan-1930
Sturtevant (Taylor), Mary Alice, 30-Jul-1847, 30-Jul-1907
Sturtevant, C.D.
Stuszi (Heer), Anna Maria, 11-Nov-1820, 3-Apr-1895
Stuszi (Rehrberger), Elizabeth, 1-Jan-1847, 16-Jun-1871
Stuszi, John Jacob, 22-Feb-1822, 12-Aug-1888
Sullivan (Cooper), Ann, 27-Apr-1870
Sullivan (Murphy), Ann
Sullivan, E.M., 1-Jan-1909, 1-Jan-1938
Sullivan, Elizabeth A. Wollfar, 25-Jul-1887, 13-Jul-1953
Sullivan, Wm.
Summers (Skidmore), Emma Glaser, 28-May-1859, 18-Feb-1925
Sutherland, Caroline M., 5-Apr-1878
Sutherland, P.F.
Sutherland, Peter F., 22-Nov-1878
Sutter (Mathes), Josephine, 1-Jan-1845, 1-Jan-1932
Sutter, Cecelia Frances, 1-Jan-1878, 1-Jan-1959
Sutter, Samuel, 1-Jan-1838, 1-Jan-1888
Sutton, Emma, 5-Nov-1859
Swain, Maria, 31-Dec-1895
Swain, May, 14-Feb-1888
Swain, Nettie, 25-Apr-1910
Swain, Robert, 14-Aug-1878
Swanson Sr., Albin H., 18-Nov-1881, 12-Nov-1953
Swanson, Deette N., 9-Apr-1905, 2-Aug-1994
Swayne (Mullen), Mary E.
Swayze, Golda G., 1-Jan-1898, 1-Jan-1982
Sweeny, Theodore, 22-Aug-1872, 23-Nov-1910
Sylvester (Earhart), Juliette, 10-Jun-1932

Louisiana Death Records

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