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Lafayette Cemetery #1
New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana

Surnames Beginning With P:  Burials = 480

The Lafayette Cemetery #1 is located in the uptown Garden District of New Orleans.  Fred Hatfield photographed all the plaques in the cemetery, which includes burial and genealogical information.  You can purchase a CD-ROM of the complete records and photographs from Fred Hatfield.  For more information, visit his website, "Historic Lafayette Cemetery #1".

Fred Hatfield has authorized Cemetery Records on the Internet to publish only the names of the interred, and their birth and death dates.

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P.J.S. von C.
Paddock, Neider
Paddock, Thomas, 1-Jan-1892, 17-May-1955
Pagaud, John, 14-Sep-1851
Page, M.S.
Palacio, A.
Palazzolo, Jerome, 1-Jan-1900, 1-Jan-1963
Palfrey Jr., Charles, 8-May-1876, 12-Jun-1908
Palfrey (Blanc), Maria I., 1-Dec-1828, 9-May-1887
Palfrey (Harrison), Sarah Eliza, 7-Dec-1847, 27-Jun-1922
Palfrey (Ivy), Alice Crozier, 7-Apr-1846, 18-Jul-1919
Palfrey (Turpin), Grace Harriet, 19-Jun-1850, 23-Mar-1888
Palfrey (Wendell), Augusta M., 9-Dec-1916
Palfrey (Wendell), Gertrude E., 7-May-1868
Palfrey, Camilla Turpin, 23-Sep-1876, 27-Jun-1883
Palfrey, Campbell, 30-Jan-1894, 18-Oct-1970
Palfrey, Frank S., 15-Jun-1857, 31-Mar-1935
Palfrey, George, 11-Jun-1891
Palfrey, George W., 4-May-1843, 5-Jan-1913
Palfrey, Gertrude, 14-Nov-1890, 2-Oct-1983
Palfrey, Gertrude Elizabeth, 26-Jul-1866
Palfrey, Grace Turpin, 2-Dec-1872, 29-Nov-1891
Palfrey, Herbert, 6-Aug-1866, 29-Sep-1921
Palfrey, Janie Wigginton, 14-Sep-1896, 9-Dec-1922
Palfrey, Jessie Handy, 10-Dec-1870, 24-Dec-1966
Palfrey, John Turpin, 9-Jul-1874, 14-Sep-1876
Palfrey, Mary Harrison, 8-Apr-1887, 25-May-1929
Palfrey, Richard Harrison, 14-Sep-1870, 20-Apr-1936
Palfrey, Sidney Ann, 31-Aug-1837, 30-Apr-1899
Palfrey, Walter Bailey, 25-Sep-1874, 19-Sep-1878
Palfrey, Wendell, 23-Jul-1896, 24-Apr-1956
Palfrey, William, 1-Jan-1834, 1-Jan-1912
Palfrey, William T.
Palfrey[Our Baby], 17-Sep-1871
Palmer, Herman E., 1-Jan-1909, 1-Jan-1978
Palmer, Myrtle Lee, 1-Jan-1905, 1-Jan-1994
Palmisano (Roberts), Jennie, 28-Nov-1886, 22-Apr-1947
Palmisano, A., 29-May-1951
Palmisano, Edith B., 2-Jan-1915, 7-Dec-1989
Palmisano, Elaine Dardis, 20-Jan-1916, 5-May-1988
Palmisano, John R., 1-Aug-1886, 14-Jun-1980
Palmisano, Joseph D., 1-Jan-1913, 1-Jan-1982
Palmisano, Julia Daly, 1-Jan-1887, 1-Jan-1958
Panquerne, Adrian S., 7-Feb-1927, 11-Dec-1992
Panquerne, Charles P., 20-Mar-1952, 7-Jul-1971
Panquerne, Charles P., 20-Mar-1952, 7-Jul-1971
Panquerne, Joyce Latour, 29-Jul-1927, 13-Nov-1995
Panquerne, Odessa K., 4-May-1900, 26-Nov-1970
Panquerne, Paul P., 1-Apr-1896, 18-Sep-1960
Parker, E.R., 30-May-1853, 5-May-1943
Parker, G.W., 31-Dec-1862
Parker, G.W., 31-Dec-1862
Parkinson (Bodley), Eugenia, 26-Aug-1898
Parkinson, Benjamin Franklin, 24-Apr-1930
Parkinson, F.B., 26-Sep-1819, 24-Oct-1896
Parkinson, Mary Eugenia, 9-Sep-1902
Parkinson, Robert, 19-Jan-1925
Parks Jr., Charles L., 1-Jan-1918, 1-Jan-1960
Parks Sr., Charles L., 1-Jan-1896, 1-Jan-1952
Parks, Chas., 1-Jan-1844, 1-Jan-1943
Parks, Eliza A., 25-Dec-1895
Parks, Henry Delmau, 20-Nov-1880
Parks, Ida M., 1-Jan-1870, 1-Jan-1959
Parks, Myrtle L., 1-Jan-1901, 1-Jan-1980
Parks, Raymond Joseph, 29-Jun-1925, 13-Jun-1944
Parmely, Louisa
Parra, James A., 1-Jan-1911, 1-Jan-1959
Parra, Patricia A., 1-Jan-1941, 1-Jan-1946
Parsons, Julia L. Frank, 28-Jul-1915, 18-May-1982
Parton, Capt. H.A., 1-Mar-1844, 15-Jun-1870
Paruguey, Anna B. Beck, 26-Aug-1798, 7-Aug-1875
Pascoe, Anna Thomas, 5-Mar-1887
Pascoe, Charles, 2-Mar-1883
Pastorek, August C., 26-Aug-1897, 17-Apr-1976
Pastorek, Marie Aida Hymel, 4-Oct-1896, 12-Jun-1987
Pastorek, Rene August, 28-Nov-1930, 5-Feb-1997
Pastorek, Rosalie Schloegel, 27-May-1869, 23-Aug-1936
Patatou (Logan), Margaret, 14-Apr-1914
Patatou, J.
Patrick Jr., J.C.
Patrick (Nielsen), Augusta H., 29-Aug-1872, 22-Jul-1900
Patten Sr., L.E., 16-Jan-1939
Patterson, Maria Thompson, 1-Jan-1885, 1-Jan-1965
Patterson, Nora
Patterson, Nora
Patton (Merritt), Frances E., 27-Feb-1830, 8-Oct-1916
Patton, Dora M., 10-Sep-1890
Patton, George Tazwell, 14-Nov-1864, 31-Jul-1918
Patton, Hugh Mercer, 13-Oct-1903, 14-May-1904
Patton, Isaac W., 9-Feb-1890
Patton, Julia S., 16-Sep-1881
Patton, Mary Mercer, 9-Mar-1861, 16-Aug-1863
Patton, Mercer Williams, 26-Oct-1867, 4-Dec-1907
Patton, William Thomas, 18-Mar-1856, 1-Jul-1896
Paul Sr., Jacob, 1-Aug-1826, 16-May-1898
Paul (Klein), Elizabeth, 21-Jan-1868, 7-Jul-1940
Paul (T.....), Margaret, 26-Jun-1898
Paul, ...nnie, 13-Aug-1877
Paul, George A., 13-Aug-1897, 13-Dec-1932
Paul, Lizzie
Paul, Margaret J., 22-Jan-1925
Paul, Matilda
Paul, Otto, 7-Apr-1865, 7-Dec-1909
Paul, Wm., 22-Jun-1869, 15-Apr-1912
Paulin (Long), Margaret
Paw Paw
Paxton (Cary), Virginia, 1-Aug-1846, 23-May-1885
Paxton (Gillespie), Mary Jane, 24-Oct-1849
Paxton, W.H., 1-May-1867
Payne (Fenner), Carrie, 15-Mar-1846, 17-Mar-1942
Payne (Francois), Josephine H., 1-Dec-1861
Payne, C.B.
Payne, Charles Morgan, 26-Nov-1861
Payne, Charlotte B., 22-Jan-1877
Payne, Cornelius B.
Payne, G.B.
Payne, G.B.
Payne, Henry Miller, 2-Jul-1844, 26-Mar-1914
Payne, Henry Miller
Payne, Henry Upshur, 21-Sep-1873, 20-Mar-1935
Payne, J. Upshur, 5-Jul-1922
Payne, Jacob Upshur, 12-Feb-1803, 11-Mar-1900
Payne, L.K.
Payne, Louise, 20-Sep-1881, 20-Feb-1901
Payne, Louise Kennedy, 22-Sep-1850, 11-Mar-1933
Payne, Marius Francois, 26-Feb-1869
Payne, Victoria, 27-Jun-1863
Payne, Victoria, 27-Jun-1863
Payne, Victoria, 27-Jun-1863
Paysse, Marie Claire, 25-Aug-1887, 11-Sep-1888
Payzant, Mary L. Rayne, 1-Jan-1880, 1-Jan-1943
Pazos, Birdie K. Huete, 1-Jan-1902, 1-Jan-1995
Peale (Henderson), Mary N., 28-Dec-1885
Peale, Elija, 10-Jul-1810, 11-May-1874
Peale, Mary Alice, 8-Nov-1844, 19-Sep-1881
Peale, William Allen, 30-Jun-1850, 11-Jul-1941
Pearce Sr., George E., 17-May-1889, 9-Apr-1976
Pearce (Bensel), Dora, 1-Jan-1862, 1-Jan-1911
Pearce (Rathke), Ruth, 21-Jan-1895, 15-Apr-1963
Pearce (Rice), Ida A., 20-Sep-1858, 27-Dec-1887
Pearce, Eleanor
Pearce, Geo. E.
Pearce, Joseph T., 24-Oct-1877, 17-Mar-1955
Pearce, Thomas B.
Pearce, W.O.
Pearle (Davis), Deary M., 21-Nov-1903
Pearson (Bell), Sophia Josephin, 28-Nov-1839, 6-Jul-1919
Pechon, Jocelyn M., 7-Jul-1929
Peirce III, Allan Noble, 1-Jan-1918, 1-Jan-1991
Peirce Jr., Allan Noble, 1-Jan-1892, 1-Jan-1967
Peirce Jr., Oliver, 1-Jan-1873, 1-Jan-1906
Peirce (Noble), Lucy A., 27-Mar-1876
Peirce (Rusha), Hester L., 1-Jan-1895, 1-Jan-1967
Peirce, Annie M., 3-Jan-1913
Peirce, Caroline A., 13-Nov-1906
Peirce, Francis W., 24-Nov-1889
Peirce, Grace A., 1-Jan-1865, 1-Jan-1915
Peirce, Martha A., 8-Apr-1900
Peirce, Nellie, 25-Oct-1867
Peirce, Oliver, 3-Jul-1872
Peirce, Oliver, 13-Sep-1807, 16-Dec-1893
Peirce, Oliver A., 1-Jan-1840, 1-Jan-1917
Pelle, F.J., 1-Jan-1946
Pellerin (Harrisson), Helene, 5-Sep-1825, 8-Jan-1859
Pelts, Louisa, 9-Jan-1819, 9-Jan-1871
Pelts, Lulu Georgiana
Pendleton (Lehde), Ellen Robins, 4-Jul-1860, 5-Apr-1944
Pendleton (Neil), Sarah E., 5-Dec-1898
Pendleton (Schlesinger), Alice, 3-Jul-1951
Pendleton, Capt. Wm. E., 30-Jan-1901
Pendleton, Reuben Allen, 3-Jul-1942
Pendleton, William Lee, 28-Mar-1863, 24-Oct-1942
Penisson (Font), Celestine, 9-Mar-1825, 11-Sep-1904
Penn Jr., Alfred, 11-Apr-1896, 3-Oct-1918
Penn, Alfred
Penn, Imogen Lyons, 26-Dec-1891, 7-Apr-1892
Peper, C.M.
Peppers (Kay), Bella V., 5-Jun-1863, 3-Apr-1908
Peppers, George H.
Perelli, Edward M., 20-Aug-1899, 2-Apr-1980
Perez Jr., August
Perez (Meyer), Emmie, 12-Sep-1936
Perrien, Francois, 4-Jun-1821, 21-Mar-1849
Perrien, Louisa
Perrien, William, 22-Dec-1846, 3-Jan-1912
Perry Jr., Alfred W., 28-Jul-1873
Perry (Augusta), Ellen, 30-Nov-1897
Perry, Dr. A.W.
Perry, Hannah K., 14-Oct-1871
Perry, Wood E.
Persa, Nancy
Persohn, George Anselm, 13-Sep-1881, 1-Mar-1924
Pescay (Badger), Sophie A., 4-Feb-1875
Pescay, C.W., 26-Aug-1887
Pesce, Evelyn Loescher, 1-Jan-1902, 1-Jan-1978
Pet..... (Haag), Barbara, 20-Jun-1884
Pet....., Philip, 27-Oct-1884
Peter, Ernest, 1-Jan-1864, 1-Jan-1931
Peter, Justine Babin, 1-Jan-1869, 1-Jan-1918
Peters III, Samuel Jarvis, 31-Aug-1942
Peters Jr., John F., 5-Feb-1881, 23-Jun-1906
Peters Jr., William LeMonnier, 5-Dec-1977
Peters Sr., Leonard J., 1-Jan-1868, 1-Jan-1937
Peters (Anderson), Sophia, 17-Oct-1845
Peters (Blanc), Harriet Angeliq, 28-Aug-1854
Peters (DeSilly), Marianee Ang, 31-May-1860
Peters (LeMonnier), Marie Felic, 22-Apr-1919
Peters (Nielsen), Caroline, 19-Aug-1849, 28-Nov-1938
Peters (Ochse), Elizabeth, 21-Dec-1852, 29-Sep-1916
Peters (Schorr), Caroline Carri, 24-Jun-1874, 12-Sep-1966
Peters, Amine
Peters, Benjamin Franklin, 20-Jun-1908
Peters, Benjamin Franklin, 18-Nov-1884
Peters, Bertha L., 1-Jan-1874, 1-Jan-1932
Peters, Blanche LeMarie, 29-May-1981
Peters, Henry J., 5-Jan-1879, 10-Apr-1903
Peters, John F., 21-Oct-1852, 4-Jun-1913
Peters, John Michael, 9-Jun-1947
Peters, Joseph, 19-Oct-1874, 30-Jul-1875
Peters, Joseph a.
Peters, Luella Golding, 12-Sep-1887, 25-Aug-1965
Peters, Marie Felicie, 15-Jul-1871
Peters, Marie Myrthe, 11-Jan-1952
Peters, Marjorie L., 3-May-1987
Peters, Maude Pike, 12-Oct-1979
Peters, Myrth Elizabeth, 26-Mar-1854
Peters, S.J., 1-Jan-1801, 1-Jan-1855
Peters, Samuel Jarvis, 11-Aug-1855
Peters, Sidney John, 10-Sep-1885, 11-Jul-1938
Peters, William LeMonnier, 3-Aug-1957
Pettit, Charles Benjamin, 27-Nov-1829, 27-Nov-1905
Peyret, Eula D., 1-Jan-1896, 1-Jan-1969
Peyret, Jeanne, 1-Jan-1873, 1-Jan-1965
Peyret, Leopold E., 1-Jan-1892, 1-Jan-1958
Peyton (Cunningham), Anne, 26-Feb-1878
Peyton (Genslinger), Lulu, 19-Jun-1892
Peyton (Tree), Georgina, 5-Dec-1905
Peyton (Wright), Jose L., 29-Nov-1884, 16-Nov-1947
Peyton, Charles M., 14-Jun-1850
Peyton, Charlie W., 15-Mar-1875
Peyton, Georgine, 8-Jul-1911
Peyton, Ida, 12-Feb-1895
Peyton, Lee, 19-Jan-1951
Peyton, Leslie B., 6-Sep-1905, 9-Sep-1974
Peyton, Lucy W.R., 26-Jun-1849
Peyton, Marion T., 19-Jan-1908, 17-Jul-1976
Peyton, Mary E., 4-Dec-1924
Peyton, Vernon, 24-Nov-1912, 20-Jun-1988
Peyton, W.L., 21-Apr-1885
Peyton, Wm. W., 14-Dec-1867
Pfalzgraf (Wirtz), .....ret, 26-Jul-1825, 26-Apr-1912
Pfeffer (Hahn), Caroline, 11-Jul-1846, 29-Dec-1883
Pfeffer (Mathews), Rose F., 23-Nov-1883, 18-Jul-1959
Pfeffer (Saucier), Carrie C., 23-Feb-1876, 25-Dec-1947
Pfeffer, Barhart W., 3-Oct-1873, 24-Aug-1878
Pfeffer, Earhart W., 31-Jul-1845, 23-Feb-1891
Pfeffer, Henry, 27-Mar-1870, 28-May-1870
Pfeffer, Margaret Powell, 14-Aug-1936
Pflug, Florence Bourgeois, 1-Jan-1905, 1-Jan-1990
Pflug, Frederic J.W., 2-Feb-1864, 16-Jun-1929
Pflug, Josephine L., 27-Oct-1873, 18-Jun-1964
Pflug, Miriam L., 1-Jan-1902, 1-Jan-1983
Phelps, A.L.
Phelps, Charles S., 25-May-1865
Phelps, J.H.
Phelps, William H., 24-Jun-1836, 24-Mar-1894
Philip, ....enz
Pic (Brunet), Blanche A., 17-Oct-1865, 12-Feb-1930
Pic (Descombes), Rose P., 14-Jan-1836, 31-Mar-1923
Pic (Dietz), Nettie, 28-Aug-1872, 16-Jun-1904
Pic, Amelia B., 14-Feb-1857, 20-Feb-1939
Pic, Edna
Pic, Joseph, 12-Dec-1828, 5-Feb-1870
Pic, Joseph L., 10-Dec-1868, 28-Nov-1927
Pic, Leonora M., 11-May-1861, 19-Nov-1943
Pickens, Lina Dallas, 14-Nov-1879, 25-May-1974
Pickens, Madison Dallas, 17-May-1904, 6-Mar-1954
Pickens, Marjory A., 13-Jan-1909, 30-Jun-1921
Pickett, George L., 14-Mar-1867, 27-Dec-1946
Pickett, Isabelle M., 20-Jan-1865, 10-Jun-1944
Pickett, Lucretia E., 1-Dec-1869, 28-Jul-1958
Pickett, Mary, 23-Mar-1841, 3-Aug-1914
Pico, Charles L., 1-Jan-1884, 1-Jan-1937
Pico, Mrs. Victoria, 1-Jan-1847, 1-Jan-1935
Pico, Victor B., 1-Jan-1882, 1-Jan-1940
Pierpoint, Edna, 20-Jan-1896, 10-Dec-1918
Pierpoint, Edna Aycock, 18-Jan-1867, 7-Apr-1942
Pierson, Jessie Huyghe, 4-Aug-1862, 14-Jul-1907
Piffet, B., 30-Sep-1885
Piffet, E. Adolph, 10-Aug-1895
Piffet, Francis
Pigman, George Wood, 20-Nov-1876, 30-Jun-1948
Pignen, George W., 1-Jul-1960
Pigott, ...a Ann, 30-Mar-1873
Pigott, Jennie F., 12-Sep-1927
Pigott, John T., 17-Apr-1921
Pigrau, Aglae, 21-Oct-1895
Pigrau, James, 1-Jan-1890
Pike, Maude
Pinero, Alice B., 2-Jul-1904, 23-Aug-1987
Pinero, Bertha S., 1-Jan-1900, 1-Jan-1981
Pinero, Harold S., 1-Jan-1902, 1-Jan-1956
Pinero, Henry W., 11-Aug-1899, 27-Feb-1983
Pintado, Simean A., 29-Oct-1922
Pioth (Klein), Catherine, 8-Dec-1828, 9-Sep-1868
Pioth (Williams), Catherine, 15-May-1862, 16-Jul-1922
Pioth (Young), Annie, 11-Nov-1868, 5-Mar-1956
Pioth, Adam, 30-Nov-1837, 25-Aug-1881
Pioth, Geo. A., 12-Feb-1866, 1-Oct-1919
Pioth, Katie
Pique Sr., Oswald H., 5-Aug-1888, 30-Oct-1956
Pique, Margaret Hogan, 5-May-1899, 14-Dec-1945
Pitken, Annie L., 10-May-1934
Pitken, J.R.G., 4-Jul-1901
Pitkin, Annie Lovell, 10-May-1934
Pitkin, Ed..... .....inn, 3-Feb-1866
Pitkin, Helen, 9-Mar-1871
Pitkin, J.R.G., 4-Jul-1901
Pitkin, John Waldo, 8-Aug-1895, 7-Nov-1986
Pitkin, Lillian Bultman, 25-May-1898, 23-Jan-1984
Pitkin, Marie Guitet, 19-Mar-1949
Pitkin, Mrs. Adeline G., 10-Apr-1894
Pitkin, Waldo Mills, 14-Dec-1939
Pitt (Hardenbrook), Anna M., 28-Dec-1857
Pitts, Charles, 29-Mar-1808, 29-Dec-1892
Pitts, Charlotte S., 10-May-1825, 20-Oct-1896
Pleasants (Nobles), Julia, 1-Oct-1900
Plunkett (Earhart), Margaret, 3-Dec-1907
Plunkett, Mat. J.
Plunkett, Matthew J., 9-Mar-1903, 24-May-1964
Plymen, Christine Schnitter, 1-Jan-1886, 1-Jan-1945
Plymen, Edward, 1-Jan-1923, 1-Jan-1940
Poelman (Childress), Anna C., 10-Sep-1857, 23-Jun-1918
Poelman (Reinhard), Caroline, 19-Oct-1839, 28-Jun-1881
Poelman (Wilkinson), M.C. (Lina, 27-Sep-1863, 9-Oct-1905
Poelman, Anna, 21-Oct-1799, 21-Sep-1850
Poelman, Dr. P.J., 13-Oct-1830, 5-Dec-1882
Poelman, George M., 28-Oct-1869, 7-Dec-1874
Pohlig, John Julius, 1-Jan-1878, 1-Jan-1948
Pohlig, Lizette Becker, 1-Jan-1880, 1-Jan-1966
Pohlmann, Bernardina, 21-Jun-1830, 18-Apr-1909
Pohlmann, Ellen Heuchert, 17-Jul-1864, 4-Feb-1938
Pohlmann, G.F., 23-Nov-1875
Pohlmann, Hermann, 23-Dec-1826, 3-Mar-1902
Pohlmann, Hy. D., 4-May-1861, 16-Oct-1947
Pohlmann, John, 26-Oct-1915
Pohlmann, Margareth, 2-Jul-1909
Polig, J.C.
Polk, Susan Rayner
Polkinghorne, Violet Baysset, 5-Feb-1947
Pollwort, Sophia R., 1-Jan-1830, 1-Jan-1854
Pollwort, Wilhelm, 1-Jan-1850, 1-Jan-1867
Pond (Christy), Lucie Condit, 3-Aug-1883, 20-Feb-1959
Pond, Harry Searing, 28-Aug-1865, 14-May-1948
Pond, Jane Cushman, 24-Jun-1875, 22-May-1945
Pond, Mary Carpenter, 13-Jan-1910, 1-Aug-1964
Pons, Emelda R., 1-Jan-1908
Pons, Joseph R., 1-Jan-1910, 1-Jan-1980
Pooley (Cunningham), C.E., 12-Feb-1820, 3-Jun-1903
Pooley (Kiefer), Cora A., 17-Nov-1884
Pooley, (Little) Frank, 5-Aug-1859, 8-Feb-1866
Pooley, John C., 15-Feb-1915
Pooley, John C., 1-Mar-1819, 26-Jan-1893
Pooley, Kate M., 19-Nov-1873
Pooley, Mary Emma, 17-Dec-1900
Popham (Levy), Leah Phillippa, 1-Jan-1828, 1-Jan-1908
Popham, Lionel L., 19-Aug-1852, 16-Oct-1856
Popham, William
Porter (Simonds), Mary Elizabet, 1-Sep-1823, 20-May-1876
Porter, Armond C., 3-Aug-1927, 13-Feb-1944
Porter, Armond C., 19-Jul-1944, 29-Sep-1991
Porter, Capt. George Francis, 27-Aug-1819, 25-Jul-1876
Porter, Charles F., 1-Jan-1861, 1-Jan-1918
Porter, Elizabeth, 2-Aug-1781, 28-Dec-1861
Porter, Ellen, 9-Jan-1814, 22-Aug-1846
Porter, Emma Virgina, 8-Feb-1819, 4-Aug-1852
Porter, Irma Young, 29-Oct-1901, 6-Mar-1981
Porter, Lillian E., 23-Jun-1951
Porter, Martha Hobson
Porter, Monroe L., 19-Feb-1895, 5-Sep-1955
Porter, Seward, 23-Aug-1813, 1-Nov-1862
Post (Deming), Ellen L., 13-Jul-1878
Post, Charles R., 31-Oct-1895
Post, Edna T. Blume, 23-Feb-1915, 25-Dec-1975
Post, Ellen Deming, 11-Sep-1879, 14-Aug-1901
Post, R.B., 17-Jun-1823, 2-May-1903
Postlethwaite (Ivy), Mary S., 21-Jan-1877
Pottharst (Exsterstein), Bertha, 15-Jul-1891
Potthoff (Heidmann), Marie E., 26-Jun-1871
Potthoff (Reich), Catherine, 4-Apr-1890
Potthoff, Charles, 8-Nov-1824, 21-Feb-1879
Potthoff, Constance, 13-Apr-1875, 7-Apr-1895
Potts Jr., Ewell C., 1-Jan-1923, 1-Jan-1986
Potts, E.C., 1-Jan-1892, 1-Jan-1958
Potts, J.B., 1-Jan-1927, 1-Jan-1952
Potts, Jeanne A. Doize, 1-Jan-1893, 1-Jan-1977
Powell Sr., George, 30-Oct-1826
Powell (Aprill), Selma E., 13-Jun-1889
Powell (Benson), Eliza, 1-Sep-1849
Powell (Lang), Margaret, 10-Jun-1901
Powell, ..........., 9-Oct-1899
Powell, Andreas, 24-Aug-1855, 1-May-1856
Powell, Barbara, 12-Nov-1860, 12-Feb-1862
Powell, Dora G., 1-Oct-1913
Powell, Justine E. Gauthier, 9-Sep-1875, 17-Aug-1965
Powell, Margarethe, 1-Jan-1858, 5-Jul-1860
Powell, Mary Helen, 13-Feb-1912, 26-Feb-1935
Powell, Mary Helen, 13-Feb-1912, 26-Feb-1935
Powell, Richard I., 16-Jun-1886, 28-Aug-1960
Powell, Sophie F. Kieffer, 3-Feb-1947
Power, Marion E.
Powers (Nielsen), Clotilde K., 21-Feb-1884, 24-Nov-1917
Powers, Deborah G., 1-Jan-1961, 1-Jan-1984
Poydras Orphan's Rest
Prados, May G.
Prager Sr., Emile G., 22-Nov-1875, 18-Jan-1956
Prager (Charles), Amanda, 26-Jun-1856, 17-Mar-1925
Prager, Albert Henry, 28-Jul-1866, 2-Oct-1867
Prager, Charles, 23-May-1824, 10-Jun-1885
Prager, Emma, 1-Jan-1853, 1-Jan-1935
Prager, Sophia, 5-Jun-1828, 4-Dec-1887
Prager, Sophia Friederika, 19-Jan-1852, 12-Apr-1853
Prager, Sophia Henriette, 3-Feb-1851, 4-Feb-1851
Prelsch (Chandler), Caroline M.
Pressler (Dours), Frances, 31-Oct-1883, 31-May-1925
Prest (Cathcart), Catharine S., 1-Oct-1844, 11-Mar-1906
Prest (Clark), Mary Eliza, 30-Jul-1892
Prest, Daisy K.A.M., 7-Apr-1876, 22-Sep-1880
Prest, Emma Louise, 8-Jan-1897, 4-Nov-1902
Prest, Katie M. Buford, 22-Apr-1880
Prest, Lewis Edw., 10-Mar-1847
Prest, Louise Ellen
Prestenberg, Clarabell Minnie, 1-Jan-1915, 1-Jan-1977
Preuss (Fitzner), Emelie, 25-Feb-1857, 10-Feb-1940
Preuss, Mathilde, 17-Nov-1860, 14-Sep-1885
Preuss, Wilhelmine, 17-Sep-1817, 5-Mar-1907
Price, Annnie Laurie B., 1-Jan-1865, 1-Jan-1949
Price, Arthur, 1-Jan-1865, 1-Jan-1950
Prigge, Adolph C., 1-Jan-1816, 1-Jan-1891
Prigge, Margaretha R., 1-Jan-1848, 1-Jan-1877
Prilleaux Sr., Victor, 23-Oct-1887, 7-Oct-1965
Prilleaux, Amelia L., 25-Mar-1888, 29-Nov-1971
Privet Jr., F.
Probst, Emile F., 16-Nov-1891, 20-Feb-1966
Probst, Hazel Rehm, 1-Jan-1903, 1-Jan-1968
Prochaska Jr., John, 27-Apr-1859, 20-Feb-1900
Prochaska (Wilkinson), Mary H., 11-Oct-1881
Prochaska, Gertrude Ellen, 22-Apr-1861, 30-Dec-1951
Prochaska, John, 5-Feb-1888
Prothro, Mary Rosser, 14-Mar-1866
Prothro, Mary Rosser, 14-Mar-1866
Provenzano, Ella B., 16-Feb-1860, 2-Aug-1924
Pruess, Henrietta
Pt......, Isla Belle, 14-Feb-1866
Puderer II, Anton Henry, 12-Aug-1947, 25-Dec-1971
Puderer, Charles Felicien, 2-Dec-1887
Purcell, Capt. John, 12-Mar-1816, 23-Oct-1887
Purcell, Edward M., 12-Jul-1858, 27-Dec-1889
Purcell, George W., 14-Jan-1903
Purcell, Guy, 1-Jan-1857
Purcell, Julius, 1-Jan-1861
Purcell, Kate Parker, 1-Jan-1867
Purcell, Martha, 16-Sep-1891
Purcell, Mary, 1-Jan-1855
Purviance, Wm. T.
Puster (Fisher), Elizabeth, 24-Feb-1839, 21-Aug-1926
Puster (Leidenheimer), Catherin, 5-Jan-1832, 13-Sep-1916
Putfark (Walsdorf), Elizabeth, 1-Jan-1877, 1-Jan-1902
Pyrene.. (Ruzhaille), Engenie, 1-Jul-1887

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