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Lafayette Cemetery #1
New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana

Surnames Beginning With N:  Burials = 127

The Lafayette Cemetery #1 is located in the uptown Garden District of New Orleans.  Fred Hatfield photographed all the plaques in the cemetery, which includes burial and genealogical information.  You can purchase a CD-ROM of the complete records and photographs from Fred Hatfield.  For more information, visit his website, "Historic Lafayette Cemetery #1".

Fred Hatfield has authorized Cemetery Records on the Internet to publish only the names of the interred, and their birth and death dates.

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Naber, John J., 7-Dec-1828, 18-Dec-1871
Nachary, Lillian M.
Nachary, William A., 1-Jan-1892, 1-Jan-1969
Naffe Jr., Pvt. Joseph J., 27-Oct-1924, 20-Nov-1943
Naffe Sr., J.J., 28-Apr-1895, 1-Apr-1957
Naffe, Flora W., 29-Oct-1894, 31-Jul-1976
Naffe, Henry J., 8-Dec-1931, 8-Apr-1949
Nagel (Gluckstadt), Claus, 5-Nov-1816
Nagel (Jones), Sophia M., 30-Jul-1890
Naylor, James, 1-Jan-1853, 1-Jan-1921
Neal, Opal H., 1-Jan-1908, 1-Jan-1951
Nebel, Wilbert F.
Neeb, H., 1-Jan-1868, 1-Jan-1940
Neely Sr., Roy R., 29-Jul-1905, 6-Mar-1985
Neely, Ida Bundy, 1-Jan-1879, 1-Jan-1965
Neely, Ida May, 1-Jan-1900, 1-Jan-1972
Neely, Thomas H., 16-Jun-1946
Neff, Capt. Henry G., 26-Aug-1891, 23-Feb-1935
Negrotto Sr., Domino, 12-Aug-1817, 11-Feb-1896
Negrotto, Brigida Estelle, 1-Jan-1898, 1-Jan-1900
Negrotto, Catherine, 16-Oct-1934
Negrotto, Edward, 1-Jan-1863, 1-Jan-1948
Negrotto, Mary Concepcionine, 23-Aug-1878
Negrotto, Roy J., 1-Jan-1924, 1-Jan-1941
Negrotto, William T., 1-Jan-1868, 1-Jan-1916
Neibert, ....r, 17-Jan-1862
Neibert, Joseph O.
Neibert, Josie
Neibert, Laura
Neibert, Walter
Neil (Pendleton), Sarah E., 5-Dec-1898
Neilsen (Powers), Clotilde K., 21-Feb-1884, 24-Nov-1917
Neilsen, Albert F., 18-Jun-1882, 14-Feb-1920
Neilson, John W., 10-Mar-1874, 11-Feb-1937
Nesbitt (McQuilling), Mary E., 2-Feb-1924
Neson (Mullen), Ann, 17-Dec-1895
Neumeyer, August C., 28-Mar-1886, 5-Feb-1940
Neumeyer, Louise Claverie, 1-Jan-1885, 1-Jan-1976
Neuppert, Barbara
Neuppert, Karl Friedrich, 3-Nov-1825
Neuppert, Madeline, 1-Jan-1903
Neuroth, Fred. W.
Nevd, Chas. A., 26-Aug-1916
Newald, Caroline K., 25-Dec-1889, 10-Jul-1983
Newald, Robert D., 5-May-1899, 16-Dec-1957
Newman Jr., S. B., 14-Sep-1874
Newman Jr., Samuel B., 31-Jul-1843, 14-Sep-1874
Newman (Griswold), Frances S., 28-Mar-1916
Newman (Lonsdale), Martha, 16-May-1845, 11-May-1895
Newman, Georgia Cenas, 4-Nov-1876, 13-Jun-1944
Newman, Samuel B., 5-Dec-1868, 1-Jan-1942
Newman, William J., 30-Nov-1844, 3-Nov-1864
Newton (Merkel), Emma, 20-Aug-1846, 11-Jan-1924
Newton, Ella B., 18-Dec-1884
Nichols, Burrell T., 19-Jan-1911, 9-Jul-1986
Nichols, Clara M., 13-Jan-1879, 9-Feb-1958
Nichols, Clara T., 7-Dec-1915, 18-Dec-1972
Nichols, George J., 1-Jan-1904, 1-Jan-1975
Nichols, Myra Marie, 30-Dec-1914, 8-Apr-1998
Nichols, William C., 6-Mar-1874, 22-May-1944
Nichols, William E., 23-Jun-1898, 29-Jan-1956
Nickolaus (Dreyer), Annie, 10-Dec-1916
Nielsen (Patrick), Augusta H., 29-Aug-1872, 22-Jul-1900
Nielsen (Peters), Caroline, 19-Aug-1849, 28-Nov-1938
Nielsen, August
Nielsen, Augusta H., 11-Apr-1831, 28-Dec-1892
Nielsen, Edward A., 1-Jan-1880, 1-Jan-1964
Nielsen, Edward A., 1-Jan-1880, 1-Jan-1964
Nielsen, Frederick J., 8-Jul-1876, 30-Jun-1899
Nielsen, Rosie, 3-Oct-1878, 18-Aug-1880
Nies (Dumestre), Winona H., 1-Jan-1874, 1-Jan-1950
Nies, Albert K., 1-Jan-1868, 1-Jan-1956
Nies, George Henry, 1-Jan-1879, 1-Jan-1970
Nies, Henrietta Baum, 1-Jan-1848, 1-Jan-1934
Nies, Juanita Irene, 1-Jan-1882, 1-Jan-1966
Nies, Julia M., 1-Jan-1866, 1-Jan-1948
Nies, Julia Ulmer, 1-Jan-1844, 1-Jan-1870
Nies, Konrad, 5-Feb-1834, 16-Mar-1906
Nikoll, Frank J., 1-Jan-1882, 1-Jan-1967
Nippert, Victor Fred, 16-Nov-1866, 11-May-1867
Nist (Hottinger), Anna Mary, 22-Dec-1822, 29-Apr-1901
Nixon, James Robert, 17-Jun-1938
Nixon, Kate L., 1-Jan-1897, 1-Jan-1975
Noble (Peirce), Lucy A., 27-Mar-1876
Nobles (Cunningham), Mary F., 6-Nov-1905
Nobles (Pleasants), Julia, 1-Oct-1900
Nobles, Charles H., 10-May-1815, 14-Dec-1869
Nobles, Gertrude, 18-Oct-1904
Nobles, John P., 16-Jan-1901
Nobles, Joseph, 5-Jul-1865, 10-Oct-1865
Nobles, Katharine, 26-May-1900
Nobles, Mary Cecilia, 17-Dec-1959
Nobles, Mary F., 28-Feb-1846, 7-Jul-1849
Nobles, Mary F., 28-Feb-1848, 7-Jul-1849
Nobles, Mary F., 7-Jul-1853, 3-Jul-1854
Nobles, Thomas S.
Nobles, Thomas S., 21-Oct-1918
Nolan, Ernest G., 16-May-1912, 8-Dec-1978
Nolte (Drumm), Caroline, 7-Nov-1850, 5-Aug-1912
Nolting (Helmstetter), Mary, 15-Dec-1907
Nolting (Stephnes), 18-Oct-1855, 20-Dec-1926
Nolting, F.
Norcom (Barton), Anne M., 13-Apr-1835, 27-May-1904
Norcom, Ellen S., 17-Mar-1833, 6-Jan-1891
Norcom, William, 14-Apr-1840, 11-Jan-1886
Norton (Campbell), Augusta, 1-Aug-1835, 5-Feb-1904
Norton, Alfred H., 9-Nov-1869
Norton, Carrie, 17-Oct-1880, 22-Oct-1882
Norton, Florence, 23-Nov-1882, 9-Jul-1884
Norwood (Scetcher), Cristina, 17-Sep-1891
Norwood, Dr. J.C., 28-Mar-1885
Noyes (Bullard), Emma, 28-Jan-1889
Noyes, Anna
Noyes, Frances S., 10-Mar-1895
Noyes, J.W.
Noyes, Mary M., 28-Apr-1846, 2-Apr-1896
Nungesser (Frey), Mary Anna, 4-Aug-1838, 16-Jan-1924
Nungesser (Hoffman), Frances, 13-Jun-1867, 26-Nov-1925
Nungesser (Kehl), Caroline G., 14-Apr-1861, 14-Nov-1928
Nungesser, Fred., 7-Dec-1863, 28-May-1917
Nungesser, George W., 22-Jul-1861, 30-Apr-1891
Nungesser, Jacob, 12-Jul-1834, 18-Feb-1881
Nungesser, Julie, 1-Apr-1857, 3-Apr-1882
Nusloch, Frank B., 1-Jan-1888, 1-Jan-1954
Nusloch, Rita H., 1-Jan-1889, 1-Jan-1966
Nutall, Maria

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