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Lafayette Cemetery #1
New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana

Surnames Beginning With J:  Burials = 240

The Lafayette Cemetery #1 is located in the uptown Garden District of New Orleans.  Fred Hatfield photographed all the plaques in the cemetery, which includes burial and genealogical information.  You can purchase a CD-ROM of the complete records and photographs from Fred Hatfield.  For more information, visit his website, "Historic Lafayette Cemetery #1".

Fred Hatfield has authorized Cemetery Records on the Internet to publish only the names of the interred, and their birth and death dates.

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J.L.A., 1-Jan-1875, 1-Jan-1918
J.L.A., 1-Jan-1935, 1-Jan-1936
Jackson Jr., George W., 20-Nov-1907, 5-Jun-1927
Jackson (Enders), Elisabeth, 12-Jul-1825, 15-Jun-1874
Jackson (Kron), Rose, 6-Jun-1936
Jackson (Richardson), Amelia, 16-Sep-1849, 30-Jul-1929
Jackson, Andrew W., 3-Dec-1855, 6-May-1891
Jackson, Catherine, 18-Nov-1929
Jackson, Charles H., 22-Apr-1914
Jackson, Chas. J., 20-Mar-1938
Jackson, Daisy, 15-Jul-1933
Jackson, Edward W., 8-Dec-1910, 3-Jan-1974
Jackson, Elizabeth Hollinger, 6-Jul-1857, 28-Nov-1934
Jackson, Eugene, 27-Oct-1885, 7-Dec-1916
Jackson, Florence, 11-Feb-1893, 30-Dec-1983
Jackson, George W., 10-Jan-1884, 21-Aug-1935
Jackson, James, 13-Aug-1817, 22-May-1889
Jackson, James E., 23-Dec-1862, 28-Sep-1898
Jackson, Laura Simpson, 1-Mar-1884, 14-Dec-1931
Jackson, Mathilda, 1-Jan-1882
Jackson, Minter A., 25-Mar-1894, 29-May-1929
Jackson, Mrs. Eliza, 3-Aug-1892
Jackson, Ronald O.
Jackson, Sarah, 4-Jul-1887
Jackson, Sarah, 1-Jan-1808, 1-Jan-1887
Jackson, Sarah C., 1-May-1834, 20-Jun-1895
Jackson, Thomas Lee, 6-Apr-1892, 26-Jan-1942
Jacob, Arthur William, 14-Oct-1913
Jacob, Chris
Jacob, Chris, 14-Jul-1865, 28-Jan-1911
Jacob, Irene Tyler, 6-Aug-1964
Jacques (Coulaux), Josephine, 30-Oct-1883
Jacques, (Baby) Robert H., 28-Dec-1946, 1-Jan-1947
Jacques, Catherine, 1-Jan-1869, 1-Jan-1950
Jacques, Charles, 9-Nov-1905
Jacques, Fred., 1-Jan-1866, 1-Jan-1941
Jacques, Henry, 27-Sep-1889
Jacques, Jerome Jerry J., 27-Jan-1953, 23-May-1977
Jacques, Louise, 1-Jan-1847, 1-Jan-1924
Jacques, Mamie, 7-Sep-1904
Jacques, Nicholas, 7-Feb-1856
Jacquillard, George S., 1-Jan-1860, 1-Jan-1927
Jacquillard, Louisa, 1-Jan-1867, 1-Jan-1938
Jaeger, Elizabeth
Jaeger, Louis
Jaeger, Marie Louise
Jager (Ochse), Catharine, 11-Jun-1868
Jahn, Margaretha Z., 17-May-1882, 25-Jun-1947
Jahncke, Zide' Benedict, 1-Jan-1913, 1-Jan-1994
James, Imelda
Jamison (Aldige), Marie, 4-May-1889, 2-Jan-1918
Jamison (Mayeur), Isabel, 7-Jun-1888, 25-Dec-1966
Jamison, Laura Chaille', 16-Nov-1857, 28-Apr-1946
Jamison, Stanford Chaille', 17-Jan-1887, 26-Jun-1956
Jane, Albert E., 1-Jan-1915, 1-Jan-1949
Jane, May Staack, 9-Oct-1920, 27-Sep-1975
Jane, Olivia Gay, 1-Jan-1891, 1-Jan-1974
Janin, Althea, 1-Jan-1907, 1-Jan-1927
Janin, Julie Fassmann, 1-Jan-1868, 1-Jan-1925
Janssen (Mintken), Anna, 27-Aug-1827, 2-Sep-1908
Jaquillard (Gerstner), Francis, 13-Jun-1884, 21-Aug-1913
Jaquillard (Huth), Catharine, 25-Sep-1883
Jaquillard (Landry), Catherine, 18-Jul-1859, 11-Feb-1926
Jaquillard (Saling), Elizabeth, 21-May-1870, 21-Oct-1926
Jaquillard (Schantz), Elisabeth, 25-Apr-1897
Jaquillard, Alvin, 17-Sep-1912, 24-Oct-1954
Jaquillard, Christ.
Jaquillard, Christian, 27-Aug-1847
Jaquillard, Christian, 15-Apr-1937
Jaquillard, Elisabeth, 4-Oct-1849
Jaquillard, George, 27-Dec-1852, 13-Feb-1906
Jaquillard, Henrietta, 20-Jan-1962
Jaquillard, Henry, 14-Mar-1912
Jaquillard, Henry, 27-Jul-1902, 30-Jan-1958
Jaquillard, Jacob, 22-Feb-1883
Jaquillard, Louis, 20-Oct-1846, 3-Aug-1870
Jaquillard, Mary, 16-Oct-1825, 9-Jun-1887
Jaquillard, Nicolaus, 28-Sep-1871
Jaquillard, Peter, 12-Sep-1826, 6-May-1886
Jarvis, Samuel
Jaubert, Louise
Jayne, Georgiana Jones, 1-Jan-1891
Jefferson Fire Company 22 7x4
Jenkins, Delia Henrietta, 11-Jun-1848
Jenkins, Maria L., 1-Jan-1837, 1-Jan-1922
Jenkins, O Raymond, 12-Aug-1932, 10-Apr-1953
Jensen, Dr. Theo S., 1-Jan-1872, 1-Jan-1946
Jensen, L. Harold, 1-Jan-1870, 1-Jan-1931
Jobe (Marks), Annie, 4-Apr-1872, 17-Apr-1932
Johansson, C.
Johnson Jr., Albert S., 6-Mar-1890, 21-Aug-1900
Johnson (Borgstede), Rose, 19-Dec-1901, 15-Feb-1990
Johnson (Butler), Beulah Lyons, 26-Apr-1883, 26-Oct-1937
Johnson (Chapoton), Louise, 1-Jan-1881, 1-Jan-1918
Johnson (Reeder), Nettie, 1-Jan-1878, 1-Jan-1973
Johnson (Ross), Eliza, 1-Jan-1827, 1-Jan-1872
Johnson (Smith), Rosena, 26-May-1838, 23-May-1922
Johnson (Williams), Sarah R., 15-Jun-1871, 16-Jun-1889
Johnson (Zinser), Gertrude W., 18-Nov-1884, 17-Dec-1947
Johnson, Ann
Johnson, Catherine B.C., 7-Oct-1822, 20-Mar-1886
Johnson, D.M., 28-Mar-1847, 21-Oct-1878
Johnson, Dorothy A., 8-Mar-1919, 20-Nov-1975
Johnson, Elizabeth Merrick, 27-Jul-1903
Johnson, Emile E., 17-Feb-1883, 19-Aug-1930
Johnson, Emile E., 17-Feb-1883, 19-Aug-1930
Johnson, Emma F., 1-Jan-1860, 1-Jan-1934
Johnson, Henry Erastus, 6-Aug-1818, 18-Aug-1855
Johnson, Isabella
Johnson, John A., 13-Nov-1900, 13-Feb-1949
Johnson, Lewis, 8-Jun-1836, 26-May-1910
Johnson, Mary, 1-Jan-1858, 1-Jan-1867
Johnson, Robert A., 21-Jul-1940
Johnson, Roberts P.
Johnson, Rosena Keatinge, 22-Feb-1889
Johnson, Warren, 5-Dec-1875, 13-Mar-1953
Johnson, Wilmer Holmes, 11-Jul-1866
Jolissaint, Rosa Clerc, 28-Apr-1870, 18-Oct-1940
Jones MD LLD, Joseph, 6-Sep-1833, 17-Feb-1896
Jones MD, Hamilton Polk, 26-Oct-1872, 5-Dec-1926
Jones MD, Hamilton Polk, 26-Oct-1873, 6-Dec-1926
Jones MD, Joseph
Jones MD, Stanhope, 16-Dec-1860, 24-Jul-1894
Jones Sr., Arthur H., 7-Jul-1898, 27-Jan-1965
Jones (Font), Leonore B., 21-Apr-1842, 20-Jun-1925
Jones (Mallard), Mary Sharpe, 12-Jun-1835, 31-Aug-1889
Jones (Melone), Elizabeth G., 5-Sep-1800, 9-May-1884
Jones (Nagel), Sophia M., 30-Jul-1890
Jones (Savage), Martha B., 11-Jun-1834, 29-Oct-1905
Jones, Adam, 25-Apr-1851, 21-Apr-1857
Jones, Caroline Elizabeth Merr, 8-Aug-1877, 31-Jul-1973
Jones, Caroline S. Davis, 25-Mar-1832, 4-Dec-1868
Jones, Catherine, 2-Sep-1853, 7-Sep-1853
Jones, Elizabeth, 1-Jan-1836, 1-Jan-1864
Jones, Elvina Becker, 1-Jan-1908, 1-Jan-1949
Jones, Emma M, 4-Jan-1861
Jones, Emma M, 11-Jan-1861
Jones, Emmett Warren, 1-Dec-1892, 30-May-1977
Jones, Felix A.
Jones, Felix Albinus, 25-Sep-1845, 5-May-1916
Jones, Florence S., 21-Jan-1859
Jones, Florence S., 21-Jan-1859
Jones, George Emmett, 11-Mar-1891, 18-Apr-1961
Jones, Henry, 18-Oct-1848, 14-Apr-1850
Jones, Iren Pierpoint, 11-Feb-1900, 25-May-1986
Jones, Jane A.
Jones, Jane Addie Reese, 14-Jan-1847, 11-Jan-1923
Jones, Louella C., 15-Mar-1930, 21-Dec-1971
Jones, Louiesa, 16-Jan-1843, 16-May-1851
Jones, Louisa, 24-Aug-1901
Jones, Mary, 24-Sep-1809, 23-Apr-1869
Jones, Myron E., 18-Aug-1917, 12-Apr-1986
Jones, Reese
Jones, Rev. C.C.
Jones, Richard
Jones, Rosa Rogers, 3-Aug-1931
Jones, Roselie, 3-Aug-1844, 3-May-1853
Jones, Thalia Elenora, 10-Jun-1889, 27-Feb-1890
Jones, Thomas, 20-Aug-1847, 20-Aug-1856
Jones, Thomas P., 21-Dec-1846, 17-Feb-1865
Jones, Watkins
Jones, William T., 5-Apr-1916, 18-Dec-1993
Jonte (Hille), Eugenie S., 1-Jan-1858, 1-Jan-1904
Jonte, L.F.
Jordan, Ada Hoskins, 26-Aug-1890
Jordan, Mary E., 13-May-1821, 21-Sep-1889
Joseph, Arthur, 31-Aug-1897
Josephine, Mary, 18-Jun-1856
Jourdan, Francois, 1-Oct-1867
Juden (Block), Abby, 21-May-1958
Juden (Bussey), Annabel, 1-Jan-1905
Juden (Campbell), Rachel, 2-Jul-1912
Juden, Charlie, 8-Sep-1878
Juden, Frank B., 23-Oct-1881, 14-Feb-1930
Juden, John, 7-Feb-1858
Juden, John R., 30-Mar-1912
Juden, Julia F., 13-Mar-1834, 27-Feb-1917
Juden, Susan M., 19-Mar-1874, 12-Nov-1940
Juge (Von der Haar), Marie L., 14-Nov-1879, 8-Feb-1967
Juge, Alcee F., 1-Dec-1904, 5-Jul-1952
Juge, Alcee M., 10-Apr-1880, 13-Nov-1954
Juge, Marie Louise, 10-Mar-1911, 15-Sep-1971
Juge, Mary M., 11-Jun-1840, 20-Oct-1932
Juge, Maurice C., 28-Nov-1905, 15-Jun-1979
Juncker, Antoinette, 1-Jan-1897, 1-Jan-1977
Juncker, Emile, 17-May-1882, 12-May-1955
Juncker, Emile L., 1-Jan-1892, 1-Jan-1955
Jung Jr., Henry, 18-Jul-1918, 13-Oct-1919
Jung Sr., Fred C., 16-Oct-1883, 29-Nov-1971
Jung Sr., Julius R., 22-Aug-1885, 8-Mar-1959
Jung (Bau...), Marie
Jung (Baumgartner), Elizabeth, 1-Apr-1835, 26-May-1902
Jung (Becker), Margaret, 19-Nov-1912
Jung (Bopp), Annie, 1-Jan-1817, 1-Jan-1891
Jung (Frank), Julia, 27-May-1860, 1-Feb-1935
Jung (Huener), Margaretha, 24-Aug-1809, 4-Jun-1885
Jung (Reinhard), Elisabeth, 1-Dec-1826, 1-Jun-1852
Jung, ...carl Edward
Jung, Balthaser, 1-Jan-1801, 1-Jan-1865
Jung, Chas. F., 2-Jul-1852, 25-Nov-1942
Jung, Chas. W., 7-Dec-1919, 1-Apr-1922
Jung, Conrad, 13-Sep-1835, 31-Oct-1881
Jung, Conrad, 13-Mar-1869, 17-Nov-1892
Jung, Daniel, 21-Aug-1831, 21-Jul-1898
Jung, Elizabeth, 21-Jun-1867, 4-May-1952
Jung, Franz, 1-Jan-1818, 1-Jan-1848
Jung, Friederich, 16-Mar-1892
Jung, George M., 1-Jan-1831, 1-Jan-1847
Jung, Jacob, 1-Jan-1779, 1-Jan-1865
Jung, John
Jung, John, 24-Dec-1832, 22-Aug-1885
Jung, John
Jung, Julia
Jung, Katharina Gangloff, 14-Nov-1879
Jung, Katharine, 1-Jan-1834, 1-Jan-1851
Jung, Louise Eppling, 20-Aug-1885, 31-May-1959
Jung, Magdalene, 2-Jul-1873, 19-Oct-1878
Jung, Margaret (Rita), 1-May-1894, 3-Sep-1967
Jung, Margaretha, 1-Jan-1802, 1-Jan-1835
Jung, Margaretha, 1-Jan-1837, 1-Jan-1851
Jung, Marguerita Rasch, 29-Jun-1855, 23-Jan-1919
Jung, Maria, 12-Jun-1856
Jung, Nichola, 8-Sep-1890, 31-Jan-1965
Jung, Nicholas, 2-Jul-1863, 30-Mar-1944
Jung, Peter, 1-Jan-1828, 1-Jan-1847
Jung, William J., 25-Aug-1890, 14-Mar-1983
Jungblut (Althen), Johanna, 12-Nov-1839, 27-May-1891
Jungblut (Kern), Louisa, 27-Feb-1867, 4-Jan-1917
Jungblut, Emma, 29-Nov-1871, 11-Oct-1878
Jungblut, H., 4-Mar-1876, 24-Jun-1876
Jungblut, Henry, 20-Apr-1837, 14-Nov-1883
Jungblut, William M., 30-Jul-1877, 26-Dec-1932
Junker Jr., Robert E., 29-Dec-1937, 31-Jan-1966
Junker, David C., 16-Feb-1947, 10-Jul-1958
Jurgens, D. Anna, 11-Sep-1855, 6-Oct-1885
Jurgens, Heinrich D., 8-May-1875, 23-Jul-1878
Jurgens, Heinrich F., 4-Jul-1847, 6-Oct-1883

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