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Lafayette Cemetery #1
New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana

Surnames Beginning With I:  Burials = 43

The Lafayette Cemetery #1 is located in the uptown Garden District of New Orleans.  Fred Hatfield photographed all the plaques in the cemetery, which includes burial and genealogical information.  You can purchase a CD-ROM of the complete records and photographs from Fred Hatfield.  For more information, visit his website, "Historic Lafayette Cemetery #1".

Fred Hatfield has authorized Cemetery Records on the Internet to publish only the names of the interred, and their birth and death dates.

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I.C.R.R. Employees
Ieymauth, H.C.
Ieymauth, H.E.
Ieymauth, Harry
Ieymauth, Jennie
Ieymauth, Naomi
Igleharte, Arthur T., 1-Jan-1881, 1-Jan-1957
Igleharte, Clara C., 1-Jan-1885, 1-Jan-1914
Igleharte, Meredith O., 1-Jan-1909, 1-Jan-1977
Inbau (Hafemier), Rosina C., 14-Sep-1862, 23-Nov-1880
Inbau (Williams), Mary J., 9-Apr-1838, 1-Sep-1892
Inbau, Hortaire, 29-Nov-1829, 2-Jun-1877
Inbau, Hortaire E., 29-Jan-1860, 13-Feb-1866
Inbau, Mary V., 26-Jun-1864, 22-Aug-1889
Inbau, Zeph, 10-Nov-1842, 11-Aug-1903
Inchaustegui, M. Armando, 26-Jan-1934, 20-Sep-1990
Ingersole, Minnie
Innerarity (Wilson), Marie Henr, 7-Jan-1883
Innerarity, Mrs. Fanny W.J., 22-Jan-1880
Innerarity, W.P.
Irvine, Gloria N., 1-Jan-1928, 1-Jan-1992
Irwin (Burke), Violet Loretta, 1-Dec-1992
Irwin, Jno. H.
Irwin, Louisa E.
Irwin, Nora Theresa, 1-Nov-1871
Isaacson, Maj. Alfred H., 5-May-1833, 28-Oct-1908
Isaacson, Rebecca, 10-Feb-1871
Itro, Constantine, 1-Jan-1863, 1-Jan-1913
Iverson, George, 29-Sep-1851, 22-Jul-1901
Iverson, Sophie, 1-Jan-1888, 1-Jan-1987
Iverson, Susanna Miller, 24-Apr-1859, 16-Apr-1917
Ivy (Dameron), Mary Margaret, 12-May-1864, 17-Dec-1899
Ivy (Palfrey), Alice Crozier, 7-Apr-1846, 18-Jul-1919
Ivy (Postlethwaite), Mary S., 21-Jan-1877
Ivy, Alice Palfrey, 1-Jan-1884, 1-Jan-1964
Ivy, Clayton, 1-Apr-1866
Ivy, Edward, 18-Sep-1830, 17-Oct-1899
Ivy, Edward Palfrey, 23-Apr-1879, 1-Feb-1938
Ivy, Fannie, 1-Jun-1860
Ivy, John, 1-Mar-1871
Ivy, Mary, 1-Jul-1874
Ivy, Sallie Johns, 21-Mar-1861, 1-Jun-1903
Ivy, Virginia Kate, 24-Nov-1858, 10-Dec-1923

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