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Lafayette Cemetery #1
New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana

Surnames Beginning With G:  Burials = 448

The Lafayette Cemetery #1 is located in the uptown Garden District of New Orleans.  Fred Hatfield photographed all the plaques in the cemetery, which includes burial and genealogical information.  You can purchase a CD-ROM of the complete records and photographs from Fred Hatfield.  For more information, visit his website, "Historic Lafayette Cemetery #1".

Fred Hatfield has authorized Cemetery Records on the Internet to publish only the names of the interred, and their birth and death dates.

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Gabel (Brown), Elizabeth, 6-Oct-1886
Gabler Sr., William F., 29-Dec-1913, 17-Nov-1987
Gabler (Gaisser), Margaret, 14-Dec-1840, 6-Dec-1907
Gabler (Stolzenberg), Mary Ripe, 8-Aug-1886, 10-Jun-1932
Gabler, Annie R., 1-Jan-1894, 1-Jan-1961
Gabler, Charleen Fay, 8-Nov-1948, 12-Nov-1949
Gabler, Fred, 1-Jan-1890, 1-Jan-1959
Gabler, Jacob, 1-Jan-1919, 1-Jan-1937
Gabler, Mae Munch, 13-Aug-1916, 12-Jul-1993
Gabler, William
Gaisser Sr., Adam
Gaisser (Gabler), Margaret, 14-Dec-1840, 6-Dec-1907
Gaisser, Magdalena, 6-Sep-1835, 30-Jun-1887
Gallagher (Schorr), Maudie
Gallagher, Constance A., 14-Jan-1884, 21-Feb-1953
Gallagher, Frank P., 1-May-1883, 27-Oct-1956
Gallaher, James P., 2-Jan-1888, 8-Sep-1929
Galle (Franck), Katie, 9-Dec-1921
Galle, Frank
Gallinger, Amelia R., 1-Jan-1866, 1-Jan-1947
Gallinghouse (Daly), Lessie, 1-Jan-1871, 1-Jan-1956
Galpin (Rusha), Emma Francis
Galpin, Joseph A.
Gangloff, Catharina, 1-Jan-1807, 2-Oct-1873
Gardere (Moise), Heloise Marie, 26-Sep-1885, 26-Dec-1917
Gardner (Alexander), Jane, 14-May-1831, 5-Sep-1895
Gardner (Hall), Eliza D., 25-Dec-1842, 22-May-1918
Gardner, John H., 30-Nov-1840, 26-Aug-1917
Gardner, Julia A., 28-Jun-1848, 24-Dec-1860
Gardner [infant], 1-Jan-1868, 1-Jan-1868
Garland (Campbell), Mary, 14-Mar-1867, 1-Apr-1949
Garland, Edwin J., 3-Feb-1945
Garland, Howard, 1-Jan-1860
Garland, Isabel E., 29-Aug-1866, 11-Feb-1945
Garner (Baringer), May E., 2-Oct-1915
Garner (Wynn), Anna Elizabeth, 2-Jun-1834, 7-May-1916
Garner, George Gibson, 18-May-1830, 28-May-1877
Garner, Lewis E., 27-Mar-1864, 9-Apr-1916
Garner, Lizzie, 16-Nov-1865, 13-Oct-1874
Garner, WIlliam Lewis Wynn, 13-Jun-1857, 13-Apr-1921
Gassenberger, Barbara, 18-Nov-1913
Gassenberger, Charles, 20-Jan-1918
Gassenberger, Frank, 12-Aug-1901
Gassenberger, Frank, 20-Jan-1902, 17-May-1933
Gassenberger, Henry, 2-Aug-1875, 23-Jun-1911
Gassenberger, Jacob, 29-Aug-1902
Gassenberger, Joseph L., 21-Apr-1897, 7-Apr-1910
Gassenberger, Veronica B., 8-Mar-1873, 26-Jan-1931
Gaston (Ross), Lucille, 26-Apr-1951
Gastrock, Doris Helen, 31-Aug-1896
Gastrock, Fadrey M., 27-Jan-1912, 26-Jun-1968
Gastrock, Henry, 27-Sep-1835
Gastrock, Henry N., 15-Jan-1867
Gates Sr., William A., 1-Jan-1910, 1-Jan-1966
Gates, Charles, 15-Jul-1858, 21-Nov-1923
Gates, Dolores G., 1-Jan-1922, 1-Jan-1990
Gates, Louisa B., 16-Dec-1867, 5-Apr-1941
Gates, Mrs. C.
Gauche Jr., John, 16-Apr-1840, 12-Jan-1882
Gauche (Farrell), Mary McPhelin, 4-Dec-1840, 9-Aug-1887
Gauche, C. Taylor, 23-Dec-1844, 11-Jan-1930
Gauche, Joseph A., 16-Dec-1847, 21-Sep-1930
Gauche, Magdalena, 20-May-1814, 17-Jun-1881
Gauche, Rose Lillian, 10-Nov-1877, 27-Oct-1953
Gauche, Xavier, 15-Mar-1813, 9-Jan-1848
Gautier Sr., Emile Edwin, 7-Mar-1902, 18-Feb-1945
Gautier, Edwin S., 8-Feb-1873, 22-Apr-1932
Gautreau (Walker), Isabelle, 19-Jun-1922
Gautreau, Edgar O., 20-Aug-1925
Gautreau, Forset R., 12-Mar-1958
Gay [child]
Gay (Becker), Barbara, 13-Mar-1857, 9-Feb-1895
Gay (Kertz), Annie
Gay, Anna Kertz, 16-Apr-1867, 8-Oct-1942
Gay, Jacob, 12-Oct-1853, 11-Nov-1926
Gay, Martha, 22-Jun-1850
Gay, Stella, 16-Oct-1888, 8-Feb-1895
Geary (Madlung), Ida H.
Geary, Annie
Geary, D.J.
Geer (Cleveland), Mary Savage, 17-Dec-1889, 20-Nov-1962
Geer, Throop
Gehl, Coralie, 1-Jan-1881, 1-Jan-1961
Gehl, John M., 1-Jan-1878, 1-Jan-1969
Gehrkin, Annie Walton, 21-Jun-1876, 8-Oct-1952
Gehrkin, James A., 25-Jun-1867, 30-Sep-1939
Gehrkin, John Richardson, 1-Aug-1908, 6-Aug-1965
Geis (Dindinger), Magdalena
Geis (Gerstkamp), Carrie, 27-Nov-1948
Geis (Schroeder), Mrs. A.J., 31-Dec-1924
Geis (Shoemaker), Theresa, 18-Sep-1854, 24-Dec-1910
Geis, Frederick, 24-Oct-1850, 10-Feb-1906
Geis, Henry, 10-Sep-1926
Geis, Konrad, 3-Dec-1877
Geneste Sr., Wm., 1-Jan-1853, 1-Jan-1916
Geneste, Ann B., 8-Feb-1868
Geneste, Elizabeth, 24-Dec-1884
Geneste, Elizabeth Hall, 1-Jan-1856, 1-Jan-1923
Geneste, Louis, 26-Feb-1876
Geneste, Louis, 1-Jan-1879, 1-Jan-1943
Geneste, Thomas Hall, 7-Mar-1882, 7-May-1890
Geneste, William, 1-Jan-1877, 1-Jan-1938
Genslinger (Peyton), Lulu, 19-Jun-1892
Genslinger, L.W.
Gentin (Folsom), Henrietta, 19-Mar-1816, 26-Sep-1915
Gentin (Folsom), Josephine, 6-Nov-1870
Gentin, Cor. Lee, 31-Jul-1855
Gentin, Mariette A., 20-Aug-1858
Gentin, Pierre Mark, 13-Feb-1858
George S. Smith
George (Verlander), Mary A., 23-Jul-1937
George, Captain S.B., 1-Jan-1869, 1-Jan-1955
George, Julia Koch Itro, 22-Aug-1876, 7-Aug-1965
Georgianna, Mary, 10-Sep-1908
Gerard, A., 1-Jan-1897, 1-Jan-1911
Gerard, Amtede
Gerard, C., 1-Jan-1873, 1-Jan-1916
Gerard, C., 1-Jan-1873, 1-Jan-1946
Gerard, Elizabeth, 25-Dec-1868, 28-May-1952
Gerard, G., 1-Jan-1891, 1-Jan-1918
Gerard, Irene L., 28-Oct-1888, 20-Aug-1959
Gerard, John, 24-Sep-1871, 1-Apr-1931
Gerard, Louise Kohlman, 13-Jun-1857, 15-May-1930
Gerard, Paul, 29-Jul-1895, 31-Aug-1925
Gerard, Stephen, 30-Jul-1893, 2-Jul-1920
Gerardy (Koenig), Emilie, 1-Jan-1888
Gerber (Lotz), Christina, 3-Jul-1921
Gerber, Louis, 24-May-1862, 13-Dec-1927
Gerber, Lydia Telson, 19-Jul-1967
Gerber, Victor L., 5-Sep-1970
Gerentz (Bokenfohr), Magdalena, 6-Dec-1823, 18-Aug-1913
Gerrets, Jefferson, 26-Jul-1895, 14-Jun-1982
Gerrets, Louise D., 12-Oct-1902, 25-Nov-1981
Gerstkamp (Geis), Carrie, 27-Nov-1948
Gerstkamp, John, 26-Jun-1877
Gerstner Jr., Frank Y., 24-May-1860, 10-May-1915
Gerstner Sr., Frank, 4-Nov-1833, 21-Feb-1886
Gerstner (Heinsz), Espher G., 21-Feb-1903, 7-Aug-1984
Gerstner (Jaquillard), Francis, 13-Jun-1884, 21-Aug-1913
Gerstner (Krasig), Amelia Cathe, 14-Jul-1872, 7-Jan-1900
Gerstner, Amelia, 1-Jan-1858, 1-Jan-1933
Gerstner, Daniel J., 1-Jan-1879, 1-Jan-1937
Gerstner, Elizabeth, 7-Oct-1812, 13-May-1892
Gerstner, Ethel K., 15-Apr-1902, 26-Oct-1903
Gerstner, F.
Gerstner, Frank G., 1-Jan-1874, 1-Jan-1925
Gerstner, George, 29-Jul-1856, 9-Nov-1920
Gerstner, George F., 22-Aug-1879, 27-Mar-1939
Gerstner, George P., 24-Feb-1890, 10-Mar-1912
Gerstner, J. Jost, 3-Mar-1799, 15-Sep-1866
Gerstner, Jacob, 15-Sep-1901, 17-Nov-1974
Gerstner, Joseph, 23-Jul-1865, 4-Sep-1867
Gerstner, Katie, 26-Jun-1864, 28-Aug-1865
Gerstner, Lawrence E., 21-Jun-1876, 16-May-1879
Gerstner, Louise G., 21-Jan-1878, 10-Sep-1952
Gerstner, Margaret Anna, 9-Mar-1879, 12-Jul-1880
Gerstner, Mathilda Rumm, 6-Jan-1841, 1-Jun-1930
Gerstner, Matilda L., 11-Jan-1869, 10-Aug-1871
Gerstner, Nicholas, 8-Dec-1812, 27-Apr-1890
Gerstner, Predon, 1-Jan-1867, 1-Jan-1937
Gerstner, Predon N., 11-Oct-1867, 20-Oct-1897
Gerstner, Sophia, 19-Nov-1897, 10-May-1915
Gerstner, Stephen J., 25-Dec-1870, 20-Oct-1872
Gerstner, Stonewall J.N., 28-Oct-1862, 4-Aug-1863
Gery (Raynal), Virginie Adelaid, 24-Feb-1886
Gery, Louis F., 2-Aug-1890
Gessler (Kalaher), Catherine X., 10-Apr-1937
Gessler, Agnes Rohling, 14-Apr-1968
Gessler, Francis X., 21-Feb-1948
Gessler, John J., 18-Dec-1956
Gibbens, Belle Arbour, 29-Jul-1866, 27-Jun-1954
Gibbens, Gladys Elizabeth C., 21-Jan-1893, 25-Sep-1983
Gibbens, William Joseph, 23-Sep-1864, 18-May-1934
Gibbs (Seaton), ......cile
Gidiere (Reese), Kate, 17-Oct-1867, 31-May-1945
Gidiere, Philip S., 29-May-1879, 17-Jul-1934
Gies, Mary H., 21-Jul-1933
Giffney (Topping), Belle F., 30-Aug-1843, 5-Dec-1876
Giffney, H.R.
Giffney, Harry R., 1-Jun-1811, 15-Mar-1890
Giffney, J.W., 14-Mar-1858
Giffney, Mary, 23-Oct-1860
Gigoux, Geraldine M., 19-Dec-1929, 10-Jan-1982
Gilbert Jr., Harold, 1-Jan-1947, 1-Jan-1989
Gilbert, Mary M.
Gildersleeve, Mrs. E.S., 9-Mar-1879
Gillean (Reese), Mary A., 24-Apr-1855
Gillean, William, 31-Oct-1852, 23-Jun-1854
Gillespie (Paxton), Mary Jane, 24-Oct-1849
Gillett, A.E.
Gillett, Asa Eli, 13-Jan-1874
Gillett, Chas. L., 9-Mar-1886
Gillett, Mary M., 23-Apr-1905
Gillett, Oscar A.
Gilmer (Spyker), Sarah Mildred, 12-Jan-1829, 27-Nov-1902
Gilroy-Lamb, Mary Howard, 11-Dec-1927
Ginder (Burruss), Katherine F., 15-Aug-1841, 16-Feb-1912
Ginder (Tucker), Martha Y., 21-Apr-1883
Ginder, Henry, 6-Dec-1831, 23-Jun-1922
Girard, Joseph A., 1-Jan-1891, 1-Jan-1974
Girard, Mildred, 1-Jan-1900, 1-Jan-1974
Girm (Hermann), Maria Magdalena, 1-Sep-1879
Girot (Claverie), Marie, 22-Oct-1859, 24-Dec-1933
Girot, Leopold, 17-Jun-1911
Girot, Rene, 17-Mar-1895, 21-Sep-1981
Girot, Victor Dominique, 21-Jun-1892, 12-Aug-1892
Girot, Zelia A., 21-Aug-1893, 26-Aug-1964
Gitz (Voebel), Katie H., 13-Sep-1869, 28-Jan-1918
Gitz, George A., 1-Dec-1869, 4-Jun-1915
Gladys, Eleanor, 20-Jan-1887, 8-May-1887
Glaser Jr., Martin, 29-May-1891
Glaser (Kulz), Barbara, 17-Mar-1817, 19-Nov-1889
Glaser (Moore), Barbara, 9-Aug-1890
Glaser, Catharine, 11-Dec-1928
Glaser, Emma Mary, 26-Sep-1888
Glaser, Martin, 12-Jan-1900
Glaser, Thomas, 24-Apr-1900
Glass Jr., Willie H., 24-May-1894
Glass (Slaughter), Fanny H., 3-Mar-1891
Glass, Alberta Virginia Hamilt, 1-Mar-1877, 29-Feb-1960
Glass, Birdie Blanche, 14-Apr-1884
Glass, Clarence R., 25-Nov-1882, 1-Jan-1920
Glass, Jessie S., 1-Jan-1873, 1-Jan-1951
Glass, Lelia S., 1-Jan-1865, 1-Jan-1919
Glass, Maude H., 1-Jan-1876, 1-Jan-1963
Glass, Wm., 1-Jan-1842, 1-Jan-1913
Glauner (Boyer), Louise, 1-Jan-1874, 1-Jan-1948
Glauner (Schmaltz), Julia, 22-Sep-1914
Glauner, Frederick, 21-May-1914
Glavin, Theodora J., 6-Feb-1878, 26-Apr-1949
Gluckstadt (Nagel), Claus, 5-Nov-1816
Gluthe, Viola, 17-Sep-1968
Glynn (Mansion), Annie, 20-May-1936
Glynn (Schmitz), Catherine J., 22-Jan-1919
Glynn, Andrew J., 1-Jan-1882, 1-Jan-1950
Glynn, James, 26-Aug-1906
Glynn, James Mansion, 1-Jan-1908, 1-Jan-1978
Glynn, Vera Ellen, 1-Jan-1912, 1-Jan-1966
Glynn, Wilhelmina F., 1-Jan-1880, 1-Jan-1962
Godfrey (Folger), Madeline, 1-Jan-1819, 1-Jan-1904
Godfrey, Ann Childress, 1-Jan-1885, 1-Jan-1922
Godfrey, Barbara F., 1-Jan-1868, 1-Jan-1943
Godfrey, Charles W., 5-Apr-1932
Godwin (David), 18-Dec-1852, 10-Aug-1863
Godwin (Hall), Clara P., 24-Jul-1914
Godwin (Myrthee), 27-Dec-1859
Godwin, D.R.
Godwin, R.W.
Goelzenlenchter, Adele G., 16-Oct-1898, 18-Dec-1989
Goelzenleuchter, Fred, 3-Apr-1898, 27-Nov-1959
Goelzenleuchter, Mathilda, 17-Nov-1863, 16-Nov-1943
Goelzenleuchter, Ruth B., 15-Aug-1908
Goelzenleuchter, WIlliam, 25-Feb-1930
Goetz (Ludmann), Emma, 18-Oct-1861, 15-Jan-1920
Golden, Agnes, 13-Jan-1846, 25-Oct-1854
Golden, Agnes, 13-Jan-1846, 25-Oct-1854
Golden, Anthony D., 31-Jul-1850
Golden, Anthony D., 31-Jul-1850
Golden, Mary, 21-Jul-1843, 28-Jul-1843
Golden, Mary, 24-Jul-1843, 28-Jul-1843
Golden, Michael, 20-Sep-1849, 28-Sep-1849
Golden, Michael, 20-Sep-1849, 28-Sep-1849
Golding Jr., Levi, 1-Jan-1846, 1-Jan-1856
Golding, Emma J., 1-Jan-1844, 1-Jan-1866
Golding, George, 20-Aug-1871, 27-Jan-1874
Golding, Henry H., 1-Jan-1852, 1-Jan-1883
Golding, Jane, 1-Jan-1811, 1-Jan-1881
Golding, John Alonzo, 1-Jan-1873, 1-Jan-1900
Golding, John C., 1-Jan-1841, 1-Jan-1886
Golding, Kate Westerfield, 1-Jan-1846, 1-Jan-1877
Golding, Katie A., 1-Jan-1871, 1-Jan-1872
Golding, Laura R., 1-Jan-1869, 1-Jan-1873
Golding, Levi, 1-Jan-1810, 1-Jan-1877
Golding, Luella V., 20-Mar-1851, 22-Jul-1925
Golding, Wm., 18-Jun-1838, 28-May-1901
Gollmer, Charles W., 21-Sep-1917
Gollmer, Jno S., 11-Jul-1884, 15-Oct-1893
Gollmer, Mrs. John, 6-Mar-1907
Gollmer, Wm., 27-Sep-1841, 12-Oct-1897
Goodman (Wharton), Amelia Cecil, 14-Oct-1855, 13-Jun-1946
Goodman (Wharton), Louisiana, 10-Oct-1868
Goodman, Daniel
Goodspeed (Grither), Hannah D., 16-Nov-1907
Goodspeed, George M., 18-Mar-1863, 28-Mar-1952
Goodwin, Henry, 21-May-1894
Goodwin, Mary
Gordon (Dowty), Ruth, 16-Mar-1869, 3-Jun-1948
Gordon, Augusta Simonds, 28-Feb-1899
Gordon, Frank, 21-May-1817, 13-Dec-1852
Gordon, Wm. L.S., 8-Sep-1870, 28-Feb-1956
Gorman, Beatrice, 25-Feb-1937
Gorton (Kibbe), Francis A., 24-Mar-1918
Gorton, Francis A., 27-Sep-1829, 20-Nov-1889
Goth, Marie R. McFarlane, 27-Oct-1914, 26-May-1971
Gough Jr., John Henry, 1-Jan-1892, 1-Jan-1946
Gough, Helen B., 1-Jan-1883, 1-Jan-1958
Gould, Clyde H., 1-Jan-1893, 1-Jan-1961
Gould, Viola, 1-Jan-1876, 1-Jan-1964
Govia, Joseph, 6-Mar-1927
Goza, Geo. C., 24-Dec-1867, 6-Feb-1917
Graff, Catherine Code, 3-Sep-1864, 1-Jun-1901
Graffagnini, Burdetta O'Dowd, 29-Oct-1916, 27-Apr-1993
Graham, A..... J., 21-Mar-1805, 9-Oct-1805
Graham, Eleanor Spence, 8-Aug-1833, 6-Jul-1885
Graham, H.
Graham, J.
Graham, James Melone, 12-May-1870
Graham, Lewis, 1-Jan-1823, 1-Jan-1905
Graham, Sallie H., 3-Jun-1830, 8-Feb-1884
Graham, William, 15-Dec-1884, 24-May-1885
Grant (McClure), Ann Jane
Grant (Whitaker), Mrs. Almira W, 6-May-1859
Grant, Carville Boyd, 19-Jul-1886
Grant, Hugh
Granzin Jr., Paul, 25-Oct-1878
Granzin (Fullmer), Mary E., 8-Jan-1847, 17-Jun-1907
Granzin, Fred W., 15-Dec-1869, 28-Jan-1870
Granzin, Herwig, 23-Sep-1891
Grassel, Caroline, 1-Dec-1848, 15-Oct-1908
Grassel, William H., 1-Jan-1857, 9-Oct-1930
Grau (Forrer), Catherine, 22-May-1826, 1-Jan-1882
Graver, Charles A., 6-Dec-1890, 9-Jan-1960
Graver, Julius F.T., 16-Aug-1905, 13-May-1909
Gray, Homer Clarence, 28-Mar-1891, 26-Nov-1972
Gray, Horace, 26-Oct-1856, 11-Dec-1863
Gray, Lawrence R., 21-Aug-1929, 27-Oct-1971
Gray, Lucy Eugenia, 14-Oct-1899, 23-Jun-1977
Greemwppd. J.H., 1-Jan-1850, 1-Jan-1893
Green (Crouch), Annie E., 26-Jul-1845, 6-Apr-1874
Green, Florence E.B., 1-Jan-1908, 1-Jan-1958
Green, Florence R., 28-Nov-1892, 13-Oct-1893
Green, Isiah, 24-Jul-1892
Green, James M., 1-Jan-1864, 1-Jan-1936
Green, Julia Louise, 18-Oct-1948
Green, Magdalena VOgt, 30-Nov-1860, 11-Nov-1923
Green, Matilda E., 7-Nov-1904
Green, Samuel S.
Green, Sarah R. Pearce, 1-Jan-1865, 1-Jan-1943
Green, Vivian P., 1-Jan-1893, 1-Jan-1915
Green, William H., 26-Sep-1861, 30-Jan-1905
Green, William H., 26-Sep-1861, 30-Jan-1905
Greenwood, Mary E. Wing, 1-Jan-1852, 1-Jan-1889
Gregory Jr., F.C., 20-Jan-1881, 3-May-1916
Gregory (Ferguson), Mary France, 13-Dec-1846, 12-Feb-1931
Gregory (Randolph), Laura C., 14-Jul-1855, 3-Nov-1911
Gregory (Wilkinson), Effie B., 29-Mar-1879, 11-Mar-1917
Gregory, F.C., 30-Apr-1844, 25-Jan-1924
Greiner (Blaese), Elise, 4-Jun-1864, 20-Aug-1901
Greiner, Geo., 18-Oct-1890, 19-Dec-1938
Grenoble (Mallein), Louis Melch, 6-Feb-1792, 22-Sep-1855
Gresham, Emma Leonard, 28-Jul-1909, 15-Oct-1985
Gresham, James A., 1-Jan-1832, 1-Jan-1898
Gresham, Mabel, 1-Jan-1867, 1-Jan-1895
Gresham, Seymour, 1-Jan-1876, 1-Jan-1898
Gribble, Ann Eliza, 17-Nov-1920
Gribble, C.
Gribble, Conrad
Griener, Estelle V., 10-Dec-1891, 9-Jan-1982
Grimes Sr., John E., 8-Dec-1919, 8-Jul-1986
Grimes Sr., John Edward, 8-Dec-1919, 8-Jul-1986
Grimshaw, Harriet K., 1-Jan-1862, 1-Jan-1930
Grinage (Flick), Clair, 18-Jan-1938
Grinage, Herbert
Grininger (Apffel), Annie, 3-Aug-1866, 4-Sep-1938
Griswold (Newman), Frances S., 28-Mar-1916
Griswold, Arthur Breese, 9-Sep-1829, 30-May-1877
Griswold, George Palfrey, 15-Aug-1865, 7-May-1946
Griswold, James Lingan, 22-Aug-1895, 12-Mar-1954
Griswold, Jennie Newman, 25-Mar-1927
Grither (Bertoniere), Alma M., 3-Dec-1934
Grither (Goodspeed), Hannah D., 16-Nov-1907
Grither, Anna M., 13-Mar-1898
Grither, Caroline, 18-Nov-1886
Grither, Caroline, 18-Nov-1886
Grither, Emma
Grither, Frederick, 22-Feb-1926
Grither, Joseph, 26-Jul-1858
Grither, Joseph, 26-Jul-1858
Grither, L.A., 7-Jan-1901
Groenevelt Jr., Edward C., 1-Jan-1868, 1-Jan-1935
Groenevelt, Edward F., 6-Jun-1827, 29-May-1899
Groenevelt, Leah M., 1-Jan-1872, 1-Jan-1972
Groetmeyer (Egdorf), Sophie, 1-Aug-1836, 16-Sep-1922
Gross, Jacob, 15-Dec-1855
Gross, Margaret, 12-May-1885
Grossmann (Winter), Anna Maria, 12-Jul-1818, 19-Jan-1892
Grossmann, Barbara, 29-Jul-1819
Grosz, Emil, 8-Jul-1858, 6-Nov-1859
Grosz, Emilina, 14-Sep-1860, 27-Nov-1861
Grosz, Friederich, 26-Mar-1846, 3-May-1869
Grosz, Heinrich, 26-Jul-1860
Grosz, Johan, 6-Mar-1855, 6-Mar-1855
Grosz, Josephina, 29-Jan-1856, 14-Dec-1857
Grosz, Magdalena, 9-Jun-1853, 30-May-1854
Grosz, Magdalena, 26-May-1855
Grosz, Margaretha, 2-Sep-1822, 12-Aug-1886
Grosz, Margaretha, 9-Feb-1848, 22-Jan-1849
Grosz, Maria, 5-Nov-1863, 12-Nov-1863
Grosz, Peter, 8-Oct-1821, 5-Jan-1875
Grosz, Peter, 22-Oct-1849, 27-Oct-1849
Groth (Wintz), Mary, 20-Jan-1903
Groth, Elizabeth, 3-Aug-1867
Group vault 3x4
Group vault 3x5
Group vault 4x4
Group vault 4x6
Group vault 5x5
Gruneberg, Julius H., 1-Jan-1882, 1-Jan-1947
Gruntz (Mailhes), Marie Emily, 8-Jun-1938
Gubernator (Ross...), Anna Otto, 9-Jul-1802
Gubernator, Caroline Charlotte, 21-Nov-1823, 30-Aug-1862
Gubernator, John L., 18-Jun-1821, 6-Feb-1895
Guccione, Evelyn D., 24-Jul-1923, 7-Jul-1984
Gueringer, Marie Emma
Guidry, Pearl Fleming, 28-Jun-1876, 7-Dec-1941
Guillot, Melinda, 29-Nov-1952, 17-Aug-1956
Guillot, Wanda, 24-Oct-1947, 25-Oct-1947
Guillot, William (Mike), 17-Feb-1918, 15-Nov-1979
Guinozzo (Frere), Jean Huth, 1-Jun-1926, 12-Jan-1996
Guinozzo, John, 3-Apr-1923, 22-Dec-1982
Gunnison, A.B., 8-Mar-1885
Gunthert, Christina, 11-May-1811, 20-Apr-1884
Gurtner (Meirer), Elizabeth, 8-Nov-1929
Gurtner, John, 4-Sep-1931
Gustine MD, F.W., 9-Jul-1809, 23-Nov-1889
Gustine (Craft), Elvina, 28-Sep-1865, 11-May-1953
Gustine (Lawrence), Sarah Davis, 1-May-1856, 2-Sep-1947
Gustine, Estelle
Gustine, Sallie Ward, 22-Oct-1910
Guth (Deering), Friedericka, 27-Nov-1865, 25-Dec-1901
Guth (Harmann), Magdalena, 1-Jan-1863, 1-Jan-1932
Guth (Laumann), Margaret, 1-Jan-1897, 1-Jan-1931
Guth, A.W.
Guth, August, 1-Jan-1827, 1-Jan-1884
Guth, August W., 1-Jan-1865, 1-Jan-1930
Guth, August W., 12-Jul-1865, 2-Oct-1930
Guth, Francois, 1-Jan-1787, 1-Jan-1859
Guth, Margaretha, 1-Jan-1799, 1-Jan-1860
Guth, Margaretha, 1-Jan-1838, 1-Jan-1905
Guyol, Louise Hubert, 19-Feb-1878, 21-Nov-1973

Louisiana Death Records

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