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Bogard & Greer Cemetery
Meade County, Kentucky

Contributed by Leah Perna [mathiasp@bbtel.com]. Total records = 90.

Found near Battletown, Kentucky

Ammons, Rushia Bogard, b.11/21/1890, d.8/25/1917
Ammons, Alpha O., b.12/8/1884, d.9/22/1954
Bennett, Cora Bogard, b.4/2/1888, d.8/11/1958
Bennett, Avery Kenneth, b.11/14/1921, d.12/5/1921
Bennett, Josie F., b.1899, d.1958
Bennett, Mack J., b.1889, d.1966
Bogard, Michael Dean, b.1967, d.1967
Bogard, John J., Father
Bogard, Biddie, Mother
Bogard, Zella, b.1905, d.1907
Bogard, John J., b.1856, d.1909
Bogard, W. F., b.12/8/1854, d.2/17/1926
Bogard, Mary J., b.3/20/1854, d.4/26/1937
Brown, Sarah G., b.3/25/1874, d.11/11/1932
Brown, Joseph, b.12/30/1900, d.1/13/1901
Bruner, Gola C., b.1884, d.1964
Bruner, Gid, b.8/1/1879, d.8/17/1936
Bruner, Annie Carter, b.9/7/1871, d.?
Bruner, Myrtle, b.1887, d.1968
Bruner, Elisha, b.1884, d.1957
Bruner, Nellie M., b.5/10/1914, d.11/10/1918
Bruner, Forest O., b.6/29/1918, d.7/18/1923
Bruner, L. Gertrude, b., d.7/10/19??, 59 yrs. 9 mos. 16 days
Burgess, Clyde, b.8/3/1903, d.2/8/1748
Crawford, Henry H., b.1/3/1891, d.6/21/1970
Crawford, Nora B., b.2/26/1892, d.10/26/1950
Cunningham, Robert F., b.1885, d.1957
Devoe, Wm. H., b.3/15/1878, d.3/24/1899
DeVore, Virgil (Ind.), b.5/14/1927, d.9/5/1967
Devore, John, b.5/18/1886, d.5/17/1956
Elder, J. W., b.8/23/1837, d.4/6/1915
Elderidge, Louise, b.4/15/1918, d.3/24/1919
Greer, Arthur W. 'Tot', d.9/30/1915
Greer, Charlie E., b.1/22/1905, d.7/31/1968
Greer, Amos G., b.7/24/1880, d.1/2/1923
Greer, Ranil Dod (?), b.5/7/1914, d.10/3/1914
Greer, Eugene, b.10/14/1875, d.2/16/1958
Greer, Fielden, b.12/23/1844, d.4/6/1909
Greer, Melissa J., b.6/9/1852, d.8/27/1890
Greer, Julia Ann, b.5/24/1876, d.7/11/1878
Greer, Julia A., b.6/2/1831, d.7/7/1905
Greer, Wm. A., b.6/25/1855, d.1/21/1898
Greer, Ula May, b.11/4/1906, d.11/8/1906
Greer, Dorothy R., b.8/12/1920, d.3/6/1923
Greer, Raymond O., b.12/10/1920, d.3/6/1923
Greer, John T., b.3/8/1866, d.1/25/1953
Greer, Leatha A., b.6/27/1874, d.3/20/1940
Greer, Frank , b.1905, d.1962
Greer, George F., b.1871, d.1937
Greer, Felix, b.1/16/1830, d.10/1/1909
Greer, Maggie M., b.1884, d.1966
Greer, Robert L., b.1879, d.1952
Greer, Minnie E., b.12/30/1878, d.4/20/1902
Greer, Robert F., b.2/28/1868, d.8/27/1934
Greer, Phelua (?), b.11/7/1870, d.6/30/1932
Greer, Guy T., b.1910, d.1915
Greer, Zollie C., b.1872, d.1957
Greer, Francis L., b.1871, d.1949
Greer, Dave Omar, b.1904, d.1965
Hockman, Benjamin F., b.1888, d.1957
Humphrey, Norma F., b.infant, d.10/27/1940
Kendall, Angela Lynn, b.5/5/1969, d.5/5/1969
Kenley, James Pete, b.1935, d.1972
Kenley, Charles, b.11/19/1926, d.5/25/1948
Milholland, Charles Eugene, b.8/11/1936, d.5/18/1937
Milholland, Everett W., b.9/12/1909, d.3/6/1972
Milholland, S. F., b.8/25/1844, d.1/1/1914
Peckenpaugh, Elsie A., b.6/17/1906, d.12/13/1971
Peckenpaugh, James, b.1885, d.1925
Peckenpaugh, Biddie Tindale, b.1885, d.1961
Peckenpaugh, Lamar, b.1910, d.1956
Singleton, Ida F. Greer, b.12/1/1889, d.9/27/1909
Sipes, Caroline L., b.3/21/1947, d.3/21/1947
Thomas, Everet D., b.6/11/1912, d.9/19/1915
Thomas, Sherley, b.12/18/1920, d.12/31/1920
Thompson, Martha E., d.5/11/1872
Troutman, John A., d.12/4/1970, 59 yrs, 9 mos. 8 days
Whelan, Robert A., b.10/2/1838, d.9/5/1917
Whelan, W. L., b.2/17/1872, d.6/29/1901
Whelan, Edward, b.5/31/1876, d.2/14/1879
Whelan, Mattie, b.12/2/1890, d.2/21/1891
Whelan, Eliza M., b.10/30/1850, d.6/11/1901
Whelan, Edna M., b.1918, d.1922
Whelan, Sallie M., b.1922, d.1923
Whelan, Julia A., b.8/22/1880, d.9/5/1946
Wills, Maggie, b.1864, d.1925
Young, Rosa B., b.5/4/1883, d.6/21/1958
Young, H. D., b.1/17/1876, d.12/18/1913
Young, Beatrice Lenora, b.9/5/1905, d.7/16/1906
Young, Louella, b.1911, d.1918

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