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John Bennett Cemetery
Meade County, Kentucky

Contributed by Leah Perna [mathiasp@bbtel.com] Total records = 21.

John Bennett Cemetery can be found on the Douglas F. Whitworth farm, near Battletown, KY.

Bennett, Francis M., d.5/30/1928
Bennett, Otis, d.7/16/1929
Bennett, Harold D., d.11/22/1938
Bennett, Genevia P., b.12/2?, d.11/1939
Bennett, Annabell, d.2/12/1940
Kellems, John L., b.7/16/1862, d.11/8/1944
Kellems, Jarusha, b.5/18/1877, d.3/7/1955
Kendall, Jedson, b.1/22/1874, d.1/24/1874
Kendall, Jarusia, b.10/11/1830, d.6/16/1898
Kendall, James, b.11/15/1829, d.1/12/1877
Kendall, Jarusia P., b.10/18/1879, d.4/7/1898
Kendall, McJudson, b.4/17/1899, d.6/21/1901
Pipes, David, b.6/1/1879, d.12/9/1949
Pipes, Hester, b.3/11/1904, d.3/11/1904
Pipes, Roas B., b.2/6/1901, d.3/12/1902
Pipes, Hester, b.11/20/1851, d.3/17/1920
Pipes, Alexander, b.6/22/1843, d.10/3/1909
Pipes, Cora, b.3/8/1884, d.9/5/1890
Pipes, Annie, b.2/2/1884, d.4/12/1886
Pipes, Nelson, b.1/8/1880, d.1/8/1880
Pipes, Thomas A., b.1870, d.1936


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