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Wooley Cemetery (Boone Graveyard) (Goshen Cemetery)
Goshen, Lincoln County, Kentucky

Lat: 37° 33' 19"N, Lon: 84° 35' 00"W

Contributed by Pat Swift, Feb 13, 2003, last edited Jun 25, 2006 [rsswift@pacbell.net]. Total records = 23.

You have to park near the house and walk to the right about a mile. The cemetery is on a bluff overlooking the Dix River. Watch for the road and creek. That is the only way in.

The cemetery is on the farm of Neal Boone, thus the name of Boone Graveyard. It is in the Goshen Community near the Goshen Christian church.

I visited this cemetery in the summer of 2001. There may be more buried here than I was able to gather. Some are from the stones, some are from friends who shared the name of their relative buried here.

- Pat Swift

Adams, Charles, d. Jan 08, 1835, age: 75yr
Adams, Mary Holtzclaw, b. May 17, 1801, d. Oct 23, 1862
Bryant, Daniel, b. Oct 25, 1827, d. Aug 11, 1832
Bryant, John W, b. 1827, d. 1833
Bryant, Sarah Elmina, b. Nov 20, 1825, d. Dec 01, 1830
Hamilton, Mary Wooley, b. 1807, d. Feb 07, 1828, age 11yr
Hamilton, William, b. 1757, d. Sep 24, 1827, age 70yr
Holtsclaw, John N, Dec 24, 1865, d. Jun 14, 1896
Holtsclaw, Mary Ann, b. Jan 01, 1835, d. Dec 21, 1865, w/o W. Russell
Holtzclaw, Mary Jane, b. Dec 02, 1862, d. Jul 28, 1863
Holtzclaw, W. Russell, b. Jul 01, 1835, d. Dec 27, 1845, h/o Mary Ann
Vaught, Patsy, d. Apr 23, 1835, age 16yr
Wooley, Barbara, no dates, age 84yr, s/w William
Wooley, Cary A, d. Dec 18, 1796, d. Apr 08, 1817/1847
Wooley, David, b. c.1785, d. Apr 26, 1820, 35yr
Wooley, David, b. Dec 04, 1790, d. Dec 1825
Wooley, Henry Jr, b. c.1775, d. Jan 11, 1791, 16yr
Wooley, Henry, b. 1742, d. Sep 10, 1822, age: 81yr
Wooley, John, b. 1783, d. Sep 07, 1795, age: 12yr
Wooley, Mary, d. May 25, 1831, age: 76yr, another record has 73yr
Wooley, Mary, b. Dec 28, 1796, d. Apr 08, 1847
Wooley, William, no dates, age 85yr, s/w Barbara
Wooley, William, no dates, age: 23yr

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