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George Redmon Family Cemetery
LaRue County, Kentucky

This listing was contributed by Edward Benningfield [knobcreekboy@mindspring.com].  Total records = 6.

Copied in Summer 1998

(Hodgenville map, Section 22-N-47 Carter coordinates) This small cemetery is located just northeast of White City, about 1000 feet north of the end of Joe Brown road. The cemetery is on a hill just south of Abraham Lincoln’s boyhood home on Knob Creek. Abe’s younger brother is buried here. This is on the old Redmon farm and in the early days was on the wagon road to Hodgen’s Mill. The old Redmon family spring and the old road can still be seen.

- Edward Benningfield

Lincoln, Tommy – 1811 – 1815 (B. S. A. Post 15, Des Moines, Iowa, Aug. 1959) This tombstone takes the place of a fieldstone that had the inscription "T. L."
Morgan, Nancy Redmon – (wife of Charles Morgan) ca. 1805 – Died 20 April 1839 at age 34 years and 4 months
Redmon, Ann – 13 Jan. 1803 – 10 March 1852
Redmon, Delilah Perceiful – (wife of George) 16 March 1779 – 6 June 1857
Redmon, George – ca. 1777 – Died 1 March 1847 at 69 years, 8 months
Redmon, George P. – (Hus. of Delania Thompson & Elizabeth Gollaher) 2 Nov. 1810 – 20 April 1860 (marriage records for marriages) Probably a playmate of Abraham Lincoln since they were neighbors.


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