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House Family Cemetery
Pollard, Jessamine County, Kentucky

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 23.

Contributor's Index:

House, Amanda W., b.1/16/1911, d.11/31/1918, d/o Samuel Dillard & Margaret Comley House, [NP]
House, Samuel Dillard, b.February 02, 1880, d.December 03, 1969, [NP]
House, Margaret Comley, b.November 15, 1882, d.1972, w/o Samuel Dillard House, [NP]
House, Delmas, b.November 16, 1907, d.April 1987, s/o Samuel & Margaret House, [NP]
House, Leoma W., b.7/29/1909, [NP]
House, Samuel, b.11/19/1918, [NP]
House, Dorothy R., b.5/26/1916, d.1/8/1989, w/o Samuel House, [NP]
House, Clifton, b.1899, d.1949, s/o James William & Nannie Blakeman House, [NP]
House, Clara Walker, b.1903, d.1950, w/o Clifton, [NP]
House, Benjamin James, b.June 22, 1840, d.September 12, 1918, s/o James and Mary Ball House, [NP]
House, Martha Jane Stinnet, b.February 13, 1849, d.May 27, 1934, w/o Benjamin, [NP]
House, James William, b.November 11, 1867, d.March 26, 1901, s/o Benjamin James and Martha Stinnet, [NP]
House, Nannie Blakeman, b.12/2/1870, d.4/20/1956, w/o James William House, [NP]
House, Etta, b.March 09, 1887, d.Feb. 24 1901, d/o Benjamin James and Martha Stinnet, [NP]
House, Alvin Ray, b.January 12, 1885, d.October 05, 1982, s/o Benjamin and Martha Jane Stinnet House, [NP]
House, Katherine Perkins, b.December 04, 1894, d.June 6, 1985, w/o Alvin Ray House, [NP]
Fain, Larkin Davis, b.5/19/1885, d.4/12/1968, [NP]
Fain, Minnie House, b.October 08, 1890, d.November 20, 1985, w/ of Larkin Davis Fain, [NP]
Fain, Otis M., b.7/12/1906, d.6/21/1973, [NP]
Fain, Liiiam H., b.4/15/1912, d.9/1/1990, w/o of Otis Fain, [NP]
Friend, Woodrow Wilson, b.10/25/ 1916, d.4/19/1990, h/o Mary Ruth House Friend, [NP]
Hager, Paris McConnell "Connie", b.5/10/ 1891, d.1/27/1956, [NP]
Hager, Anna House, b.April 28, 1893, d.April 18, 1931, w/o Connie Hager, d/o James William House, [NP]


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