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Lake Grove Cemetery
Saint Charles, Hopkins County, Kentucky

Lat: 37° 10' 32"N, Lon: 87° 32' 52"W

The cemetery is south of Saint Charles behind Lake Grove General Baptist Church on Lake Grove Loop, east side of Homestead Lake.

Lake Grove Cemetery was founded in 1890 and still a working cemetery. It is owned and maintained by the Lake Grove General Baptist Church.

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Dec 08, 2011. Total records = 190.

Contributor's Index:

Adams, James R., b. 7-29-1927, d. no date, s/w & h/o Nellie, m. 12-24-1949, [DH]
Adams, Nellie A., b. 9-23-1933, d. 10-26-1990, s/w & w/o James R, m. 12-24-1949, [DH]
Blankenship, Clarence L., b. 1912, d. 1975, h/o Imogene, m. 5-8-1933, [DH]
Blankenship, Imogene, b. 1915, d. 1995, w/o Clarence L, m. 5-8-1933, d/o Ollie Mae Butler and Albert Larkin Teague, [DH]
Blankenship, Mary Grace (Smith), b. 10-13-1924, d. 5-15-1988, w/o Richard L, m. 4-7-1988, [DH]
Blankenship, Richard L., b. 7-17-1934, d. 5-21-1997, h/o Mary Grace, m. 4-7-1988, s/o Louise Imogene Teague and Clarence L. Blankenship, [DH]
Bullock, Paul Curtis, b. 2-1-1935, d. 11-24-1937, s/o Rollie Bullock and Erma Marie Woodruff, [DH]
Butler, Ada Anderson, no dates, 2nd, w/o Benjamin Franklin Butler Jr., [DH]
Butler, Ader L.(Lee Adams), b. 1-1-1922, d. 10-14-1987, w/o & s/w Eural Butler, [DH]
Butler, Ader, b. 1885, d. 1945, [DH]
Butler, Anna Mae, d. 10-28-1938, s/w & w/o Robert L, m. 8-28-1954, [DH]
Butler, Benjamin Franklin Jr., no dates, s/o Benjamin Sr. and Lucresa Eunice Reynolds, [DH]
Butler, Clifton Clay, b. 5-10-1931, d. 5-10-1931, [DH]
Butler, Donald Ray, b. 6-18-1951, d. 2-20-1976, s/o Eural Lee Butler and Ader Lee Adams, [DH]
Butler, Dorothy L., b. 1931, d. 1932, d/o Roland Bayless Butler and Ila Mae Hicks, [DH]
Butler, Draxel Allen, b. 2-3-1933, d. 6-24-1951, s/o Harvey Allen and Eliza Lamb Butler, [DH]
Butler, Eliza Lamb, b. 8-10-1912, d. 9-14-1994, w/o Harvey Allen Butler, [DH]
Butler, Eural L., b. 7-1-1908, d. 3-14-1973, s/o Benjamin Franklin Butler Jr.and Ada Anderson, [DH]
Butler, Frank, 12-1-1863, d. 5-25-1941, s/w Benjamin Jr, [DH]
Butler, Gertrude Olene, b. 6-28-1928, d. 5-3-1944, d/o & s/w Noah Austin and Mary Frances Butler, [DH]
Butler, Gladys I. (Littlepage), b. 4-18-1923, d. 2-1-2001, w/o & s/w Paul Amos , [DH]
Butler, Harvey Allen, b. 2-10-1905, d. 8-29-1979, [DH]
Butler, I. Dona, b. 1876, d. 1918, s/w & w/o Samuel Lee, d/o Joel Butler and Martha Wade, [DH]
Butler, I. Dona, b. 8-18-1927, d. 8-18-1927, d/o James Carl Butler and Lou Hester Miller, [DH]
Butler, Ila Mae (Hicks), b. 2-9-1914, d. 12-28-1997, w/o & s/w Roland Bayless Butler, [DH]
Butler, Infant, d. 10-17-1901, buried with Liddie, [DH]
Butler, James Carl, b. 8-24-1901, d. 7-19-1980, s/o Samuel Lee Butler and I. Dona, [DH]
Butler, James D., b. 1942, d. 1942, s/o Roland Bayless Butler and Ila Mae Hicks, [DH]
Butler, James D., b. 11-16-1949, d. 12-2-1952, s/o Eural Lee Butler and Ader Lee Adams, [DH]
Butler, Liddie Dunbar, b. 6-20-??, d. 10-17-1901, 1st w/o Benjamin Franklin Butler Jr., (question marks are on the stone), [DH]
Butler, Lillie K. (Williams), b. 8-9-1900, d. 6-9-1970, w/o Lloyd Dexter Butler, [DH]
Butler, Linda Faye, b. 6-22-1943, d. 1944, d/o Eural Lee Butler and Ader Lee Adams, [DH]
Butler, Lindo, no dates (Linda?), c/o Benjamin Jr and Liddie, [DH]
Butler, Lloyd D, b. 10-19-1897, d. 10-14-1968, s/o Benjamin Franklin Butler Jr. and Liddie Dunbar, [DH]
Butler, Lou Hester (Miller), b. 1-16-1903, d. 7-20-1972, [DH]
Butler, Marble, b. 7-11-1894, d. 9-12-1967, Pvt 319 Aux Rnt Dep QMC WWI, [DH]
Butler, Mary Frances Gamblin, b. 9-15-1908, d. 12-11-1977, w/o Noah Austin, m. on 8-28-1926 , [DH]
Butler, Noah Austin, b. 3-3-1905, d. 10-11-1967, h/o Mary Frances, m. on 8-28-1926, s/o Samuel Lee Butler and I. Dona Butler, [DH]
Butler, Noal, no dates (Noah?), c/o Benjamin Jr and Liddie, [DH]
Butler, Paul Amos, b. 3-30-1913, d. 9-23-1988, s/o Samuel Lee Butler and I. Dona Butler, [DH]
Butler, Ricky Leon, b. 1955, d. 1955, [DH]
Butler, Robert Baston, b. 11-28-1860, d. 8-31-1944, s/o Benjamin Franklin Butler Sr. and Lucresa Eunice Reynolds, [DH]
Butler, Robert L., d. 12-27-1933, s/o Noah Austin Butler and Mary Frances (Gamblin), m. Anna Mae Butler 8-28-1954, [DH]
Butler, Roland B., b. 9-11-1910, d. 12-30-1991, s/o Benjamin Franklin Butler Jr. and Ada Anderson, [DH]
Butler, S. L. (Samuel Lee), b. 1870, d. 1958, s/o Benjamin Franklin Butler Sr. and Lucresa Eunice Reynolds, [DH]
Camplin, Henry, b. 1874, d. 1937, [DH]
Camplin, Nance, b. 6-4-1861, d. 3-12-1936, w/o Henry, [DH]
Chaney, Rollie S., b. 12-6-1892, d. no date, s/w Smith, [DH]
Chaney, Smith, b. 5-25-1882, d. 5-22-1962, s/w Rollie S, [DH]
Chaney, Vivian, b. 11-9-1915, d. 5-30-1917, [DH]
Cook, Paul C., b. 1932, d. 1976, [DH]
Cook, Carrie, b. 1905, d. 1968, [DH]
Cooper, Naomi Rose, d. 3-31-1959, [DH]
Dockery, Maude, b. 7-15-1910, d. 8-10-1988, w/o Todd, [DH]
Dockery, Todd G., b. 2-24-1942, d. 4-20-1986, [DH]
Dunbar, Frank B., no dates, father of Liddie Butler, [DH]
Eli, Emfeal, b. 7-20-1925, d. 7-20-1925, [DH]
Eli, Johny, b. 1885, d. 1960, [DH]
Eli, Minerva, b. 1893, d. 1971, s/w Johny, [DH]
Franklin, Helen, b. 1-17-1922, d. 11-1-1999, w/o Inos Franklin, [DH]
Franklin, Inos E., b. 4-29-1924, d. 12-1979, s/w Helen, [DH]
Franklin, Louise, b. 8-30-1932, d/o Luther and Roberta Smith, [DH]
Franklin, Luther M., b. 7-23-1912, d. 10-16-1991, wed 60yr to Roberta G., [DH]
Franklin, Roberta G., b. 9-13-1918, d. no date, s/w & w/o Luther M, m. 60yr, (d/o Albert Wesley Smith and Lellar Josephine Sneed), [DH]
Hawkins, Charlotte Ann, b. 9-19-1956, d. 11-9-1956, d/o Mary Anna Trover and Thomas Woodrow Hawkins, [DH]
Hawkins, Mary Anna, b. 7-8-1933, d. still living, d/o Charles Glenn Trover and Idella Kathleen Teague, [DH]
Hawkins, Thomas Lynn, b. 3-22-1954, d. 7-29-1976, s/o Mary Ann Trover and Thomas Woodrow Hawkins, [DH]
Hawkins, Thomas Woodrow, b. 4-23-1912, d. 3-29-1981, Husband of Mary Anna Trover, [DH]
Hinton, Erwin L., b. 4-1-1936, d. 6-4-1991, Husband of Wetonia Mae Trover, [DH]
Hinton, Wetonia Mae, b. 10-10-1937, d. 2-25-1975, d/o Charles Glenn Trover and Idella Kathleen Teague, [DH]
Ivy, John W., b. 1-2-1885, d. 7-11-1953, [DH]
Jackson, Bessie, 10-10-1907, [DH]
Jackson, David E., no dates, [DH]
Jackson, Joel L., no dates, [DH]
Jackson, Lilly, b. 1-10-1910, d. 6-17-1939, [DH]
Jackson, Rufus, b. 1-9-1909, d. 11-23-1997, [DH]
Jackson, Wilma J., no dates, [DH]
Keyser, Lana Louise, b. 4-9-1903, d. 7-11-1906, [DH]
Keyser, Lue L., b. 2-18-1871, d. 12-17-1961, [DH]
Keyser, Thomas W., b. 3-13-1871, d. 3-15-1967, [DH]
Littlepage, Charlie W., b. 1912, d. 1975, [DH]
Littlepage, Herman W., d. 1941, s/o Charlie and Lorene Butler, [DH]
Littlepage, Lorene, b. 1914, d. 1986 (Chassie Lorene) d/o Benjamin Franklin Butler Jr. and Ada Anderson, [DH]
Mencer, Ila Smith, b. 1896, d. 19--, [DH]
Pryor, Cecil A., b. 2-3-1902, d. 6-19-1974, h/o Jettie F. Pryor, [DH]
Pryor, Jettie F., b. 1-24-1919, d. 1-24-1995 (Jettie Fountain) d/o Benjamin Franklin Butler Jr. and Ada Anderson, [DH]
Sisk, Lena C., b. 3-5-1900, d. 2-21-1955, [DH]
Smith, Ellis D., b. 10-15-1909, d. 9-12-1978, s/o Albert Wesly Smith and Josie Carroll, [DH]
Smith, Abbott, b. 11-3-1868, d. 4-18-1942, [DH]
Smith, Albert Wesley, b. 1885, d. 1964, h/o Lellar Josephine Sneed , [DH]
Smith, Archie E., b. 7-1-1904, d. 3-19-1986, h/o Mabel, m. 6-7-1923, f/o Dorothy and Mary , [DH]
Smith, Bennie T., b. 1893, d. 1954, (Benjamin T. Smith) s/o Joseph C. Smith and Nancy Woodruff, [DH]
Smith, Bob L., b. 1909, d. no date, [DH]
Smith, Charles Otis, b. 9-8-1929, h/o Ethel Irene, [DH]
Smith, Cleveland E., b. 6-19-1914, d. 6-10-1950, h/o I Lucille, m. 3-31-1932, s/o Benjamin Thomas Smith and Lucy E. Sneed , [DH]
Smith, Conway M., b. 4-30-1928, d. 9-9-1992, [DH]
Smith, Cora Mae, b. 1892, d. 1984, w/o George D. Smith, [DH]
Smith, Cora Sue, b. 1933, d. 1934, [DH]
Smith, Darrel, b. 2-5-1952, d. 1-13-1976, [DH]
Smith, David Allen, b. 6-18-1962, d. 8-14-1987, [DH]
Smith, David, b. 1871, d. 1953, h/o Ellar, [DH]
Smith, Doria J., b. 10-19-1937, d. 9-13-1938, d/o Vernon and Retta Alexander Smith, [DH]
Smith, Ellar, b. 1879, d. 1953, w/o David, [DH]
Smith, Elvin, b. 1902, d. 1953, [DH]
Smith, Ethel Irene, b. 11-30-1930, d. 11-8-2000, w/o Charles Otis, [DH]
Smith, Flossie E., b. 1906, d. 1964, [DH]
Smith, George D., b. 1889, d. 1953, [DH]
Smith, Gussie, b. 1905, d. 1982, w/o Elvin Smith, [DH]
Smith, Harold R., b. 5-29-1932, [DH]
Smith, I. Lucille, b. 10-20-1914, d. 7-3-1992, w/o Cleveland E, m. 3-31-1932, (Ida Lucille Pleasant), m/o Helen, Billy and Charlotte, [DH]
Smith, Infant 1, child of Elvin and Gussie Smith , [DH]
Smith, Infant 2, child of Elvin and Gussie Smith , [DH]
Smith, Jason W., b. 3-19-1975, d. 1-13-1976, [DH]
Smith, Joe C., b. 1862, d. 1937 (Joseph C. Smith), h/o Nancy M, [DH]
Smith, John R., b. 1866, d. 1944, [DH]
Smith, Johnny K., b. 1-29-1954, d. 2-3-1954, [DH]
Smith, Joseph R., b. 4-20-1958, d. 10-13-1958, [DH]
Smith, Katherine, b. 7-27-1919, d. no date, w/o Ralph J, m. 10-29-1949, [DH]
Smith, Lawrence, b. 1-10-1896, d. 3-22-1975, [DH]
Smith, Lee E., b. 10-1-1881, d. 7-5-1946, [DH]
Smith, Lellar Josephine, b. 1894, d. 1925, d/o Lucretia C. Butler and Jessie J. Sneed, [DH]
Smith, Lillian Snead, b. 1901, d. 1971, [DH]
Smith, Lois Jean, b. 3-8-1934, d. 11-30-2002, [DH]
Smith, Lorene T., b. 1910, d. 1968, [DH]
Smith, Lucy E., b. 1892, d. 1986, w/o Benjamin T. Smith, [DH]
Smith, Mabel, b. 10-16-1904, d. 1-6-1999, w/o Archie E, m. 6-7-1923, m/o Dorothy and Mary , [DH]
Smith, Mack Pherson, b. 12-31-1868, d. 1-29-1929, [DH]
Smith, Mark Allen, b. 1-14-1947, d. 1-14-1947, [DH]
Smith, Mark Jr., b. 10-29-1934, d., h/o Lois Jean Smith, [DH]
Smith, Mark Sr., b. 6-26-1916, d. 9-23-1968, h/o Pauline, [DH]
Smith, Nancy E., b. 1866, d. 1938, w/o John Smith, [DH]
Smith, Nancy M., b. 1853, d. 1918, w/o Joe C, d/o Levi Woodruff and Elizabeth Laffoon, [DH]
Smith, Nellie J., b. 3-14-1895, d. 5-27-1980, w/o Lawrence Smith, [DH]
Smith, Orean E., b. 12-2-1932, w/o Harold Smith, [DH]
Smith, Oscar, b. 11-10-1892, d. 10-30-1971, Pvt Co. B. 127 Infantry WWI, [DH]
Smith, Paralee, b. 2-10-1865, d. no date, [DH]
Smith, Pauline Cannor, b. 12-23-1924, d. 2-14-1996, w/o Mark Sr, [DH]
Smith, Ralph J., b. 1-10-1928, d. 4-8-1988, h/o Katherine, m. 10-29-1949, [DH]
Smith, Retta M. (Alexander), b. 4-2-1922, d. 10-17-1988, [DH]
Smith, Serena Ann, b. 8-11-1869, d. 2-27-1960, w/o Mack Pherson, [DH]
Smith, Susie, b. 5-2-1891, d. 12-30-1926, [DH]
Smith, Thomas Ray, b. 10-13-1932, d. 10-28-1932, s/o Ellis D. and Lucille Smith, [DH]
Smith, V. I., b. 5-24-1940, w/o Conway Smith, [DH]
Smith, Vernon C., b. 6-6-1916, d. no date, s/o Albert Wesley Smith and Lellar Josephine Sneed, [DH]
Smith. Lucille, b. 10-6-1913, d. 8-16-1994, w/o Ellis D. Smith, [DH]
Sneed, Clarence C., b. 1896, d. 1948, [DH]
Sneed, Cleatis Clay, b. 8-6-1919, d. 4-9-2002, [DH]
Sneed, Delmar Bunyon, b. 10-23-1930, d. 6-13-1998, [DH]
Sneed, Jessie J., b. 4-12-1867, d. 11-8-1930, h/o Lou C, [DH]
Sneed, Lena Jane, b. 6-12-1936, d. no date, [DH]
Sneed, Lou C., b. 3-17-1867, d. 9-1-1940 (Lucretia C. Butler, d/o Benjamin Franklin Butler Sr. and Lucresa Euncie Reynolds, [DH]
Sneed, Martha E., b. 1899, d. 1986, [DH]
Sneed, William Byron, b. 9-15-1898, d. 9-12-1963, [DH]
Teague, Eugene, b. 12-29-1919, d. 3-23-1997, s/o Albert Larkin Teague and Ollie Mae Butler), [DH]
Thomason, Albert J., b. 7-26-1890, d. 9-11-1976, [DH]
Thomason, Berry, b. 5-11-1868, d. 6-4-1952, [DH]
Thomason, Delila, b. 4-8-1872, d. no date, w/o Berry, [DH]
Tittsworth, Rhonda, b. 10-9-1973, d. 10-10-1973, s/w & twin to Robin, [DH]
Tittsworth, Robin, b. 10-9-1973, d. 10-10-1973, s/w & twin to Rhonda, [DH]
Todd, Atha R., b. 7-2-1941, d. 12-2-1941, [DH]
Todd, Ather L., b. 9-10-1894, d. 6-11-1938, h/o Nealie, [DH]
Todd, Nealie O., b. 9-15-1891, d. 10-27-1941, [DH]
Trover, Bobby Gene, b. 7-9-1939, d. still living, h/o Brenda Susan, m. 3-29-1969, (s/o Charles Glenn Trover and Idella Kathleen Teague, [DH]
Trover, Brenda Susan (Collins), b. 1-28-1949, d. 10-11-1998, w/o Bobby Gene, m. 3-29-1969 , [DH]
Trover, Charles Glenn, b. 6-4-1895, d. 5-23-1959 (s/o George Washington Trover and Louise Catherine Raymer, [DH]
Trover, Kathleen Idella, b. 2-25-1914, d. 4-22-1961, w/o Charles Glenn Trover, d/o Albert Larkin Teague and Ollie Mae Butler, [DH]
Woodruff, Albert Luke, b. 9-19-1892, d. 2-19-1970, s/w & h/o Ermie E s/o Ambrose Gordon Woodruff and Mary Hughes, [DH]
Woodruff, Albert Vernon, b. 5-16-1912, d. 7-14-1972, s/w & h/o Myrtle Smith, s/o Alexandra Camel Woodruff and Laura Smith, [DH]
Woodruff, Ambrose Gordon, b. 6-16-1848, d. 10-1-1919, s/o Levi Woodruff and Elizabeth Laffoon, [DH]
Woodruff, Bernard, b. 6-23-1914, d. 7-23-1971, s/o Alexandra Camel Woodruff and Laura Smith, h/o Mabel (Walker) Woodruff, m. 7-31-1920, [DH]
Woodruff, Danny Leon, b. 6-17-1968, d. 4-27-1989, s/o Joe N. Woodruff and Thelma Bean, [DH]
Woodruff, Ermie E.(Chaney), b. 9-12-1895, d. 9-29-1975, w/o Albert Luke Woodruff, [DH]
Woodruff, Gabe B., b. 9-28-1888, d. 2-16-1926, [DH]
Woodruff, George Faulls, b. 6-9-1891, d. 1-25-1956, s/w & h/o Mary Jane (Camplin) m. 10-22-1914, s/o Ambrose Gordon Woodruff and Mary Hughes, [DH]
Woodruff, Gertie M., b. 8-21-1920, d. 5-28-1992, d/o Albert Luke Woodruff and Ermie E. Chaney, [DH]
Woodruff, Henry Richard "Dick", b. 1-25-1895, d. 4-4-1972, s/w & h/o Rillie, m. 8-5-1916, s/o Ambrose Gordon Woodruff and Mary Hughes, [DH]
Woodruff, Lendell Gene, b. 1-25-1940, d. 5-28-1956, s/o Bernard Woodruff and Mabel Walker, [DH]
Woodruff, Liddie Dunbar, no dates, w/o Richard, m. 5-31-1960 , [DH]
Woodruff, Luther Woodrow, b. 10-7-1905, d. 6-12-2000, s/o Riller Butler and Benjamin Franklin Butler Jr., [DH]
Woodruff, Mary Ann (Brunson), 4-1-1939, children J.W., Bill, Rose, Faye, Billy, Starr, Elbert, Bobby, Johnny, William and Richard, [DH]
Woodruff, Mary Jane (Camplin), b. 3-8-1896, d. 1-26-1982, s/w & w/o George Faulls, m. 10-22-1914, [DH]
Woodruff, Myrtle Smith, b. 4-23-1918, d. no date, s/w & w/o Vernon Woodruff, [DH]
Woodruff, Paul, d. 11-7-1916, s/o Albert L. and Ermin E. Woodruff, [DH]
Woodruff, Richard "Dick", no dates, h/o Liddie, m. 5-31-1960 , [DH]
Woodruff, Rillie, b. 12-11-1894, d. 12-6-1987, s/w & w/o Henry Richard, m. Aug 05. 1016, (Rille Ezil Sizerlie Butler), d/o Benjamin Franklin Butler Jr. and Liddie Dunbar, [DH]
Woodruff, William R., b. 12-3-1915, d. 12-5-1915, (William Richard Gordon Woodruff) s/o George Faull Woodruff and Mary Jane Camplin, [DH]
Woodruff, Dorothy, b. 10-2-1924, d. 10-2-1924, d/o Richard Woodruff and Rillie Butler, [DH]
Woodruff, Lora M., b. 4-18-1930, d. 9-22-1987, d/o Richard Woodruff and Rillie Butler, [DH]
Woodruff, Monon, b. 10-2-1922, d. 10-2-1922, s/o Richard Woodruff and Rillie Butler, [DH]
Woodruff, Ronan, b. 5-25-1919, d. 11-4-1919, s/o Richard Woodruff and Rillie Butler, [DH]

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