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Highbaugh Cemetery
Wabash, Hart County, Kentucky

Lat: 37° 24' 14"N, Lon: 85° 51' 01"W, approx.

Contributed by James H. Turner, Dec 06, 2010, last edited Dec 09, 2010 [jturner@scrtc.com]. Total Records = 18.

The Highbaugh Cemetery is located in a pasture field approximately one-tenth of a mile northwest of Mount Pisgah Baptist Church. It is also approximately one-tenth of a mile west of the Wabash Road and a few hundred yards north of Bacon Creek Road (Highway 728). The cemetery is located on a hill and at one time contained a number of cedar trees that visibly marked its location from Bacon Creek Road.

When accessing the cemetery, I parked at the late Robert "Bob" Cates homestead. The lane to the Cates homestead is off Wabash Road and a just a few yards north of the Bacon Creek Bridge. I then walked westward through the pasture field to the cemetery.

There were at least three (3) rock markers found with no inscription. Two were found in the vicinity of the graves of George and Hariet Highbaugh, and another was found near the grave of Carlton Cruse.

I transcribed the cemetery information from the gravestones in January 1995. At that time the larger cedar trees had recently been cut from the cemetery. Unfortunately sawbriars and a variety of tree saplings were already beginning to supplant the cedar trees that had been removed.

- James H. Turner
Bell, Louisa, b. 19 Mar 1863, d. 16 Jul 1882, Daughter of D. M. & Melissa Highbaugh
Cruse, Carlton, b. 9or3 Sep 1900, d. 28 Nov 1901, Son of W. T. & Laura Cruse
Cruse, Laura A., b. 1869, d. 1924, Wife of W. T. Cruse, s/w W. T. Cruse
Cruse, W. T., b. 1861, d. No Dates, s/w Laura A. Cruse
Fulks, Baby, b. 29 Jun 1893, d. 4 Sep 1893
Fulks, Mary E., b. 6 Sep 1872, d. 4 Oct 1898, Wife of W. M. Fulks, s/w W. M. Fulks and M. S. Fulks, 2 stones
Fulks, Mary S., b. 29 Jun 1880, d. 2 Jul 1903, Wife of W. M. Fulks, s/w W. M. Fulks and Mary E. Fulks
Fulks, Thaddie L., b. 1887, d. 1887
Fulks, W. M., b. 18 Jun 1862, d. no date, Husband of and s/w Mary E. Fulks and Mary S. Fulks
Highbaugh, George, b. 3 Apr 1810, d. 28 Oct 1878, s/w Hariet Highbaugh
Highbaugh, Hariet, b. 17 Apr 1835, d. 5 Sep 1886, Wife of George Highbaugh, s/w George Highbaugh
Highbaugh, Isaac T., b. 16 Feb 1844, d. 30 Nov 1885, s/w Sallie A. Highbaugh
Highbaugh, J. H., b. 1838, d. 1914
Highbaugh, Sallie A., b. 25 Nov 1854, d. no date, Wife of Isaac Highbaugh, s/w Isaac T. Highbaugh
Perkins, John W., b. 14 Dec 1859, d. 23 Jan 1948, s/w Mary M. Perkins
Perkins, Mary M., b. 28 Apr 1864, d. 22 Nov 1909, s/w John W. Perkins
Weldon, Elizabeth, b. 9 Oct 1831, d. 10 Jul 1891, Wife of J. J. Weldon
Weldon, Lillie E., b. 10 Oct 1874, d. 8 Oct 1886, Daughter of J. J. Weldon
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