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Jordon Gross Burial Ground
Howe Valley, Hardin County, Kentucky

Lat: 37° 40' 38"N, Lon: 86° 02' 51"W

Contributed by James Owens, Nov 14, 2005 [jimjo5213@aol.com] . Total records = 28.

Southwest corner of Highway 86 and Yates Chapel Road, Howe Valley, KY, on a hill behind homes.

Jordon Gross deeded the cemetery to himself as the Jordon Gross Burring Ground and is entered in the deed book 41: Pages 422 and 423 Hardin County Court House, Elizabethtown, KY.

The cemetery consist of 1& 1/4 acre with 85 ft. X 75 ft. fenced in area. There is one 28 ft. X 24 ft. area enclosed by a decorative iron fence with 8 graves. 27 known remains and stones in perfect condition, also 3 rock markers with no names.

This cemetery was cleared and cleaned in the past 2 weeks and is in beautiful shape. As of Nov 10, 2005. Thanks to Tim Bowman and volunteers of the Sons of Confederate Veterans of Hardin County.

Joan Owens and I have transcribed from all existing stones, with additional research in parenthesis, complete up to Nov 14, 2005.

- James Owens

Carlton, Abraham, b. Oct 31, 1842, d. May 22, 1900 (husband of Ada Gross and son of Hiram Carlton)
Carlton, Ada Gross, b. Mar 21, ?, d. Apr 16, 1930 (wife of Abraham Carlton and daughter of Jordon and Sarah Gross)
Carlton, Isaac Newton, b. May 13, 1846, d. Nov 21, 1898 (husband of Mary Elizabeth Cash, son of Hiram Carlton and brother to Abraham Carlton)
Carlton, Jordon Gross, Apr 7, 1874, d. Aug 24, 1938 (3rd child and son of Abraham and Ada Carlton and husband of 1st, Katherine Owsley and 2nd Helen Butts)
Carlton, Kathelene, b. Oct 16, 1894, d. Oct 16, 1894, (13th child and daughter of Abraham and Ada Carlton and twin of Nina Grace Carlton)
Carlton, Mary E., b. Oct 26, 1848, d. Jul 12, 1930 (wife of Isaac Carlton, daughter of Warren T and Katherine Duvall Cash)
Carlton, Sallie, b. Jan 27, 1876, d. Jul 31, 1876 (4th child of Abraham and Ada Carlton)
Carlton, Warren W., b. Aug 14, 1878, d. Aug 24, 1899 sonof Isaac and Mary Carlton)
Cash, Mattie, b. Mar 26, 1874, d. Jun 18, 1888 (daughter of Warren and Agnes Cash and a twin of Minnie Cash.
Chitwood, George Earl, b. Sep 14, 1901, d. Jul 30, 1932 (husband of Minnie Cash, daughter of Warren and Agnes Cash and a twin to Mattie)
Dickerson, James, b. Mar 6, 1805, d. Nov 28, 1898 (husband of Sarah �Sallie� Gross)
Dickerson, James, b. Sep 27, 1875, d. Jul 23, 1876, &son of James and Sarah Dickerson)
Dickerson, Nannie, b. Sep 16, 1872, d. Oct 20, 1872 (Daughter of James and Sarah Dickerson)
Dickerson, Sallie, b. Jun 2, 1844, d. Nov 12, 1898 (wife of James Dickerson and daughter of Jordon and Nancy Gross)
Gross, Elvira, d. Mar 15, 1858, Marker not found, Daughter of Jordon and Nancy Gross)
Gross, Isaac, b. Oct 3, 1823, d. May 8, 1885 (Brother of Jordon Gross and never married.
Gross, J. B., b. Aug 14, 1863, d. Jun 15, 1880 sonof Jordon and Nancy Gross)
Gross, Jordon Miller, b. Jul 29, 1818, d. Dec 12, 1901 (husband of Nancy Duvall Cash and son of Abraham Gross)
Gross, Lena Ament, b. Jan 31, 1888, d. Apr 6, 1890 (daughter of Isaac Fuller and Lee Ann Gross; Isaac is a son of Jordon and Nancy Gross)
Gross, Myrtle, b. May 28, 1879, d. Aug 6, 1879 (daughter of Isaac and Lee Ann Gross)
Gross, Nancy Cash, b. May 22, 1822, d. Jan 1890 (wife of Jordon Miller Gross and daughter of John and Elizabeth Keith Cash)
Kasey, Mattie Gross, b. Feb 22, 1846, d. Aug 23, 1873 in Kaseyville, MO. (wife of James T. Kasey and daughter of Jordon and Nancy Gross.
Keith, Jacob, b. 1796/8, d. Oct 5, 1882, son of Alexander Keith and Margaret Harned and some how related to the John Cash Family)
Meador, Agnes, b. Apr 4, 1834, d. Apr 16, 1920 (wife of Warren Thompson Cash)
Nichols, Bartley W., b. Sep 8, 1815, d. Nov 9, 1876 (husband of Martha Cash)
Nichols, Susie K., b. Apr 13, 1886, d. May 4, 1887 (daughter of J.W. and R.A)
Vertrees, William B., b. Dec 30, 1886, d. Oct 23, 1888 sonof Willima H. and Elvira Gross)
Vertrees, William H., b. Feb 8, 1863, d. Nov 7, 1899 (husband of Elvira Gross and daughter of Jordon and Nancy Gross)

A rock with no name next to Bartley Nichols
A rock marker with no name next to George Chitwood
a rock marker with no name next to Isaac Gross
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