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Rhoden Cemetery
Greenup County, Kentucky

Contributed by Scott Weisman, Sep 07, 2000 [piobair@zoomnet.net]. Total records = 38.

Rhoden Cemetery
Greenup Co. Ky
Tick Ridge Road/Joe Johnson Farm

??, SID, no information
Estep, Ernistine, d. 1982, (no stone just a marker)
Greene, Ezra S., b. March 12th, 1940, d. May 25th, 1999
Horsley, Ben, (no dates but pretty old stone)
Horsley, Callie M., b. Nov. 2nd, 1921, d. Feb. 10th, 2000
Horsley, Gracie, b. Jan. 24th 1924, d. Nov.12th, 1998, m. May 1st, 1942
Horsley, Leo, d. July 7th, 1958, (Baby Son)
Horsley, Leonard, b. Dec. 15th, 1917, d. Sept. 1st, 1997
Horsley, Melvin, b. May 11th, 1903, d. Jan. 16th, 1967
Horsley, Mirlin, b. Oct. 15th, 1942, d. May 10th, 1946
Horsley, Rachel, Apr. 1st, 1890, d. Dec. 24th, 1953
McGlone, Sarah J., b. 1857, d. 1929
Rhoden, Arther, b. Oct. 23rd, 1933, (died)
Rhoden, Betty L., Jan. 24th, 1951
Rhoden, Charley, b. Nov. 6th, 1913, d. Jan. 12th, 1981, U.S. Army WW2
Rhoden, Clarence Steve Jr., b. 1970, d. 1984
Rhoden, Faithia Mae, b. May 30th, 1932, d. Apr. 8th, 1997
Rhoden, Frank, b. Oct. 23rd, 1949, d. Aug. 20th, 1983
Rhoden, Gertie, b. May 6th, 1943, d. no date, m. Dec. 19th, 1959
Rhoden, Harvey, b. Oct. 28th, 1927, (died)
Rhoden, Ida F., b. 1888, d. 1963
Rhoden, Jake M., b. Apr. 3rd, 1929, d. Mar. 2nd, 1997
Rhoden, James C., b. Dec. 23rd, 1908, d. Jan. 16th, 1980
Rhoden, Jesse J., b. Feb. 13th, 1920, d. Apr 30th, 1944, PFC Ohio 186th Infantry WW2
Rhoden, John, b. 1889, d. 1967
Rhoden, Joseph C., Nov. 6th, 1911, d. Jan. 16th, 1986
Rhoden, Kathy, 1954
Rhoden, Layton, b. Dec. 17th, 1946, d. Feb. 15th, 1958
Rhoden, Mary Ann, b. Sept. 3rd, 1925, d. Apr. 9th, 1986
Rhoden, Rafe, b. Nov. 6th, 1916, d. 1919
Rhoden, Ronnie, b. Jun. 13th, 1956, d. Jun. 17th, 1956
Rhoden, Ruffes, b. July 14th, 1947, d. July 14th, 1947
Rhoden, Russell, b. Mar. 26th, 1915, d. Aug. 6th, 1938
Rhoden, Stevie Ray, b. Oct. 8th, 1962, d. Dec. 1st, 1962
Rhoden, Thelma, b. Jun 17, 1924, d. no date, m. July 2nd, 1941
Rhoden, Wm. David, b. Dec. 25th, 1909, d. Feb. 10th, 1912

Unknown Grave, b. 1925, d. Dec. 6th, 1927
Unknown graves, Ten found, no information

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