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Spring Hill Cemetery
Conway Springs, Sumner County, Kansas

Lat: 37° 22' 21"N, Lon: 97° 40' 20"W
Springdale Twp, T31S R3W Sec 8

Contributed by Della M Shafer, Aug 21, 2008, last edited Sep 07, 2008 [thescoop@cox.net]. Total records = 38.

To reach cemetery from Conway Springs drive south onto State Hwy 49 for one mile, turn right or west and continue for 1.75 miles. Cemetery will be on the south side of the road.

This cemetery is a 2 acre tract. It was established in 1879. The first burial was that of a child of Jackson Kline in Jul or Aug of 1879. The first lots sold for $1.00 each.

"A Trust Deed dated Sept 1, 1879, describes the 2-acre tract as follows: Commencing at a point 47 rods East of Northwest Corner of Northwest Quarter of Said Quarter Section, then South 20 rods, then East 16 rods, then North 20 rods, then West to beginning. A Warranty Deed shows William Wycoff and wife Lucetta J. deeding land to the Directors of the Spring Hill Cemetery, for $30.00, dated Dec 26, 1882, and filed Dec 28, 1882." - from Cemeteries in Sumner County, Kansas by Harvey and Ruth Swan (1983).

Information in parentheses ( ) is from my own personal knowledge. Attached also is a diagram of the only part of the cemetery that, as far as is currently known, contains burials. The plots are numbered according to those on the original plat map. I have shown, as closely as is possible by stepping off the sections, where the probable burials are for the people listed on each of the stones that still remain.

I walked and recorded this cemetery in March of 2000. This transcription contains the dates and information contained on all of the stones that are still readable and other information concerning them up to this date.

- Della M Shafer

Beebe, Infant, d. 23 Jul 1904, Dau of BL & LH Beebe
Beebe, Jared B. , b. 29 Apr 1816, d. 14 Aug 1866
Beebe, Lucinda H., b. 7 Jul 1870, d. 10 Feb 1907, Wife of BL Beebe
Boyer, Daniel J., d. 22 Dec 1882, Age 22y 8m 1d, Son of HB and G Boyer
Boyer, Infant, b. 19 Jun 1882, d. 30 Aug 1883, Son of LS and GE Boyer, On ground, partially covered
Brock, Ruth Orr, b. 3 Oct 1861, d. 20 Mar 1902, Wife of LW Brock, (Daughter of Gates Orr & Lorinda Pierce Orr)
Clifton, Anna K., b. 31 Oct 1817, d. 31 Jan 1892, Wife of J Clifton, mother of Mary Elizabeth, Same stone as Mary Olmstead
Fisher, Marilyn J., b. 19 May 1931, d. (none), Same stone as Robert R. (Daughter of Emil Zerener, still living)
Fisher, Robert R., b. 13 Apr 1927, d. 2 Nov 1984
Francis, Chester A., d. 10 Dec 1889, Age 1y 8m 13d, Son of SH and FJ Francis
Francis, Fannie Jo, b. 1 Jun 1845, d. 12 Apr 1903, Wife of SH Francis
Francis, Sam'l H., no dates, Corpl Co K 38 Ind Inf, GAR marker
Gant, Robert H., d. 15 Feb 1880, Age 18y 2m 25d, Broken stone lying on ground, mostly covered
Lang, Addie M., b. 5 Aug 1863, d. 19 Dec 1890, , Same stone as Christian
Lang, Christian, b. 22 May 1828, d. 5 Jan 1894, Father
Lang, Ida D., b. 27 Jul 1877, d. 8 Aug 1894, Same stone as Christian
Lang, Katy E., b. 30 Jan 1869, d. 25 Jan 1893, Same stone as Christian
Murphey, James D., d. 15 Nov 1885, Age 1m 4d, Son of GJ and MEF Murphey, Broken off, propped by tree
Olmstead, Mary Elizabeth, b. 26 Jun 1843, d. 10 Dec 1891, Wife of O Olmstead, dau of Anna K. Clifton, Same stone as Anna Clifton
Olmstead, Oscar M., b. 1841, d. 1932, Gar marker, Gray headstone
Olmstead, Oscar Merritt, b. 31 Oct 1840, d. 11 Feb 1932, Sgt Co B 34 Regt Ill Inf Civil War, White footstone (Descendants say his middle name was Oliver, not Merritt)
Orr, Fred C., b. 24 Jan 1867, d. 29 Dec 1952, (Born in Wayne Co., IL)
Orr, Gates, b. 10 Feb 1827, d. 10 Dec 1905,
Orr, Janice M., b. 3 Sep 1936, d. 3 Jan 1951, Same stone as John C. and Neva M.
Orr, John C., b. 26 Feb 1906, d. (22 Mar 2000)
Orr, Margaret M., b. 14 Jan 1878, d. 27 Jan 1964, Same stone as Fred C. (Maiden name Thorp)
Orr, Mary B., d. 15 Oct 1881, Age 15y 11m, Dau of G and MJ Orr, (Middle name was Best)
Orr, Mary Jane, b. 13 Nov 1839, d. 18 Feb 1923, Same stone as Gates (Maiden name Best)
Orr, Neva M., b. 22 May 1904, d. 17 Apr 1994, Same stone as John C. (Maiden name Stinson)
Pomeroy, D. A., b. 27 Sep 1812, d. 11 Nov 1880, Broken off base, lying on ground
Pomeroy, Elizabeth M., b. 18 Mar 1851, d. 28 Dec 1915
Thorp, William H., b. 5 Aug 1840, d. 3 Jan 1910, (Uncle of Margaret M. Orr)
Wilson, Emma W., d. 26 Oct 1885, Age 25y 21d, Dau of SP and Lavina Wilson
Wilson, George L., b. 11 Jan 1874, d. 23 Sep 1886, Son of JD and MA Wilson, Broken stone
Wycoff, Novella J., b. 2 Jun 1886, d. 6 Apr 1887, Daughter of Wm and LJ Wycoff, 1989 reading, Now only a small broken stone with ""NJW"" by a tree stump
Zerener, Donald Ray, b. 1 Feb 1967, d. 13 Dec 1997, Father of Garrett
Zerener, Emil H., b. 30 Oct 1905, d. 26 Dec 1991
Zerener, Marie A., b. 31 Aug 1908, d. 12 Feb 1986, Same stone as Emil H.

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