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Partridge Community Cemetery
Partridge, Reno County, Kansas

Lat: 37° 57' 48"N, Lon: 98° 05' 11"W
Center Twp, Sec 10

Located one-half mile south of Partridge, Kansas on Partridge Road. The land this Cemetery is located on was donated by Rev. Samuel Dilley in the 1890's. It is now maintained by the Center Township in which Partridge is located.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 46.

Contributor's Index:

Anderson, Hazel Estella, b. 3 Sep 1897, d. 11 Dec 1979, w/o Carl Clinton O'Hara, [PP]
Anderson, Lora Winifred, b. 8 Jun 1891, d. 29 Aug 1957, w/o Robert "Roy" Harvey Love, [PP]
Axtell, Belinda, b. 22 Feb 1822, d. 9 Jun 1905, w/o Rev. Samuel Dilley, d/o Simeon and Minerva Condit Axtell, [PP]
Callum, Belle Mclean, b. 4 Dec 1889, d. 1977, w/o Veazie Winthrop O'Hara, [PP]
Collins, Louise, b. 1888, d. 1935, w/o John McCoy Love, [PP]
Dilley, Durilla Loretta, b. 20 Aug 1846, d. 16 Nov 1908, w/o Henry Clay O'Hara, [PP]
Dilley, Edith Myrle, b. 5 Dec 1893, d. 1966, w/o LaVern Sebree, [PP]
Dilley, Samuel, (Rev), b. 1 May 1818, d. 5 Jun 1898, s/o Lewis and Mary Cooper Dilley, [PP]
Dilley, William Earl, b. 21 Nov 1881, d. 16 Oct 1952, son Zenas Albion and Harriet Emmaline Culver Dilley, [PP]
Epperson, Helen Marjorie, b. 5 Oct 1908, d. 29 May 1993, w/o William Henry O'Hara, [PP]
French, German Sr., b. 5 Feb 1846, d. Abt 1919, s/o Stephen and Alice French, [PP]
French, Harold, b. 1912, d. 1912, s/o William Richard "Dick" and Martha "Mattie" Elizabeth Love French Sr, [PP]
French, William Richard "Dick", Sr., b. 19 Mar 1876, d. 19 Mar 1876, s/o German and Ann Isabel Calverly French Sr, [PP]
French, William Richard, Jr., b. 21 Nov 1915, d. 15 Mar 1998, h/o Wilma Coggins, [PP]
Friend, Mildred, b. 1883, d. 1962, w/o William Earl Dilley, [PP]
Haney, Thomas Claire, b. 28 Sep 1922, d. 10 Dec 2001, h/o Norma Jean Love, [PP]
High, Carl S., b. 21 Aug 1875, d. 24 Jul 1964, h/o Clara French, [PP]
Holmas, Farrell Upton, b. 18 Mar 1907, d. 23 Dec 1981, h/o Ruth Jane O'Hara, [PP]
Love, Edgar Clyde, b. 14 Jan 1896, d. 14 Apr 1962, s/o William Richard Love, [PP]
Love, Frederick "Fred" Leslie, Sr., b. 24 Apr 1890, d. 7 Apr 1946, s/o William Richard Love, [PP]
Love, John McCoy, b. 25 Jul 1885, d. 18 Jun 1955, s/o William Richard Love, [PP]
Love, Martha "Mattie" Elizabeth, b. 12 Mar 1877, d. 2 Aug 1971, d/o William Richard Love, [PP]
Love, Myrtle Alice, b. 4 Oct 1890, d. 21 Jan 1967, w/o Clyde White, [PP]
Love, Norma Jean, b. 8 Mar 1922, d. 20 May 2001, d/o Robert "Roy" Harvey Love, [PP]
Love, Richard Joseph, b. 19 Dec 1920, d. 1 Dec 1985, h/o Helen V. Lindamood, [PP]
Love, Robert "Roy" Harvey, b. 18 Jun 1887, d. 17 Oct 1967, h/o Lora Winiford Anderson, [PP]
Love, Sarah Permelia "Melia", b. 7 Oct 1874, d. 26 Apr 1956, w/o Henry Pitt O'Hara, [PP]
Love, William "Will" Alexander, b. 16 Feb 1879, d. 4 May 1970, h/o Aleatha Alice Cassidy, [PP]
Newton, Mamie L., b. 20 Nov 1889, d. 10 Dec 1971, w/o Frederick "Fred" Leslie Love Sr, [PP]
O'Hara, Asaph Hammond, b. 28 Nov 1873, d. 8 Nov 1878, s/o Henry Clay O'Hara, [PP]
O'Hara, Carl Clinton, b. 19 Mar 1898, d. 26 Oct 1996, s/o Henry Pitt O'Hara, [PP]
O'Hara, Clara Naomi, b. 21 Sep 1928, d. 16 Nov 1999, w/o Max Lynn Stiggins, [PP]
O'Hara, Esther Louise, b. 24 Sep 1897, d. 7 Mar 1992, d/o Hugh Samuel O'Hara, [PP]
O'Hara, Henry Clay, b. 17 Feb 1841, d. 7 May 1929, s/o John Joseph O'Hara, [PP]
O'Hara, Henry Pitt, b. 31 Jan 1870, d. 15 Mar 1943, s/o Henry Clay O'Hara, [PP]
O'Hara, Infant, b. 1938, d. 1938, s/o William and Helen O'Hara, [PP]
O'Hara, Levi Alvah, b. 16 Dec 1865, d. 11 Oct 1947, s/o Henry Clay O'Hara, [PP]
O'Hara, Marceline Joan, b. 15 May 1929, d. 18 Feb 1994, w/o Raymond Keith Henderson, [PP]
O'Hara, Ruth Jane, b. 29 Mar 1900, d. 30 Oct 1996, d/o Hugh Samuel O'Hara, [PP]
O'Hara, Seth Payson, b. 5 May 1885, d. 7 Jan 1887, s/o Henry Clay O'Hara, [PP]
O'Hara, Veazie Winthrop, b. 23 Aug 1891, d. 1979, s/o Henry Clay O'Hara, [PP]
O'Hara, William "Bill" Henry, b. 12 Sep 1901, d. 13 Mar 1976, s/o Henry Pitt O'Hara, [PP]
Ringer, Etta Hannah, b. 27 Feb 1896, d. 31 Jul 1989, w/o Edgar Clyde Love, [PP]
Robinson, Perneacy, b. 3 Sep 1857. d. 30 Nov 1930, d/o Alexander Samuel Robinson, [PP]
Stiggins, Max Lynn, b. 2 Jul 1926, d. 5 Mar 2003, s/o Max Stiggins, [PP]
White, Clyde, b. 2 Jan 1886, d. 7 Dec 1954, h/o Myrtle Alice Love, [PP]

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