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Greenlawn Cemetery
Pratt, Pratt County, Kansas

Contributed by Russell Miracle [russellmiracle@yahoo.com]

NOTE** Mrs H.H. Gertrude, (Horney) Graham, b. 1883, d. Aug 25, 1965, Moved from space Dec 1, 1965

??, Baby Christine, d. Jun 13, 1953, Dau. of Harold & Patricia
??, Carmelita B., b. no dates
??, Infant son, b. 1929, d. 1929, Nick Sobba owns plot
??, Kenneth, b. 1925 to, d. no date
??, Lena ?
??, Unknown, Mexican killed by car, unmarked
??, Wilbert, b. May 26, 1897
Biggs, ,
Brown, Mrs, unmarked
Campbell, Infant, no dates
Cromer, unmarked
Crowford, no information
Farmer, Mrs, unmarked
Finan, Mrs, b. no info
Fox, Mrs, unmarked
Graham, Child, no dates
Grandchild Gravis Infant, no dates
Gray, Mrs, unmarked
Hickman, James J., removed, d. Hutchinson Kansas
Huffman, Baby, unmarked
James, Mrs, unmarked
Keith, Infant, b., no dates
Keith, Infants, four Chapman twins
Kinch, Child, unmarked
Lambert, Mrs, unmarked
Leach, Infant, no data, Babyland
Leatherman, Infant, no data, Babyland
Lewis, Infant, no data, Babyland
Lockett, Infant, no data, Babyland
Mayboy, Infant, Child, no info, c/o Mr Mayboy
McCullough, ??, unmarked
McGrew, Mother of Mr. or Mrs. McGrew
McGuire, Infants, unmarked
Moore, b. no info
Mourer, ,
Navaro, Infant, no data, Babyland
Nelson, child, unmarked
Newton, Infant, unmarked
One Infant, unmarked
Pierce, Infant, no data, Babyland
Prater, Infant, no data, Babyland
Riddle, Infant, no data, Babyland
Roll, Baby, b. No info
Roll, Baby, no info
Rowlley, Baby, no dates
Sr. Celedonio-Velos-Nacioel-Anode1892 Y
Teray, Infant, no data, Babyland
Two bodies from the poor farm, unmarked
Unknown man killed by train, d. Jun 14, 1974
Vanhorn, b. no info
Vaughn, Mrs., unmarked
Wadkins, Mrs, unmarked
Walker, Baby, unmarked
Walker, Infant, no data, Babyland
Wallace, Infant, no dates, Child of Mrs
Watson, ?, Sister of E.H. unmarked
Welch, Infant, no data, Babyland
Whitman, Mrs, unmarked
Winstead, Son, d. 1928
Young, Child, unmarked, transient


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