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Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery
Scranton, Osage County, Kansas

Contributed by Jean Pinick, January 26, 2000 [PIRERA@aol.com]. Total records = 189.

Mt Calvary Catholic Cemetery
Scranton, Kansas (Osage Co.) Ks
Originally read Sept 12, 1982

Anthe, Frank A, died June 16, 1892, age 48yr 9mo 26days
Anthe, Mary A, died Jan 3, 1898, age 56years, wife of Frank A
Anthe, Joseph C, died JAn 9, 1921, age 46yr 16days, son of Frank A & Mary A
Atkinson, Eddie G, b.Feb 17, 1883, d.Oct 3, 1888
Barry, Francis J, b.Sept 8, 1900, d.July 6, 1946
Barry, Stephen W, b.Apr 16, 1889, d.Feb 16, 1929
Barry, Stephen D, b.Aug 12, 1858, d.May 24, 1944
Barry, Margaret A, b.Apr 10, 1861, d.Feb 11, 1913, wife of S D Barry
Barry, John, d.Jan 30, 1899, age 4yr 4mo 13days, son of S D & M A Barry
Barry, Nellie G, d.June 29, 1888, d.age 2yr 7mo 22days, dau of S D
Barry, Mary, d.June 29, 1888, d.age 9mo 9days, dau of S D
Barry, Edward S, d.June 27, 1888, d.age 4yr 3mo 3days, son of S D
Barry, Kathryn F, b.Feb 27, 1892, d.Dec 17, 1968
Benison, Louise A, b.1875, d.1952, same stone as William M
Benison, William M, b.1881, d.1963, same stone as Louise A
Bodine, Harry J, b.1878, d.1954
Bodine, Thomas, b.1847, 1918, same stone as Alice
Bodine, Alice, b.1852, d.1926, same stone as Thomas
Bodine, Hugh "Gus", b.1883, d.1972
Buek, Lucille M, b.1898, d.1990, wife of Glen M, this sets behind a stone that says beloved little one
Buek, Glen M, b.1900, d.1980, husband of Lucille M, this sets behind a stone that says beloved little one
Campbell, James, d.Nov 18, 1881, age 11yr 3mo (8mo) 23days, son of J & E Campbell
Cassidy, Nicholas, d.July 30, 1881, age 6mo, son of J & N (M) Cassidy
Cavanaugh, Rev Father M D, d.April 16, 1902
Coffey, Belle, d.Sept 6, 1890, age 20yrs, dau of D & A Coffey, same stone as Ann
Coffey, Ann, b.Aug 13, 1843, d.died July 14, 1899, wife of Daniel, born in Co of Down, Ireland
Collins, Elizabeth, b.Sept 4, 1861, d.Nov 26, 1952, same stone as Steven
Collins, Steven, b.Nov 24, 1892, d.Apr 14, 1949, same stone as Elizabeth
Collins, John, b.Dec 17, 1889, d.May 12, 1919, age 29yrs 5mo, PVT Co D, d.88 Div
Collins, Charlie, b.Mar 31, 1886, d.May 23, 1928
Collins, Mary, b.1824, d.died Feb 23, 1909, metal cross
Collins, John, d.June 7, 1905, age 50yrs 4mo
Conlin, Pat, b.1830, d.1894
Ditman, Katherine, b.1899, d.19__, same stone as John
Ditman, John, b.1885, d.1972, same stone as Katherine
Dowling, Bridget, b.Feb 9, 1826, d.Mar 18, 1897
Fitzpatrick, Patrick, d.Nov 19, 1881, d.age 46yrs
Gannon, James, d.Jan 23, 1901, age 76yrs, same stone as Ann
Gannon, Ann, d.July 6, 1885, age 62yrs. same stone as James
Gilday, Ellen, b.1871, d.1961
Gilday, Frank, b.1870, d.1939
Gilday, John, b.May 19, 1833, d.Dec 26, 1914, sane stone as mother
Gilday, mother, b.1839, d.1926, same stone as John
Goebel, Elizabeth, d.Jan 20, 1884, d.age 51yrs 4mo 5days, same stone as Frank
Goebel, Frank, d.Dec 31, 1871, d.age 47yrs 20days, same stone as Elizabeth
Griffith, Dave, b.1895, d.1896
Gunterman, Anton, b.1884, d.1901, same stone as Clara, John, & Frank
Gunterman, Clara, b.1851, d.1930, wife of Anton, same stone as Anton, John, & Frank
Gunterman, John, b.1896, d.1918, son of Anton & Clara, same stone as Anton, Clara, & Frank
Gunterman, Frank, b.1891, d.1918, son of Anton & Clara M, died in France, d.Co E, d.313 Eng
Hamaker, Katherine, M, b.1857, d.1952
Heise, Georgia A, b.1886, d.1940, same stone as Edward H
Heise, Edward H, b.1888, d.1966, same stone as Georgia A
Heise, Joseph Anton, b.1889, d.1974, same stone as Inez Foster, married Jan 12, 1927
Heise, Inez Foster, b.1895, d.1984, same stone as Joseph Foster
Higgins, Sarah G/C, d.Jan 13, 1901, d.age 3mo/8mo 21days, dau of J & M Higgins
Hoolihan, Edgar T, b.1891, d.1931
Hoolihan, John, b.Oct 29, 1855, d.May 20, 1908, father
Hoolihan, Jane, b.1864, d.1919, mother
Hoolihan, Patrick, b.Nov 14, 1849, d.Mar 23, 1899
Hug, Mary A, d.Oct 3, 1882, d.age 1yr 8mo 5days, dau of George & Antonia Hug
Irvin, F L, d.Oct 24, 1898, d.age 55yrs
Juarez, Eleanor, b.1936, d.1961
Jungman, Anna, b.Oct 30, 1882, d.July 5, 1966
Jungman, Katherine, b.May 2, 1895, d.Feb 7, 1967
Jungman, Norbert, b.1852, d.1938, same stone as Katharina
Jungman, Katharina, b.1855, d.1933, same stone as Norbert
Jungman, Norbert, b.1881, d.1955
Jungman, Paul, b.Sept 26, 1896, d.Sept 12, 1964
Keeffe, Patrick, d.Oct 20, 1879, d.age 30yrs
Kelly, John, b.May 4, 1831, d.Mar 28, 1887, born in Tyrone, Ireland
Kenyon, Mary, b.Nov 11, 1865, d.May 21, 1894, on Gilday stone
Kenyon, Charles, age 11mo 21days, on Gilday stone
Lawlor, Thomas, d.June 12, 1890, d.age 61yrs/51yrs, stone broken
Lockard, Mary, b.1871, d.1894
Luby, Charles J, b.1903, d.1929
Luby, Kathryn B, b.May 26, 1860, d.Jan 4, 1933
Luby, Margaret, b.1887, d.1919
Luby, Edward J, b.1883, d.1959
Luby, Martin P, b.1889, d.1960
Luby, Johanna, d.Dec 9, 1890/1893, age 6yrs, same stone as Johanna
Luby, Johanna, d.Mar 17, 1883, age 68yrs, wife of Micheal, born in the parish of Grushshea Water, Ford Co. Ireland, same stone as Johanna
Luby, Micheal, d.July 7, 1892, d.age 74yrs, same stone as Patrick
Luby, Patrick, d.June 9, 1892, d.age 76yrs, same stone as Micheal
Luby, Michael A, b.1882, d.1961
Maguire, Jane, d.13th of Jan 1908, age 67years, erected by her husband Patrick Maguire
Mahoney, Mary Lorette, b.Feb 7, 1900, d.Sept 1900, same stone as Mamie Mahoney
Mahoney, Mamie Ellen, b.Sept 29, 1865, d.Feb 20, 1900, wife of Edward Mahoney, same stone as Mary Lorette
Mahoney, Margaret E, b.Nov 22, 1895, d.Nov 29, 1980
Mahoney, Daniel E, b.1885, d.1955, same stone as Ruby A
Mahoney, Ruby A, b.1893, d.1988
Mahoney, Daniel, b.1832, d.Nov 9, 1880, age 48yrs, born in Fermoy Co Cork, Ireland
Mahoney, David, b.1859, d.1957, same stone as Nora, father of Dan, Ed, Will, John, Dave
Mahoney, Nora, b.1861, d.1900, same stone as David, mother of Dan, Ed, Will, John, Dave
Mahoney, Margaret E, b.1895 "Bessie" 1980
McAllen, our baby, b.Feb 7, 1881, d.Feb 27, 1881, dau of James & Kate McAllen
McCambridge, Mary, d.July 13, 1880, wife of A McCambridge
McDonell, Dessie, b.Jan 29, 1878, d.Dec 6, 1882, dau of Jas & Esther McDonell
McGrary, Rosan, b.Aug 15, 1886, d.May 1, 1891, dau of J & B A
McGrath, Matthew, b.Aug 7, 1818, d.June 3, 1892
McLaughlin, W H, b.July 4, 1815, d.Feb 21, 1881
McNulty, Jane, d.Apr 15, 1885, d.age 49years, wife of M McNulty
McSharry, Patrick, b.Feb 6, 1853, d.Aug 13, 1890, age 37yrs 6mo 7days, born in Leitrim Co, Ire
McSharry, Philip, d.Mar 7, 1904, age 17yr 1mo 15days, same stone as Patrick
Merritt, Rose P, b.1860, d.1898
Michael, Julia E, d.Apr 27, 1884, d.age 20yr 10mo 22days, wife of Geo C
Montgomery, Catherine, b.1831, d.1917
Montgomery, Alexander, b.Aug 17, 1828, d.Aug 20, 1891, d.enlisted in USA 1854, d.disch 1866 as Lieut
Mullen, Michael, b.1840, d.1881, same stone as Joanna, Patrick, James
Mullen, Joanna, b.1840, d.1923, same stone as Michael, Patrick, James
Mullen, Patrick, b.1869, d.1881, same stone as Michael, Joanna, James
Mullen, James, b.1880, d.1898, same stone as Michael, Joanna, Patrick
Murray, Joseph A, b.1889, d.1955
Murray, Mary Jane, b.1854, d.1924, same stone as Bernard
Murray, Bernard, b.1884, d.1916, same stone as Mary Jane
Murray, John J, b.1875, d.1929
O'Brien, John, b.Jan 7, 1840, d.died Dec 7, 1902, b parish of Galbelly Co Limerick Ireland/died Scranton, Ks, same stone as Annie
O'Brien, Annie, b.Oct 12, 1845, d.died May 15, 1903, b Barness Parish of Kilmagreman, Ire/died Scranton, Ks, same stone as John
O'Brien, Winnifred, b.1874, d.1939, mother, same stone as Kathleen & John
O'Brien, Kathleen, b.1905, d.1926, daughter, same stone as Winnifred & John
O'Brien, John, b.1869, d.1921, father, same stone as Winnifred & Kathleen
O'Hare, James, b.1893, d.1894, son of Bell Conlin O'Hare, same stone as Bell Conlin O'Hare
O'Hare, Bell Conlin, b.1871, d.1894, same stone as James
Quaney, Marilyn, b.Aug 23, 1939, d.July 26, 1977
Radtlingmayer, Kasper, d.Mar 17, 1891, d.age 50yr 2mo 11days
Radtlingmayer, Theresa, d.Sept 16, 1888, d.age 74yrs
Reynolds, Annie, b.1863, d.1945, same stone as Patrick
Reynolds, b.1850, d.1933, same stone as Annie
Rubow, Charles, d.Aug 16, 1881, age 7yr 3mo 6days, son of Henry & Theresa
Rubow, b.Augustus, d.Jan 2, 1887/1881, age 23yr/22yr 4mo/1mo 26days, son of Henry & Theresa
Rubow, Henry, b.Aug 8, 1825, d.Feb 17, 1897
Rubow, Theresa, b.Sept 9, 1836, d.Oct 4, 1905
Ryan, Elizabeth, b.Mar 11, 1839, d.Apr 2, 1899, same stone as Patrick
Ryan, Patrick, b.Mar 17, 1833, d.Mar 12, 1909, same stone as Elizabeth
Schaefer, Mamie E, b.1880, d.1979, same stone as Louis A
Schaefer, Louis A, b.1879, d.1966, same stone as Mamie E
Schaefer, Raymond E, b.1910, d.1976
Sharrai/Sharrin, Bartholomew, d.Aug 10, 1888, age 76yrs 6mo 10days/16days
Sherrin, Charles, b.1890, d.1940
Sherrin, Daniel, b.1906, d.1933
Sherrin, Henry, b.1904, d.1977
Sherrin, James "Gus", b.Jan 12, 1900, d.Dec 17, 1972, Kansas PVT US Army Res WWII
Sherrin, Peter, b.1886, d.1947
Sherrin, Ellen, b.1897, d.1971
Sherrin, Dixie, b.1908, d.1948, same stone as Thomas
Sherrin, Thomas, b.1902, d.1949, same stone as Dixie
Sherrin, John, d.May 17, 1893, age 42years
Sherrin, Margaret, b.Nov 2, 1894, d.age 40years
Sherrin, Patrick, b.1860, d.1922, same stone as Mary
Sherrin, Mary, b.1868/1862, d.1908, same stone as Patrick
Sherrin, Catherine, d.Feb 21, 1893, d.age 3mo
Snider, Harold K, b.1901, d.1979
Stangle, Mathias, b.1841, d.____, same stone as Julia Anna
Stangle, Julia Anna, b.1849, d.1916, same stone as Mathias
Stenger, Emil C, b.1866, d.1893
Stenger, Arthur M, b.1870, d.1942
Stenger, Willis Henry, b.Oct 12, 1890, d.Oct 24, 1890
Stenger, Elizabeth, b.1823, d.1889, same stone as Henry
Stenger, Henry, b.1831, d.1916, same stone as Elizabeth
Stenger, Mary E, b.1858, d.1939
Supple, William M, b.1874, d.1950, same stone as Daniel E
Supple, Daniel E, b.1876, d.1958, same stone as William M
Supple, Henry, Co G, d.21 Kans Inf, d.Sp Am War
Supple, John b.1864, d.1941, same stone as Bridget
Supple, Bridget, b.1861, d.1929, same stone as John
Supple, Anna, b.1867, d.1957
Supple, David H, b.1865, d.1928
Supple, Alice, b.1870, d.1905
Supple, Michael, d.July 15, 1886, d.age 69years, b parish Ballyclough, Cork Co, Ire, husband Mary
Supple, Mary, d.July 3, 1891, age 55yrs, b Bandon, Cork Co, Ire, wife of Michael
Supple, Nannie, b.1860, d.1937
Supple, John, Sr, d.Dec 13, 1887, in 68yr of his life, b parish Ballyclough, Cork Co. Ire same stone as Bridget
Supple, Bridget, b.Mar 18, 1821/1828, d.Aug 9, 1898/1896, age 63yr/68yr 4mo 21days/3days, b Golimetick, Ire, same stone as John Sr.
Supple, John Jr., d.Oct 19, 1887, d.age 31yr 11mo 23days
Thomas, Margaret L, b.1886, d.1966
Tobias, Thor C, b.1980, d.1981
Trendel, Michael, b.Sept 25, 1856, d.Jan 30, 1889
Ullery, Roletta Gay, b.Aug 31, 1979, d.inf dau of M/M Jim Ullery
Voss, Casper Sr, b.1836, d.1906
Voss, Mary, b.1843, d.1919
Voss, Joseph J, b.1868, d.1919
Voss, John H, b.1869, d.1922
Voss, Casper, b.1883, d.1931
Voss, Mary Anthe, b.1876, d.1958
Warren, Catherine, d.____ 19, 1892, age 50yrs, wife of Chadrick
Westenhaver, Loren S, d.Jan 10, 1889, age 2yr 6mo 14days, son of S R & J A
Williamson, John A, d.Dec 15, 1882, d.age 1yr 6mo, son of J J & Mary M
Williamson, Rose E, d.Sept 28, 1888, d.age 1yr 1mo 18days, dau of J J & Mary M
Williamson, infant, d.June 18, 1886, dau of J J & Mary M


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