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Currey / Eastview Cemetery
Osage County, Kansas

Contributed by Jean Pinick [PIRERA@aol.com]. Compiled April 30, 1982. Total records = 92.

Allan, George, died Apr 22, 1895-age 66yr 10mo 23days
Allgaier, Sarah F, died Oct 18, 1893-age 40yr
Allgaier, Nicholas, died July 16, 1882-age 65yr 1mo 10days
Allgaier, Maria, died Mar 2, 1892, age 63yr 3mo 13days
Arnold, John C, May 16, 1847-Dec 1, 1872
Arnold, Martin W, July 10, 1808-Jan 2, 1880
Arnold, Frankie, son of W S & L E Arnold, born Dec 19, 1878-died Oct 28, 1881
Arnold, Blaine, son of W S & L E Arnold, died MAr 12, 1883-age 1yr 3mo
Barnes, Hannah D, wife of Isaac Barnes, died Apr 28, 1886-age 48yr 9mo 3days
Barnes, Isaac, died April 29, 1894-age 65yrs
Barnes, Cora V, died June 25, 1906-age 18yr 2mo 4days
Barnes, A J, 1861-1905
Barnes, Sarah J, 1922
Cade, Roly Sr, May 9, 1884-Feb 22, 1957
Cade, Lovie May, 1894-1979
Cade, Benjamin F, 1847-1914
Cade, Liza, wife of Benjamin F, 1852-1882
Cade, Golda C, dau of B & A Cade, Aug 3, 1883-age 8mo 22days
Cade, Ben E, 1887-1888
Cade, Margaret Alpha, June 11, 1882-Feb 19, 1966 or Feb 17, 1967
Cade, Roly Jr, Sept 19, 1909-_____
Campbell, Mary E, born Mar 15, 1879-died Apr 18, 1907
Clark, L J, 1876-1899
Clark, T W, 1874-1901
Clark, Myrtle M, died Nov 22, 1889-age 2yr 3mo 4days
Clark, Alfed M, Feb 4, 1880-Jan 16, 1953
Copeland, James A, died Feb 7, 1884-age 32yr 10mo 13days
Comer or Cowley, Albert A, died Aug 8, 1935-age 78yrs 3mo 22days
Criswell, Elizabeth, died Nov 8, 1882-age 78yr 5mo 29days
Currey, Helen Pearl, wife of Philip Currey, died Feb 17, 1879-age 31yr 9mo 22days
DeTar, A V, dau of S & M S DeTar. born Dec 17, 1876-died Feb 16, 1877
Downer, Julia E, wife of E B Downer, born Feb 23, 1853-died Feb 14, 1909
Downer, Jas M, died July 1, 1886-age 70yr 9mo 12days
Downer, Catherine M, wife of Jas M Downer, born Dec 25, 1821-Jan 6, 1899
Downer, Harry T, only son of E B & J E Downer, born Dec 2, 1873-died Dec 21, 1882
Downer, Eugene B, 1845-1912
Eubank, Willie, son of D & A Eubank, died Feb 18, 1879-age 1mo 24days
Fanning, infant sons, of Cecil & Louise Fanning, June 22, 1934
Fitch, Louisa S, wife of John M Fitch, died June 4, 1911, age 91yr 4mo 22days
Fitch, John M, died May 2, 1902, age 86yr 6mo
Geoffroy, Elizabeth P, June 9, 1847-Jan 18, 1908
Geoffroy, Jessie L, died Apr 12, 1880, age 8yr 6mo or 8mo, 7days, child of G C & L or E P. Geoffroy
Geoffroy, Myrtle M, died Apr 10, 1880-age 2yr 10mo 1day, child of G C & L or E P. Geoffroy
Gibson, Ella, dau of D A & E A Gibson, died Mar 8, 1880-age 20yr 10mo 25days
Gibson, Julia A, wife of O A Gibson, born Aug 18, 1839-died July 13, 1922
Gibson, O A, died Sept 21, 1901-age 79yr 7mo 28days
Gilday, John, died Sept 9, 1879-age 55yr
Hallenbeck, James L, son of Jor T W & Mary Hallenbeck, died Feb 10, 1885-age 1yr 8mo 14days
Harr, Lydia A, wife of Joseph W Harr, died Aug 20, 1879-age 41yr 14days
Haris, Joseph A, died Aug 14, 1890-age 34yr 10mo
Harvey, A J, 1883-1974
Harvey, G C, 1828-1891
Harvey, I M, 1885-1898
Hobson, Gordon, infant of F & Ida M Hobson, died Aug (5, 1881)
Kinsey, Beecher, son of C & S M Kinsey, died JAn 19, 1882-age 21yr 9mo 26days
Kinsey, Aaron C, died Oct 17, 1884-age 32yrs 1mo 6days
Kinsey, Sarah M, wife of C B Kinsey, died Dec 23, 1887-age 67yrs 5mo 17days
Kinsey, Caleb B, died Sept 22, 1901-age 79yr 6mo
Kirkbride, Emma A, born Dec 5, 1886-died Jan 12, 1904
Kirkbride, C E, died Dec 14, 1905
Maulden, Annie J, dau of J R & M J Maulden, died Feb 26, 1884-age 11mo 1day
McConnell, Harlin H, son of H & M E McConnell, died Dec 12, 1896-age 3yr 4mo 20days
McCurdy, Anna E, wife of S S McCurdy, died Nov 9, 1880-age 32yr 10mo 20days
Melvin, William L, died Mar 2, 1938, age 74 yrs
Miller, Harriett C, 1864-1920
Miller, Ida Maud, died Sept 25, 1882-age 1yr 4mo
Neill, Robert John, 1862-1936
Pleasant, Nancy C, dau of R D & S J Pleasant, died Dec 8, 1888, age 28yrs
Ralston, Ester A, wife of John P Ralston, died Oct 9, 1879-age 30yr 11mo 20days
Reynolds, Oliver, born Nov 19, 1873-drowned Dec 22, 1880
Riggs, Mary Alice, dau of A J & M A Riggs, died May 20, 1883-age 19yr 5mo 14days
Shafer, Chas T, died April 25, 1906, age 15yr 6mo 3days
Snodgrass, Sarah E, dau of C R & A E Snodgrass, died June 9, 1880-age 21yr 1mo 28days
Snodgrass, Laura L Vady, dau of S F & M Snodgrass, died July 18, 1897, age 4yr 11mo 3days
Snow, Emma B, dau of S A & Bertha Snow, died Nov 18, 1900, age 1yr 2mo 2wks
Snow, Samuel, 1821-1909
Snow, Jane, wife of S Snow, died mar 10, 1898, age 69yr 10mo 5days
Snow, Jennie, died Sept 30, 1872-age 8yr 9mo 18days
Stewart, John, died Dec 28, 1881-age 78yrs
Striplin, Christopher C., b. 1857, d. 1894
Thomson, Mary M, dau of E & L L Thomson, died Mar 10, 1873-age 11mo 8days
Thomson, Samuel B, son of E & L L Thomson, died Sept 25, 1870-age 2yr 7mo 5days
Windett, W J, Sept 20, 1834-May 22, 1902
Windett, Martha E, wife of W J Windett, Apr 11, 1840-Feb13, 1920
Windett, Maggie M, dau of W J & Martha E Windett, born Sept 20, 1863-died Dec 15, 1881
Windett, Charley H, son of W J & M E Windette, died Dec 2, 1883-age 6mo
Windett, Geneva N, dau of G N & M Windette, died Sept 8, 1893-age 2yr 27days
Wood, Johannah, wife of A J Wood, died Sept 21, 1872-age 27yrs
Yockey, Lena Jane, dau of Edward & Nellie Yockey, Jan 5, 1898-Apr 15, 1899
Yockey, John H, Nov 29, 1883-Aug 22, 1885
Yockey, infant, born Apr 29, 1888-died Apr 30, 1888
Yockey, Sarah E, wife of Wm Yockey, died Oct 22, 1888, age 43yr 6mo 12days

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