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Union Cemetery
Monticello, Johnson County, Kansas

Contributed by Linda Lewis [webmaster@cottonhills.com].

??, Base only, stone missing, Sec. East, Row-2
??, Blank marker or slab, Sec. East, Row-2
??, Broken Stone, Sec. EC, Row-13,
??, Broken stone, Sec. SW, Row-13
??, Broken Stone,", Sec. ",EC,", Row-",10,
??, Civil War Veteran, GAR 1861 1865, Sec. SW, Row-11,
??, Concrete slab, Sec. SW, Row-13
??, Concrete Stone, Sec. EC, Row-15
??, Base only, stone missing, Sec. WC, Row-4
??, Blank stone, Sec. SE, Row-7
??, Broken stone, Sec. WC, Row-14
??, Broken stone, Sec. WC, Row-8
??, no dates, CO E 5 WVA CAV, GAR 1861-1865, stone illegible, Sec. WC, Row-11
??, Small stone, Sec. WC, Row-15
??, Stone slab, Sec. NE, Row-3
Ball, , Illegible side of Mattie E Ball stone, Sec. WC, Row-8
Kueker, ??, no dates, Baby, Sec. EC, Row-14
Perkins, ??, no dates, Father, Footstone, Sec. SE, Row-14
Perkins, ??, no dates, Mother, Footstone, Sec. SE, Row-14
Sherman, ??, no dates, Grandmother, With Sherman bench, Sec. NW, Row-8


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